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Fairport Convention

The best British folk-rock band of the late '60s, Fairport Convention did more than any other act to develop a truly British variation on the folk-rock prototype by drawing upon traditional material and styles indigenous to the British Isles. While the revved-up renditions of traditional British folk tunes drew the most critical attention, the group members were also (at least at the outset) talented songwriters as well as interpreters. They were comfortable with conventional harmony-based folk-rock as well as tunes that drew upon more explicitly traditional sources, and boasted some of the best singers and instrumentalists of the day. A revolving door of personnel changes, however, saw the exit of their most distinguished talents, and basically changed the band into a living museum piece after the early '70s, albeit an enjoyable one with integrity.

When Fairport formed around 1967, their goal was not to revive British folk numbers, but to play harmony- and guitar-based folk-rock in a style strongly influenced by Californian groups of the day (especially the Byrds). The lineup that recorded their self-titled debut album in 1968 featured Richard Thompson, Ian Matthews, and Simon Nicol on guitars; Ashley Hutchings on bass; Judy Dyble on vocals; and Martin Lamble on drums. Most of the members sang, though Matthews and Dyble were the strongest vocalists in this early incarnation; all of their early work, in fact, was characterized by blends of male and female vocals, influenced by such American acts as the Mamas & the Papas and Ian & Sylvia. While their first album was derivative, it had some fine material, and the band was already showing a knack for eclecticism, excavating overlooked songs by Joni Mitchell (then virtually unknown) and Emitt Rhodes.

Fairport Convention didn't reach their peak until Dyble was replaced after the first album in 1968 by Sandy Denny, who had previously recorded both as a solo act and with the Strawbs. Denny's penetrating, resonant style qualified her as the best British folk-rock singer of all time, and provided Fairport with the best vocalist they would ever have. What We Did on Our Holidays (1969) and Unhalfbricking (1969) are their best albums, mixing strong originals, excellent covers of contemporary folk-rock songs by the likes of Mitchell and Dylan, and imaginative revivals of traditional folk songs that mixed electric and acoustic instruments with a beguiling ease.

Matthews had left the band in early 1969, and Lamble (still in his teens) died in an accident involving the group's equipment van in mid-1969. That forced Fairport to regroup, replacing Lamble with Dave Mattacks, and adding Dave Swarbrick on fiddle. Their repertoire, too, became much more traditional in focus, and electrified traditional folk numbers would dominate their next album, Liege and Lief (1969). Here critical thought diverges; some insist that this is unequivocally their peak, marking a final escape from their '60s folk-rock influences into a much more original style. This school of thought severely underestimates their songwriting talents, and others feel that they were at their best when mixing original and outside material, and contemporary and traditional styles, in fact becoming more predictable and derivative when they opted to concentrate on British folk chestnuts.

The Liege and Lief lineup didn't last long; by the end of the '60s, Ashley Hutchings had left to join Steeleye Span, replaced by Dave Pegg. More crucially, Denny was also gone, helping to form Fotheringay. Thompson was still on board for Full House (1970), but by the beginning of 1971 he too had departed, leaving Nicol as the only original member.

Fairport have kept going, on and off (mostly on), for the last 25 years, touring and performing frequently. It may be too harsh to dismiss all of their post-Thompson records out of hand; Angel Delight (1971), the first recorded without the guitarist on board, was actually their highest-charting LP in the U.K., reaching the Top Ten. Nicol's exit in late 1971 erased all vestiges of connections to their salad days. Fairport was now not so much a continuous entity as a concept, carried on by musicians dedicated to the electrified British folk style that had been mapped out on Liege and Lief.

So it continues to this day, supported by a devoted fan base (Dirty Linen, the top American roots music magazine, originally began as a Fairport Convention fanzine). Denny would actually return to the group for about a year and a half in the 1970s, prior to her death in 1978; Nicol rejoined in 1976. Keeping track of Fairport's multitudinous lineup changes is a daunting task, and the group has coexisted on an erratic basis with the various other projects of the most frequent members (Nicol, Mattacks, and Pegg, the last of whom has played with Jethro Tull since the late '70s). They began playing annual reunion concerts in the 1980s (sometimes joined on-stage by Fairport alumni like Thompson), events that turned into some of the most popular folk festivals in Europe. They also released some albums of new material intermittently throughout the last couple of decades, mostly pleasant traditional-oriented outings that appeal primarily to diehards.

The most distinguished graduates of Fairport, however, continued to shape the British folk and folk-rock scene with notable solo and group projects. Richard Thompson is one of the most critically acclaimed singer/songwriters in the world; Ian Matthews has made some interesting recordings as a solo act and with Plainsong and Matthews Southern Comfort; Denny sang with Fotheringay and released several solo albums before her death; and Hutchings carried on the most traditional face of British folk-rock with Steeleye Span, the Albion Band, and the Etchingham Steam Band. ~ Richie Unterberger
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Best Of The BBC Recordings

1. Nottamun Town (BBC Recording)

2. Meet On The Ledge (BBC Recording)

3. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (BBC Recording)

4. Fotheringay (BBC Recording)

5. Autopsy (BBC Recording)

6. Sir Patrick Spens (BBC Recording)

7. Reynardine (BBC Recording)

8. Tam Lin (BBC Recording)

9. Walk Awhile (BBC Recording)

10. The Deserter (BBC Recording)

11. Dirty Linen (Jigs & Reels) (BBC Recording)

12. Now Be Thankful (BBC Recording)

13. Rosie (BBC Recording)

14. Rising For The Moon (BBC Recording)

15. Down In The Flood (BBC Recording)

16. John The Gun (BBC Recording)


Track List: Sense of Occasion

6. Polly on the Shore


Track List: Cropredy Capers (Live)

Disc 1

11. Red & Gold (Live)

Disc 2

9. Eynsham Poacher (Live)

Disc 3

10. Bonny Black Hare

Disc 4

1. Rosie (Live)

10. Dirty Linen (Live)


Track List: Over The Next Hill

1. Over The Next Hill

2. I'm Already There

3. Wait For The Tide To Come In

4. Canny Capers

5. Over The Falls

6. The Wassail Song

7. The Fossil Hunter

8. Willow Creek

9. Westward

10. Some Special Place

11. Si Tu Dois Partir


Track List: Festival Cropredy 2002

Disc 1

2. One Sure Thing

5. I'll Keep It With Mine

7. Cajun Woman

9. Tam Lin

10. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

11. Red And Gold

Disc 2

2. Neil's Morris

3. The Journeyman's Grace

5. Doctor Of Physick

7. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman

9. Rising For The Moon

10. John The Gun

11. Rosie

12. The Naked Highwayman


Track List: From Cropredy To Portmeirion

1. The Eynsham Poacher

2. Bird From The Mountain

3. London River

4. Honor And Praise

5. From A Distance

6. On The Floor

7. Red And Gold

8. Portmeirion

9. Lark In The Morning-Matty Groves

10. Meet On The Ledge


Track List: XXXV - The 35th Anniversary Album

1. Madelein

2. My Love Is In America

3. The Happy Man

4. Portmeirion

5. The Crowd

6. The Banks Of Sweet Primroses

7. The Deserter

8. The Light Of Day

9. I Wandered By A Brookside

10. Neil Gow's Apprentice

11. Everything But The Skirl

12. Talking About My Love

13. Now Be Thankful

14. The Crowd Revisited

15. The Widow Of Westmoreland's Daughter (Live)

16. Rosie (Live)


Track List: Fairport UnConventional

Disc 1

3. If I Had A Ribbon Bow

7. Si Tu Dois Partir (Live)

10. Dirty Linen (Live)

13. Angel Delight (Live)

Disc 2

1. Sir B McKenzie

2. Suzanne

3. Time Will Show The Wiser

4. Mr Lacey (Live)

6. Percy's Song

12. Autopsy

14. Fiddlestix

Disc 3

1. Sir Patrick Spens (Live)

2. Wat Tyler (Live)

6. Red And Gold (Live)

11. Breakfast In Mayfair

15. Genesis Hall (Live)

16. Jewel in the Crown (Live)

Disc 4

1. Walk Awhile (Live)

5. Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman (Live)

7. Rosie (Live)

9. Now Be Thankful

12. Sloth (Live)

15. Meet On The Ledge (Live)


Track List: The Wood & The Wire

1. The Wood And The Wire

2. The Dancer

3. Wandering Man

4. The Heart Of The Song

5. A Year And A Day

6. The Game Pieces

7. Close To You

8. Still A Mystery

9. Banbury Fair

10. The Lady Vanishes

11. The Good Fortunes

12. Western Wind

13. Don't Leave Too Soon

14. Rocky Road


Track List: Meet On The Ledge: The Classic Years 1967-1975

Disc 1

1. Chelsea Morning

2. Fotheringay

3. Mr. Lacey

4. Book Song

5. I'll Keep It With Mine

6. Tale In Hard Time

7. Meet On The Ledge

8. Genesis Hall

9. A Sailor's Life

10. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

11. Percy's Song

12. Come All Ye

13. Matty Groves

14. Vala Cupp / Tam Lin

15. Crazy Man Michael

16. Farewell, Farewell

Disc 2

1. Now Be Thankful

2. Bonny Bunch Of Roses

3. Walk Awhile

4. Sloth

5. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman

6. Journeyman's Grace

7. John Lee

8. Rosie

9. The Plainsman

10. The Hexhamshire Lass

11. Polly On The Shore

12. Bring 'Em Down

13. Rising For The Moon

14. White Dress

15. Stranger To Himself

16. One More Chance


Track List: Heyday

1. Close The Door Lightly When You Go

2. I Don't Know Where I Stand

3. Some Sweet Day

4. Reno Nevada

5. Suzanne

6. If It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong

7. I Still Miss Someone

8. Bird On A Wire

9. Gone, Gone, Gone

10. Tried So Hard

11. Shattering Live Experience

12. Percy's Song

13. You Never Wanted Me

14. Nottamun Town

15. Fotheringay

16. Si Tu Dois Partir

17. Cajun Woman

18. Autopsy

19. Reynardine

20. Tam Lin


Track List: Moat On The Ledge

1. Walk Awhile (Live)

2. Country Pie (Live)

3. Rosie (Live)

4. Matty Groves (Live)

5. Both Sides Now (Live)

6. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman (Live)

7. The Cherokee Shuffle (Live)

8. Woman Or A Man (Live)

9. High School Confidential (Live)


Track List: Full House

1. Walk Awhile

2. Doctor Of Physick

3. Dirty Linen

4. Sloth

5. Sir Patrick Spens

6. Flatback Caper

7. Poor Will & The Jolly Hangman

8. Flowers Of The Forest

9. Now Be Thankful

11. Bonny Bunch Of Roses


Track List: Liege & Lief

1. Come All Ye

2. Reynardine

3. Matty Groves

4. Farewell, Farewell

5. The Deserter

6. Medley: The Lark In The Morning / Rakish Paddy / Fax Hunters Jig / Toss The Feathers

7. Tam Lin

8. Crazy Man Michael


Track List: What We Did On Our Holidays

1. Fotheringay

2. Mr. Lacey

3. Book Song

4. The Lord Is In This Place

6. I'll Keep It With Mine

7. Eastern Rain

8. Nottamun Town

9. Tale In Hard Time

10. She Moves Through The Fair

11. Meet On The Ledge


Track List: Fairport Convention

1. Time Will Show The Wiser

2. I Don't Know Where I Stand

3. If (Stomp)

4. Decameron

6. Portfolio

7. Chelsea Morning

8. Sun Shade

9. The Lobster

10. It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft

11. One Sure Thing

12. M.1 Breakdown

13. Suzanne

14. If I Had A Ribbon Bow

16. Reno, Nevada


Track List: 4 Play

16. The Flowers Of The Forest


Track List: Acoustically Down Under

8. The Deserter

14. Matty Groves


Track List: Babbacombe Lee Live Again

8. John Lee

10. Breakfast In Mayfair


Track List: Gladys' Leap

2. Bird from the Mountain


Track List: Live In Finland 1971

1. Bridge Over The River Ash (Live)

2. The Journeyman's Grace (Live)

3. Mason's Apron (Live)

4. Sir Patrick Spens (Live)

5. Matty Groves (Live)

6. Sir B. McKenzie's Daughter's Grace (Live)

7. Sir William Gower (Live)


Track List: Live at Cropredy '08

3. The Eynsham Poacher


Track List: Off the Desk

Disc 1

3. The Happy Man

9. My Love Is in America

10. Western Wind

Disc 2

8. Close to You


Track List: Unhalfbricking (Remastered)

1. Genesis Hall

2. Si Tu Dois Partir

3. Autopsy

4. A Sailor's Life

5. Cajun Woman

6. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

7. Percy's Song

8. Million Dollar Bash

9. Dear Landlord

10. The Ballad Of Easy Rider


Report as inappropriate
Sandy Denny had a beautiful singing voice
Report as inappropriate
english soul
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Dylan owned the 60s, well, at least part of it, but 'I'll Keep it with Mine' is wretched dross (and extra negative points for working the train in), and even Fairport can't save it--yet it's on all their collections- - c a n ' t understand it, unless it's that 'C'mon, give it to me' has not-so-subli m i n a l sexual connotations .
Report as inappropriate
Crazy Man Michael is a brilliant piece of songwriting. It sounds just like a traditional ballad, and its presence on Liege and Lief confirms that, but it's actually a Swarbrick/Th o m p s o n creation, and doesn't predate 1967. Amazing to be able to recreate a moribund genre so exactly; it reminds me of Barrett's Privateers, the pseudo-sea shanty by Stan Rogers. My hat' off to people who have the talent to do things like this.
Report as inappropriate
Beautiful~~~ ~ ~
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On the other hand, is there a song with more galloping movement, excitement, and suspense than Tam Lin--Fairpor t at their best...maybe they just relate more to horses than to motorcycles. They should have done a similar version of Browning's How They Brought the Good News From Ghent to Aix--another galloping classic!
Report as inappropriate
As great as Fairport are/were, they sometimes put out a clanker. I'm listening right now to a really insipid version of 'The Ballad of Easy Rider' which seems to have totally missed the song's 'rolling' impetus and replaced it with British folk-rock malaise. Ah well, even Ronaldo misses a penalty now and then.
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Btx?...smbsb x ,
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Now Be Thankful is Swarb and Thompson's best ever: When the stone is grown too cold to kneel...In crystal waters I'll be bound...Cold as stone, weary to the sounds upon the wheel.

They don't write them opening lines like that anymore.
Report as inappropriate
This is really pretty bad! What happened?
Report as inappropriate
The US/Appalachi a n version of Matty Groves has a relatively happy ending, which may be why I prefer the Child ballad better--ever y o n e retains their arrogance to the end/death, especially the villain. Death of Sandy Denny was really a blow to British folk...what a voice she had
Report as inappropriate
Haunting ballad, beautifully done. One issue-in no version of the ballad I've read does Spens declare that he's not a good sailor. .
Report as inappropriate
Back in the late 60's early 70's, when FM radio was just getting started, a local rock station used to play this. Thank you Pandora, this really brings back memories.
Report as inappropriate
my brothers baby sit for my twin and I this was the music we heard that was so cool
Report as inappropriate
you can't make this studf up enjoy the flowwwwwwwww w w w
Report as inappropriate
Time has indeed stood still for this tune...
Report as inappropriate
For many years I thought this song came from Led Zeppelin. What a mistake!
Report as inappropriate
Was Dave Mattacks part of XTC in the early 80's??
Report as inappropriate
There will never be another voice like sandy Denny , LUV her.
Report as inappropriate
beautiful song, beautiful voice
Report as inappropriate
Good song, but this recording is rather scratchy.
Report as inappropriate
Great music thanks Pandora excellent pick.
Report as inappropriate

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Sandy & Co's rendition of Crazy Man Michael is about as poignant as it gets. It captures man's self-destruc t i v e , albeit oft unintentiona l , nature so well. Impossible to listen to without aching for the afflicted.
Report as inappropriate
This music is beezneez!
Report as inappropriate
I thought I knew alot of music this threw me acurve been zep fan since the 60s wow I guess there is more music than one person can listen to but I am trying!
Report as inappropriate
1st time love it
Report as inappropriate
johnnyohania n
This group appeared on my play list. I can't relate to it. Too English for me. So sorry mates, THUMBS DOWN
Report as inappropriate
Does anyone know if Dave Mattacks played with XTC
Report as inappropriate
My last time I saw Fairport the band was at the McDonald club in Erdington in Birmingham in 1969. Me eternal regret is that I was too drunk to appreciate the music. I left for Alaska shortly after. Never even knew that Sandy had died until the late eighties the saddest day of my life when I found out about her death.
Report as inappropriate
Genesis Hall and Now Be Thankful were two of the songs that dragged me away from heavy metal in the early 70's. When I heard the harmonies and Sandy's voice, it turned my ears around ! I was able to discover so much more music because of their influence !
Report as inappropriate
...ah yes, Sandy Denny....& Richard Thompson too...
Report as inappropriate
Sandy Denny was great. Sad to see her life & career were cut short
Report as inappropriate
Beautiful. Loved listening to her since the 70's.
Report as inappropriate
As great a talent as there ever was. Amazing unique voice, amazing songs, amazing musicians. As perfect as could be..
Report as inappropriate
Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention are one of the greatest combinations that I know of even beyond their genre. I'm fortunate to have some of their early records. As her fans know her tragic loss is one of the saddest in music history.
Report as inappropriate
One of the most haunting voices ever! Still one of my very favorites.An d with comment below, yes I loved Pentangle too. But no comparison. Fairport was truly exceptional. Do you remember that she sang with Led -Zep - The Battle of Evermore, my personal LZ favorite. I think she was the only woman to sing with LZ. Miss ya Sandy
Report as inappropriate
Sandy Denny---one of the best female folk singers of our time. Such a tragic and early loss of a truly great talent. Saw Fairport way back in '69---awesom e for the time! RIP: Sandy Denny
Report as inappropriate
Second concert I ever attended was The E Street Band, followed by Aerosmith, and Fairport headlined the show (University of Connecticut, 1973). Fairport - even with Denny and Thompson gone - blew them off the stage. Been one of my favorite bands ever since. The reviewer is absolutely correct, though; the band has never come close to being as good as it was with Denny and Thomspon in the lineup.
Report as inappropriate
On the cover of the live BBC album, the guy with the curly hair is checking out Sandy Denny's butt. Seriously, though - those guys were good. I love Sandy's voice. Even as much as Christine McVie's.
Report as inappropriate
Love these guys - especially Denny and Thompson. His songs always grip me. Some of you may also be familiar with another great British folk group of the time, Pentangle. Arguable which is better, or more influential or prolific or whatever. Agreeably different. But each has a seat at the table for sure. Eh?
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Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny come on!
Report as inappropriate
I saw Fairport Convention at the Bath Festival in maybe 69 or 70. As they began to play, it stopped raining and the sun emerged from behind clouds. The atmosphere was so incredible that simultaneous l y , people all got to their feet and started to dance, throwing hay from the many hay bails into the air. For me, it was the highlight of the festival.
Report as inappropriate
Fairport Convention - I got to hear this fabulous band in 2004, playing in a stone barn on a rural farm in West Virginia on a very cold autumn night. They had been booked to play Shepherd University in Shepherdstow n , WV. The show was canceled, and someone in our group said to them "Well,you wanna come over to my farm? I have a big old barn ..." and so it happened. Between sets they joined us around a big bonfire, told stories and jokes, and so much more, late into the night. A fabulous night.
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the fine wfmu dj irene trudel played a great sandy denny cut called the north star grassmen and the ravens. splendid
Report as inappropriate
I love the sweet sadness of this group's music.
Report as inappropriate
Love Richard Thompson and all that sail with him. RIP Sandy - the immortal, ever-lovely Sandy Denny...
Report as inappropriate
Joyful lamentation, listening to Fairport Convention, again.
Hearing the music reconnects me to something I thought I'd lost.
Thanks, FC.
Report as inappropriate
"Sun Shade" sounds like Garfunkel with his own band behind him.
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