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Bruce Dickinson

Perhaps second only to Rob Halford, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson was the most acclaimed and instantly recognizable vocalist to emerge from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement of the early-'80s. Born Paul Dickinson on August 7, 1958, in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, he adopted the first name Bruce as a youngster for reasons unknown. Shortly after relocating to Sheffield as a teenager, Dickinson became enamored of such '70s heavy metal bands as Deep Purple, and after an attempt at becoming a drummer didn't work out, he began singing in local bands -- Styx (not the renowned American band of the same name), Speed, and Shots. But none of these bands broke out of regional status, something that would change when Dickinson fronted his next band, Samson.

The group, named after guitarist Paul Samson, specialized in heavy metal despite punk being all the rage at the time in their native England (during his tenure with Samson, Dickinson went by the name Bruce Bruce). The band issued a pair of albums with Dickinson, including 1980's Head On and 1981's Shock Tactics, and while the bandmembers were part of the aforementioned NWOBHM movement, they failed to gain the popularity obtained by such fellow acts as Def Leppard, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden (in fact, their greatest bit of publicity was non-musical -- their drummer, Thunderstick, would wear a black cloth mask that caused some criticism when a British rapist wore a similar-styled disguise). Citing "musical differences," Dickinson left the band in the summer of 1981 shortly after Samson appeared at the summer's Reading Festival.

Almost immediately after his exit from Samson, Iron Maiden's singer Paul Di'Anno left the band despite being in the midst of a meteoritic rise to stardom. A tryout was arranged with Dickinson, who was named Iron Maiden's new vocalist in late 1981. Several months after joining the group, Maiden released The Number of the Beast -- not only one of the best albums of their career, but an undisputed all-time heavy metal classic. With his powerful operatic vocals, the new Dickinson-led Maiden stormed the charts and arenas worldwide for the remainder of the decade -- solidifying their standing with such further acclaimed releases as 1983's Piece of Mind, 1984's Powerslave, 1985's Live After Death, 1986's Somewhere in Time, and 1988's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Despite Maiden's massive success, rumors always circulated about Dickinson often butting heads with Maiden founder/bassist Steve Harris, and the release of Dickinson's first ever solo album in 1990, Tattooed Millionaire, only intensified the speculation. But Dickinson returned to Maiden shortly thereafter, lending his vocal talents to 1990's No Prayer for the Dying and 1992's Fear of the Dark. While the band remained extremely popular in just about every area of the world, Maiden began losing its footing stateside, and sensing that the band's best days were behind them, Dickinson left the group in 1993 after a farewell tour (several Dickinson-era live albums were issued by Iron Maiden around the same time -- A Real Live One, A Real Dead One, and Live at Donnington 1992).

Maiden would soldier on with replacement vocalist Blaze Bayley (formerly of Wolfsbane), while Dickinson resumed his solo career, resulting in 1994's Balls to Picasso, 1995's Alive in Studio A, 1997's Accident of Birth, 1998's The Chemical Wedding, and 1999's Scream for Me Brazil. But like Bayley era Maiden, Dickinson's solo career failed to reach as wide of an audience as '80s Maiden had. Dickinson and Maiden patched up their differences by the late '90s, as he rejoined the group for a successful reunion tour in 1999, and a year later, for the album Brave New World and supporting tour.

While Maiden is once again his top priority, Dickinson has also formed a side project, named Trinity, with two of heavy metal's other top vocalists -- Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche) and Rob Halford (ex-Judas Priest). In addition to music, Dickinson is an avid fencer, has authored a pair of comedic books (Lord Iffy Boatrace and The Missionary Position), hosted U.K. radio shows, is a certified airplane pilot, as well as a scriptwriter (he penned an as yet unused script based on his The Chemical Wedding album). In 2003 Dickinson inked a deal with Mercury and unveiled Balls To Picasso followed by the Sanctuary released Tyranny of Souls in 2005. He continues to tour with Iron Maiden. ~ Greg Prato, Rovi
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bruce dickinson has cancer
Get well Bruce. Kick cancer's a**.
Dude has quite the talent
The best period!!
Unfortunate Dickinson is just what he preaches against.... A tyrant of souls....

I think the blasphemy of The Lord who is the epitome of everything we need , is sophomoric at best. Shows a lack of gratitude for his life and grace towards others.
Shows how infantile his rebellion is.

Get ready for tyranny Bruce, it's coming.
SECOND TO ROB HALFORD!?!? I think not!
Bruce Dickinson is the best singer. An frontman of all time. He even has the credit of a rebel an heavy metal soul to boot. Him originally being a"accident" as his parents said.(accide n t of birth album) was raised mostly by his grandfather. ( Born in'58) he was jealous of his sister. But nonetheless doin what his parents made him do at a young age. Like singing opera. Military school. An private school. He actually pissed in his deans breakfast at his office desk lol. He also did plenty of bands
in the entire realm of rock music Bruce Dickinson can be raised as high as Elvis Freddie Mercury Rob Halford and Robert Plant as among the best, Who can argue against that?
Not close drew...Rock in Rio DVD is all i have to say !
I personally think Geoff Tate is the best metal singer I have ever heard, listen to Queensryche- - T h e Warning. Not that Bruce is not great, just my opinion and that is all.
Bruce, is the greatest singer that ever walked the face of this earth<><
Every metal genre you'll need right here.
You know - comparing who is better - Bruce vs Rob is kinda like - do you prefer a bj or full service. Oops - bad analogy. Both are good - but Bruce is better. And he is a way better front man. Halfords feet are nailed to the floor. Bruce is running around like a baloon that you blow up and let go - it goes all over the place. Plus I just saw Maiden in KC and Bruce was as usual awesome as was the entire band. Bruce pulling away (there I go again) for the win!
Where the f**k does Hetfield go in this list of stellar metal vocalists??? ? Right there with any of the NWBHM singers b**ches.
Vocals aside - Bruce is a frontman. Halford is a suc... I mean Halford is a singer.
dont get me wrong bruce has one of the best vocals in metal, but sometimes he over does it. i think halford is better.
Bruce sings. Halford screams. Big difference. I can scream like Halford. BFD.
That's right jaypolidoro. Second my a**. Rob sucks compared to Bruce Dickinson. Rob plain sucks too. oops.
Rob Halford is not even close to Bruce. Go to hell.
Second to Rob Halford? As much as I love him, Bruce is still better, imo.
We need more of Bruce's records! Where is Tattooed Millionaire?
Saw Bruce solo with Adrian on the accident of birth tour and it was a total kick arse show. Was able to meet the band as well and it was a major highlight of my musical life so far. Bruce IMHO is the best singer out there altho Rob h has een doing it for that much longer.
second to Halford my arse, seen Maiden live the other night, still tearing it up after all these years
Screw Tyranny of Souls, we want Chemical Wedding.
you're a d-bag
Bruce Dickinson is solely responsible for me wanting to be a singer.
Purely amazing, the best singer ever in my opinion. UP THE IRONS MOTHERF**KER S ! ! \m/
Ive read a ton of books over the past 25 years on Maiden and Bruce D - but I've never read that he was an opera singer. His early bands were Speed, Shots, Samson and then this little garage band called Iron Maiden - you may have heard of them? But no opera that I am aware of - not that I'm his biographer but i have read quite a lot without any mention of that.
this guy rox!
I got a d the only prescription . . . . i s more cowbell!
christian19m . g a r y 7 1
BRUCE , ROB and GEOFF !!! W. T. F. Where have I been? Thats the Sh*T right there, Dude. Someone clue me in!
Chemical Wedding is without a doubt his best solo album. Bruce should be next in line for King of England...or the world! UP THE IRONS!
delcastillo3 1 6
I saw Maiden twice in the last two years, once in Southern California and once in Tampa. Bruce was incredible and the band was amazingly tight and full of headbanging energy. I really hope that Bruce tours his old stuff, particularly Chemical Wedding. I saw some youtube vids from the shows and it would have been a once in a life time experience. Hopefully he doesn't forget that there are people who would love to see that album tour again, he is incomparable as a singer and a writer.
What blows my mind about Bruce isn't his singing. It's how much he's accomplished with the finite moments of our time on Earth. The guy's flying a 747, actually has screen plays in the works, is a renowned swordsman. From what I've read, I've never gotten the impression that this guy does anything half way. Whereas I'm a jack of all trades, this guy is a MASTER of all trades. Something to aspire to for sure. Him, Tom Scholz and Ice T to name a few others.
Halford can hit the high notes, but Bruce's voice is stronger. Bruce for the win. Seen them last summer on The Final Frontier tour, and quite honestly they looked and sounded as good as the 1st time I saw them for the 7th Son tour in 88. UP THE IRONS!!
i don't think you can say's like apples and oranges...wi t h a gun to my head however i believe matijevic is the best rock or metal singer to ever grace the earth.
The greatest metal voice ever! Better than Halford, without a doubt. Better than RJD; better than Ian Gillian. Without peer! Just listen to the Chemical Wedding CD--possibly the greatest melodic metal opus ever IMHO.
He has stood the test of time. That voice will always resonate throuhought the Metal World. Scream on BRUCE !!!
halford can sing higher, but bruce's voice is richer. as far as the best metal vocalists of all time, include he and halford in that list, and add dio, tate, matijevic and harnell.
Bruce is very good but he's never been able to hit the notes that halford can.
To me Bruce, Dio, and Lemmy are the three best voices in metal (each bringing something different to the table).
he's beter with maiden
where the hell is the chemical wedding??? its his best album yet!!
todays vocalists should take note
Wonderful . I think Bruce is the best metal vocalist ever . Yeah sure his voice may be cracking a little with age . Happens to us all ..He he he . I think Halfords voice is suffering from age as well . But hey ! Both are great . I guess its all a matter of taste .
I think he's a little over rated. Sure, he was good in the 80's but his voice is beginning to crack with age. I would have to say Andy Derris from Helloween is a much better Metal vocalist, but it's really all a matter of opinion. I've been a fan of Maiden and Dickenson for a quite some time, so i'm not slamming him, just making observations .
never question Bruce Dickinson
MAN this guy is the best metal singer ever...ever
Bruce can stand on his owe...Maiden no Maiden...but I prefer with Maiden...UP THE IRONS!!!
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