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Def Leppard

In many ways, Def Leppard were the definitive hard rock band of the '80s. There were many bands that rocked harder (and were more dangerous) than the Sheffield-based quintet, but few others captured the spirit of the times quite as well. Emerging in the late '70s as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Def Leppard actually owed more to the glam rock and metal of the early '70s, as their sound was equal parts T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. By toning down their heavy riffs and emphasizing melody, Def Leppard were poised for crossover success by 1983's Pyromania, and skillfully used the fledgling MTV network to their advantage. The musicians were already blessed with photogenic good looks, but they also crafted a series of innovative, exciting videos that made them into stars. They intended to follow Pyromania quickly but were derailed when their drummer lost an arm in a car accident, the first of many problems that plagued the group's career. They managed to pull through such tragedies, and even expanded their large audience with 1987's blockbuster Hysteria. As the '90s began, mainstream hard rock shifted away from their signature pop-metal and toward edgier, louder bands, yet they maintained a sizable audience into the late '90s and were one of only a handful of '80s metal groups to survive the decade more or less intact.

Def Leppard had their origins in a Sheffield-based group that teenagers Rick Savage (bass) and Pete Willis (guitar) formed in 1977. Vocalist Joe Elliott, a fanatic follower of Mott the Hoople and T. Rex, joined the band several months later, bringing the name Deaf Leopard with him. After a spelling change, the trio, augmented by a now-forgotten drummer, began playing local Sheffield pubs, and within a year the band had added guitarist Steve Clark to the lineup, as well as a new drummer. Later in 1978, they recorded their debut EP, Getcha Rocks Off, and released it on their own label, Bludgeon Riffola. The EP became a word-of-mouth success, earning airplay on the BBC. The group members were still in their teens.

Following the release of Getcha Rocks Off, Rick Allen was added as the band's permanent drummer, and Def Leppard quickly became the subject of the British music weeklies. They soon signed with AC/DC's manager, Peter Mensch, who helped them secure a contract with Mercury Records. On Through the Night, the band's full-length debut, was released in 1980 and instantly became a hit in the U.K., also earning significant airplay in the U.S., where it reached number 51 on the charts. Over the course of the year, Def Leppard relentlessly toured Britain and America, playing their own shows while also opening concerts for Ozzy Osbourne, Sammy Hagar, and Judas Priest. High 'n' Dry followed in 1981 and became the group's first platinum album in the U.S., thanks to MTV's strong rotation of "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." MTV would be vital to the band's success in the '80s.

As the band recorded the follow-up to High 'n' Dry with producer Mutt Lange, Pete Willis was fired from the band for alcoholism, and Phil Collen, a former guitarist for Girl, was hired to replace him. The resulting album, 1983's Pyromania, became an unexpected blockbuster, due not only to Def Leppard's skillful, melodic metal, but also to MTV's relentless airing of "Photograph" and "Rock of Ages." Pyromania went on to sell ten million copies, establishing Def Leppard as one of the most popular bands in the world. Despite their success, they were about to enter a trying time for their career. Following an extensive international tour, the group reentered the studio to record the follow-up, but producer Lange was unavailable, so they began sessions with Jim Steinman, the man responsible for Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell. The pairing turned out to be ill-advised, so the bandmembers turned to their former engineer, Nigel Green. One month into recording, Allen lost his left arm in a New Year's Eve car accident. The arm was reattached, but it had to be amputated once an infection set in.

Def Leppard's future looked cloudy without a drummer, but by the spring of 1985 -- just a few months after his accident -- Allen began learning to play a custom-made electronic kit assembled for him by Simmons. The band soon resumed recording, and within a few months Lange was back on board, having judged all the existing tapes inferior and ordered the band to begin work all over again. Recording sessions continued throughout 1986, and that summer, the group returned to the stage for the European Monsters of Rock tour. Def Leppard finally completed their fourth album, now titled Hysteria, early in 1987. The record was released that spring to lukewarm reviews, with many critics claiming that the album compromised Leppard's metal roots for sweet pop flourishes. Accordingly, Hysteria was slow out of the starting gates -- "Women," the first single, failed to really take hold -- but the release of "Animal" helped the album gather steam. The song became Def Leppard's first Top 40 hit in the U.K., but more importantly, it launched a string of six straight Top 20 hits in the U.S., which also included "Hysteria," "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Love Bites," "Armageddon It," and "Rocket," the latter of which arrived in 1989, a full two years after the release of Hysteria. During those two years, Def Leppard's presence was unavoidable -- they were the kings of high-school metal, ruling the pop charts and MTV, and teenagers and bands alike replicated their teased hair and ripped jeans, even when the grimy hard rock of Guns N' Roses took hold in 1988.

Hysteria proved to be the peak of Leppard's popularity, yet their follow-up remained eagerly awaited in the early '90s, as the band took a break from the road and set to work on a new record. During the recording process, however, Steve Clark died from an overdose of alcohol and drugs. Clark had historically battled with alcohol, and following the Hysteria heyday, his bandmates forced him to take a sabbatical. Although he did enter rehab, Clark's habits continued, and his abuse was so crippling that Collen began recording the majority of the band's guitar leads. Following Clark's death, Def Leppard resolved to finish their forthcoming album as a quartet, releasing Adrenalize in the spring of 1992. Adrenalize was greeted with mixed reviews, and even though the album debuted at number one and contained several successful singles, including the Top 20 hits "Let's Get Rocked" and "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad," the record was a commercial disappointment in the wake of Pyromania and Hysteria. After its release, the group added former Whitesnake guitarist Vivian Campbell to the lineup, thus resuming Def Leppard's two-guitar attack.

In 1993, Def Leppard released the rarities collection Retro Active, which yielded another Top 20 hit with the acoustic ballad "Two Steps Behind." Two years later, the group released the greatest-hits collection Vault while preparing for its sixth album. Slang arrived in the spring of 1996, and while it proved more adventurous than its predecessor, it was greeted with indifference, indicating that Leppard's heyday had indeed passed and they were now simply a very popular cult band. Undaunted, Leppard soldiered on, returning to their patented pop-metal sound for Euphoria, which was released in June of 1999. Despite the success of "Promises," the record failed to produce any additional hits, resulting in a return to adult pop balladry on 2002's X. The two-disc Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection arrived in 2005, followed in 2006 by Yeah!, a strong collection of covers. In 2008, the guys released their ninth studio album, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, which debuted at number five and was supported by a lucrative summer tour. Material from that tour helped make up the bulk of 2011's Mirror Ball: Live & More, a three-disc live album containing a full concert, three new studio recordings, and DVD footage. Another live album followed two years later: Viva! Hysteria, which found the band running through their 1987 blockbuster in its entirety on the first disc and then a collection of early, rarely-played material on the second. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
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correction, hysteria is too sold out
Best Band ever!
Def leppard is for bald and fat women. I'm just a Gigolo.
Trade done.
my dnd crap will be gone for a ninja sword
arm a gay don it
pour some crap on you
This is was money well spent. G n. R
I love pour some sugar on me
I lived the 80s
Def leopard is my favorite band from the 80s
Sometime in about 78 -Somebody said Will the real Def Leppard please send up? -And they did on this & Were even better on High n Dry - That's when the Rock Brigade added the keyboards & Didn't sound as raw,Ovrrprod u c e d - & I'm still into Lepp-Saw Lepp - Kiss last month - But if you want to hear them @ their peak - OTTNight, - High n Dry were the greatest denut Albums ever -Like G n R with Appetite, - I guess when the jam got more mellow,balla d s ?- That's when the big £ - $ Started flying in -
my first concert pyromania '83
F**k yeah. They rock
The drummer can drum better with one arm than most two armed drummers!
Hysteria fav album ever!
my first taste of metal - never looked back - thanks Def Leppard
One of the hardest rocking bands in the eighties
my peers
Love it
Yaaaaaaassss s s s s s s s s s ! ! ! ! ! ! !
When the killer bands of the eighties nobody can rock like these guys
And still is the best generation no one can beat the 80s
Who can beat Def Leppard oh yeah no one 80s were the best generation
Def Leppard is amazing i love them theyre my favorite
I can't listen to more of there songs without crying to them
Clark, Collen, Elliott, Savage, Allen, Lange, Shipley, Green, Wisseloord, Windmill Lane, Des Dames, Battery, Prent, Musper, Williscroft, Flannery, Nicholas, Bernstein, Mensch. The musicians, producer, engineers, studios and management behind the greatest rock ' n ' roll album (Hysteria) ever conceived!
LOVE Def Leppard!!! Favorite band of all time. I wish I lived in the '80's so I could enjoy them even more!
Love this- Rock of ages. I remember JAMMIN OUT to this in my parents pool. cassette player of course
Def Leppard are brits?...My sister's ex gave me Pyromania on vinyl around 1985.
fan 40 years never missed a show,share b-day with savage ten years apart, would love to meet band and tell them thank you
Takes me way back almost feels like I'm young again
Love this song!! Great a** memories!!!!
Top 3 fave by them. It Rocks and I luv it!
Awesome songs
High N Dry is probably the most under rated albums of the early 80's..
Songs like let it go mirror mirror lady strange and many others on
this album never hit the radio. This is one of those rare albums that is
90% killer and only 10% filler... if you dont own it, you need to get it...
lulubell_72_ 2 0 0 0
Seen def leppard with joan jett and the blackhearts one of the best outdoor concerts ever in allegan county!!!
Are they coming with a new Alum?
Def leppard is my all time favorite. My heart and soul thanks you. Your music has touched me in so many ways growing up. I could say that your music shaped me into who i am today. Your #1 fan, Duey
One of the best songs by Def o t o g r a p h .
Love photograph
The best song is histeria
You guys are awesome!!! Huge fan!
It featured production from Mike Shipley and Pete Woodruff from Leppard fame. A really good solid rock album.
This one's for all the old school Leppard fans. Check out the band Roadhouse formed by ex. guitarist Pete Willis in 1991. They released only one self titled debut album sometimes referred to as On A Desert Road. It featured incredible lead vocals from Paul Jackson, guitars Willis and Richard Day, drums Trevor Brewis, bass Wayne Grant. The tracks were All Join Hands, Time,Tower Of Love, A Little Love, Loving You, Hell Can Wait, One Heart, New Horizon, Stranger In Your Eyes, Desperation Calling.
My top 3: 1)Foolin 2)Photograph 3)Let it Go
It's a shame they're not in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
Rock of Ages is the bestest. Def Leppard. song
These guys were good
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