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His concept of epic house inspired by the classical training he received from an early age, Brian Transeau revitalized the British dance community in the mid-'90s and provided a point of entry for later dream house merchants like Robert Miles, Sash!, and BBE (though Transeau had, for the most part, left the style behind by the time of its pop success during 1997-1998). After his debut album appeared in late 1995 (as BT), Transeau hit the dance charts when his remix of Tori Amos' "Blue Skies" became one of the most-played American club tracks of the following year. Though he attempted to leave dream house behind on second album ESCM, Transeau continued to do well with club-goers and critics in Britain as well as America.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Transeau was playing piano from the age of two and began his classical training while only 13. Even while he was studying string arrangement and orchestration, Transeau listened to Depeche Mode and Yes. He attended Berklee School of Music in Boston for one year but then dropped out and moved to Los Angeles; he was soon back in Washington, D.C., where he hooked up with longtime friend Ali Shirazinia's new Deep Dish production team. He had already played synthesizer for albums by Salt-N-Pepa and Tyler Collins before debuting on Deep Dish Records with two 1993 singles, "A Moment of Truth" and "Relativity."

The tracks became club hits in Britain, routinely played by super DJs like Sasha and Paul Oakenfold for their epic, symphonic qualities, which worked well as a sort of climax at clubs like Cream and Ministry of Sound. Signed to Oakenfold's Perfecto Records, BT continued his success with 1995 singles like "Embracing the Future" and "Loving You More," and did remix work for Mike Oldfield, Seal, and Billie Ray Martin. His debut album, Ima, was a hit with British audiences, though Transeau's name remained largely unheard in his native land.

One 1996 remix largely changed that. Transeau's reworking of "Blue Skies" by Tori Amos became a massive club hit in America and Great Britain. By 1997, England received a wave of pop hits in the same line pioneered by Transeau; dubbed dream house, artists like Robert Miles and Sash! typified the approach with a wash of new age or prog-influenced synthesizers and a chugging beat indebted to trance. Transeau himself attempted to distance himself from the style with his 1998 album follow-up, ESCM. Movement in Still Life followed in mid-2000. He marked time between albums with high-profile production work, including chart hits from Britney Spears ("I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman") and *NSYNC ("Pop"), while a career retrospective entitled 10 Years in the Life was released in 2002. Emotional Technology, which featured collaborations with JC Chasez, Charmed actress Rose McGowan, and guitarist Richard Fortus, appeared in 2003. BT was also moving beyond his own musical sphere during this time by venturing into film. His score Music from and Inspired by the Film Monster was released in spring 2004. His 2006 effort, This Binary Universe, continued his exploration of other genres with ambient music and more experimental sounds filling the album. A tour with Thomas Dolby followed.

In late 2009, BT announced he was putting the finishing touches on a new double album, These Hopeful Machines. The effort was released the following year and featured appearances by Stewart Copeland, Kirsty Hawkshaw, and JES. It received a 2011 Grammy nomination. A one-disc edit (These Humble Machines) and a two-disc remix (These Re-Imagined Machines) arrived months later. By the end of that year, SiriusXM aired the first episode of his Laptop Symphony program, featuring BT's hand-selected playlists of up-to-date club music. A mix album of the same title was later issued. 2012 proved to be busy for BT. In addition to starting a synth pop project with Vince Clarke and Christian Burns -- which they called All Hail the Silence -- BT composed a pair of minimalist ambient collections, If the Stars Are Eternal So Are You and I and Morceau Subrosa. His ninth LP, A Song Across Wires, plunged BT back into the club world. JES returned for the effort, along with Aqualung and Christian Burns. Wires broke into the Top 10 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic and Heatseekers charts.

In 2015, BT unveiled his Electronic Opus collection, an album of previously released tracks like "Dreaming" and "Skylarking" reimagined as symphonic remixes. His tenth full-length arrived in late 2016. Originally untitled, BT would dub it _. Recorded in the United States, Iceland, China, Bora Bora, Japan, and Australia, _ was split into three sections -- Artifacture, Indivism, and Ω -- and returned BT to the world of atmospheric ambient soundscapes. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Upside Down (Single)

1. The Upside Down


Track List: _

1. Artifacture: I. Adagietto Granulare

2. Artifacture: II. Nostra Luna Di Miele

3. Artifacture: III. Guidati Dalla Luce

4. Artifacture: IV. La Caduta Con Moto

5. Artifacture: V. La Vita Sotto Il Mare

6. Artifacture: VI. Niente Di Tutto Qualcosa

7. Artifacture: VII. Rocambolesco In Una Città Di Notte

8. Artifacture: VIII. Un Nuovo Contesto

9. Artifacture: IX. Mancando Nobilmente

10. Indivisim: I. Trasformata Di Fourier Veloce

11. Indivisim: II. Fette Di Basso Ostinato

12. Indivisim: III. Decomposizione Di Tempo

13. Indivisim: IV. Uno Ad Uno I Controcanti Parlano

14. Indivisim: V. Immobilità In Movimento

15. Indivisim: VI. Variante Di Frammenti Di Basso

16. Indivisim: VII. Dalla Forma Al Senza Forma

17. Ω: I. La Nascita Di Diventare

18. Ω: II. Evoluzione Di Nuove Forme

19. Ω: III. Da Metà Tempo A Tempo Pieno

20. Ω: IV. Melodie Che Si Ergono Come Onde

21. Ω: V. Il Tema Soarning

22. Ω: VI. Staccando Gli Strati

23. Ω: VII. Filatura Funzioni Di Trasferimento Relative A Testa

24. Ω: VIII. Il Movimento Invertito

25. Ω: IX. Meriggiare Una Matrice Di Musica Modulare


Track List: If The Stars Are Eternal So Are You & I

1. 13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill

2. Go(D)t

3. Hymn (808)

4. Hikari

5. Seven-Hundred-Thirty-Nine

6. Our Dark Garden

7. The Gathering Darkness


Track List: Extended Movement

1. Hip Hop Phenomenon (feat. Tsunami One)

2. Fibonnacci Sequence

3. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Breaktek Mix)

4. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Timo Maas Mix)

5. Mercury and Solace (Transa Mix)

6. Godspeed (Hybrid Mix)


Track List: These Re-Imagined Machines

Disc 1

1. Le Nocturne De Lumiere (Cedric Gervais Remix)

2. Rose Of Jericho (Adam K & Soha Remix)

3. Always (Funkagenda Mix)

4. Love Can Kill You (Moonbeam Remix)

6. Every Other Way (Josh Gabriel Remix)

7. Suddenly (Ferry Corsten Remix)

8. Forget Me (Mr. Sam Remix)

9. The Unbreakable (Grayarea Mix)

Disc 2

2. Rose Of Jericho (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

3. A Million Stars (Digital Stories Remix)

4. The Light In Things (Tydi Remix)

5. Always (Chicane Remix)

6. The Unbreakable (Breakfast Remix)

7. Forget Me (Michael Cassette Mix)

8. Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix)


Track List: Suddenly

1. Suddenly (BT Radio Edit)

2. Suddenly (Celldweller Mix)

3. Suddenly (Cicada Mix)

4. Suddenly (Ferry Corsten Mix)

5. Suddenly (Dave Darell Vocal Mix)


Track List: Suddenly (Remixes)

1. Suddenly (BT Radio Edit)

2. Suddenly (Celldweller Mix)

3. Suddenly (Cicada Mix)

4. Suddenly (Ferry Corsten Mix)

5. Suddenly (Dave Darell Vocal Mix)

6. Suddenly (JJ Mix)


Track List: These Humble Machines

1. Suddenly

2. The Emergency

3. Every Other Way

4. The Light In Things

5. Rose Of Jericho

6. Forget Me

7. A Million Stars

8. Love Can Kill You

9. Always

10. Le Nocturne De Lumiere

11. The Unbreakable

12. The Ghost In You


Track List: These Hopeful Machines

1. These Hopeful Machines (A Side)

2. These Hopeful Machines (B Side)


Track List: Suddenly (CD Single)


Track List: Suddenly (Radio Single)

1. Suddenly


Track List: This Binary Universe

1. All That Makes Us Human Continues

2. Dynamic Symmetry

3. The Internal Locus

4. 1.618

5. See You On The Other Side

6. The Antikythera Mechanism

7. Good Morning Kaia


Track List: Emotional Technology

1. The Meeting Of A Hundred Yang

2. Knowledge Of Self

3. Superfabulous

4. Somnambulist

5. The Force Of Gravity

6. Dark Heart Dawning

7. The Great Escape

8. Paris

9. Circles

10. The Last Moment Of Clarity

11. Communicate

12. Animals

13. The Only Constant Is Change


Track List: Simply Being Loved (Somnambullst)

1. Somnambullst (Album Edit)

2. Somnambullst (Junkie XL Vocal Mix)

3. Somnambullst (Sander Kleinenberg's Convertible Mix)

4. Somnambullst (Burufunk Remix)


Track List: Never Gonna Come Back Down - Single

1. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Breaktek Mix)

2. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Echoplex Dub)

3. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Timo Maas Mix)

4. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Eric Kupper Mix)

5. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Paul Decarli Mix)


Track List: Movement In Still Life

1. Madskillz - Mic Chekka

2. Never Gonna Come Back Down (MISL)

3. Dreaming

4. Shame

5. Movement In Still Life

6. Satellite

7. Godspeed

8. Running Down The Way Up

9. Mercury And Solace

10. Smartbomb

11. Love On Haight Street


Track List: Dreaming

2. Dreaming (Lucid's 12" Club Mix)


Track List: Escm

1. Firewater

2. Orbitus Teranium

3. Flaming June

5. Memories In A Sea Of Forgetfulness

6. Solar Plexus

7. Nectar

8. Remember

9. Love, Peace & Grease

10. Content


Track List: Ima

Disc 1

1. Nocturnal Transmission

2. Quark

3. Tripping The Light Fantastic

4. Embracing The Future

5. Deeper Sunshine

8. Poseidon

9. Embracing The Sunshine

Disc 2

1. Blue Skies

3. Sasha's Voyage Of Ima

4. Divinity


Track List: Every Other Way (Radio Single)

1. Every Other Way


Track List: Flaming June (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) (Single)

1. Flaming June (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)


Track List: Rose Of Jericho EP

1. Rose Of Jericho (BT's Deus Ex Machina Album Mix)

2. Rose Of Jericho (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)

3. Rose Of Jericho (Adam K & Soha Remix)

4. Rose Of Jericho (Robbie Rivera New Juicy Music Mix)

5. Rose Of Jericho (Robbie Rivera Juicy Miami After Hours Remix)

6. Rose Of Jericho (Virtual Vault Remix)


Track List: Skylarking (Radio Edit) (Single)

1. Skylarking (Radio Edit)


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Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Now you've started reading this don't stop. If you read this and ignore it you will have very bad luck. Put this on 15 other songs in 144 minutes. When you're done press the space bar and your crush's name will appear in big letters on the screen. This is so cool it actually works
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This is without a doubt the best LOVEMAKING song on E EVER! Def going to be my wedding, birthday, even my funeral song!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
This man is a f**king legend.
Report as inappropriate
The new album is ridiculously good
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passion2inde p e n d a n c e
�� Much LOVE!! 4 Truly Beautiful Music! Feeds my soul every time.
I join nature, DANCE! under the stars
& am set FREE! "Mahalo Nui Loa!"
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Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However If you don't post this you will die in two days. Now you've started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in 143 minutes when done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary because it works Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on t
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Love love this
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Beautiful, absolutely gorgeous
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Good Stuff.
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I've listened to him when he use to use a brain scanner as a mental tool for creating music based on what stimulates peoples brains based upon his own of course. Bp
Report as inappropriate
Still the best.
Report as inappropriate
All these years and still a great song!!
Report as inappropriate
Still gives me bodygasms
Report as inappropriate
Call me!!! Love/SEXXXY on fb
Report as inappropriate
BT's music is some of the most amazing music. And all of his lyrics are pure, liquid emotion! How could you not love BT!
Report as inappropriate
Darn they changed his profile pic :-)
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Report as inappropriate
Discovered BT back in 2005. Love his stuff!
Report as inappropriate
fredericklud i w a y
Nice groove..4UPo w e r m e Up..! Fred
Report as inappropriate
Found out about BT when I was staying up late watching mtv in the mid 90s. He had a video and I just fell in love with his music and him since then. Watch in him and his music grow into something amazing! I will listen to a lot of his older stuff but love everything he makes now.
Report as inappropriate
Love this music
Report as inappropriate
Skylarking is the best song. We had that in our wedding!
Report as inappropriate
good artist, but to ever claim someone revitalized the British dance community is to falsely assume it ever went away, it never does, just different people making it up as we get older and dancing to different stuff, possibly in a newer, trendier club since part of that is fashion.
Report as inappropriate
BT is NEW to me, and his stuff so far is AWEsome!
Report as inappropriate
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However If you don't post this you will die in two days. Now you've started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in 143 minutes when done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary because it works Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on t
Report as inappropriate
I like it!
Report as inappropriate
I've been to a couple of BT's live shows since 2004, in places like Salt Lake, Park City, and Las Vegas. The last show I attended of his, I was pretty disappointed in the electro pop set he played. BT really needs to stick to trance, progressive house.
Report as inappropriate
Nice beat
Report as inappropriate
@hacvau Right on! BT is creatively so diverse in what he has done its incredible. I can see why some people may like him and some don't cause his songs are so different depending on album. Especially the remixes- but I just love him
Report as inappropriate
If everyone put as much time and effort into their music like BT, the world would be a better place. Also, no one will ever care what Hunter Alexander thinks.
Report as inappropriate
Umm.....BT makes me wiggle. Js
Report as inappropriate
damien.marlo n
Tell me he doesn't look like Shane dawson
Report as inappropriate
Love it
Report as inappropriate
I LOVE HIS MUSIC!!! Saw him at Club Blu here in Det? amazing show. Saw him at Ultra and it was just as amazing, if not more so... I've loved his music since I first heard it in the 90's..and I will ALWAYS be a fan.
Report as inappropriate
He's here in Pittsburgh tonight!
Report as inappropriate
moretti.lean d r o
Great song - love it!
Report as inappropriate
I saw him live in Houston Texas! Great live show!
Report as inappropriate
The bio on dis guy? dc + yes? Cooler than cool : he's icebox .
Report as inappropriate
michael_duon g
Every other way. Greatest song!
Report as inappropriate
I freakin love BT. Beautiful!! Great sensibility.
Report as inappropriate
BT is great! Especially live. He was one of the great american producers of the 90's house revolution. Anyone that says otherwise is a newb and needs to study up on the history of electronic music.
Report as inappropriate
What the f**k this Is like tupac of techno... ladygaga of weird pop... what the f**k this guys legend and still is one of the best shut the duck up he's better actually through awards and etc than most djs
Report as inappropriate
Wow, this guy sucks, I mean... just s**t. Why was it on the de4dm4u5 channel?
Report as inappropriate
Why does all the music from the 90's suck so much ?
Report as inappropriate
dat pic
Report as inappropriate
This my first 2 hear BT and their definantly x-cellent!!! ! ! ! : )
Report as inappropriate
Very first Electronic album I ever bought was R&R. That album forever changed my life and is still my favorite to this day. I literally own every CD ever made with BT's name on it, including mixes/collab s with Tiesto, etc. and go to every show I can. BT is the godfather of modern electronic music.
Report as inappropriate
anisapriasha h
They were friends!
Report as inappropriate
anisapriasha h
My dad knew BT when he was a kid! They even went to the same school and everything! They used to mix sounds together! It is SO AWESOME!
Report as inappropriate
I am going to buy his CDs!! He is very good!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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