Wake Up with Pandora

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Follow these simple steps to start your day with your favorite music.

Tap Alarm Clock, located in upper right corner drawer

Personalize each of your alarm settings

  • Wake up time
  • Favorite station
  • Snooze preference
  • Alarm volume

If you are ready to go to sleep, turn the alarm “ON”

If you are setting in advance, remember to turn the alarm “ON” before you sleep

Connect your phone to power

Make sure your phone’s wifi or cell connection work

Do not close Pandora or turn your phone screen off

Leave the alarm screen on

Tap your screen to control the alarm when it sounds

  • Stop – Turns off the alarm
  • Snooze – Lets you sleep a little longer
  • Artist and Song Name – Keeps the music playing

Like falling asleep to music too?

Just set the sleep timer before bedtime. It will automatically turn off and switch to alarm mode if you turned your alarm “ON”
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Available on the App Store