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Al Martino

Al Martino was one of the great Italian-American pop crooners, boasting a string of hit singles and LPs that stretched from the early '50s all the way into the mid-'70s. However, he is perhaps even better known for his role in The Godfather as singer Johnny Fontane, a character supposedly based on Frank Sinatra but with eerie similarities to Martino's own career. Martino's 1952 debut smash, "Here in My Heart," made him the first American artist to top the charts in Great Britain, but his career was interrupted by gangster interference, which kept him out of the U.S. for much of the '50s. He later returned and rejuvenated his career, scoring his signature hit with 1965's classic "Spanish Eyes" and reaching a whole new audience via The Godfather in 1972.

Martino was born Alfred Cini in Philadelphia on October 7, 1927. His Italian immigrant parents ran a masonry business, and he worked alongside his brothers as a bricklayer while growing up. However, he was more interested in music, and was inspired by Al Jolson and Perry Como to try his own hand at singing. When his boyhood friend Alfredo Cocozza changed his name to Mario Lanza and became an international opera star, the possibility of a career in music suddenly seemed plausible. Adopting the stage name Al Martino (after his maternal grandfather's last name), he performed in local nightclubs for a time, and moved to New York City in 1948 with Lanza's encouragement. He went on to win first place on the Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts show, thanks to a rendition of Perry Como's "If." That exposure helped him land a record deal with the Philadelphia-based independent label BBS.

In 1952, Martino recorded a ballad called "Here in My Heart" as his debut single. When he heard that Lanza was set to cut his own version, Martino called him and begged him not to, knowing that Lanza's record would immediately eclipse his own. Lanza relented, and "Here in My Heart" became a breakthrough smash for Martino, selling over a million copies and topping the charts in both the U.S. and U.K. Its success earned Martino a major-label deal with Capitol, and he released three more singles -- "Take My Heart," "Rachel," and "When You're Mine" -- through 1953, all of which hit the Top 40.

Unfortunately, a few of Martino's new fans wanted in on the action; according to legend, Martino's contract was forcibly taken over by a new, Mafia-connected management team, which then ordered Martino to pay a 75,000 dollar fee upfront, as a safeguard for their investment. Martino made a down payment to ensure his family's safety, then fled to England, where his popularity allowed him to perform successfully for a time; he even headlined the London Palladium. He continued to record in Britain with moderate success, but his work received no exposure back in the U.S. In 1958, thanks to the intervention of a family friend with the local Philadelphia boss, Martino was allowed to return home and resume his recording career.

By this time, Martino's initial momentum had long since cooled, and he faced an uphill battle re-establishing himself, especially since he hadn't been forced to contend with rock & roll the first time around. He recorded for 20th Century Fox during the late '50s, but none of his ten-plus singles reached the Top 40, and the label wound up dropping him. Undaunted, Martino financed the recording of a new album, The Exciting Voice of Al Martino, all on his own. It wound up landing him a new deal with Capitol, which issued the LP in 1962; its updated version of "Here in My Heart" was also released as a single, and barely scraped the charts. Martino quickly followed it with a mostly Italian-language LP, The Italian Voice of Al Martino, and made several high-profile television appearances to re-establish his visibility.

Thanks in part to those TV performances, Martino was able to score a major comeback smash with 1963's "I Love You Because," which heralded a newly understated vocal style and had previously been a country hit for honky tonk singer/songwriter Leon Payne. Arranged by Belford Hendricks, Martino's pop version went to number three on the pop charts, and all the way to the top of the easy listening charts. The accompanying album of the same name went Top Ten, and Martino remained a regular visitor to the charts for over a decade afterward, at first concentrating on country-tinged pop material with musical director Peter DeAngelis. 1963 brought more hits in "Painted, Tainted Rose" (Top 20 pop, Top Five easy listening) and "Living a Lie," and the accompanying Painted, Tainted Rose album became his second Top Ten. He charted four more times in 1964 with "Always Together," "I Love You More and More Every Day" (pop Top Ten), "Tears and Roses" (pop Top 20), and "We Could"; all were Top Ten easy listening hits.

In 1966, Martino recorded what would become his signature song, "Spanish Eyes," an adaptation of an instrumental piece by German conductor/composer Bert Kaempfert originally titled "Moon Over Naples." Although "Spanish Eyes" only made number 15 on the pop charts, it spent a month at number one easy listening, found tremendous success all across Europe, and was covered by countless other traditional pop artists over the years. The album of the same name went gold and became Martino's third (and final) Top Ten LP. He scored two more big easy listening hits that year with "Think I'll Go Home and Cry Myself to Sleep" and "Wiederseh'n," and in 1967 topped those charts twice with the folk-styled "Mary in the Morning" and the Bob Crewe-penned "More Than the Eye Can See."

Martino had a few more easy listening hits through the end of the '60s, including a vocal version of Paul Mauriat's instrumental "Love Is Blue" (1968) and a cover of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love" (1970). However, his career momentum was slowing down, and his albums failed to attain their usual Top 100 chart placements. Fortunately, his longtime friend Phyllis McGuire (of the McGuire Sisters) was familiar with Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather. When Paramount decided to make a film version, McGuire brought the character of Johnny Fontane -- a fading pop idol who needs mob intervention to land the film role that would resurrect his career -- to Martino's attention. Although rumor had it that Fontane was based on Frank Sinatra, and his Oscar-winning turn in From Here to Eternity, the role resonated deeply with Martino, and he wound up winning the part. The Godfather, of course, was a huge critical and commercial success, and Martino's appearance -- not to mention his recording of the film's love theme, "Speak Softly Love" -- refreshed his reputation and even made him something of a cult icon.

Despite radically shifting tastes in pop music, Martino was able to parlay his Godfather role into a few more years of recording success. He returned to the pop Top 20 for the first time since "Spanish Eyes" with 1975's "To the Door of the Sun (Alle Porte del Sole)," an English translation of a popular Italian song. He also scored a highly unlikely dance-club hit that year with a disco-fied version of the Italian pop standard "Volare," which was especially popular in Europe. Martino toured the nightclub circuit extensively during the '70s, and managed one more easy listening hit in 1978's "The Next Hundred Years." Faced with diminishing returns, he and Capitol finally parted ways in 1982. Martino continued to perform in clubs, lounges, and casinos for some time afterward, and returned to recording in 2000 with the album Style. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Best Live Concert

1. Quando, Quando, Quando (Live)

2. The Song Is You (Live)

3. I Have But One Heart (Live)

4. Feelings (Live)

5. The More I See You (Live)

6. Somewhere My Love (Live)

7. Mary In The Morning (Live)

8. Spanish Eyes (Live)

9. Strangers In The Night (Live)

10. To The Door Of The Sun (Live)

11. Lonely Is A Man Without Love (Live)

12. Medley: I Love You Because You're You / I Love You More And More Every Day (Live)

13. A Wild And Softly Rose (Live)

14. Speak Softly Love (Live)

15. The End Of The Line (Live)

16. Come Into My Life (Live)

17. I've Got To Be Me (Live)

18. Can't Help Falling In Love (Live)

19. Volare (Live)


Track List: Makin’ Whoopee!

1. Makin' Whoopee!

2. All Or Nothing At All

3. Three Little Words

4. It Had To Be You

5. All Of Me

6. In My Heart Of Hearts

7. I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart (Ti Amo, Ti Voglio, Amor)

8. Time After Time

9. They Didn't Believe Me

10. My One And Only Love

11. And I Have You My Love

12. It's All Over But The Crying

13. Hello, My Love

14. When Your Lover Has Gone

15. That Old Feeling

16. I've Got You Under My Skin

17. My Side Of The Story

18. There's No Tomorrow

19. Come Back To Me (Torna A Me)

20. Little Boy, Little Girl

21. Dearest

22. Mama

23. Our Concerto (Il Nostro Concerto)

24. My Bella Amore

25. Only The Broken-Hearted

26. The Memory Of You

27. Darling, I Love You

28. I Sold My Heart


Track List: AL Martino

1. Here In My Heart

2. I've Never Seen

3. Say You'll Wait For Me

4. Take My Heart

5. I Cried Myself To Sleep

6. Rachel

7. Come Back To Sorrento

8. This Night I'll Remember

9. Here Are My Arms

10. All I Want Is A Chance

11. You Can't Go On Forever Breaking My Heart

12. When You're Mine

13. Matador

14. Acque Amare (Bitter Waters)

15. Now

16. Say It Again

17. Give Me Something To Go With The Wine

18. Wanted

19. The Story Tina

20. The Man From Laramie

21. Love Is Eternal


Track List: Feelings

1. Somewhere My Love

2. Can't Help Falling In Love With You

3. Come Into My Life

4. Cuando Cuando Cuando

5. Feelings

6. Ive Got To Be Me

7. Lonely Is A Man Without Love

8. Medley

9. Painted, Tainted Rose

10. Spanish Eyes

11. Speak Softly Love

12. Strangers In The Night

13. The End Of The Line

14. The Song Is You

15. To The Door Of The Sun

16. Volare


Track List: Super Best (Remastered)

1. Always Together

2. Bouquet Of Roses

3. Dear Heart

4. I Don'T Want To See Tomorrow

5. I Love You Because

6. I Really Don'T Want To Know

7. I Won'T Forget You

8. If I Never Get To Heaven

9. It'S A Sin

10. Jealous Heart

11. Just Call Me Lonesome

12. Less Than Tomorrow

13. Lonely Drifter

14. Losing You

15. Merry-Go-Round

16. My Darling, I Love You

17. Still

18. Sunrise To Sunrise

19. Take These Chains From My Heart

20. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

21. We Could

22. You Don'T Know Me

23. You Win Again


Track List: Unforgotten

1. After The Lovin'

2. A Song For Lovers

3. Only A Dream Away

4. Kentucky Morning

5. Here I Go Again

6. Can't Get Over You

7. One Last Time

8. Sweet Marjorene

9. The Leaving Game


Track List: Take My Heart

1. Here In My Heart

2. Wanted

3. Take My Heart

4. Rachel

5. When You're Mine

6. They Didn't Believe Me

7. You'll Never Walk Alone

8. I Surrender Dear

9. I'm Shooting High

10. I'll Never Smile Again

11. All I Want Is A Chance

12. Before

13. Here Are My Arms

14. Sweetheart Of Mine

15. You Can't Go On Forever Breaking My Heart

16. I Still Believe

17. Love Is Eternal

18. When

19. A Love To Call My Own

20. Close To Me

21. Some Cloud Above

22. Don't Forget Tonight Tomorrow

23. Whispering

24. If I Give My Heart To You

25. Take Me Back

26. Two Hearts Are Better Than One

27. Come Back To Me

28. It's All Over But The Crying

29. Mama

30. Little Boy, Little Girl

31. My Side Of The Story

32. In My Heart Of Hearts

33. My Belle Amore

34. Hello My Love

35. Time After Time

36. And I Have You My Love

37. They Didn't Believe Me

38. My One And Only Love

39. How Should I Tell You

40. Con Amore

41. The Memory Of You

42. I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart

43. Darling I Love You

44. I Sold My Heart

45. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home

46. All Of Me

47. It Had To Be You

48. Why Do I Love You

49. Three Little Words

50. I've Got You Under My Skin

51. When Your Lover Has Gone

52. All Or Nothing At All

53. Without A Word Of Warning

54. Makin' Whoopee

55. Sunday

56. That Old Feeling

57. Summertime

58. Our Concerto


Track List: The Very Best Of Al Martino

1. Spanish Eyes

2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You

3. Volare

4. Born Free

5. Summertime

6. Love Letters

7. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

8. I Love You Because

9. Autumn Leaves

10. Crying In The Chapel

11. The More I See You

12. The Look Of Love

13. The Story Of Tina

14. Now

15. Take My Heart

16. The Man From Laramie

17. Granada

18. Wanted

19. Rachel

20. Here In My Heart


Track List: We Could

1. We Could

2. I Won't Forget You

3. You Don't Know Me

4. Jealous Heart

5. My Darling I Love You

6. Sunrise To Sunrise

7. Always Together

8. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

9. Less Than Tomorrow

10. Dear Heart

11. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow


Track List: We Could / Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep

1. We Could

2. I Won't Forget You

3. You Don't Know Me

4. Jealous Heart

5. My Darling, I Love You

6. Sunrise To Sunrise

7. Always Together

8. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

9. Less Than Tomorrow

10. Dear Heart

11. I Don't Want To See Tomorrow

12. Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep

13. Husbands And Wives

14. I'm Saving All My Love For You

15. Together Again

16. Got To Live It Up To Live You Down

17. Wiedersehn

18. Anita, You're Dreaming

19. Crying Time

20. Adios Mexico

21. You Hurt Me

22. I Can't Stop My Loving You

23. The Minute You're Gone


Track List: The Ultimate

1. Can't Take My Eyes Off You

2. Are You Lonesome Tonight

3. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

4. I Love You Because

5. Close To You

8. Here In My Heart

9. Now

10. Take My Heart

11. Born Free

12. Granada

13. The Man From Laramie

14. Rachel

15. Wanted

16. The More I See You

17. Can't Help Falling In Love

18. The Look Of Love

19. Because You're Mine

21. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

23. The Story Of Tina

24. Spanish Eyes


Track List: Come Share The Wine

1. Come Share The Wine

2. Lady

3. You're The Love Of My Life

4. Come To Me

5. Sing For The Love

6. I Have A Dream

7. Here And Now

8. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

9. Sweet Angel Of Mine

10. Maria Dolores

11. Spanish Eyes/I Love You More And More Every Day/Volare (Hit Medley)


Track List: All The Best Of Al Martino

1. Painted Tainted Rose (Live)

2. Spanish Eyes (Live)

3. Mary In The Morning (Live)

4. Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Live)

5. Speak Softly Love (Theme From "The Godfather") (Live)

6. To The Door Of The Sun (Alle Porte Del Sol) (Live)

7. Volare (Live)

8. (Lonely Is) A Man Without Love (Live)

9. Come Into My Life (Live)

10. Cuando, Cuando, Cuando (Live)

11. Feelings (Live)

12. I Have But One Heart (Live)

13. I've Got To Be Me (Live)

14. Medley: Because You're You/I Love You More And More Everyday (Live)

15. Somewhere My Love (Live)

16. Strangers In The Night (Live)

17. The End Of The Line (Live)

18. The More I See You (Live)

19. The Song Is You (Live)


Track List: EMI Presents The Magic Of Al Martino

1. Spanish Eyes

2. Born Free

3. Crying In The Chapel

4. For All We Know

5. I Love You Because

6. The Story Of Tina

7. The More I See You

9. The Look Of Love

10. Now

11. Rachel

12. Wanted

13. Can't Help Falling In Love

14. Autumn Leaves

16. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

17. Summertime

19. Here In My Heart


Track List: Great Gentlemen Of Song / Spotlight On Al Martino (Remastered)

1. There Are Such Things

2. Close To You

3. I'm In The Mood For Love

4. Fascination

5. Once Upon A Time

6. Don't Take Your Love From Me

7. That's My Desire

8. You Always Hurt The One You Love

9. I Wish You Love

10. And That Reminds Me

11. The More I See You

12. Love Letters

13. Autumn Leaves

14. This Is My Song

15. Are You Lonesome Tonight?

16. Till

17. For All We Know

18. An Affair To Remember


Track List: Capitol Collectors Series

1. Here In My Heart

2. Take My Heart

3. Rachel

4. When You're Mine

5. I Love You Because

6. Painted, Tainted Rose

7. Living A Lie

8. I Love You More And More Every Day

9. Tears And Roses

10. Always Together

11. We Could

12. Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte

13. Red Roses For A Blue Lady

14. Spanish Eyes (Remix)

15. Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep

16. Just Yesterday

17. Daddy's Little Girl

18. Mary In The Morning

19. Love Is Blue (L'amour Est Bleu)

20. Can't Help Falling In Love

21. Look Around (You'll Find Me There)

22. Speak Softly Love

23. To The Door Of The Sun (Alle Porte Del Sole)

24. Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu)

25. The Next Hundred Years


Track List: I Love You Because/My Cherie

1. I Love You Because

2. Bouquet Of Roses

3. I Really Don't Want To Know

4. Lonely Drifter

5. It's A Sin

6. Losing You

7. Still

8. If I Never Get To Heaven

9. You Win Again

10. Merry-Go-Round

11. Just Call Me Lonesome

12. Take These Chains From My Heart

13. What Now My Love

14. Crying In The Chapel

15. I'll Never Find Another You

16. Fascination

17. Till

18. My Cherie

19. Spanish Eyes

20. Melody Of Love

21. It Only Hurts For A Little While

22. Three Coins In The Fountain

23. I Wish You Love


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Great singer ,Two Spanish's Eyes,oh yea
Report as inappropriate
No other
Report as inappropriate
In the mid 70s I was a limo driver and drove Martino to various recording sessions - never knew his name or fame. He was just another passenger, never demanding or bossy. I wished I knew at the time who he was as I've always enjoyed his songs.
Report as inappropriate
I used to sing Al Martino's songs in the school yard was in 4th grade, 1965. His songs set the stage for my life as a romantic music junky. Still have them and still listen to them regularly. My favorite is My Foolish Heart
Report as inappropriate
We Irish always enjoyed the wonderful Italian style of Al, Dean, & others.
Report as inappropriate
My parents had The Best of Al Martino's album and I played it probably more than them. I often sang Blue Spanish eyes with a band I was in for a time. Al's voice was the real sound of smooth and I enjoy listening to this very day!
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ccme share the wine
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The best never could their be even closeoxx
Report as inappropriate
Al was the king of cool! Love his music and I also gotta get my hair permed like his!
Report as inappropriate
This guy had a smoothness in his voice, unmatched by any of his peers, one of the great singers of all time!!!!
Report as inappropriate
talk2t.booke r
Wonderful... . . M o r e please!!!!
Report as inappropriate
great singer
Report as inappropriate
We were forrtunate enough to see him perform at the Three Bakers DinnerTheatr e - what avoice!
Report as inappropriate
I saw Al at a Ybor City ,Florida Italian Fest a couple years ago and he was great. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand and the smile never left his face. He was a real pro. R.I.P Al, we still love you.... Tommy B from the U.P of Mich.
Report as inappropriate
One of my favorite singers , enjoyed him in the God father , magda from , mi.
Report as inappropriate
i have alwais enjoyed listening Al martino magda from michigan
Report as inappropriate
One of my Favorite Singers
Report as inappropriate
panamagail says fantastic great warm soft to listen.
Report as inappropriate
Enjoyed him in the GOD FATHER, Has a wonderful voice. VELVETY AND SMOOTH.
Report as inappropriate
I have always enjoyed listening to Al Martino. I think he was one of the best of his time.
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Great Singer
Report as inappropriate
I always liked Al Martino's voice and it's a pleasure to listen to his recordings.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
sounds like he could've melted your heart with his songs and then proceeded to rebuild your chimney! what a guy.
Report as inappropriate
al martino took his place among the top singers of italian heritage and did himself proud!
Report as inappropriate
Great Song!
Report as inappropriate
It's good to hear you, Al.
Report as inappropriate
al martino has a wonderful voice.B. C.
Report as inappropriate
I grew up spending a lot of time with my Grandparents , and Al ws one of my Grandmothers favorites, and even I like his stuff too...
Report as inappropriate
Always one of my favorites; ahead of Vic Damone, and others of his area except of course Sinatra...wh o ' s at the very top of the list.
Report as inappropriate
He delivers a warmth that is needed in a rough, cold, world - that love needs to make a popular soft re-appearanc e .
Report as inappropriate
This singer is one of the best singers that ever graced the music charts,just wish he could have lived in the U.S. during his prime..Thank s pandora
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You need to play more of Al works!!!!
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He is a wonderful singer

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