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Camel never achieved the mass popularity of fellow British progressive rock bands like the Alan Parsons Project, but they cultivated a dedicated cult following. Over the course of their career, Camel experienced numerous changes, but throughout the years, Andrew Latimer remained the leader of the band.

Formed in 1972 in Surrey, Camel originally consisted of Latimer (guitar, flute, vocals), Andy Ward (drums), Doug Ferguson (bass), and keyboardist Peter Bardens, previously of Them. By the end of 1973, the group signed with MCA and released their eponymous debut. In 1974, the band switched record labels, signing with Decca's Gama subsidiary, and released Mirage. In 1975, Camel released their breakthrough album The Snow Goose, which climbed into the British Top 30. The band's English audience declined with 1976's Moonmadness, but the album was more successful in America, reaching number 118 -- the highest chart position the band ever attained in the U.S. Following the release of Moonmadness, Ferguson left the band and was replaced by Richard Sinclair (ex-Caravan); at the same time, the group added saxophonist Mel Collins. Latimer and Bardens conflicted during the recording of 1977's Rain Dances and those tensions would come to a head during the making of 1978's Breathless. After Breathless was completed, Bardens left the band. Before recording their next album, Camel replaced Bardens with two keyboardists -- Kit Watkins (Happy the Man) and Jim Schelhaas (Caravan) -- and replaced Sinclair with Colin Bass.

By the time Camel released their 1979 album, I Can See Your House From Here, rock & roll had been changed by the emergence of punk rock, which resulted in less press coverage for progressive rock, as well as decreased record sales. Camel suffered from this shift in popular taste -- I Can See Your House from Here received less attention than any of the band's releases since their debut. Latimer returned to writing concept albums with 1981's Nude. In 1982, drummer Andy Ward was forced to leave the band after suffering a severe hand injury. Camel's 1982 album, The Single Factor, was a slicker, more accessible affair than previous Camel records, but it failed to chart. Stationary Traveller (1984) was another concept album.

After the release of the 1984 live album, Pressure Points, Camel entered a long period of hibernation that lasted until the early '90s. In 1985, Decca dropped Camel from its roster. Latimer wasn't able to find a new label because he was embroiled in a difficult legal battle with Camel's former manager Geoff Jukes; Camel eventually won the lawsuit in the late '80s. Throughout this period, Camel produced no new music. In 1988, Latimer sold his home in England and moved to California, where he founded the independent label Camel Productions. By the time Camel recorded their follow-up to Stationary Traveller in the early '90s, the band was, for most intents and purposes, simply Andrew Latimer and a handful of session musicians. Dust and Dreams (1991) was the first release on Camel Productions. In 1993, PolyGram released a double-disc Camel retrospective, Echoes. In early 1996, Camel released Harbour of Tears. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: A Compact Compilation

1. Freefall

3. The Great Marsh

6. The Snow Goose

7. Flight Of The Snow Goose

8. Dunkirk

9. Song Within A Song

10. Lunar Sea

11. First Light

12. Metrognome

13. Rain Dances


Track List: Moonmadness (Bonus Track Version)

Disc 1

1. Aristillus (Instrumental Version)

2. Song Within A Song

3. Chord Change (Instrumental Version)

4. Spirit Of The Water

5. Another Night

6. Air Born

7. Lunar Sea (Instrumental Studio Version)

8. Another Night (Single Version)

9. Spirit Of The Water (Demo Version)

10. Lunar Sea ("Live At The Hammersmith Odeon" Instrumental Version)

Disc 2

1. Song Within A Song (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon)

2. Excerpt From The Snow Goose (First Three Tracks) (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon)

3. Air Born (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)

4. Chord Change (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)

5. The White Rider (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)

6. Preparation/Dunkirk (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon Instrumental Version)

7. Another Night (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)

8. Lady Fantasy (Live At Hammersmith Odeon)


Track List: Music Inspired By The Snow Goose

1. The Great Marsh

2. Rhayader

3. Rhayader Goes To Town

4. Sanctuary

5. Fritha

6. The Snow Goose

7. Friendship

8. Migration

9. Rhayader Alone

10. Flight Of The Snow Goose

11. Preparation

12. Dunkirk

13. Epitaph

14. Fritha Alone

15. La Princesse Perdue

16. The Great Marsh

17. Flight Of The Snow Goose (Single Edit A-Side)

18. Rhayader (Single Edit B-Side)

19. Flight Of The Snow Goose (Alternate Single Edit)

20. Rhayader Goes To Town (Live At Marquee Club, London, England)

21. Freefall (Live At Marquee Club, London, England)


Track List: Echoes

2. Freefall

4. Rhayader

5. Rhayader Goes To Town

6. Song Within A Song

7. Air Born

8. Lunar Sea


Track List: Zig Zag EP

1. Zig Zag

2. Obrigado

3. Neon


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If you like Camel
Check out Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree
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Yes I have the first album and yes I am into Nektar
Especially Remember the Future
Classic Prog
Got to see Camel at a very small venue performing Harbour if Tears
WoW !
Also was fortunate to see Riverside just before Piotr Grudzinski passed
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Does anyone have their very first album,, it was an import and was what originally got me into Camel. I bought all their albums up till rain dances which was the last album on vinyl that I bought. But that original vinyl import is a collectors item to this day. THe original album had no name. Camel also got me into a group called Nektar
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Camel is fantastic. Andrew Latimer is so under rated. He is a master of expression.
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My most vivid memories of Camel that I will never remember :-) were from the laser show at the Hayden. Awesome experience. Mirage still remains my favorite but I love them all.
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philippepelu s o
Great Band! In the tradition of Caravan, Gentle Giant, Soft Machine, Gong,
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Only 3 studio albums and 1 EP?? Really Pandora?!?!? ! ? !
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They were a less complicated but still brilliant progressive band, who hit their peak when Richard Sinclair from Caravan joined them. Wonderful music. Latimer's guitar work is always great.
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Absolutely my favorite band period. Andy Latimer is an outstanding musician. No one plays with more feeling.
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Saw them live in 74 for the Mirage tour in Seattle they were the lead band for Wishbone ash EPIC!!!!

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Camel is one of the greatest bands ever
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Camel was an inspiration and absolutely fantastic band.the guitar solo on chord changes is the most beautiful and romantic guitar solo I've ever heard, and I've been a musician for forty years. Simply gorgeous. And the song breathless is one of my all time favorite songs.I love you guys. P.s good choice with mel Collins,he must have just got done with the pink Floyd dark side of the moon tour.
Mike johnson ,racine,Wisc o n s i n
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jscottmalcol m
I saw a Camel in 1974 at the Whiskey A Go Go. Ray Manzarek was the opening act. Never cared much for Camel after the first two albums and once Peter Bardens left but they're still a good band
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I was exposed to Camel in 1975 when I purchased the album Mirage in Houston Texas at a Tower record store at midnight after a long day of attitude adjustment. I bought the album based solely on the cover. Once I listened to it I was sold. I'm surprised there is no mention of that LP in the . bio. I also saw them live the same year, maybe 1974, not sure, It was cerebral. By 1980 I had every LP they had out until that time.Truely a great gathering of top flight musicians.
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Read the book. Read it while listening to the album! Am only 13! Lucky me!!
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Ive heard them in the late 70s and iam still impressed, with all there music
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Got turned onto moon madness in the mid 70s. Still love it,know every note and lyric by heart. Musicians music for sure. My 15 year old son thinks it's awesome as well. Rock on Camel!
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lets be honest; As a early fan of Camel myself, they just did not compair to the likes of Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Genesis and the rest of the prog elite. Any Steve Hackett release blows them out of the picture.
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Air Born is pretty f**king epic
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Looking forward to catching them this Spring in Europe. Grant Christie
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I`ve seen them a few times. I saw the Farewell tour in Santa Cruz, CA. They are my favorites! Just read about the Retirement Sucks tour. Can`t wait. I hope all is well with Andy`s health issues(why the band retired).
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Rhylander goes to town is lead near end with a perfectly splendid end.....(wen t to town had dinner.....a date? then a campy hollywood picture a h , cool song.....
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berkshiremus i c
Camel announced a tour in the Fall of 2013 dubbed the Retirement Sucks Tour. Ten years after the Farewell tour, this is pretty remarkable. Stay tuned!
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Camel is one of my very favorite progressive rock bands. I wish they were all still living. God bless them.
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Forty years later their music still resonates with me. Camel's music intersected with moments of my life numerous times.
Report as inappropriate
This is my favorite secular band of all time. I've seen them live and have 12 of their albums. The best progressive rock back band ever. Complex, thought provoking story telling and music at it's best. Over achievering and under appreciated. Their music stands the test of time. Andrew Latimer is off the charts.
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I've been a camel fan since the late 70's, such an awesome band, wish they could have gained the recognition they deserved. would love to hear more from The Single Factor on here....
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some great music. Rain Dances was my fav. That sax is awesome.
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billhippenst e e l
Moon Madness, Rain Dances, Breathless, never heard an album by them I didn't like.
Report as inappropriate
I'd like to see more of their 80s works here, like Stationary Traveler, The Single Factor, etc.
Report as inappropriate
one hump or two
Report as inappropriate
under appreciated. . . .
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Wow I cannot believe no one has made any comments about this band - it ws the 70s I guess you had to be there - they came out with some nice music - mel collins on flute and sax - I first heard them on an underground college radio station in the 70s in atlanta along with groups lk Gong and hatfield and the north - I guess you had to be there to understand - open your ears people.
Report as inappropriate
One of the best bands ever....shou l d have been as big as zeppelin
Report as inappropriate
love the snow goose my first album was I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE
Report as inappropriate
Agree that this is an under appreciated and under played band. They're has to be a reason for that though and I don't know what it is. It just seems that they were always in the background and overlooked by many.
Report as inappropriate
I was lucky enough to see Camel in Pacific Beach CA in the mid 70's at an old movie theater. Their best works were in the 70's.
Report as inappropriate
The superlative Camel. Bardens and Latimer
Report as inappropriate
good ol camel how under rated you are
Report as inappropriate
Just read reztab's comment - you were right - Andy Ward is totally still alive! That made my day! Now who the hell am I thinking about that died???
Report as inappropriate
What nobody still followes more current stuff, all Camel is great, what about, Rajaz and A Nod and a Wink.
Report as inappropriate
rjstpa i can t think of one album camel did that wasn t great pandora more camel.
Report as inappropriate
jack--fromba c k in the day to today, i've got to reach for the volume control when rain dances is on
Report as inappropriate
I love the cover art of their album "I can see your house from here"
Report as inappropriate
reztab far as I know Andy Ward is still alive and well. He played with Marillion in the early 80's and I know that there were afew albums with Pete Bardens and Mel Collins under the name of Mirage, all live gigs. He was a great drummer with Camel. And I agree tottaly with B's comment to Pandora to GET MORE CAMEL!!!
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You know, I could never bring myself to listen to anything Camel made after Andy Ward (orig. drummer) died in 1981. For me, I think he was at least in part, the soul of Camel. I haven't given all of their later albums a chance, but the ones from the 70s all ROCK! Pandora: Get more Camel!!! That's not a request - it's an ORDER!
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PANDORA! you are missing camel, big time!
Report as inappropriate
Camel is still one of my favorite bands to listen to after all these years. True progressive rock at its best. Mirage, Moonmadness, a n d Nude are my favorites. Also Breathless with the addition of Mel Collins and his truely outstanding sax playing.
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Camel is one of those bands that is a part of you or not. When I am happy or sad , I always turn to them to give me direction .... The GODS of music
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