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Bryan Duncan

It took over twenty years from his entry into the gospel music world, but Bryan Duncan finally became a star during the mid-'90s, hitting number one on Christian radio ten times from 1993 to 1997. He had formed the Sweet Comfort Band in the early '70s and recorded half a dozen LPs with the band, but after the trio agreed to split in 1984, he released his debut solo album Have Yourself Committed just one year later. By 1993's Mercy, Duncan had begun a parade of hits, including "Love Takes Time," "I'll Not Forget You" and "You Don't Leave Me Lonely."

Born in Ogden, Utah as a preacher's son, Duncan began writing songs as a teenager while living in North Carolina. He also picked up the guitar, and was encouraged to perform professionally while studying at college. He founded the Sweet Comfort Band in 1972, with drummer Rick Thomson and bassist Kevin Thomson, and the group gave many songs to the gospel community over their decade-long existence, while recording critically acclaimed LPs for Light Records. After Sweet Comfort's 1984 farewell tour, Duncan began recording with a solo album for Light. After another LP for Light and two for the Myrrh label, he signed to Word for 1989's Strong Medicine and gained some success with its follow-up, Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Fiend.

The release of Mercy in early 1993 began an astonishing string of Christian radio hits for Bryan Duncan, ten number ones in all and five just from Mercy: "Love Takes Time," "You Don't Leave Me Lonely," "Into My Heart," "When It Comes to Love," and "I'll Not Forget You." Duncan continued recording, and released Slow Revival in 1994 and a praise album in 1996. His major follow-up to Mercy was Blue Skies, released in early 1997. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Slow Revival

1. A Heavenly Light

2. United We Stand

3. Don't Look Away

4. Your Love, My Saving Grace

5. Traces Of Heaven

6. My House

7. Lonely Tonight

8. Things Are Gonna Change

9. Wheels Of A Good Thing

10. Safe Harbor


Track List: Mercy

1. Mercy Me (Love Is My Responsibility)

2. Step By Step

3. Into My Heart

4. You Don't Leave Me Lonely

5. When It Comes To Love

6. Looks A Lot Like Me

7. Love Takes Time

8. Faithful To You

9. I'll Not Forget You

10. Five Smooth Stones


Track List: Whistlin' In The Dark

1. Whistlin' In The Dark

2. Paradise

3. All My Life

4. Break Out Of Chains

5. When I Think Of Home

6. Every Heart Has An Open Door

7. You Can Rely On Me

8. Help Is On The Way


Track List: Have Yourself Committed & Holy Rollin

1. Have Yourself Committed

2. Darkness Is Falling

3. Maybe This Time

4. A Child's Love

5. Come To Find Out

6. Livin' On The Bright Side

7. Sweep Me Away

8. Talk To Me Gently

9. Last Graduation

10. Only Wanna Do What's Right

11. My Little World

12. Lead Me To The Water

13. Hope Of The Brokenhearted

14. Holy Rollin'

15. Remember Me

16. So Far, So Good

17. Your Everlasting Love

18. Givin' Up Givin' Up


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I love his song meltdown.
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Where There Is Love: Great song with great lyrics, may I please suggest to everyone to listen and learn PEACE b :-)
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Bryan Duncan message in his songs means so much to me
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Mt husband and I are big fans of Bryan Duncan. Love Takes Time is my favorite but his hits are timeless
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My Wife" the Late Kathy Lee Doerschuk" accepted Jesus at a B Duncan concert in Canton ohio around 1986. She went on to join me & our best friend Susie for the Vocal Band Unity Christian Ministries, we toured full time as Volunteer Prison Ministers seeing thousands saved. BD will have many jewels in his crown to cast at Jesus feet. He is still my favorite solo artist EVER DARRELL DOERSCHUK
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I really get tired of your review of these people in the same terms as secular artist. It this genre, it should never be about hits but heart, message, and ministry.
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Bryan Duncan is my all time favorite singer!!!!!!
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One of the outstanding voices and most faithful men of Christian music.
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I remember Bryan as a young blond haired kid who played the piano & sang at our church, Calvary Chapel, in Riverside, CA. He was amazing then and is of my very favorites! I still love following his music for it has blessed me throughout the decades! god Bless him!
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Bryan isn't on a record label now, but he is still recording and touring. You can find out what he's doing on his Facebook page.
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Where is Bryan Duncan's new studio album?
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caribgirl200 5
The bio years of his hits are 10 years off. 80's, not 90s
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As previously noted, SCB (Sweet Comfort Band) was a quartet, not a trio, and their breakthrough 2nd album, Breakin' the Ice, put them on the map of the then CCM genre. Their music was cutting edge and first rate - along with others like Phil Keaggy and Michael O Martian. What they lacked in noteriety, they made up for in talent. Back then, a CCM artist did well if they sold 10,000 albums. Its obviously not that way now. When Brian went solo in 1985, he picked up where SCB left off and has been g
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I remember Sweet Comfort Band. Couldn't place the voice till I saw the bio. Memories...
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Great artist. Enjoyed his concert in Bremerton, WA. A few years ago.
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Still trying to get you to the Chattanooga area bro!
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We'll have Bryan over this Friday 8/12 Hog WA Tour (facebook). Get connected personally!
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I discovered Bryan Duncan in the 90's. I often pondered whatever happened to him musically over the years. I would love to hear more of his inspiring music on Christian Music radio station. I now reside in Las Vegas and would feel so blessed to hear his songs on SOS 90.5. I pray my request will be heard. May God bless all music makers and listeners. Mar2Fue
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I have always enjoyed his music & writing....s a w him annually in concert in the 90s..great performer! His hits are wonderful, but I especially love his Blue Skies & Christmas album projects.... . . s w e e t tunes ......
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The Sweet Comfort Band was not a trio, it had four members. Randy Thomas played lead guitar. Randy went on to win a Grammy for his work on Butterfly Kisses. You can see more here: http://en.wi k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / R a n d y _ T h o m a s _ ( m u s i c i a n )
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Bryan you are my personal favorite. Your words, thoughts, soul are exactly where I am at.
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We miss you Bryan. We thought you were the best.
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Chris, No Ginny is right. Bryan wrote and sung "Love you with my life" in the middle 70's. I have the original cassette I bought while I was in college. He re-released the song in the 90's. It is one of my all time favorites.
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Bryan has a fresh and crisp voice. Love listening to him.. Wish he was on the circuit again. We miss ya Bryan. God bless and keep you.
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Ginny: You might be thinking of Steven Curtis Chapman, who did a song called "Love You with My Life" on one of his earlier albums...
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My favorite Bryan Duncan song is "Love you with my Life" What a beautiful description of Jesus coming for us! I never hear it on the radio. Would love to hear that again!
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I love his voice; what a blessing and so relaxing yet makes you yearn for a closer relationship with the 'Father'. I just heard this song played on another christian radio station and I had to find out more about the artist and hear it again
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Still rolling after all these years, this guy got the serious sense of humor and got me interested in Christian Music. Keep up God's work, your message is still reaching people.
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naturefreak8 5
I will never forget Sweet Comfort Band. Their music, friendship, and power presentation on stage. So powerful, that after their plane crashed in Texas on their way to Houston to perform, they arrived almost 2 hours late and hardly anyone vacated the premises. The spirit within them moved many that night and still gives me chills thinking about how one moment their lives had just missed coming to an abrupt end only to be performing hours later in front of sold out Houston Music Hall. Bryan is a r
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This is a great christian artist, his music blesses me.
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Have seen him twice in concert,one of the first Christian singers I ever heard, and still the best. God Bless you Bryan.
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I have loved Bryan since I first heard that wonderful voice with Sweet Comfort Band...He has blessed me so many times with his music! He has been a 'friend' to encourage me through a most difficult time in my life.
I have a few cassettes or cd's because my sister 'borrows' them! We love you Bryan...than k you ! God bless you and be encouraged!! !
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I love music, yet few artists can get me choked up and teary eyed. Bryan Duncan with his flawlessly soulful voice does it everytime!! Bryan, please pack up the tour bus and bless us one more time brother!!!!
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B.D. is awesome! What a voice - Comfort one another with this word - Maranatha!
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Hands down one of the best voices in Christian Music!!!!
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Never met him, but, I was introduced to his music in the latter 80's. I was born again in 86 and began listening and learning "contemp christian" otherwise known as Gospel music. Have been a fan and ever since. What a voice! Bryan Adams, get a day job and stay home!
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The first Bryan Duncan song I heard was "Love Takes Time." Love at first sight, and today I still value his music more than any other. Mr. Duncan has always come across as brutally honest and unpretentiou s about himself and his spirituality , and I appreciate that. If ever I meet him, I'll want him to know that beside my parents, he has had the greatest spiritual influence on me through his music. I have been encouraged, gladdened, and uplifted for more than 20 years now. God bless you, sir!
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I love "Where There's Love"!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Is an amazing artist in any genre
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Bryan Duncan has been my favorite Christian artist since I was very little and I love him even more as an adult!! Great voice, great songwriter!
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I found Bryan Duncan through his final SCB album Perfect Timing and have been a huge fan ever since. I've enjoyed all of his albums and have met him a number of times. I wish he would come back to central Florida again soon.
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shenderson01 7
Before my girls could even really talk, when they would hear (Love takes time) and they would run and find their dad. He would scoop them up in his arms for a dance. Now my oldest is in college. She said the other day when we were listening to Bryan, "It makes me remember Sunday mornings and I feel good..." We met him once at a concert in Austin Tx. What a nice guy. I am glad God has kept him safe and brought him through the many trials in his life. As a preacher's-m i s s i o n a r y ' s kid, I can i
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My Dad used to wake my sister and I up on Sunday morning with "Sunday Go To Meetin" blaring out of his boom box, dancing around. This was the only album I ever saw my father boogie around the room to. I don't usually like gospel music, but I make a big exception for Bryan Duncan, because his music brings sweet memories back.
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I literally grew up listening to Bryan Duncan, especially to the Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend album(which is AMAZING), he is unbelievebly talented and when your in a low place and need comfort his songs always have a way of lifting your spirits. I am not religious, but his songs make me feel religious.
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JOYRIDE was a gift from a dear friend. She said, "this album reminded me of you." Well, I had to listen to it and simply LOVED it. Still do, it is one of my favorite gospel albums.
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i want to know why the anonymous confessions of a lunatic friend has been discontinued ! that cd is the best!
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I met Bryan at a coffeehouse concert in Cleveland OH in Sept 2001.4 days later
was 9/11 and, on my home from work, tired of the news and needing a break, stuck Blue Skies in the cassette and heard "After this day is done"......t h a t ' s my fond memory of that awful day
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I've been listening to Bryan since the Hearts of Fire album. I've got all of his music and I still listen to all of it. His music and His message is timeless.
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I love Bryan Duncan. I have been a fan for a while. Still love it. Few voices and vocal range like his in music period. God bless.
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In all of ccm-dom Bryan Duncan is just at the top in my book & I can't wait for the NEHOSOUL album Still Dancin' coming out Sept.08..I loved SWEET COMFORT BAND & followed Bryan for years. As there are several ccm artists I like and always will, Bryan is just a rare gem of an honest guy who has top-notch production values, ear for great r&b hooks and you can't beat his sound, ever. I wish everybody could hear his stuff, maybe the new album...
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