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Dir En Grey

Dir en Grey have become the top band of the post-visual kei era, especially for the Western audience -- in the 2000s they were arguably the most successful metal act without English lyrics since Rammstein (though they never rivaled the popularity of the Germans). The band began as a visual kei collective, too, but gradually moved to more reserved and darker attire and a separate sound that leaned on gothic rock, death metal, and the likes of Korn and Slipknot.

Dir en Grey was formed in early 1997, essentially the indie collective La:Sadies with a new bassist -- Toshiya -- and a new name that was supposed to carry no other meaning than to designate the band. They started off with the EP Missa (1997) that failed to stir things up much, but soon made themselves the talk of the country's music scene by becoming the first indie band to break into the Oricon singles Top Ten -- twice -- with Jealous and I'll in 1998. That brought them into the right hands: they attracted Yoshiki Hayashi, the drummer of the nation's prime metal act X-Japan and foster father to many a J-rock band, thanks to his Extasy Records label. Yoshiki produced all five singles that Dir en Grey released in 1999, and that propelled the band into the big leagues: after these singles were compiled for their debut album Gauze, Dir en Grey got signed by a major label.

Their second album, Macabre (2000), first signaled a drift away from their visual kei roots, living up to its name in mood and featuring an industrialized sound with screaming vocals. Following their first foreign tour in China, Taiwan, and South Korea, and another LP Kisou, in 2002 (number three on Japanese charts), Dir en Grey opted for more change: their EP Six Ugly (2002) drew heavily on Western metal influences, which upset part of their older fan base. Still, the band persisted, exploring the metalcore sound and the darker side of life on their albums Vulgar (2003, number six on the Oricon charts) and Withering to Death (2005, number eight on the Oricon charts). Those releases proved that the stylistic change had some merit, as Dir en Grey began to gain recognition in the Western hemisphere. In 2005 they charted in Europe for the first time, Withering to Death reaching number 31 in Finland (their single "Clever Sleazoid" would later rise to number 15 there). The band's popularity was initially founded on imports, web rumors, and illegal downloads, but that proved to be enough: in 2005 they debuted in Berlin and Paris and later played the German festivals Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. Withering to Death was released in Europe in November 2005, and in America in March 2006, preceding Dir en Grey's live U.S. debut in 2006. Soon after that, Kyo's vocal chords became strained, leaving him hospitalized, but he recovered in time for Korn's Family Values Tour, in which Dir en Grey participated.

The band's sixth full-length album The Marrow of a Bone was out in 2007, released in both Japan and America (it reached number seven on the Oricon charts), and Dir en Grey promoted it by touring the U.S., opening for Deftones at some of their shows. They also infiltrated Europe further, debuting in Denmark, Finland, Poland, Sweden, U.K., Holland, and Switzerland. Not forgetting their core audience, Dir en Grey toured Japan, as well, delivering a two-night show with Linkin Park, and doing a stint at the Hide memorial concert that also saw the appearance of X-Japan and Luna Sea, among others. The fall of 2008 saw the release of their seventh album, Uroboros, in Japan and America, followed by a U.S./Canada tour in November and December. IN 2009, despite extensive touring in Japan and Europe, the band released two concert DVDs (A Knot Of, and Tour '08: The Rose Trims Again) , and the video compilation DVD Average Blasphemy. In 2010, Dir en Grey co-headlined a North American tour with Apocalyptica, headlined their own Unwavering Fact of Tomorrow tour in Europe, and shared festival stages with the Stooges, the Cult, Korn, and numerous other bands. In January of 2011, the band issued the single "Lotus," followed in June by a second entitled, "Different Sense." Both tracks were included on their August 2011 full-length Dum Spiro Spero. ~ Alexey Eremenko, Rovi
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Selected Discography


So much love for Dir In Grey <3
Saw them in concert in was amazing :3
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
dont often listen to them but from time to time the mood hits me :) still love the vocals even if cant understand whats being said generally
Go see them in concert. They. Are. Magical.!!!! ! ! ! ! ! < 3 < 3 < 3
@Russell Smith shut your face . Dir en Grey is not a rocknroll band, so piss off and listen to your led zeppy
Dir En Grey will always be my favorite band :)
I going to take a wild guess and say this is a Bollywood musical of a farmer who's crop failed and decided to Khudkhusi(su i c i d e ) by drinking an agent orange type weed killer, but mistakenly drank an insecticide for locust. Instead of liquifying his internal organs, the chemical paralyzed his nervous system and gave him brain damage. When he awoke from his coma, he believed he was a pregnant woman and then proceeded to perform an abortion on himself.
So awful its inspiring, I intend to set aside a large portion of the day just to meditate on how awful this music is. I'm considering changing my religion to support the Antichrist in a One World Government so they can pass a law that those in Dir En Grey can no longer perform rock-n-roll music anywhere in the world for as long as they live and that any previouse record of their performance be destroyed.
Amazing..... I went to see DIR EN GREY live November 24, 2013 at The House of Blues they were creative best preferments I have ever seen......XD
animeishdwar f 3
Yes! My all time favorite band. Amazing talent and creativity. Always evolving. Go see them live.
Now Pandora needs to get the UNRAVELLING album up here :D
I loved this song as a little girl and still love it to this day <3 whoo!
Not enough Dir En Grey! More. Now! DX
Where are the gauze and kisou and macabre and withering to death,or Uroboros albums?(@_@) so many unfulfilled Dir En Grey
The pledge ////
The first jrock i found was dir en grey... I approve
yeah dir en grey you rock the USAAAAAAAAAA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A
Dir en grey i love u i love this station thank u pandora
danweisenbac h e r
Dear Pandora, just because they are both Japanese, doesn't mean Dir en Grey is anything like Utada.
So many people complaining about Pandora not having certain albums/ etc....I love how people want to listen to Jrock...just listen to music. You're seriously not over your I Love Japan phase yet? And to the people saying everything after the more pop music is just do not play any instruments huh? Each successive album gets better to me. I like Gazette/ Utada hahaha JAPAN4
Kyo is a f**king Prophet. :>
Gauze. Now plz! (And, uh, grab Luna Sea while you're at it?)
I see why yal are kinda irritated, this station plays utada and etc and they are nothing alike. They just played system of a down (even tho I like this band) I came to this channel to listen to j-rock not english. I was actually going on this channel to see if they would play Gazette but Pandora doesnt have them. Thats something to be angry about, NO GAZETTE ARE YOU SERIOUS!!
Seems like some fans haven't evolved with the band and found beauty in the *experimenta t i o n * that they do. This band *experiments * guys, and as far as I'm concerned, everything they've thrown out has been wonderful. Seeing them in Houston has to be the single greatest musical experience of my life. I love Macabre just as much as I love Uroboros. Learn to love the emotions, not the song style.
Though I don't know Japanese so I have to read the lyrics in English to know what they're saying, I love them. xD
What the f**k is up with all this Yoko Kanno s**t? Or Utada? No way are these dudes like that. I like both Yoko Kanno and Utada, but when I make a Dir En Grey station, I expect some metal, not Japanese stuff that has only passing relevance to Dir En Grey.
Everything after Vulgar is trash. Sounds like just a bunch of noise. Pandora should upload Gauze, Macabre, Kisou, and Vulgar...
michellenala n g a n m e r c a d o
Oh god, I died long long time ago after listening to Dir En Grey. Extremely sexy.
That being said, hell yes they need to add the older albums! I'm an oldschool thrasher and death metalhead, but I still like Diru's first 5 or 6 albums better than anything they've put out since.
I know a lot of people are complaining about J-pop being thrown in with the J-rock, but at least Pandora DOES recognize the Japanese origin now. Years ago my J-rock station here on Pandora used to throw me nothing but shite American nu-metal, cawk-rock, and heavy alternative. And I'll take J-pop over all that any day (which, to me, honestly is much closer to J-rock than all the aforemention e d ) .
I love this band so much. They are vary unique much like Nightmare.
They are nothing like Hyde, Utada or Malice Mizer, the only thing similar is that they are from Japan, Come on pandora get it together, they are most like the GazettE, Maybe Alice Nine and Girugamesh, lets get our styles straight. Other than that! I LOVE THIS BAND TO DEATH! I can't wait to see them in in Chicago.
strider_ooka m i
Why is this listed as rock or playing on the same station as Ellegarden? These is visual kei metal. Yuck! Pandora needs to work on their music qualificatio n algorithms!
They are missing some of the best albums (the early ones). Also, how in the world is Utada a similar artist? You only need to listen to 30 seconds of songs from each to know that the only thing they have in common is Japanese ancestry.
I really wish they at least had Gauze as one of the albums. god, i love this band, but they are still missing my favorite song, Cage! it makes me sad sometimes. I hope they'll be able to get it on here soon.
Full discography would be a blessing. Dir en grey has been my favorite since I discovered them ~2005, all their albums are amazing.
Where are all the good albums? =/ Missing so many good songs. Most of these I don't like...
I first heard them in 1999. I was nine, and I feel in love. I've heard them grow and become the awesome band they are now. PANDORA NEEDS MORE DIR EN GREY.
Great band, but yeah, we really need more albums of theirs for listeners to get a full taste of what their sound is like.
diva_s_jupit e r
Dear Pandora: Just because I like Dir En Grey, this does not mean I like every other Japanese artist. This includes UTADA HIKARU.
Words can't express my love for this band. Ever since my discovery in 2003, they have always been high on my list, and the release of Withering to Death onward, they have made themselves a permanent number one in my list of favorite artists.
Need the whole disco; people need to see the transition of music they've gone through to truly appreciate the band such as myself. They've covered so many genres of rock that your always hearing something new; plus Kyo's 9 octaves are nothing to shy away from. Add more!
greatest band ever lol they are my life =>
adore them
They really need to add Diru's whole discography. While I love the two albums they have here, they aren't a complete representati v e of what Dir en grey actually does.
fav j-rock ever
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