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Chris LeDoux

Prior to becoming a successful independent country artist, Chris LeDoux was a rodeo champion known for his bareback-riding skill and made his name in music by writing countless songs about the rodeo life. LeDoux was born in Biloxi, MS, in 1948 and moved around often as a child since his father was in the Air Force. He first tried his hand at rodeo riding in Denison, TX, at age 13 and was soon winning junior competitions. His family moved to Cheyenne, WY, while he was in high school, and he continued to ride; after graduating, he won the Wyoming State Rodeo Championship, which earned him a rodeo scholarship to Caspar College. He also studied the sport at Sheridan and Eastern New Mexico and won the Intercollegiate National Bareback Riding Championship. He turned pro in 1970 and eked out a living on the national rodeo circuit, winning just enough prize money to keep himself going. At the same time, LeDoux began writing songs about the rodeo lifestyle, since no other country performer had yet filled the niche (the way trucker songs became a specialized country subgenre). His first composition was "Bareback Jack," and he soon recorded an album's worth of songs in a friend's basement in 1972. He and his father set up a recording company, American Cowboy Songs, and LeDoux began selling his tapes at rodeo events out of the back of his pickup truck. As this side business became more lucrative, LeDoux started traveling to Nashville for quickie recording sessions rather than relying on local musicians.

LeDoux's hard work on the rodeo circuit paid off when he won the 1976 world bareback riding championship at the National Rodeo Finals in Oklahoma City. He remained active until 1980, when small nagging injuries and a desire to be with his family led him to retire. He settled on a ranch in Kaycee, WY, but kept up his songwriting and recording and developed an increasingly large following as well as a reputation for exciting concerts. By 1982, he'd sold over 250,000 copies of his self-released albums, of which he completed 22 by the end of the '80s. LeDoux had long refused to sign a record deal, valuing his independence more, but when rising superstar Garth Brooks name-checked him on the 1989 hit "Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)," the attention was too much to resist. LeDoux signed with Capitol subsidiary Liberty and released his national debut, Western Underground, in 1991. The 1992 follow-up, Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy, featured a duet with Brooks on the title track. The single became LeDoux's first (and only) Top Ten country hit, and the album also entered the Top Ten and went gold. Though he hasn't had another single that big, LeDoux recorded steadily for Liberty through the '90s, and all of his albums -- 1993's Under This Old Hat, 1994's Haywire, 1996's Stampede, 1997's Live, and 1998's One Road Man -- made the country Top 40, selling well to LeDoux's extensive fan base. 2000's Cowboy found LeDoux re-recording his earliest compositions, and he subsequently battled a liver illness that threatened his life and required a transplant. He recovered and returned to music with the more personal album After the Storm in 2002. LeDoux released Horsepower in 2004. It would be his last completed album before he died of complications from liver cancer in March of 2005. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Ultimate Collection

Disc 1

1. Horsepower

2. This Cowboy's Hat

3. Life Is A Higway

4. He Rides The Wild Horses

5. Copenhagen

6. Take Me To The Rodeo

7. Seventeen

8. Hooked On An 8 Second Ride

9. Bareback Jack

10. Riding For A Fall

11. Even Cowboy's Like A Little Rock And Roll

12. Silence On The Line

13. Little Long-Haired Outlaw

Disc 2

1. Cadillac Cowboy

2. The Fever

3. County Fair

4. Tougher Than The Rest

5. Stampede

6. The Ride

7. Five Dollar Fine

8. Cadillac Ranch

9. Look At You Girl

10. Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

11. Workin' Man's Dollar

12. For Your Love

13. Western Skies


Track List: Anthology, Volume I

1. Airborne Cowboy

2. He Rides The Wild Horses

3. Life Is A Highway

4. Sons Of The Pioneers

5. The Ride

6. Bareback Jack

7. Hippies In Calgary

8. Copenhagen

9. Simple As Dirt

10. Workin' Man's Dollar

11. The Fever

12. This Cowboy's Hat

13. I've Got To Be A Rodeo Man

14. Hard Times

15. Tougher Than The Rest

16. Take Me To The Rodeo

17. The Passenger

18. Little Long-Haired Outlaw

19. Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming

20. Western Skies


Track List: 20 Originals: The Early Years

1. Copenhagen

2. Photo Finish

3. Mighty Lucky Man

4. Fourth Of July Rodeos

5. Fine As Wine

6. Caballo Diablo

7. I've Got To Be A Rodeo Man

8. Littlest Cowboy Rides Again

9. All Around Cowboy

10. Bad Brahma Bull

11. Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming

12. Lean, Mean And Hungry

13. Ten Seconds In The Saddle

14. Freedom Ain't Free

15. He Rides The Wild Horses

16. So You Want To Be A Cowboy

17. (I Used To Want To Be) A Cowboy

18. Tennessee Stud

19. It Ain't The Years, It's The Miles

20. Running Through The Rain


Track List: Horsepower

1. Horsepower

2. One Less Tornado

3. All Wound Up

4. A Cowboy Was Born

5. Smack Dab In The Middle

6. The Buffalo Grass

7. Feels Like I'm Gettin' Into Something Good

8. The Ride

9. Rodeo Moon

10. Between The Rainbows And The Rain

11. Pass My Hat

12. Blue Bonnet Blues


Track List: After The Storm

1. Some Things Never Change

2. Millionaire

3. Don't It Make You Want To Dance

4. Daily Bread

5. I Don't Want To Mention Any Names

6. I Would For You

7. Cowboy

8. Scatter The Ashes

9. What I'm Up Against

10. Simple As Dirt

11. Bareback Jack


Track List: Cowboy

1. He Rides The Wild Horses

2. Silence On The Line

3. Ten Seconds In The Saddle

4. Our First Year

5. I'm Country

6. Blue Eyes And Freckles

7. Hippie In Calgary

8. A Cowboy's Got To Ride

9. The Yellow Stud

10. Running Through The Rain

11. Song Of Wyoming


Track List: 20 Greatest Hits

1. Life Is A Highway

2. Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

3. Gravitational Pull

4. Dallas Days And Fort Worth Nights

5. County Fair

6. Bang A Drum - (feat. Jon Bon Jovi)

7. Stampede

8. Look At You Girl

9. Cadillac Cowboy

10. Hooked On An 8-Second Ride

11. Tougher Than The Rest

12. Copenhagen - (feat. Toby Keith)

13. Even Cowboys Like A Little Rock And Roll - (feat. Charlie Daniels)

14. This Cowboy's Hat

15. Cadillac Ranch

16. Five Dollar Fine

17. Honky Tonk World

18. Little Long-Haired Outlaw

19. For Your Love

20. Western Skies


Track List: Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

1. Call Of The Wild

2. You Just Can't See Him From The Road

3. Little Long-Haired Outlaw

4. Making Ends Meet

5. Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

6. Hooked On An 8 Second Ride

7. I'm Ready If You're Willing

8. Look At You Girl

9. Cadillac Ranch

10. Western Skies


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luckyshot500 Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Don't stop this is freaky! But if you read this and ignore it you will get bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 143 minutes. When your done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen. This is so creepy because it actually works
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Every time I hear one of his songs, everyone around me has to listen because God is singing❤️
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I enjoyed Chris LeDoux' music so much and seeing him in concert was great but my biggest highlight was seeing him at the crazy horse and getting him to autograph my hat. Chris LeDoux was a unique country artist. There's never going to be another Chris LeDoux
Report as inappropriate
Im thirteen and this station is my favorite all the best country singers
Report as inappropriate
Chris LeDoux is the best country music artist in my books. Wish he was still alive where I could have seen him in concert.
Report as inappropriate
I had a ticket to see him in Cincinnati and waited two months chomping at the bit to see him then that night I got a call that my mother just died. I missed the one and only shoot to see him.
Report as inappropriate
I'm not with you ckb8401.. Chris might be pretty good but George strait is also a legend.
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bushwacker42 0
There isn't going to be another to take his place. He's still so special.
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Wy. raised not to far Kaycee. I was 14 yrs. old n 75', my best friend turned me on to n 8 track of Chis. I was hooked. I traded my BR spurs for my friends 8 track player. How I played hi s songs over n over. Now I've lost both friends. Never forgotten Chris.
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I did security for him at concerts
he was not only a true man but a real true cowboy we all miss you and know we will see you again one day. Call of the wild
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He may be gone but never forgotten
Report as inappropriate
he was so cool
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justinjenny4 9 5
Report as inappropriate
I was wondering when this station was going to play a real Outlaw damn good song keep singing in heaven Chris
Report as inappropriate
Chris ledoux your the best my favorite song is hooked on an 8 second ride I love you
Report as inappropriate
He's in great company!
Report as inappropriate
You will never be forgotten Chris!
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mysteriousst r a n g e r s 8 6
Report as inappropriate
75lukeparkin s o n 6 9
Report as inappropriate
He was a real cowboy
Report as inappropriate
May he always be in our hearts R.I.P. Chris Ludux
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
It's CaspEr College not CaspAr college ��
Report as inappropriate
A real cowboy singing bout real life... Don't get no better than that❤️
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Chris LeDoux <3
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Qzzxcvvexbbh b h h b h b h g h g g v g g g g g y y y y h g g h g f g f g v g g v g v g f t f h b y g y g g y f g g g g h g h g f g u f g g f t f f t t f t f t v f t f f y g t t g f g g f g f g f k p o p
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Ned Ledoux, Chris' son, and drummer in Western Underground, is now doing acoustic shows and singing his dad's songs along with a few of his own. http://nedle d o u x . c o m / Just him and his guitar...bes t show I've seen in years!
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Who's with me?
Report as inappropriate
He is better than stupid George Strait
Report as inappropriate
He is the reason I'm a rancher
Report as inappropriate
In my younger day I saw many concerts. Most were Rock. Chris was the best. I thought even better than Garth.

Never saw someone enjoy himself more on stage. He made us happy. It still breaks my heart knowing he's gone. I'm 52 now but I agree with what Garth said one time.

"When I grow up I want to be chris Le doux. "

Just seemed to truly be a person you would honored to know. There will be no replacing Chris.



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Love me some LeDoux.
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One of the great writer's of western songs telling the story of RODEO, LOVE an A COWBOYS WAY OF LIFE. Ha! You ain't a COWBOY if you haven't listened to CHRIS LEDOUX with your heart an soul... "LET ER' BUCK"
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When I first heard "this old hat" I found the music of Chris LeDoux and was much saddened by his death
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im sorry but who was the other person singing with him
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Thumbs up
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It's a damn shame Chris never was bigger than he got with his music. But I have mad respect for him staying independent for so long
Report as inappropriate
Not many people listen to Chris....It is sad. :( I absolutely love Chris and his music.❤�����
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Report as inappropriate
I am a 3 day eventer, and The Ride, helps me when I have hard times, not just in the saddle, but in life, too.
Report as inappropriate
Grew up listening to Chris! Love his music, just wish I could of been able to see him before he passed!
Report as inappropriate
My favorite memory was out side a southern Oklahoma dance hall where Chris was playing, me and a friend walked outside in the cold and met Chris. Asking him to autograph our bareback riggings, he invited us into his bus and gave us a beer, told a couple stories and gave us autograph pictures. Not only is he a purest and champion, he was just a hell of a nice guy to a couple of young road Cowboys away from home, who he gave this great story.
Report as inappropriate
I have been listening to Chris my whole life!!! My daddy tells me and my siblings his story all the time. I am so glad we still have some REAL!! country music lovers!!!
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When Chris passed to join the other great cowboys like Lane Frost and Freckles Brown we lost a great and amazing cowboy. Plus 1 of the last performers that knew what real country was. Leaves us to hope that Garth makes a good comeback
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craigsnelson 9
Was blessed enough to see him in concert. By far best show ever, even after 10th show. Loved every song . Life without Chris has been hard . Miss you
Report as inappropriate
Just about the best there was.
Report as inappropriate
When I was a little girl my daddy to us to a rodeo . We sat in the stand and watch a bareback rider bit the dust short of 8 sec .
When we were leaving there was the cowboy sitting on the tailgate saleing tapes out of a box .
My daddy , told the cowboy sorry about the ride going wrong . The cowboy gave a crooked smile at us . My daddy ask him what he was doing? The cowboy told him he was trying to get his entry fee for the next rodeo . My daddy bought several of the tapes .
So I grew up hearin
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I had just about every album this man had ever made. A true cowboy and artist he was. He did it for the love not for the fame!
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You just can't see him from the road
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