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Billy Cobham

Generally acclaimed as fusion's greatest drummer, Billy Cobham's explosive technique powered some of the genre's most important early recordings -- including groundbreaking efforts by Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra -- before he became an accomplished bandleader in his own right. At his best, Cobham harnessed his amazing dexterity into thundering, high-octane hybrids of jazz complexity and rock & roll aggression. He was capable of subtler, funkier grooves on the one hand, and awe-inspiring solo improvisations on the other; in fact, his technical virtuosity was such that his flash could sometimes overwhelm his music. After debuting as a leader with the classic Spectrum in 1973, Cobham spent most of fusion's glory days recording for Atlantic; briefer stints on CBS, Elektra, and GRP followed, and by the mid-'80s, Cobham was de-emphasizing his own bands in favor of session and sideman work. Even so, he continued to record for various small labels with some regularity.

William C. Cobham was born May 16, 1944, in Panama, where as a very young child he became fascinated with the percussion instruments his cousins played. When Cobham was three, his family moved to New York City, and at age eight he made his performance debut with his father. He honed his percussion skills in a drum-and-bugle corps outfit called the St. Catherine's Queensmen, and attended New York's prestigious High School of Music and Art, graduating in 1962. From 1965 to 1968, he served as a percussionist in the U.S. Army Band, and after his release, he was hired as the new drummer in hard bop pianist Horace Silver's band. Cobham toured the U.S. and Europe with Silver in 1968, and also moonlighted with Stanley Turrentine, Shirley Scott, and George Benson. After eight months with Silver, Cobham departed to join the early jazz-rock combo Dreams in 1969, which also featured the Brecker brothers and guitarist John Abercrombie. From there, he landed a job in Miles Davis' new fusion ensemble, and played a small part in the seminal B**ches Brew sessions; he also appeared more prominently on several other Davis albums of the time, including more aggressive classics like Live-Evil and A Tribute to Jack Johnson.

Cobham and guitarist John McLaughlin split off from Davis' group to pursue a harder rocking brand of fusion in the Mahavishnu Orchestra, which debuted in 1971 with the seminal The Inner Mounting Flame. With Mahavishnu, Cobham's fiery intensity was given its fullest airing yet, and his extraordinary technique influenced not only countless fusioneers in his wake, but also quite a few prog rock drummers who were aiming for similarly challenging musical territory. The 1972 follow-up Birds of Fire cemented his reputation, and by this time he had also become something of an unofficial in-house drummer for Creed Taylor's CTI label, known for a smoother, more polished style of fusion; here Cobham backed musicians like George Benson, Stanley Turrentine, Freddie Hubbard, Hubert Laws, and Grover Washington, Jr. Unfortunately, the volatile group chemistry that made Mahavishnu's recordings so exciting also carried over into real life and the original lineup disbanded in 1973.

Deciding to make a go of it on his own, Cobham formed his own band, Spectrum (which initially featured ex-Mahavishnu cohort Jan Hammer on keyboards), and signed with Atlantic. His debut as a leader, also called Spectrum, was released in 1973, showcasing an exciting blend of jazz, funk, and rock that benefited from the presence of guitarists John Scofield and Tommy Bolin (the latter better known for his rock recordings); it also found Cobham experimenting a bit with electronic percussion. Spectrum is still generally acknowledged as the high point of Cobham's solo career, and holds up quite well today. Cobham followed Spectrum with a series of LPs on Atlantic that, like fusion itself, grew increasingly smoother and more commercial as the '70s wore on. For his second album, 1974's Crosswinds, ex-Dreams mate John Abercrombie joined the band, as did keyboardist George Duke, who would become a frequent Cobham collaborator over the years; that same year's performance at Montreux produced the live Shabazz. After Total Eclipse, Cobham moved more explicitly into commercial jazz-funk with 1975's A Funky Thide of Sings, which featured an expanded horn section. He pared the group back down for the improved Life and Times in 1976, and also played Montreux again, in tandem with Duke.

In 1977, Cobham switched to the CBS label, which set him firmly on the path of commercial accessibility. In addition to his records as a leader, he'd remained highly active as a session drummer, and began to focus on that side of his career even more in the late '70s. By 1980, he was done with CBS and began pursuing side opportunities, playing live with the Grateful Dead and Jack Bruce, as well as the Saturday Night Live band. He drummed for the Grateful Dead side project Bobby & the Midnites in 1982, and recorded three albums for Elektra in the early '80s with his new quartet the Glass Menagerie. During the mid-'80s, he cut three commercially oriented LPs for GRP, and spent the next few years stepping up his international touring and absorbing a healthy dose of world music. He played Peter Gabriel's 1992 WOMAD Festival, and the following year recorded The Traveler, inspired by a sojourn in Brazil. In 1996, he formed a more acoustic-oriented quartet called Nordic with three Norwegian musicians; the following year, he also started a German-based fusion outfit called Paradox. In 1998, Cobham began playing with a group called Jazz Is Dead, which devoted itself to jazz reinterpretations of Grateful Dead material; their album Blue Light Rain proved fairly popular among Deadheads. As Cobham maintained his touring, session, and bandleading activities, Rhino released the excellent two-CD retrospective Rudiments: The Billy Cobham Anthology in 2001. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Billy Cobham Spectrum 40 (Live)

1. Sphere Of Influence (Live)

2. Fragolino (Live)

3. Stratus (Live)

4. If The Animals Had Guns Too (Live)

5. Heather (Live)

6. Two Numbers (Live)

7. Radio Active (Live)

8. To The Woman In My Life/Le Lis (Live)

9. Quadrant Four/Spectrum (Live)

10. Red Baron (Live)


Track List: Palindrome

1. Moon Germs

2. Two For Juan

3. Obliquely Speaking

4. Isle Of Skye

5. A Days Grace

6. Mirage

7. Cancun Market

8. Torpedo Flo

9. Alfa Waves

10. Saippuakivikauppias


Track List: Flight Time (Live)

1. Flight Time (live)

2. Antares (live)

3. 6 Persimmons

4. Day Grace

5. The Whisperer

6. Princess

7. Jackhammer (live)


Track List: Rudiments: The Billy Cobham Anthology

Disc 1

1. Quadrant 4

2. Stratus

3. Anxiety/Taurian Matador

5. All 4 One (Outtake)

6. The Pleasant Pheasant

7. Spanish Moss

8. Flash Flood

9. Solarization: Solarization/Second Phase/Crescent Sun/Voyage/Solarization-Recapitulation

10. Lunarputians

11. Moon Germs

12. Total Eclipse

Disc 2

1. Shabazz

2. Some Skunk Funk

3. A Funky Thide Of Sings

4. Panhandler

5. Neu Rock N' Roll (Outtake)

6. Life & Times

7. 29

8. Earthlings

12. Arroyo


Track List: The Best Of Billy Cobham

1. Quadrant 4

2. Snoopy's Search / Red Baron

3. Spanish Moss

4. Moon Germs

5. Stratus

6. The Pleasant Pheasant

7. Solo / Panhandler

8. Do What Cha Wanna (live)


Track List: Picture This

1. Two For Juan

2. Same Ole Love

3. Taurian Matador

4. You Within Me Within You

5. Coming Attractions

6. This One's For Armando

7. Sign 'O' The Times

8. The Juggler

9. Danse For Noh Masque


Track List: Warning

1. Mozaik

2. Red & Yellow Cabriolet

3. Slow Body Poppin'

4. Unknown Jeromes

5. The Dancer

6. Stratus

7. Come Join Me

8. Go For It!


Track List: Inner Conflicts

1. Inner Conflicts

2. Muffin Talks Back

3. Nickels And Dimes

4. El Barrio

5. Arroyo


Track List: Life & Times

1. Life & Times

2. 29

3. Siesta/Wake Up!!! That's What I Said

4. East Bay

5. Earthlings

6. Song For A Friend, Pt. 1

7. On A Natural High

8. Song For A Friend, Pt. 2


Track List: A Funky Thide Of Sings

1. Panhandler

2. Sorcery

3. A Funky Thide Of Sings

4. Thinking Of You

5. Some Skunk Funk

6. Light At The End Of The Tunnel

7. A Funky Kind Of Thing

8. Moody Modes


Track List: Crosswinds

1. A. Spanish Moss "A Sound Portrait"

2. B. Savannah The Serene

3. C. Storm

4. D. Flash Flood

5. The Pleasant Pheasants

6. Heather

7. Crosswind


Track List: Total Eclipse

1. Solarisation: A)Solarisation B)Second Phase C)Crescent Sun D)Voyage E)Solarisation-Recapitulation

2. Lunarputians

3. Total Eclipse

4. Bandits

5. Moon Germs

6. The Moon Ain't Made Of Green Cheese

7. Sea Of Tranquillity

8. Last Frontier


Track List: Spectrum


Track List: Compass Point

Disc 1

1. The Snaffler

2. Fragolino

3. Mushu Creole Blues

5. Les Cocos

Disc 2

1. Mirage

2. Panama

3. Obliquely Speaking

4. Crosswinds / Stratus


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one of the great fusion drummers
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Bought it the day it came out, loved it, played the crap out of it, haven't heard it in 30 years!
Report as inappropriate
I drew dat album cover in art class!!
Report as inappropriate
Cobham n Duke '76!! U gotta b kidn me!! Soooooo many memories. Light up n ridn thru da city!! Charlotte NC dat is!!
Report as inappropriate

BADASS adaptation to a fusion classic, a masterpiece. First SAW the Man at THE BOTTOM LINE. classic Big Apple venue gone TH way of Dinosaurs due to stoopid politricks. Miles was there and a teenage Will Calhoun. He played it then
Report as inappropriate
Bad a**!!!
Report as inappropriate
YEAH BC was a Badd ! Drummer 4 sure, right there with Harvey Mason !
Report as inappropriate
How could you leave Out CROSSWINDS , kicking back in Hawaii , with My Favorite G irl Dee Dee !!!, SMOOTHNESS 4 SURE 1974 Ha ! ,
Report as inappropriate
manchester.b k p
About the same age as BC been following him from the beginning. I related from the start BC actually turns a drum kit into a musical instrument. What's more mind boggling is he writes most of his own music, pure genius. Thanks Billy right there with ya, even use the same drums and heads pure coincidence though.
Report as inappropriate
He sure is a very good drumme. I'd like to hear more of him.
Report as inappropriate
I went to a Billy Cobham gig in Melbourne, Australia years ago and was not only was blown away by Billy - he introduced 'Australia's best kept secret', Joe Chindamo. Wow. Big night. I was sitting a few feet away from Joe at the piano. I still get goosebumps.. . Thanks Billy.
Report as inappropriate
philippepelu s o
I saw BC several times in Europe, and he the fastest and loudest jazz fusion drummer ever!
Report as inappropriate
funny how many ppl the GratefulDead confuses
Report as inappropriate
Billy's music brings back many great memories.
Report as inappropriate
He played with the Grateful Dead? I'm confused?
Report as inappropriate
It's amazing that as a sixteen year old, this kind of jazz fusion is the music that I play with bands. While most of my friends are going hardcore with The Faceless and Slash styles, I'm with my marching band friends free styling to electric jazz and funk grooves. It's a great feeling no doubt.
Report as inappropriate
UHHHHH Yes...Billy was THE drummer as it states.....
Report as inappropriate
The bro has good music I will buy some album's
Report as inappropriate
Billy is the man. Seen him last year, he's in his 60's and still kickin a**. Go see him
Report as inappropriate
1 Drum 2 another 3/4 time wonderful. 14y 1m
Report as inappropriate
A classic smooth tune, Billy Cobham style!
Report as inappropriate
Oh man! This is delicious!
Report as inappropriate

Report as inappropriate
One of the best
Report as inappropriate
philippepelu s o
Billy Cobham is exceptional, but I can't say he is the best drummer ever.... We cannot forget such wonderful drummers as Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio, Vinnie Colaiuta, Graham Lear, Lenny White, Tony Williams, ...... and so many more Jazz Fusion drummers....
Report as inappropriate
Billy C. has some of the sickest and quickest chops in the game. One Word on Birds of Fire is a monster... Being a drummer, He is almost untouchable to play to. I play Peart, Palmer Bonham...Bil l y C. makes me hurt...:) Seen him solo at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philly back in the day... monster double bassist too...
Report as inappropriate
Just saw him play.... still hammering it at 69 years old! Impressive!
Report as inappropriate
R.I.P. Tommy Bolin
Report as inappropriate
Played the snot out of Crosswinds in the 70's, especially Pleasant Pheasant - my favorite song for decades. Had not heard it for many years and was gratified to hear it first thing this morning. Good memories. Particularly the one of going to see Billy at the Roxy instead of studying for finals.
Report as inappropriate
i think billy has a wide open original joyous attack of a drum set. always thrilled by his playing. billy has earned a big place in the music world . always moved by his work
Report as inappropriate
cheshirecatb a n
either's he's running out of toms, or he's not finishing the rolls; his uber fast rolls never finish on time....prob needs more toms or less notes
Report as inappropriate
Best album is Billy Cobham's Glass Menagerie Observations & Reflections No: E160123 Usa, Elektra K 52386

1 Jailbait 5:10
2 M.S.R. 5:22
3 Arroyo 7:56
4 Chiquita Linda 5:56
5 Take It To The Sky 4:11
6 Observations & Reflections 10:03
Report as inappropriate
BC's held several drum workshops over the years in and around Salt Lake City - I was honored to meet and shake his hand of which he clasped mine on stage. A most informative and humble jazz heavy. Perhaps one of the greatest experiences of my feeble existence. Hail, hail: Billy Cobham!
Report as inappropriate
Remarkable drummer and nice guy too!
Report as inappropriate
where is spectrum in billy's discography? best recording left out?
Report as inappropriate
Some years ago when I was young musician just stating out, I was asked, what do you mean play drums melodically? I told him to listen Billy Cobham recordings, he understood.
Report as inappropriate
Great article regarding Billy Cobham's biography. However, I don't think his Spectrum album was the highlight of his career, although it certainly projected him into the forefront of the fusion/rock genre at the time. To appreciate Mr. Cobham's capabilities in the jazz realm, I suggest you listen to him playing with McCoy Tyner on the Fly With the Wind Album, recorded in 1976 (McCoy's date). You can really appreciate his mastery in context with an accomplished pianist and a great ensemble.
Report as inappropriate
Saw him live in 1975. Absolutely amazing. It was like listening to Coltrane play drums.
Report as inappropriate
Wow...I would love to see him. I'll have to keep an eye for when he comes to Chicago.
Report as inappropriate
gvictorpauls o n
I saw this legend during his 1973 solo debut tour with Spectrum at Long Island University's Southampton campus, in the theater. Changed me ever since...
Report as inappropriate
I am in Seattle at Jazz Alley last October.
Report as inappropriate
He still has it, I saw him play last October at The Blue Note.
Report as inappropriate
Billy has been my favorite since the 70's. I've seen him 20 times and would see him tomorrow. Go Billy!!..... .
Report as inappropriate
had a chance to me billy while he was playing a gig in patchouge long island several years ago.i believe he was about 60 years old but played like he was about thirty.he still had plenty of fire left.all his band members were about half his age great a drummer myself i was always inspired by billy.
Report as inappropriate
what ever happened to smokin glassmenager i e they were greatneed to be added to play list
Report as inappropriate
Simply one of the best...
Report as inappropriate
Saw him with John Mclauglin in 73 at Case Westurn Reserve u during a snow storm.with every thing he could hit with a stick miked and his setup in stero it was the best consert ever.roll left, roll right. Raw energy just raw power. I've got to get another disk of Spectrum I keep eating them up!
Report as inappropriate
Never heard of Billy, walked in tower records,they were playing his music, i shouted out who is this guy! and a customer who is a drummer educated me. I was converted. i didn't even like fusion,after Billy, i do now........t h e mans music inspires me..
Report as inappropriate
Billy is an inspiration to all drummers. I saw him with the Brecker Brothers on a bill with Weather Report and it was an awesome show. His work with Mahavishnu still brings chills to listen to. Often imitated, never equaled.
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