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Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails were the most popular industrial group ever and were largely responsible for bringing the music to a mass audience. It isn't really accurate to call NIN a group; the only official member is singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Trent Reznor, who always remained solely responsible for NIN's musical direction (he was, however, supported in concert by a regular backing band). Unlike the vast majority of industrial artists, Reznor wrote melodic, traditionally structured songs where lyrics were a focal point. His pop instincts not only made the harsh electronic beats of industrial music easier to digest, but also put a human face on a style that usually tried to sound as mechanical as possible. While Ministry crossed over to heavy metal audiences, NIN built up a large alternative rock fan base right around the time of Nirvana's mainstream breakthrough. As a result, Reznor became a genuine star and his notoriously dark, brooding persona and provocateur instincts made him a Jim Morrison-esque sex symbol for the '90s. A long period of inactivity and writer's block followed, which gave virtually every alternative metal band of the late '90s a chance to rip off elements of NIN's sound. By the time Reznor's five-year hiatus finally ended, he was still a popular figure but his commercial momentum had slowed somewhat.

Michael Trent Reznor was born May 17, 1965, in the small town of Mercer, Pennsylvania; he went by his middle name to avoid confusion with his father, Michael. At age five, Reznor's parents divorced and he wound up being raised mostly by his maternal grandparents; even so, Reznor stated repeatedly that his childhood was mostly happy. He began playing the piano at age five, studying classical music, and later learned tenor sax and tuba in the school band; he also acted in musicals and became an avid Kiss fan. Reznor spent a year studying music and computers at Allegheny College, but dropped out after a year to pursue music full-time; he soon packed up and moved to Cleveland with high-school friend Chris Vrenna. Around the same time, he was discovering new wave and assorted underground music; he was most fascinated with early industrial, since it offered an edgy, aggressive way to use electronic instruments. At age 19, he successfully auditioned to join an AOR band called the Innocent, which released one album, Livin' in the Streets (Reznor's picture does appear on the jacket). He quit the Innocent after just three months and subsequently gigged with local bands; he also worked in a keyboard store and as a janitor in the local Right Track recording studio. Eventually, he became a studio engineer, teaching himself various computer applications and working on his own material during off hours. In 1987, Reznor appeared in the Michael J. Fox/Joan Jett film Light of Day, where he played keyboards with a trio dubbed the Problems during a bar scene.

As Nine Inch Nails, Reznor began recording his own Ministry- and Skinny Puppy-influenced compositions in 1988, playing all the instruments himself. At first, he simply hoped to release a 12" single on a small European label, but when he sent demo tapes to about ten American labels, nearly every one offered him a deal. He wound up signing with TVT, which released NIN's debut album, Pretty Hate Machine, in 1989 (after having rejected an initial effort called Industrial Nation). Reznor quickly assembled a backing band and toured with Skinny Puppy for a short time, but soon tired of playing for strictly industrial artists. With a tighter outfit featuring Chris Vrenna on drums and Richard Patrick on guitar (plus several revolving-door keyboardists), he consciously chose to open for alt-rock acts (including, early on, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Peter Murphy), partly for the challenge of winning over fans who might not have liked industrial music. The strategy helped expand Nine Inch Nails' fan base substantially; the single "Down in It" got some airplay in dance clubs, reaching Billboard's dance and modern rock charts, and MTV later picked up on the video for the more rock-oriented "Head Like a Hole." In 1991, after settling on keyboardist James Woolley, Nine Inch Nails became part of the inaugural Lollapalooza tour, which expanded their fan base by leaps and bounds. Pretty Hate Machine's momentum kept building slowly, and although it never climbed higher than number 75, it spent over two years on the album charts and eventually sold over a million copies -- one of the first indie-label rock albums to do so.

TVT had a massive hit on their hands, and to ensure that Reznor would produce another one, they attempted to take control of the follow-up's creative direction. Enraged by the outside meddling, Reznor tried to secure a release from his contract, leading to a vicious court battle. His only recording outlets were side projects; in 1990, he co-wrote and sang on "Suck," a track on Pigface's debut album, Gub, and also sang on the Al Jourgensen-led 1000 Homo DJs cover of Black Sabbath's "Supernaut." (TVT ordered Reznor's vocals removed from the track, but Jourgensen actually just altered them slightly and said he'd re-recorded it.) Eventually, he was able to sign with Interscope, which helped him set up his own label, the Cleveland-based Nothing imprint. Reznor had been recording new material on the sly, and in 1992, Nothing released the EP Broken as well as a concurrent remix disc titled Fixed. Broken featured more (and heavier) guitars than Pretty Hate Machine, partly in response to NIN's live sound and partly as a sonic evocation of Reznor's boiling frustration in the wake of the legal wars; it also featured two bonus cuts, a version of "Suck" and the Adam Ant cover "(You're So) Physical," a nod to Reznor's new wave roots. Despite many reviews characterizing the EP as a harrowing, difficult listen, Broken -- supported by NIN's by then considerable fan base -- debuted in the Top Ten and the first single/video, "Wish," won a Grammy for Best Heavy Metal Performance. Reznor enhanced his reputation as a provocateur with a widely banned clip for "Happiness in Slavery," which depicted S&M performance artist Bob Flanagan being torn apart by a machine; there was also a long-form clip for Broken that was never released commercially due to its graphic content (a torture victim is dismembered while viewing NIN videos).

Reznor moved to Los Angeles to craft the second full-length NIN album, assembling a studio in the house where actress Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson's associates. The Downward Spiral was a highly ambitious work, a concept album indebted to progressive rock that featured the most detailed, layered studiocraft of any NIN release yet. Hugely anticipated, the album debuted at number two and became one of the bleakest multi-platinum albums ever. Richard Patrick had departed the touring band to form Filter, and Reznor revamped the group with drummer Vrenna, keyboardist Woolley, guitarist Robin Finck, and bassist Danny Lohner. NIN caused a sensation at that summer's 25th anniversary Woodstock concert, performing a ferocious set after horsing around and covering themselves in mud just before hitting the stage. Meanwhile, MTV had put an edited version of the video for "Closer" in heavy rotation and NIN scored one of the year's unlikeliest hits: a song whose chorus began "I want to f*ck you like an animal," which helped make Reznor one of alternative rock's biggest sex symbols. The subdued ballad "Hurt" gained some further airplay, even though it lacked the titillating shock value of "Closer." Later in the year, Reznor assembled the soundtrack of Oliver Stone's controversial Natural Born Killers, editing the songs together to create an innovative collage; he also guested on "Past the Mission," a track on Tori Amos' second album, Under the Pink. In 1995, with new keyboardist Charlie Clouser, Nine Inch Nails hit the road with David Bowie, whose late-'70s albums (along with Pink Floyd) had been a major influence on The Downward Spiral. He also contributed a cover of Joy Division's "Dead Souls" to the soundtrack of The Crow and issued the remix album Further Down the Spiral, which nearly reached the Top 20 (a testament to his popularity).

Using money from The Downward Spiral, Reznor built a state-of-the-art studio in New Orleans in a building that had once been a funeral home. While pondering his next move in the wake of his sudden stardom, he produced Nothing signee Marilyn Manson's second album, Antichrist Superstar, which did indeed make him a superstar. In 1997, longtime friend Vrenna had a falling out with Reznor and was eventually replaced by Jerome Dillon; Reznor's maternal grandmother also passed away that year and his friendship with Manson soon deteriorated. Even so, he produced another movie soundtrack, for David Lynch's Lost Highway, and contributed the new single "The Perfect Drug," which flitted unpredictably between several different rhythm tracks. Though "The Perfect Drug" kept him in the public eye for a time, Reznor was still unsure what kind of statement would be an appropriate follow-up to The Downward Spiral; that uncertainty resulted in a severe case of writer's block. In the meantime, NIN were proving vastly influential on a new crop of bands; major labels signed up industrial metal outfits like Filter and Stabbing Westward, and an assortment of alternative metal bands started grafting industrial production flourishes onto their music; Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose even fired the rest of his band and holed up in a studio to pursue a more NIN-influenced direction.

Nine Inch Nails finally returned in 1999 with the double-disc opus The Fragile. It debuted at number one with massive first-week sales, but slipped down the charts rather quickly afterward, perhaps because the musical climate had changed a great deal over the previous five years. The remix album Things Falling Apart followed a year later, as did an extensive world tour. An album of live performances culled from the tour, And All That Could Have Been, was released in early 2002.

Reznor was largely quiet during the next three years, finally re-emerging in 2005 with another chart-topper, With Teeth. Touring continued into 2006, where NIN spent the spring and summer on the road with various support acts including Saul Williams, Bauhaus, TV on the Radio, and Peaches. The EP Every Day Is Exactly the Same appeared in April 2006; it contained the title track and five various remixes (all originally from With Teeth). Touring America followed, and then late in the year Reznor was back in the studio working on the next album. In early 2007 the band resumed touring, this time in Europe. A viral marketing campaign began when USB key chains that contained new songs were found in the restrooms during NIN shows. These key chains also contained a noisy audio file that, when run through a spectrum analyzer, drew an audio wave in the shape of a phone number. The phone numbers were answering machines filled with conspiracy theories, there were fake websites strewn across the net, and busy Internet forums and Wikis appeared to theorize about and document it all. The big payoff appeared in April when the dystopian concept album Year Zero arrived.

A year later, Reznor began experimenting with different methods of distribution when he made the Saul Williams album The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust available as a digital download. Reznor had helped produce the album and had planned to release it on his Nothing imprint, but as his distaste for the major-label system increased, so did the possibilities of digital distribution. He completely broke free from the system when he left Interscope and released the entirely instrumental album Ghosts I-IV on his own in 2008, making it available as both a digital download and a CD. The album's release also marked the end of his Interscope-distributed Nothing label and the beginning of a new imprint, Null Corporation. Two months later, Reznor released (as NIN) The Slip on Null. On Ghosts I-IV and The Slip, Reznor collaborated with producer, composer, arranger, and engineer Atticus Ross. The two worked so well together they accepted an invitation from director David Fincher to write an original score for his film The Social Network. The soundtrack was released in 2010, and the pair won an Oscar for their score. That same year, they would form the group How to Destroy Angels and release a self-titled EP with Reznor's wife, Mariqueen Maandig, as vocalist.

Again teaming with Fincher, Reznor and Ross wrote an original score for the American cinematic version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; the 39-track album was released at the end of 2011. Another How to Destroy Angels release, An Omen EP, would follow in 2012, while 2013 saw the announcement of a new Nine Inch Nails band and a tour with Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction), Adrian Belew (King Crimson and David Bowie's band), Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv), Alessandro Cortini, and Ilan Rubin rounding out the lineup. Not long afterward, Reznor announced that a new NIN album was on the way: Hesitation Marks arrived in September of 2013. The following year, Reznor reunited with Ross for the score to Fincher's film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl. In 2015 Reznor, now the chief creative director for Apple Music, issued new instrumental versions of NIN albums The Fragile and With Teeth as exclusive streams on the service. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Hesitation Marks (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. The Eater Of Dreams

2. Copy Of A

3. Came Back Haunted

4. Find My Way

5. All Time Low

6. Disappointed

7. Everything

8. Satellite

9. Various Methods Of Escape

10. Running

11. I Would For You

12. In Two

13. While I'm Still Here

14. Black Noise

Disc 2

1. Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)

2. All Time Low (Todd Rundgren Remix)

3. While I'm Still Here (Breyer P-Orridge 'howler' Remix)


Track List: Ghosts I - IV

Disc 1

10. 10 Ghosts II

11. 11 Ghosts II

12. 12 Ghosts II

13. 13 Ghosts II

14. 14 Ghosts II

15. 15 Ghosts II

16. 16 Ghosts II

17. 17 Ghosts II

18. 18 Ghosts II

Disc 2

1. 19 Ghosts III

2. 20 Ghosts III

3. 21 Ghosts III

4. 22 Ghosts III

5. 23 Ghosts III

6. 24 Ghosts III

7. 25 Ghosts III

8. 26 Ghosts III

9. 27 Ghosts III

10. 28 Ghosts IV

11. 29 Ghosts IV

12. 30 Ghosts IV

13. 31 Ghosts IV

14. 32 Ghosts IV

15. 33 Ghosts IV

16. 34 Ghosts IV

17. 35 Ghosts IV

18. 36 Ghosts IV


Track List: Year Zero

1. Hyperpower!

2. The Beginning Of The End

3. Survivalism

4. The Good Soldier

5. Vessel

6. Me, I'm Not

7. Capital G

8. My Violent Heart

9. The Warning

10. God Given

11. Meet Your Master

12. The Greater Good

13. The Great Destroyer

14. Another Version Of The Truth

15. In This Twilight

16. Zero-Sum


Track List: With Teeth

1. All The Love In The World

2. You Know What You Are?

3. The Collector

4. The Hand That Feeds

5. Love Is Not Enough

6. Every Day Is Exactly The Same

7. With Teeth

8. Only

9. Getting Smaller

10. Sunspots

11. The Line Begins To Blur

12. Beside You In Time

13. Right Where It Belongs


Track List: And All That Could Have Been (Live) (Explicit)

1. Terrible Lie (Live)

2. Sin (Live)

3. March Of The Pigs (Live)

4. Piggy (Live)

5. The Frail (Live)

6. The Wretched (Live)

7. Gave Up (Live)

8. The Great Below (Live)

9. The Mark Has Been Made (Live)

10. Wish (Live)

11. Suck (Live)

12. Closer (Live)

13. Head Like A Hole (Live)

14. The Day The World Went Away (Live)

15. Starfuckers, Inc. (Live)

16. Hurt (Live)


Track List: Things Falling Apart

1. Slipping Away

2. The Great Collapse

3. The Wretched (Remix)

4. Starfuckers (remixed by Adrian Sherwood)

5. The Frail (remixed by Benelli)

6. Starfuckers (remixed by Dave Ogilvie)

7. Where Is Everybody? (remixed by Danny Lohner)

8. Metal

9. 10 Miles High

10. Starfuckers (remixed by Charlie Clouser)


Track List: The Fragile - Left

Disc 1

1. Somewhat Damaged

2. The Day The World Went Away

3. The Frail

4. The Wretched

5. We're In This Together

6. The Fragile

7. Just Like You Imagined

8. Even Deeper

9. Pilgrimage

10. No, You Don't

11. La Mer

12. The Great Below

Disc 2

1. The Way Out Is Through

2. Into The Void

3. Where Is Everybody?

4. The Mark Has Been Made

5. Please

6. Starfuckers, INC.

7. Complication

8. I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally

9. The Big Come Down

10. Underneath It All

11. Ripe (With Decay)


Track List: The Downward Spiral

1. Mr.Self Destruct

2. Piggy

3. Heresy

4. March Of The Pigs

5. Closer

6. Ruiner

7. Becoming

8. I Do Not Want This

9. Big Man With A Gun

10. A Warm Place

11. Eraser

12. Reptile

13. Downward Spiral

14. Hurt


Track List: Fixed (Explicit)

1. Gave Up (Remixed By Coil, Danny Hyde)

2. Wish (Remixed By J.G. Thirlwell)

3. Happiness In Slavery (Remixed By Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna, P.K.)

4. Throw This Away (Assembled By Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna, Butch Vig)

5. Fist F**k (Remixed By J.G. Thirlwell)

6. Screaming Slave (Remixed By Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna, Bill Kennedy, Sean Beavan, Martin Brumbach, Bob Flanagan)


Track List: Pretty Hate Machine

1. Head Like A Hole

2. Terrible Lie

3. Down In It

4. Sanctified

5. Something I Can Never Have

6. Kinda I Want To

7. Sin

8. That's What I Get

9. The Only Time

10. Ringfinger


Track List: Every Day Is Exactly The Same

1. Every Day Is Exactly The Same

2. The Hand That Feeds (DFA Mix)

3. The Hand That Feeds (Photek Straight Mix)

4. Only (El-P Mix)

5. Only (Richard X Mix)

6. Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Sam Fog vs. Carlos D Mix)


Track List: Everything (Single)

1. Everything


Track List: Hesitation Marks

1. The Eater Of Dreams

2. Copy Of A

3. Came Back Haunted

4. Find My Way

5. All Time Low

6. Disappointed

7. Everything

8. Satellite

9. Various Methods Of Escape

10. Running

11. I Would For You

12. In Two

13. While I'm Still Here

14. Black Noise


Track List: Still

1. Something I Can Never Have

2. Adrift & At Peace

3. The Fragile

4. The Becoming

5. Gone, Still

6. The Day The World Went Away

7. And All That Could Have Been

8. The Persistence Of Loss

9. Leaving Hope


Track List: Survivalism (Radio Single)

1. Survivalism


Track List: The Slip

1. 999,999

2. 1,000,000

3. Letting You

4. Discipline

5. Echoplex

6. Head Down

7. Lights In The Sky

8. Corona Radiata

9. The Four Of Us Are Dying

10. Demon Seed


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nin is s**t to the doors. An idiot c**k guzzler wrote the the review of the band.
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DEMON night
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trent reznor is smexxxxxy
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This song is f**ked up but still good
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I am Trents anger issues and i will kill you.
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Tried to save myself but my self keeps slipping away...
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Tbh in this pic trent looks like a frigging serial killer
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How good is hurt
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i quote hurt
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head like a hole
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the perfect drug
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Why does everyone only quote closer??
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Absolutely hauntingly beautiful
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Trent... The man... The myth... The Legend.
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How bad a** would it be to have Trent as your tax attorney though?
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LOL! @dclement01
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Trent is starting to look more like a guy you would have do your taxes than a musician
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The Dead Souls keep calling me .
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I love the song closer ������
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Is this a sexual song lol
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head like a hole. upside down on black gorilla tape.
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Dang Lori
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It never fails if I wanna f.u.ç.k. not just sex I ALWAYS PUT THIS ALBUM IN. I have everything he has ever made. I LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH.
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down in it
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Love this song! Totally understand
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Perty nice and
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Black as your soul
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head like a hole
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Aren't we all Ripe (with decay)...
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Bringing me right back to the days of dropping some goodies & letting this exact album take over me in the best way!
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That. Works. . both. Ways
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Maybe you took me to a place I hope I would never go...
Maybe that f**ked me up more than you'll ever know!
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the hand that feeds
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1,000 homo djs is better for trent reznor
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The vocals in this sound like the vocalist for Sisters of Mercy
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NiN is pretty sweet. F**k you like a animal, well we won't go there haha
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Love this song, I want to f@$k you like an animal. Grrrr . I want you sore!!!!...
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Mine inch nails hurt
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It came on omg
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I let you violate me
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down in it
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His discography, both NIN and HTDA, are the soundtrack to my life/soul.
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Cool nine inch nails una chingoneria de bandota
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@mikeyjs44 Johnny Cash covered NIN, not the other way around...
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@loading comment
I know, right!
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Fight the hand that feeds!!!!
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Trent Reznor is one of the all time greats, coming from me, a 10 year old.
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