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John Barry

November 3, 1933 - January 30, 2011
born in York, England, composed during the Contemporary period
Jonathan Barry Prendergast -- aka John Barry -- was one of the world's best-known and most popular film score composers. Aside from those who were also well-known classical composers, he was probably the most notable of all British film composers. His career was "inherited" from both his mother and father. His mother was a pianist with classical training who saw to it that he got a musical education, playing trumpet and piano. His father owned a movie theater. John's exposure to films increased when he left school at 15 to work full-time as a projectionist in his father's cinema. By then he was already on the way to deciding definitely to pursue a career in film music.

He joined a local band as trumpet player and was a bandsman during his military service from 1952 to 1955. Meanwhile, he studied with the organist of York Minster (the historic church of York) and by correspondence with American composer/arranger William Russo and with Joseph Schillinger, the theorist/teacher who had also taught George Gershwin compositional technique and form (after Gershwin had already become a famous composer). At this time Barry began arranging for band.

In 1957, he founded John Barry and the Seven, a pop/rock band (later the John Barry Seven), which remained in existence through 1966. One of his most prominent early jobs was as arranger and musical director for the popular British singer Adam Faith. Barry appeared on radio and television, worked as an A&R man for record companies, and in 1959 scored his first film, the rock musical Beat Girl, starring Adam Faith.

In 1962, he was asked to orchestrate and arrange a non-symphonic, "hip" score by composer and bandleader Monty Norman, engaged to compose the soundtrack for Dr. No, the first James Bond film. It was this project that led to Barry's fame, but not without controversy. The single distinctive cue in the soundtrack is the famous "James Bond Theme." It is rumored that the producers were dissatisfied with Norman's Bond theme and approached Barry directly to "fix" it. Whether Barry composed a theme anew or worked up Norman's theme is the crux of the issue. But contractually Norman is credited with its authorship and has successfully maintained legal actions in court to defend that credit. Barry proponents, however, respond that it is telling that for 11 several subsequent Bond films (including all the classic Sean Connery movies) the producers hired Barry to do the scoring and never Norman. It has also been reported that Barry succeeded in reclaiming authorship of the theme.

The Bond films made Barry famous, and established a personal non-symphonic sound, often orchestrated by Barry himself, that is among the most distinctive personal sounds in film music. Traits of it include a remarkably well-timed ability to "freeze" the harmonies quietly to build suspense, often while melody instruments continue to move slowly. He is notable for his use of the trumpet, the guitar, and the flute in a low register.

But he went on to score dozens of movies, and none of his five Academy Awards were for Bond thrillers. They are for the scores of Born Free (1966), The Lion in Winter (1968), Out of Africa (1985), and Dances with Wolves (1990) and for Best Song for "Born Free." (He said he wrote the song with the private idea of composing a satire on a Disney animal movie.) In 1992 Barry was nominated for his sixth Oscar for his music for Chaplin. He also wrote successful West End musicals, most notably Billy starring Michael Crawford (1974). Barry moved to California in 1975 and New York in 1980.

In 1999, Barry released an album of his classical instrumental-style compositions, The Beyondness of Things. In 2001 he composed the score for Enigma, in addition to recording a new album of non-soundtrack material, Eternal Echoes. Among Barry's last work was a co-composing credit (with lyricist Don Black) for the song "Our Time Is Now," sung by Shirley Bassey on her 2009 comeback album, The Performance. John Barry died of a heart attack in Glen Cove, NY on January 30, 2011, and although his work in the 21st century had been comparatively sporadic, his wide-ranging career, both critically acclaimed and popular, secured his position as one of the most respected musical figures of the latter half of the 20th century. ~ Joseph Stevenson, Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Body Heat

Title: Body Heat, Film Score

1. Body Heat, Film Score: Main Theme

2. Body Heat, Film Score: Ned

3. Body Heat, Film Score: Matty's Place

4. Body Heat, Film Score: I'm Weak

5. Body Heat, Film Score: I'm Burning Up

6. Body Heat, Film Score: Chapeau Gratis

7. Body Heat, Film Score: Heather

8. Body Heat, Film Score: Kill For P**sy

9. Body Heat, Film Score: I'm Frightened

10. Body Heat, Film Score: Surprise And Explosion

11. Body Heat, Film Score: Heather And Roz

12. Body Heat, Film Score: Gus And Oscar

13. Body Heat, Film Score: Glasses

14. Body Heat, Film Score: Better Get Him

15. Body Heat, Film Score: Matty Was Mary Ann


Track List: Dances With Wolves (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Title: Dances With Wolves, Film Score

1. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Looks Like A Suicide

2. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The John Dunbar Theme

3. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Journey To Fort Sedgewick

4. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Ride To Fort Hays

5. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Death Of Timmons

6. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Wolf Theme

7. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Pawnee Attack

8. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Kicking Bird's Gift

9. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground

10. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Buffalo Hunt

11. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Stands With A Fist Remembers

12. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Love Theme

13. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The John Dunbar Theme

14. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: II. Socks At Play

15. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Death Of Cisco

16. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Rescue Of Dances With Wolves

17. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Loss Of The Journal And The Return To Winter Camp

18. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Farewell And End Title


Track List: Born Free [Original Motion Picture Score]

Title: Born Free, Film Score

2. Born Free, Film Score: II. The Hunt

3. Born Free, Film Score: III. Elsa At Play

4. Born Free, Film Score: IV. The Death Of Pati

5. Born Free, Film Score: V. Waiting For Joy

6. Born Free, Film Score: VI. Killing At Kiunga

8. Born Free, Film Score: VIII. Holiday With Elsa

9. Born Free, Film Score: IX. Flirtation

11. Born Free, Film Score: XI. Fight Of The Lioness


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In the fall of 1998 I was "absorbed" by the score from "somewhere in time" and decided to write my own lyrics to the score for my wedding in December. I spent quiet moments day after day until I found the perfect words to match for my wedding in Dec and 3 Symphony member performed his composition in a Victorian setting. It was such a wonderful moment in time! Stay in love! That's the key to it all!
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How about his score in "some here in time? So lovely!
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Also the "Out of Africa" ,the film scores he wrote made feel like you were there,grand, m a j e s t i c . It's sad that he is gone. His music will live on ...
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The film score for "Dances with Wolves", is one of my favorites.
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benjamincask e y 0 2
I wish he were still alive
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Go to the tribute for him on YouTube with a full orchestra, live from the Abbey all his music. A wonderful hour, with a true genius.
Report as inappropriate
I have this movie, the story and the music together just grabs your heart. I cry whenever I watch it
Report as inappropriate
So powerful- you feel it's vibration deep down in your heart
Report as inappropriate
dragonlady60 8 8
Love. This movie and the music
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Report as inappropriate
A gift from another world
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What talent he has. A true gem.
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Report as inappropriate
Mr. Barry is an amazing composer!!!
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Such a peaceful Melody
Report as inappropriate
Seen Them... On the Mountain.... G r e y ' s !
Report as inappropriate
The main instrumental theme (with out Sinatra) over the opening credits in You Only Live Twice is my favorite Barry composition by far.
Report as inappropriate
Cool music, I really life it , it's entertaining , .

Report as inappropriate
John Barry was a Musical genius.
Report as inappropriate
I need to hear "Somewhere in Time" Pandora!!!
Report as inappropriate
Out of Africa pleas! Its butiful
Report as inappropriate
Please, Pandora, find and add his score from Somewhere in Time.
Report as inappropriate
My favorite composer in the world! He died a year ago, i had no idea. Very few musical themes have touched my life as his has. Out of Africa, Somewhere in Time, Dances with Wolves--so gorgeously beautiful. I would die to hear a live orchestra perform them.
Report as inappropriate
He did music for an IMAX film called Across the Sea of Time. The music is wonderful. Please check it out.
Report as inappropriate
I agree with JP. Thanks for the info azimuth09!
Report as inappropriate
Ok pandora, it's time to fill out your john barry section. How about tracks of - the knack, somewhere in time, indecent proposal, high road to china, enigma, americans, the girl with sun in her hair, etc.
Report as inappropriate
If any John Barry fans out there are looking for little known soundtracks of his, listen to his soundtrack for Nicolas Roeg's "Walkabout". Another Barry classic and a very interesting movie too.
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mermaid_stud i o s
John Barry's themes for "Somewhere in Time," and Out of Africa have an unforgettabl e haunting quality about them. He is certainly one of the most gifted film composers.
Report as inappropriate
A favorite: the classical guitar concerto in the "Deadfall" robbery sequence with John Barry conducting the Philharmonic intercut. The Bond movies had his mark and inspiration. Lush, sentimental, haunting -In the future he will be honored as a serious modern composer using the film score medium.
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eriralmic714 1 5
John Barry's music was so good at expressing either, action , suspense,rom a n c e , i n s p i r a t i o n or whatever the scene was demanding.To me the character of James Bond was as much Sean Connery as it was John barry's music.
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I really got into his music when I heard "Dances with Wolves" and noticed how similar it sounded with the James Bond franchise. Since then I became a collector of his music. CD's a was able to find and some that are not-EVEN TO DOWNLOAD. Thanks Pandora for having his music on your site.
Report as inappropriate
I was unaware that he had recently passed away...what a talented musician. The world lost a real treasure.
Report as inappropriate
John Barry soundtracks in the 1960's developed a love in me for film music. He will always remain a favorite of mine among film music composers. He will be missed.
Report as inappropriate
As a researcher and instructor, I continue to be greatly moved by Barry's artistry and many memorable contribution s . If I taught anything about film scores, his work would surely be a major part of the materials.
Report as inappropriate
Good bye dear old man...may Lady Symphony now sing you a song and rest you into eternity....
Report as inappropriate
gumpermanret u r n s
i miss him! :(
Report as inappropriate
chandlers195 7
We have lost one of the greats. Thank you Mr. Barry !
Report as inappropriate
We lost the great composer John Barry yesterday. I wish he knew his beautiful Dances with Wolves score sustained me when deployed overseas, missing the birth of my youngest son. May he Rest in Peace.
Report as inappropriate
I am not usually into movies like "somewhere in time." but it truly is a classic in my opinion. and the movie could not of been as good as it was without the musical score . John barry has brought a gift to my ears. I have worn out the cd listening to that soundtrack. since discovering him, it has been a treasure listening to all he does.
Report as inappropriate
Love the "You only live twice" soundtrack
Report as inappropriate
Yes! Simewhere in Time is a delight, but then so is the theme from Raise the Titanic.
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coachingbeyo n d
Thanks for the great notes. I second the "Somewhere in Time" request!
Report as inappropriate
Pandora angels, would you also include the sound track from Somewhere in of my favorite John Barry scores, thank you.
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steven.jaege r 1
His name isn't Jonathan Barry Prendergast, it's John Barry Prendergast. John is not short for Jonathan. Also, he writes some great music, James Bond theme is awesome and unforgettabl e .
Report as inappropriate
No other composer stirs my emotions like Mr. Barry.
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creator of the james bond theme? wow, good stuff.

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