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Though Everclear's Northwestern grunge-punk style was hardly revolutionary when the band rose to popularity in 1995, the trio's hook-ridden songs and Art Alexakis' "us against them" lyrics were taken to heart by bored Gen-X teens. Everclear's sound reflected the rock, post-punk, and singer/songwriter influences of frontman Alexakis, including acts like X, the Replacements, the Pixies, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Elvis Costello. Also instrumental to Everclear's success was the group's obsessive touring schedule and aggressive self-promotion tactics.

Art Alexakis (born April 12, 1962, West Los Angeles, California) was raised in a lower-middle-class household by his single mother. His father left the family during Alexakis' childhood, an incident that would later pepper many of Everclear's most popular songs. The dual deaths of his brother and girlfriend (his brother by heroin overdose; his girlfriend by suicide) convinced him to kick his own cocaine habit in the mid-'80s, and he later formed a country-punk band named Colorfinger in San Francisco. The group released one LP on Alexakis' own Shindig label, but the album (and an EP) went out of print after distributor Rough Trade folded. The band subsequently imploded, and Alexakis moved to his girlfriend's hometown of Portland, Oregon. In 1992, he met Craig Montoya (born September 14, 1970) and Everclear's first drummer, Scott Cuthbert; the trio recorded a demo EP for $400 and released the disc on Portland's Tim/Kerr label. Alexakis grew frustrated with the company's lack of promotion, so he hired an independent promoter to push the EP and personally mailed copies to media outlets and distributors.

Everclear then added several songs to the EP, retitled it World of Noise, and issued the expanded package in 1993 on Fire Records. Throughout the following year, the group toured relentlessly and underwent several key changes, replacing Cuthbert with Greg Eklund (born April 18, 1970) and signing to Capitol Records in June. Their second album, Sparkle and Fade, appeared in 1995 and attracted a much wider audience. Alternative radio outlet lent their support to the singles "Santa Monica" and "Heroin Girl," and the album eventually rose to platinum status. Meanwhile, Alexakis became a major alternative media figure, even reporting from the 1996 political conventions for MTV. So Much for the Afterglow followed in 1997 and went double platinum, particularly due to the success of three Top Five modern rock hits, "Everything to Everyone," "I Will Buy You a New Life," and "Father of Mine." Alexakis had become a father himself around this time, and the birth of his daughter prompted the singer to become even more politically active. He testified in front of Congress regarding child support laws and campaigned with several presidential tickets, among other efforts. Everclear was also hailed as Modern Rock Artist of the Year by Billboard magazine in 1998.

A double-barreled concept effort appeared in 2000 with the poppy Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile surfacing in early fall and the harder-rocking Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitude appearing a few months later. (Learning How to Smile was initially planned as a solo effort for Alexakis, given its deviation from the band's standard three-piece rock sound.) Both records produced several charting singles, with the AM radio pop of "Wonderful" finding the most success. Everclear returned with the more straightforward Slow Motion Daydream in 2003 before the aptly titled greatest-hits compilation Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear 1994-2004 appeared in October 2004. In between, Alexakis ventured on a brief 2003 solo acoustic tour before the entire Everclear lineup would shift around him. He remained the only original member as the group expanded past a trio to include bassist Sam Hudson, guitarist Dave French, drummer Brett Snyder, and keyboardist Josh Crawley.

By then off the Capitol roster and back in the indie world, the newly minted Everclear released Welcome to the Drama Club on Eleven Seven Music (in association with ADA/Warner Music Group) in September 2006. Spearheaded by the single "Hater," the album was meant to be an homage to some of Alexakis' earliest influences. Drama Club cracked the Billboard Top 200 and hit number 11 on the Top Independent Albums chart, while Everclear subsequently headed out on a college club tour through the fall. Released in 2008, The Vegas Years was a set of covers; 2009's In a Different Light, an album of acoustic reinterpretations of the group's songs, turned the tables. Two years later, Everclear continued to look backward, cutting a bunch of new versions of their hits -- along with a few covers -- on the album Return to Santa Monica. Their first album of new material in six years, Invisible Stars, arrived in in the summer of 2012; it peaked at 119 on the Billboard charts. Three years later, the group returned with the heavier Black Is the New Black, released on The End Records. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Black Is The New Black

1. Sugar Noise

2. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart

3. American Monster

4. Complacent

5. You

6. This Is Your Death Song

7. Simple And Plain

8. Anything Is Better Than This

9. Van Gogh Sun

10. Pretty Bomb

11. Safe


Track List: Invisible Stars

1. Tiger In A Burning Tree

2. Falling In A Good Way

3. Be Careful What You Ask For

4. Volcano

5. Santa Ana Wind

6. Wishing

7. I Am Better Without You

8. Aces

9. Jackie Robinson

10. The Golden Rule

11. Rocket For The Girl

12. Promenade


Track List: Return To Santa Monica

1. Santa Monica

2. Wonderful

3. Father Of Mine

4. I Will Buy You A New Life

5. Everything To Everyone

6. I Won't Back Down

7. Unemployed Boyfriend

8. The Joker

9. I Will Follow You Into The Dark

10. Every Breath You Take

11. Am Radio

12. Brown Eyed Girl


Track List: The Vegas Years

1. Rich Girl

2. Our Lips Are Sealed

3. The Boys Are Back In Town

4. Bad Connection

5. Kicks

6. Pocahontas

7. Night Train To Memphis

8. This Land Is Your Land

9. American Girl

10. Brown Eyed Girl (Live)

11. Southern Girls

12. Land Of The Lost

13. Speed Racer

14. Live Intro

15. 867-5309 (Jenny) (Live)


Track List: The Best Of Everclear

1. Santa Monica

2. Everything To Everyone

3. Heartspark Dollar Sign

4. Brown-Eyed Girl

5. Sunflowers

6. When It All Goes Wrong Again

7. So Much For The Afterglow

8. One Hit Wonder

9. Out Of My Depth

10. Annabella's Song


Track List: Welcome To The Drama Club (Explicit)

1. Under The Western Stars

2. Now

3. Shine

4. Hater

5. The Drama King

6. Glorious

7. Taste Of Hell

8. Portland Rain

9. A Shameless Use Of Charm

10. Clean

11. Broken

12. Your Arizona Room


Track List: Welcome To The Drama Club

1. Under The Western Stars

2. Now

3. Shine

4. Hater

5. The Drama King

6. Glorious

7. A Taste Of Hell

8. Portland Rain

9. A Shameless Use Of Charm

10. Clean

11. Broken

12. Your Arizona Room


Track List: Slow Motion Daydream

2. Blackjack

3. I Want To Die A Beautiful Death

4. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom

5. Science Fiction

6. New Blue Champion

7. TV Show

8. Chrysanthemum

9. Sunshine (That Acid Summer)

10. A Beautiful Life

11. The New York Times

12. White Noise


Track List: Songs From An American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time For A Bad Attitude

1. When It All Goes Wrong Again

2. Slide

3. Babytalk

4. Rock Star

5. Short Blonde Hair

6. Misery Whip

7. Out Of My Depth

8. The Good Witch Of The North

9. Halloween Americana

10. All F**ked Up

11. Overwhelming

12. Song From An American Movie pt. 2


Track List: Songs From An American Movie Vol. One; Learning How To Smile

1. Song From An American Movie Pt. 1

2. Here We Go Again

3. AM Radio

4. Brown Eyed Girl

5. Learning How To Smile

6. The Honeymoon Song

7. Now That It's Over

8. Thrift Store Chair

9. Otis Redding

10. Unemployed Boyfriend

11. Wonderful

12. Annabella's Song


Track List: So Much For The Afterglow

1. So Much For The Afterglow

4. Normal Like You

5. I Will Buy You A New Life

6. Father Of Mine

7. One Hit Wonder

8. El Distorto De Melodica

9. Amphetamine

10. White Men In Black Suits

11. Sunflowers

12. Why I Don't Believe In God

13. Like A California King


Track List: Sparkle And Fade

1. Electra Made Me Blind

2. Heroin Girl

3. You Make Me Feel Like A Whore

4. Santa Monica

5. Summerland

6. Strawberry

7. Heartspark Dollarsign

8. The Twistinside

9. Her Brand New Skin

10. Nehalem

11. Queen Of The Air

12. Pale Green Stars

13. Chemical Smile

14. My Sexual Life


Track List: Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear 1994-2004

1. Wonderful

2. Santa Monica

3. Everything To Everyone

4. AM Radio

5. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom

6. I Will Buy You A New Life

7. Learning How To Smile

8. Strawberry

9. Local God

10. Summerland

11. Fire Maple Song

12. When It All Goes Wrong Again

13. Father Of Mine (Radio Mix)

14. The Boys Are Back In Town

15. Heroin Girl

16. Brown Eyed Girl

17. Sex With A Movie Star (The Good Witch Gone Bad)

18. The New Disease

19. The New York Times

20. Song From An American Movie Pt. 1

21. Rock Star


Track List: The Man Who Broke His Own Heart (Single)

3. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart


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This is my song man
Report as inappropriate
I can relate to a lot of their songs.
Report as inappropriate
Father of Mine reminds me of my own father.
Report as inappropriate
Santa Monica is my jam
Report as inappropriate
in a new light was good imo
Report as inappropriate
Art Alexakis is one hell of a talented lyricist and promoter. That said, I wish their newer stuff managed to capture the plan old grunge of albums like Sparkle and Fade. I thought things might be starting to improve with Invisible Stars, but I think the new band members are really holding the band back. Art needs to go back to the original 3 piece concept and stay away from the keyboards and excessive production. Go back to using that busted tube amp from World of Noise! That record was sick!
Report as inappropriate
You are a very talented man. Every time I hear your songs I can't help it. I cry. (The 4 right chords (3rd eye ) and very much your words). I'm 53 and I feel it for my son and daughter. However he was a good dad in the end. It just destroyed their lives for a bit. And I have struggled to keep my son off drugs. I'm sure your songs have touched many hearts! Keep your head held high!!!
Report as inappropriate
michael.crai g e n 2

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alabastervil l i s 0
but what do you have to compare it to now a days? what group with the exception of maybe the foo fighters is able to chart now? most everything in the top 100 are brain dead hooker songs sung by talentless whores or men who want to be girls all with a house drug beat, senseless songs that mean nothing. forgetable crap about dance clubs and sluts haven sex in mens bathrooms. i'll take everclear anyday
Report as inappropriate
so you have only heard 3 of their songs?
Report as inappropriate
Shipping, I agree. Evwrclear is overrated. "Santa Monica," was a good single. And then they released it again, and called it "father of mine," and again and called it "I will buy you a new life," and then released it again.... They are monotonous is style, and content (Art, your father left you, you never really got over it, and try to come to terms with it through your music, we get it.) They are definitely not the definitive 90s band (whoever said that), and if that is what you think then you
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
And then he walked away
Report as inappropriate
My daddy have me a name
Report as inappropriate
Father of mine where did u go???
Report as inappropriate
The Swing: I always have taken the blame
Report as inappropriate
Thinking about it now, it's kind of sad :/
Report as inappropriate
I never complained - just decided to do the best I can - yeah - I grew up without a father figure ⚡️❤️⚡️ :)
Report as inappropriate
You have to be strong
It feels awesome being independent
Report as inappropriate
I love this song. I'm another kid forgotten by their father. My daddy gave me a name then he walked away. When he looks back at his wasted life and doesn't see me how does he feel.
Report as inappropriate
Everything to Everyone! My Life Story! I hope I learn and do what I need to do for Me 1st! Fame Fortune and Success is what I had started then I stumbled bcuz I let everyone become more important. I hope I get the FAME SUCCESS AND FORTUNE THE RIGHT WAYTHIS TIME! IVE GOT TO SHOOT FOR THE BIGGEST AND BEST FOR ME NOW! I HAVE IT IN ME ONE MORE TIME! 10 YEARS AND I'm going to have it all and take Everyone to the Ultimate Dave Party with My top ten Favorite bands playing the weekend party in Vegas and
Report as inappropriate
Art is one of the coolest guys you could meet. And he's been working on a new album of new material. Soon to be released.
Report as inappropriate
alabastervil l i s 0
part alternative, part rock and better than most other bands who try
Report as inappropriate
There is just something about the voice and lyrics about some people.... Art is one of those.... I Just can't escape it :}
Report as inappropriate
Favorites of mine!
Report as inappropriate
alabastervil l i s 0
my father was the greatest man that ever lived. the world is a better place just by knowing him
Report as inappropriate
My sorry dad and I don't talk. I want to anonymously mail a CD with just this song on it to him. I have wanted to for such a long time.
Report as inappropriate
I really love this song because I relate to it so well. That is how I feel. daddy gave me a name. Oh and how do you feel when you look back at your wasted life and you don't see me. And how do you sleep with the children you abandoned.
Report as inappropriate
alabastervil l i s 0
you know something if someone writes not to read something but then inclines to continue writing their falsehoods then that person is broken in the head, if you post something ten times you were tricked in to posting something ten times and nothing more. the iphone6 cant replace santa and a post s cant replace cupid. not all of us are sheep. look in the mirror n see what we all see in you...and idiot
Report as inappropriate
I remember when there first CD came out I was in high school and we would listen to it for hour
Report as inappropriate
These guys always blew imo.
Report as inappropriate
I have a lot of good memories from these songs.
Report as inappropriate
Love this band. They're a bit older but their music is so relatable. And LOVE his voice - it compliments the instruments and their style very well.
Report as inappropriate
Their awesome! !!!
Report as inappropriate
Isn't every WONDERFUL now after listening to this song!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
Love this band
Report as inappropriate
I love this band
Report as inappropriate
He must have had a very unhappy childhood.
Report as inappropriate
What happened to the lyrics on pandora????
Report as inappropriate
They spoke to a generation of broken hearts and homes. Thank you for that.
Report as inappropriate
I don't understand what this band is doing on the one hit wonders station.
Report as inappropriate
With my big black boots and a suitcase
Report as inappropriate
They rocked it at the Hanger 24 Air Show!
Report as inappropriate
These guys used to be an awesome group putting out decent hits. Now it seems they can't do anything except rehash their hits in hopes of them catching on again. Go back, look at what made you the Modern Rock Artist of the Year and bring back the original members.
Report as inappropriate
The Songwriting program at LACM enlists real world musicians to help students the write hit songs in a variety of popular genres, as well as learning the skills needed to compose for film and television. Led by Art Alexakis, the lead singer, guitarist, producer, and songwriter for the band Everclear, students will acquire a firm grasp of the ins and outs of songwriting. . The deadline to enroll and qualify for scholarships for Fall 2014 is May 15, 2014. / p r o g r a m s / s o n g w r i t i n g
Report as inappropriate
Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) offers summer music programs and degree courses that let you play with world famous musicians! The summer music programs are all a part of LACM’s Summer Xperience. It offers sessions in music performance, music production, Drummers Reality Camp, and songwriting. Right now, LACM is enrolling in both Summer Xperience and the Fall session of the Songwriting Program.

The Songwriting program at LACM enlists real world musicians to help students the write hit songs
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Perseverence .
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I wish this worked. Kiss your left hand with your right hand rub your head where I just b**ch slapped you for posting crap like this kind of spam.
Report as inappropriate
Why is Art checking out men's thighs? y w a y these guys were huge,all over the radio & it just seemed to stop ...what happened? Now they're playing county fairs
Report as inappropriate
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed in the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you've started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in the next 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lover's name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is so scary because it actually works.
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