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David Crosby

The singular odyssey of David Crosby remains one of the more remarkable tales in the annals of music history. As a founding member of the pioneering American groups the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, he helped create and popularize the highly influential folk-rock sound, forging the richly harmonic, radiantly acoustic approach that defined the West Coast music scene for years to follow; he also sold millions of records and enjoyed a cultural impact equaled by few of his contemporaries. Yet despite his often overwhelming success, Crosby is recognized far less for his artistic achievements than for his larger-than-life off-stage exploits, specifically a long and fantastically excessive battle with drug abuse that seemingly kept him teetering on the brink of death for over a decade; that he not only survived but remained as colorful and newsworthy a character as before is a testament to his continued creativity and unpredictability.

Crosby was born in Los Angeles on August 14, 1941; the son of Academy Award-winning cinematographer Floyd Crosby, he dropped out of drama school to pursue a career in music, touring the folk club circuit and recording as a member of the Les Baxter Balladeers. Under the auspices of producer Jim Dickson, Crosby cut his first solo session in late 1963; early the following year he formed the Jet Set with Jim McGuinn and Gene Clark, and with the additions of bassist Chris Hillman and drummer Michael Clarke, the group was rechristened the Byrds. Although McGuinn chiefly pioneered the Byrds' trademark 12-string guitar sound, Crosby was the architect of their shimmering harmonies; his interests in jazz and Indian music also influenced their subsequent excursions into psychedelia. However, creative differences plagued the group throughout its career, and in 1967 Crosby -- reportedly rankled by his bandmates' refusal to release his ménage à trois opus "Triad" -- left the Byrds in the wake of their appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival.

After producing Joni Mitchell's 1968 debut LP, Crosby cut a handful of solo recordings and began jamming with ex-Buffalo Springfield singer/guitarist Stephen Stills. In time the duo was joined by ex-Hollies member Graham Nash; with its exquisitely beautiful three-part harmonies, strong individual songwriting contributions, and graceful folk-rock sound, Crosby, Stills & Nash's 1969 debut LP proved a pop landmark, launching all three members to greater fame than they'd experienced in any of their previous projects. The addition of Stills' former Buffalo Springfield bandmate Neil Young expanded the group to a four-piece, and in August of 1969 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) made just their second live appearance to date at the Woodstock Festival; 1970's Déjà Vu arrived in stores with advance orders numbering over two million, and through the thought-provoking social and political messages of songs like "Woodstock" and "Ohio," they emerged as generational torch bearers of enormous musical and cultural influence.

Following a sold-out CSNY tour, the group went on hiatus, and Crosby resumed work on his long-delayed solo debut, releasing If I Could Only Remember My Name in 1971; the following year, he and Nash issued the first of several duo efforts, and he also took part in a short-lived Byrds reunion. Despite continued creative differences, CSNY re-formed for a 1974 tour; Crosby and Nash issued Wind on the Water a year later, and in 1977 Stills returned to the fold for the multi-platinum CSN. However, as Crosby's longstanding drug problem continued to worsen, he eventually fell out with both Stills and Nash, and a planned second solo album, Might as Well Have a Good Time, was rejected by Capitol in 1980. A series of arrests for cocaine possession and illegal weapons charges hampered him throughout the years to follow, even as he reunited with Stills and Nash in 1982 for the Top Ten hit Daylight Again. After completing the follow-up, 1983's Allies, the trio did not record together for another seven years.

In late 1985 Crosby was sentenced to prison after fleeing the drug rehabilitation clinic he'd entered in lieu of serving out a previous jail term; upon his release the following August, he'd finally conquered his demons, later chronicling the ugly details of his addiction in the fine autobiography Long Time Gone. In 1988 -- a full 18 years after the release of Déjà Vu -- Crosby reunited with Stills, Nash, and also Young for American Dream; his second solo effort, Oh Yes I Can, finally appeared the following year as well. After the 1990 release of CSN's Live It Up, Crosby continued to suffer personal misfortunes -- first he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident, and then in 1994 he lost his L.A. home as a result of massive earthquake damage. Months later, he returned to the headlines when it was announced he was diagnosed with hepatitis C and dying of liver failure, undergoing a successful organ transplant in 1995.

During the recovery period that followed, Crosby met James Raymond, the son he'd given up for adoption over three decades earlier and a professional musician as well; the two soon began writing songs together, and with guitarist Jeff Pevar they formed CPR, releasing a series of albums and touring regularly. In early 1997, Crosby, Stills & Nash were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; six years earlier, Crosby had first entered the Hall of Fame as a member of the Byrds. Young returned to the fold for 1999's Looking Forward, with the resulting millennial tour -- dubbed "CSNY2K" -- heralding the foursome's first joint road venture in a quarter century. Crosby was again the subject of tabloid headlines when in early 2000 it was revealed that he fathered the children of singer Melissa Etheridge and her partner Julie Cypher; that same year, he also published a second book, Stand and Be Counted, which assembled interviews with actors and musicians to explore the intersection of celebrity and social activism.

From 2001 onward, a Crosby, Stills & Nash tour became a regular and annual event, with Crosby finding safe haven and camaraderie on-stage alongside his musical compatriots of over four decades. In both 2002 and 2006, Neil Young completed the CSNY lineup for their live dates, and although the politically motivated 2006 Freedom of Speech tour was very much driven by Young's muse, Crosby's "Déjà Vu" was a cornerstone of the set and served as the title for the both the 2008 live album and film that documented the tour. Also in 2006, Crosby, along with Nash, accompanied Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour on sessions for his solo album, On an Island, and the pair went on to help him promote the record on tour.

The expansive, lavishly packaged three-disc retrospective Voyage was issued in 2007. Produced by Nash and archivist Joel Bernstein, the collection married two discs of classic material with a disc of unreleased recordings and set the template for both Nash's 2009 Reflections and Stills' 2013 Carry On. In summer 2013, Crosby began to talk about the sessions for his fourth solo album, his first in over 20 years. Produced in conjunction with his son Raymond and featuring contributions from Wynton Marsalis and Mark Knopfler, Croz appeared in late January 2014.

The singer/songwriter next collaborated with Snarky Puppy's Michael League. The pair wrote some songs together, and then debated how long it would take to record an album. League wanted two weeks; Crosby wanted a month. Working at Jackson Browne's Groove Master studios, it was completed in 12 days. The first single, "Things We Do for Love," was released in July of 2016; the full-length Lighthouse followed in October. ~ Jason Ankeny
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: She's Got To Be Somewhere (Single)


Track List: Lighthouse

1. Things We Do For Love (Feat. Michael League)

2. The Us Below (Feat. Michael League)

3. Drive Out To The Desert (Feat. Michael League)

4. Look In Their Eyes (Feat. Michael League)

5. Somebody Other Than You (Feat. Michael League)

6. The City (Feat. Michael League)

7. Paint You A Picture

8. What Makes It So? (Feat. Michael League)

9. By The Light Of Common Day (Feat. Becca Stevens, Michelle Willis & Michael League)


Track List: The City

1. The City


Track List: Things We Do For Love (Single)

1. Things We Do For Love


Track List: Croz

1. What's Broken

2. Time I Have

3. Holding On To Nothing

4. The Clearing

5. Radio

6. Slice Of Time

7. Set That Baggage Down

8. If She Called

9. Dangerous Night

10. Morning Falling

11. Find A Heart


Track List: It's All Coming Back To Me Now

1. In My Dreams (Live)

2. Rusty And Blue (Live)

3. Hero (Live)

4. Till It Shines On You (Live)

5. Thousand Roads (Live)

6. Cowboy Movie (Live)

7. Almost Cut My Hair (Live)

8. Deja Vu (Live)

9. Long Time Gone (Live)

10. Wooden Ships (Live)


Track List: Thousand Roads

1. Hero

2. Too Young To Die

3. Old Soldier

4. Through Your Hands

5. Yvette In English

6. Thousand Roads

7. Columbus

8. Helpless Heart

9. Converge

10. Natalie


Track List: If I Could Only Remember My Name

1. Music Is Love

2. Cowboy Movie

3. Tamalpais High (At About 3)

4. Laughing

5. What Are Their Names

6. Traction In The Rain

7. Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves)

8. Orleans

9. I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here


Track List: What's Broken / The Clearing (Single)

1. What's Broken

2. The Clearing


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Not only is 'If Only I Could Remember My Name' a great album, it's also a great album title, and (in retrospect), a particularly poignant choice for David Crosby.
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7u7ii87w5ubu n t u 5 t h e u u u
Report as inappropriate
If I could Only Remember.. What a great one.
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The art is separate from the personal life of the artist. If you have ever created something then you know that it has a life of it's own. We are simply inspired to create and the creations become everyone's. His personal life journey is none of my r yours. Love the music, thank you, David!
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Just saw him last Saturday in solo concert, still a good voice and great passion. One of my favorites artist from the beginning... g l a d he got a second chance..rock on
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I have the same birthday as him.
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007crowthpmp s o n
I was at woostock my friends. Smoked the smoke with everyone. I am still livin the 60's in my heart and soul. A time in history like no other when it came to music. Nothing today compares to the days of Peace and Love!!!
Report as inappropriate
I can only imagine how much more he would have accomplished if drugs hadn't taken up so much of his life. A shame.
Report as inappropriate
thanks for illuminating me on Dave Crosby. I was born in the best of times: the Woodstock generation.. . . t h i s man was a bright light then and now., keep celebrating! !
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foleygovtaff a i r s
Cos and his bros need to head back to these early roots. And, wait a min, Barack is the new Tricky Dick?! That guy has been eatin the wrong mushrooms... !
Report as inappropriate
this is a discussion of this man's remarkable life and talent. please leave your ignorant politics out of it
Report as inappropriate
A talented performer but lost the respect of millions of fans since he has kept silent about the abuses of power by a President who used the IRS as a political weapon, and a corrupt, justice obstructing Attorney General. No, not Nixon. Obama. Why ? Because this time there is a (D) in front of the politician's name ? No difference in the crimes buddy
Report as inappropriate
One of the best
Report as inappropriate
If David Crosby did not exist, we would need to invent him.
Report as inappropriate
You need all of their music, selection is too weak
Report as inappropriate
Dear Pandora, Your Crosby Stills and Nash station really needs to be re-done. I'm not hearing near enough of this band, and you're playing really unrelated stuff like African rap. Please look into this.
Report as inappropriate
C mu
Report as inappropriate
I used to listen to if I could only re member my name endlessly when I was a young pup, luv David solo much
Report as inappropriate
Great artist
Report as inappropriate
Great song ��
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I saw him with Stills & Nash in Reno, NV this year. What a show!! He was amazing!!!
Report as inappropriate
...his girlfriend on Rosanne was Bonnie Bramlett (of Delaney & Bonnie fame). The song she sang with David is called 'Roll On Down'. You can hear it on her website.
Report as inappropriate
A great singer.
Report as inappropriate
He also was in a couple of Rosanne episodes around 1993. He played the boyfriend of Rosanne's co-worker Bonnie from Rodbell's diner. He did at least 1 episode where he sang a song w/ her at the bowling alley. It was a pretty good blues number.
Report as inappropriate
edensmith_ed e n s g a r d e n
DC is good late at night. Thanks David.
Report as inappropriate
Happy BD Dave - glad your still with us.
Report as inappropriate
Living every moment like it is your last and doing what you really want to do when you want to do it.
Report as inappropriate
helpless helpless heellelpless . .
Report as inappropriate
you kno he gave one hell of a seed !
Report as inappropriate
he was lucky to escape with his life...
Report as inappropriate
He proves that Music is Love
Report as inappropriate
This is a song writer with a talent that exceeds most of his peers. The incredible mixes of melody and counter play draw you into the world of imagination. Always heartfelt and never pretentious. Truly a great gift to the world!
Report as inappropriate
robinsnestx1 5 h o m e
One of the best all around singers and players in music...and what an influence to others over the years.
Report as inappropriate
David Crosby = God's gift to music.
Report as inappropriate
Such a wonderful record. Always loved this one. Dave at his finest.
Report as inappropriate
A true great. Fablous witer, singer and musician who had such an enormous influence on my generation through all of his groups and solo work, and especially, of course, with CSNY. Saw him with Graham Nash a few months ago, and by God, the man can still SING like a bird and rock like the best of them. Their harmonies are still stunning. He is a national treasure.
Report as inappropriate
one of the original pioneers and travelers who made the swim...
Report as inappropriate
Truly a great musician, possibly my favorite artist!!! I grew up on CSN(and allot of Y too)! Rock on David!
Report as inappropriate
David Crosby makes music that you feel. I have seen him perform many times thru the years. I got to meet him once at a CPR show. My sail boat is named Almost Cut My Hair. Rock on Croz.
Report as inappropriate
Try BoDeans also
Report as inappropriate
A man blessed with one of the finest voices of all time.
Report as inappropriate
Some "incarnation " of David Crosby always appears on my list of 10 "desert island" albums - never get tired of listening to If I Could Only Remember My Name, Retrospectiv e , CSN, Deja Vu (yes, Lee Shore one of the best...)
Report as inappropriate
Deja Vu remains one of my most favorite albums of all time. I think their mucic did make a difference.
Report as inappropriate
David Crosby appears to be somewhat of a genius when it comes to vocal harmony. His first album from 1971 has some beautiful stuff on it and everytime I've seen Crosby, Stills and Nash I enjoyed the new harmonies he and Graham Nash had worked out. I'm anxious to hear the album he did with his newly found son. I also enjoyed his stuff with the Byrds.
Report as inappropriate
I was listening to Lee Shore today loading it on my ipod for the beach. Wow what a beautiful song , a beautiful voice!
Report as inappropriate
All I can add is the music SPOKE... though I was a niave little "catholic" girl and couldn't relate at that time at all to the lyrics. I love it!
Report as inappropriate
Such a smooth voice...defi n i t e l y worth a listen to.
Report as inappropriate
He has such an evocative voice, and as the one most responsible for writing the CSN harmonies has contributed greatly to the American music scene. It's taken a long time, but he seems to have overcome the demon of addiction & stands as an example that stars don't HAVE to self-destruc t . I hope he keeps writing & singing into his 80's & beyond!!
Report as inappropriate
The version of 'Cowboy Movie' they have here on Pandora is one I'd never heard before - sounds definitely like a CSNY ,but they let David sing by himself all through. I hear the dueling guitars of Mr Young and Mr Stills....
Report as inappropriate
don't let he door to hell hit you on the way in.
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