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The Dead Milkmen

During their heyday in the late '80s, the Dead Milkmen led a crop of college-radio jokesters that also included Mojo Nixon, King Missile, and Too Much Joy, among others. Playing a basic, happily amateurish brand of punk-pop, the Milkmen skewered popular culture, indie trend-followers, and the intellectually challenged, while frequently indulging their taste for tastelessness. Critics alternately praised and dismissed the band as geeky, juvenile wiseasses -- virtually every review seemed to contain the word "sophomoric," and either you found them funny or you didn't. But despite the mixed reviews, the Milkmen earned a devoted cult following (which famously included Detroit Tigers utility infielder Jim Walewander), a few novelty hits on college radio, and even an MTV hit with "Punk Rock Girl." As polarizing as their sense of humor was among critics, it was what fans wanted and came to expect, and attempts to move into more genuine, serious territory during the '90s effectively spelled the end of the band. Oddly enough, by that time, they were exerting at least a small measure of influence -- perhaps more than any of their peers, they paved the way for the legion of smart-assed geek-rockers who ruled alternative radio for a brief period in the mid-'90s.

The Dead Milkmen were formed at Philadelphia's Temple University in 1983. Guitarist and sometime vocalist Joe Jack Talcum (born Joe Genaro) and lead singer Rodney Anonymous (aka Rodney Amadeus Anonymous, aka Rodney Anonymous Melloncamp, born Rodney Linderman) grew up together in the small Pennsylvania town of Wagontown. During high school, Genaro started writing a newsletter about a fictional band called the Dead Milkmen, and the exploits of its lead singer Jack Talcum. When Genaro graduated and enrolled at Temple, he and Linderman kept up a songwriting partnership through the mail. Through his acquaintances at Temple, Genaro met drummer Dean Clean (born Dean Sabatino), who played in a local punk band called Narthex, and bassist Dave Blood (identified only as Dave S.), with whom he struck up a songwriting partnership. All three started playing together in 1983, and with Rodney Anonymous joining them that summer, they performed their first gig as the Dead Milkmen.

Over the next year or two, the Milkmen recorded several live, self-released cassettes, and achieved considerable local notoriety with a live radio performance in 1984. They earned some attention in the punk magazine Maximumrocknroll, and the resulting buzz helped them land a deal with Restless Records subsidiary Fever. In 1985, they issued their debut album, Big Lizard in My Backyard, which consisted mostly of material from their cassette releases. The track "B**chin' Camaro" -- which featured a rambling spoken intro full of snotty putdowns and nonsensical banter -- became a hit on college radio, and sloppy joke-punk tunes like "Takin' Retards to the Zoo" cemented their new cult following. The follow-up, Eat Your Paisley!, appeared in 1986, and while some fans considered it a letdown, they had some radio success with "The Thing That Only Eats Hippies." 1987's Bucky Fellini was a return to form that spawned the underground smash "Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance to Anything)," a spot-on satire of Britain's gloomy alternative music and the pretension of its attendant subculture in America. The song (and several remixes) served as the basis for an EP, and it also pushed Bucky Fellini onto the national album charts for the first time in the band's career.

Poised for something vaguely resembling a breakthrough, the Milkmen expanded their cult following even further with 1988's Beelzebubba. That was largely due to the single "Punk Rock Girl," a college-radio smash whose video was also aired fairly extensively on MTV. Beelzebubba just missed climbing into the Top 100 and wound up as the group's biggest seller, also featuring fan favorites "Stuart" and "Life Is S**t." A second single, "Smokin' Banana Peels," was also released, and anchored another EP that featured five additional new songs, including the gross-out-fest "The Puking Song." The band's proper follow-up, Metaphysical Graffiti, appeared in 1990 and featured guest vocals from the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes on "Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes and How." However, the album received a mixed response from fans, some of whom praised the beefed-up production but others of whom found the material erratic; in any case, it stalled some of the band's momentum. There were also reports that their record company was unhappy with the unlisted bonus track, "Cousin Earl," a near-seven-minute shaggy-dog story that piled on the Milkmen's gross-out humor to previously unimagined levels.

Whether it was the fault of "Cousin Earl" or the fact that Restless' parent company, Enigma, went bankrupt, the Dead Milkmen found themselves hunting for a new label after Metaphysical Graffiti. They wound up on the Disney-run Hollywood Records, and in an even more bizarre twist, elected to play things mostly straight -- with no pressure from the company to do so -- on their 1992 label debut, Soul Rotation. Perhaps signaling what they hoped was a new era for the band, Anonymous adopted the new name H.P. Hovercraft, while Talcum switched his to Butterfly Fairweather and took on a larger share of the lead vocal duties. Some critics -- mainly those who'd never found the Milkmen all that funny -- and a minority of fans embraced the record and its more eclectic songwriting, but the new direction simply wound up alienating most of the group's fan base. A second album for Hollywood, 1993's Not Richard but Dick, fared even more poorly, and the Milkmen were dropped.

The Milkmen did celebrate their tenth anniversary in 1993 by self-releasing Now We Are 10, a CD compilation of some of their early cassette-only recordings. They returned to Restless Records for 1994's Chaos Rules: Live at the Trocadero, a run through some of their best-known songs, and offered the new studio set Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig) in 1995. It was virtually ignored, and the Milkmen elected to disband. All the members got day jobs, and most continued in music on a local basis in Philadelphia. Rodney Anonymous reverted to his given name and started a gothic-tinged Celtic rock band called Burn Witch Burn, which issued a self-titled CD in 2000. Joe Jack Talcum and Dean Clean reunited, also under their real names (Genaro and Sabatino), in Butterfly Joe, who also released a self-titled debut nationally in 2000. The two also gigged with several other Philly bands over the '90s: Genaro with the Town Managers, Touch Me Zoo, and the Low Budgets, and Sabatino with the Big Mess Orchestra. Dave Blood, meanwhile, gave up the bass due to pain in his hands, and went to graduate school to further his interest in the former Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, Restless issued the career retrospective Death Rides a Pale Cow (titled after one of their early cassettes) in 1997, and 2003 brought Now We Are 20, an expanded reissue of Now We Are 10 given wider release by Restless. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Pretty Music For Pretty People

1. Pretty Music For Pretty People

2. Big Words Make The Baby Jesus Cry

3. Welcome To Undertown

4. Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog

5. Make It Witchy

6. Mary Ann Cotton (The Poisoner's Song)

7. I've Got To Get My Numbers Up

8. Anthropology Days

9. Somewhere Over Antarctica

10. Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch

11. Streetlamps - Walking To Work

12. The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell

13. The Great Boston Molasses Flood

14. All You Need Is Nothing

15. Ronald Reagan Killed The Black Dahlia

16. Hipster Beard

17. Sanitary Times


Track List: The King In Yellow

1. The King In Yellow/William Bloat

2. Fauxhemia

3. She's Affected

4. Caitlin Childs

5. Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song

6. Hangman

7. Cold Hard Ground

8. Some Young Guy

9. Or Maybe It Is

10. Passport To Depravity

11. Quality Of Death

12. Buried In The Sky

13. 13th Century Boy

14. Commodify Your Dissent

15. Can't Relax

16. Melora Says

17. Solvents (For Home And Industry)


Track List: Now We Are 20

1. Beach Song

2. Labor Day

8. Beach Song

10. Labor Day

11. B**chin' Camaro

12. Plum Dumb

13. Swordfish

15. Spit Sink

17. Laundromat Song

18. Filet Of Sole

20. Junkie

21. Right Wing Pigeons

22. Dean's Dream

23. Rastabilly

24. Takin' Retards To The Zoo

25. Violent School

27. Surfin' Cow


Track List: Death Rides A Pale Cow (The Ultimate Collection)

1. Milkmen Stomp

2. Tiny Town

3. Big Lizard

4. B**chin' Camero

5. Nutrition

6. Dean's Dream

7. Beach Party Vietnam

8. The Thing That Only Eats Hippies

9. Big Time Operator

10. Instant Club Hit

11. Surfin' Cow

12. Labor Day

13. I Walk The Thinnest Line

14. Stuart

15. Punk Rock Girl

16. Smokin' Banana Peels

17. Life Is S**t

18. Do The Brown Nose

19. If You Love Someone Set Them On Fire

20. Peter Bazooka

21. The Girl With The Strong Arm

22. Big Deal

23. The Blues Song


Track List: Stoney's Extra Stout Pig

1. Peter Bazooka

2. Train I Ride

3. Girl With The Strong Arm

4. I'm Flying Away

5. Helicopter Interiors

6. Blues Song

7. Man Who Rides The Bus

8. Don't Deny Your Inner Child

9. When I Get To Heaven

10. I Can't Stay Awake

11. Crystalline

12. Chaos Theory

13. Khrissy

14. Like To Be Alone

15. Big Deal


Track List: Chaos Rules: Live At The Trocadero

1. Tiny Town (Live)

2. I Walk The Thinnest Line (Live)

3. Smokin' Banana Peels (Live)

4. Surfin' Cow (Live)

5. B**chin' Camaro (Live)

6. Where The Tarantula Lives (Live)

7. Nutrition (Live)

8. Big Lizard (Live)

9. Thing That Only Eats Hippies (Live)

10. I Hate You I Love You (Live)

11. Lucky (Live)

12. V.F.W. (Live)

13. Punk Rock Girl (Live)

14. Rastabilly (Live)

15. Stuart (Live)

16. Right Wing Pigeons (Live)

17. Tacoland (Live)

18. Laundromat Song (Live)

19. Swordfish (Live)


Track List: Not Richard, But Dick

1. Leggo My Ego

2. I Dream Of Jesus

3. Jason's Head

4. Not Crazy

5. Let's Get The Baby High

6. Little Volcano

7. Nobody Falls Like

8. I Started To Hate You

9. The Infant Of Prague Customized My Van

10. The Woman Who Was Also A Mongoose


Track List: Soul Rotation

1. At The Moment

2. The Secret Of Life

3. Big Scary Place

4. Belafonte's Inferno

5. The Conspiracy Song

6. How It's Gonna Be

7. All Around The World

8. Silly Dreams

9. Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys

10. God's Kid Brother

11. If I Had A Gun

12. Here Comes Mr. X

13. Shaft In Greenland


Track List: Beelzebubba

1. Brat In The Frat

2. RC's Mom

3. Stuart

4. I Walk The Thinnest Line

5. Sri Lanka Sex Hotel

6. Bad Party

7. Punk Rock Girl

8. Bleach Boys

9. My Many Smells

10. Smokin' Banana Peels

11. The Guitar Song

12. Born To Love Volcanos

13. Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me

14. I Against Osbourne

15. Howard Beware

16. Ringo Buys A Rifle

17. Life Is S**t


Track List: Bucky Fellini

1. The Pit

2. Take Me To The Specialist

3. I Am The Walrus

4. Watching Scotty Die

5. Going To Graceland

6. Big Time Operator

7. Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)

8. The Badger Song

9. Tacoland

10. City Of Mud

11. Rocketship

12. Nitro Burning Funny Cars

13. Surfin' Cow

14. (Theme From) Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern

15. Jellyfish Heaven

16. Untitled


Track List: Eat Your Paisley

1. Where The Tarantula Lives

2. Air Crash Museum

3. Kksuck2

4. Fifty Things

5. Happy Is

6. Beach Party Vietnam

7. I Hear Your Name

8. Two Feet Off The Ground

9. The Thing That Only Eats Hippies

10. Six Days

11. Swampland Of Desire

12. Take Me Apart

13. Earwig

14. Moron

15. The Fez

16. Vince Lombardi Service Center


Track List: Big Lizard In My Backyard

1. Tiny Town

2. Beach Song

3. Plum Dumb

4. Swordfish

5. V.F.W.

6. Rastabilly

7. Serrated Edge

8. Lucky

9. Big Lizard

10. Gorilla Girl

11. B**chin' Camaro

12. Filet Of Sole

13. Spit Sink

14. Violent School

15. Takin' Retards to the Zoo

16. Junkie

17. Right Wing Pigeons

18. Dean's Dream

19. Laundromat Song

20. Nutrition

21. Tugena


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Punk Rock Girl rules! I wish I hear this band more often.
Report as inappropriate
What is this retarded sounding garbage doing on my station ? Thumbs down losers
Report as inappropriate
mr vanity,by trying to shove punk into yer neat little box,you have proven that you are not punk,nor will you ever be...yer a trump,just admit it and stop trying to be punk...itll never happen,becau s e you are trying...pun k is something you cant do if you try,but you can be if that's the way you are....if you don't get it,well,that s cuz YOU DONT GET IT! never have,never will...
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Artem Vanity, you suck. How many hits do you have. I 've never heard of your punk troll a** . But every body knows the Milkmen
Report as inappropriate
The Dead Milkmsn Dropped because they cant be taken seriously and honestly i dont blame them.. it's good to hear lolol i think these guys are the absolute worst ....xD lol i mean the fact of the matter is Punk isn't a joke . nor are the life choices of punk rockers and Punk rock musicians they suck just as much IF NOT more then The Queers
Report as inappropriate
was wanting to start off with eat your paisley then find some toy dolls and a few others i had run across like early penetrators i got to hang with them after i caught the toy dolls in california i was 16 or maybe 15 fortunately had a studio in the house so id rerecord and make cassettes i could play at night while running an all night convenience store in stephenville tx. i turned that town upside down with sugar hill gang gap band the dolls clash and then too live crew
Report as inappropriate
why is there no Eat Your Paisley,Soul Rotation, and Pretty Music For Pretty Special People?
Report as inappropriate
The f**kin bleach boys
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I said jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!
Report as inappropriate
Best punk band out of philly ever period. Saw Alice Donut's 25 anniversary show a few years back was great. Sad to know the milkmen were playing that same night missed em.
Report as inappropriate
Best punk band out of philly ever period. Saw Alice Donut's 25 anniversary show a few years back was great. Sad to know the milkmen were playing that same night missed em.
Report as inappropriate
Best punk band out of philly ever period. Saw Alice Donut's 25 anniversary show a few years back was great. Sad to know the milkmen were playing that same night missed em.
Report as inappropriate
The Similar Artists section is a joke. I don't blame whoever made the page, though, because there is nothing like the Dead Milkmen.
Report as inappropriate
Where is Metaphysical Graffiti? By far the best album.
Report as inappropriate
Sooo doope hahaha
Report as inappropriate
Well I saw them live I didn't even know the Dead Milkmen were on the bill. Bad Religion, Dead Milkmen, and headlining act Dramarama. Yeah it was a good show I thought Bad Religion set was incredible.
Report as inappropriate
you ever go to eat a pork sausage and find its got hairs all over it? and she gave me a look that still haunts me to this song ever
Report as inappropriate
you know what stuart i like you. you're not like the other people here in the trailer park......
Report as inappropriate
No mention of the suicide anywhere? RIP Dave. We'll miss the D.M.
Report as inappropriate
Of course they didn't, The Bahamas are Islands..... .
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Report as inappropriate
lets get the baby high!!! love king missle always will even when he went solo with detachable penis he sure never lost his great songwriting ability
Report as inappropriate
Punk Rock Girl was the closing song at my wedding reception ... pure romance!
Report as inappropriate
Ah, so quirky and wonderful. I remember hearing them when I was 16 on the radio, such good times.
Report as inappropriate
Everybody knows a burrowing owl lives in a hole in the ground!!!
Report as inappropriate
these guys are f**king awesome, more people should know about them
Report as inappropriate
"I'm so bored I'm drinkin' bleach"...aa h h , t h e soundtrack of my youth...
Report as inappropriate
the bio also fails to mention how they have played a few reunion gigs. 2 or three in austin in the past 2 or 3 yrs.
Report as inappropriate
What they fail to tell you is that they were making the music that they wanted to make not the bullshit that anyone else thought they should. This was a hard time for musicians to fit into - the bubblegum of the 80s created these boys that thumbed their noses at society with such tunes as "B**chin Camaro" and "Beach Party Vietnam." Why? Because they could. Watch out for the "Big Lizard in my Backyard."
Report as inappropriate
"Soul Rotation" and "Not Richard, But Dick" are their two best albums. Why can't I find them here?
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! Gotta love em!!!
Report as inappropriate
If you love someone set them on fire! To me, one of the best songs ever! Ohh and Methodist Coloring Book!!
Report as inappropriate
Don't drink milk from a dead cow!
Report as inappropriate
My local record store doesn't have any Mojo Nixon. I told him his store could use some fixin.
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mindless sucks
Report as inappropriate
MSI? Seriously?? Umm.. no.
Report as inappropriate
i really wish soul rotation was on here.
Report as inappropriate
why isn't MSI listed as one of this bands similar artists? I mean think about it... You'll Rebel to Anything? No one else sees similarities in theme and band's fanbase?
Report as inappropriate
I don't wanna be on the beach
Report as inappropriate
There's a big lizard in my backyard...
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Why is this biography so dismissive? Basic? Amateurish? I think Steve forgot how smart the Milkmen were. I loved them as a kid and I love them more now...
Report as inappropriate
love the lyrics. 'takin retards to the zoo'... who comes up with this s**t? It's great
Report as inappropriate
I saw them in the State theater in K-Zoo a couple times also. Some of my favorite shows EVER!
Report as inappropriate
cant finf gone' beat my wife.. boooo that.
Report as inappropriate
haha it needs to play Tiny Town!
Report as inappropriate
Seen them at the state theater in Kalamazoo Mi in the 80s. Fun concert!!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Anyone going to see The Dead Milkmen at Insubordinat i o n Fest this year in June?
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