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Gordon Lightfoot

One of the leading singer/songwriters of the 1960s and '70s, Gordon Lightfoot was Canada's most successful contemporary folk artist, establishing himself as an important songwriter in the mid-'60s and going on to become a major international recording star in the following decade. Lightfoot's songs are literate but down to earth, and deal with personal matters as well as global issues in a manner that's poetic yet accessible, and his rich, strong voice is a superb vehicle for his material, though his songs are versatile enough that many artists have enjoyed success with his tunes.

Lightfoot was born in Orilla, Ontario on November 17, 1938. His mother had an interest in music and recognized her son's talent at an early age; he was singing in church at the age of five, and came in second in a local talent competition when he was ten. At 12, Lightfoot began studying piano and voice, learning the rudiments of both pop and classical styles, and after winning a Toronto Kiwanis Festival music contest in 1951, he performed as part of a special concert at Toronto's Massey Hall (widely regarded as Canada's equivalent to New York's Carnegie Hall in terms of prestige). After Lightfoot's voice changed, he taught himself to play guitar and began performing with a folk group called the Teen Timers, and also took up drumming and singing with a barbershop quartet. After graduating from high school, he moved to California to study orchestration and jazz composition at the Westlake College of Music. While Lightfoot found work singing on demo recordings and commercial jingles in Hollywood, he didn't care for life in California, and returned to Toronto to focus his efforts on folk and country music. In 1960, he became a member of the Swinging Eight, the in-house vocal group on the popular Canadian television series Country Hoedown, a position he held for two years, and formed a duo with fellow singer Terry Whalen called the Two Tones. While the Two Tones were popular enough to play at Canada's celebrated Mariposa Folk Festival and release an album in 1962, the duo was short-lived, and Lightfoot gave Europe a try in 1963, spending some time in Great Britain and hosting an eight week BBC-TV series, The Country & Western Show. By this time, Lightfoot had begun playing occasional solo dates, and had a regional hit in Canada with the single "Remember Me (I'm the One)," a moody pop ballad.

In 1963, Lightfoot discovered the work of Bob Dylan and began approaching his songwriting in a new and more personal style. Ian & Sylvia Tyson, the popular Canadian folk duo, heard Lightfoot performing some of his new material at a club in Toronto, and were impressed enough that they added some of his songs to their repertoire. Ian & Sylvia also brought Lightfoot's songs to the attention of their manager, Albert Grossman, who signed Lightfoot to a management contract. A number of major artists began recording Lightfoot's material, most notably Peter, Paul & Mary (who enjoyed hits with "Early Morning Rain" and "For Lovin' Me") and Marty Robbins (he topped the country charts with "Ribbon of Darkness"). In 1966, Lightfoot signed a recording contract with United Artists Records, and his first solo album, simply called Lightfoot!, earned favorable reviews and was a modest commercial success. Between 1967 and 1969, Lightfoot would record three more studio albums and a live LP for United Artists, and he became a major star in his native Canada, where his albums often spun off hit singles, and he began headlining annually at Massey Hall to sold-out crowds. But in the United States, his songs were best known in recordings by others.

In 1970, after Lightfoot's contract with United Artists ran out, he broke ties with Grossman and signed a new record deal with the Reprise label. Lightfoot's first album for Reprise, Sit Down Young Stranger, boasted a more polished and sophisticated production than his UA material, and it spawned a long-overdue U.S. hit, "If You Could Read My Mind." The single rose to the Top Five of the pop charts, and after the album was retitled If You Could Read My Mind, it reached the Top Ten. While Lightfoot had finally achieved international success, he continued to live and base his operations in Canada, and his next album, 1971's Summer Side of Life, featured several tunes focused on life in his homeland. In 1972, Lightfoot released two albums, Don Quixote and Old Dan's Records, but he was forced to cut back on his touring commitments after he was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. In 1974, he returned with the album Sundown, which included the title tune and "Carefree Highway," both of which became major hit singles, and his next two albums would also feature pop hits -- Summertime Dream included the modern-day folk narrative "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," and Cold on the Shoulder included "Rainy Day People." Lightfoot's United Artists material had been reissued on a regular basis since "If You Could Read My Mind" became a hit, but he'd become disenchanted with the production and performances on his early albums, and the 1975 collection Gord's Gold featured new recordings of ten songs from his days at UA as well as 12 more recent hits. From 1978 onward, Lightfoot's presence on the singles charts began to fade, and while he continued to record and tour regularly, his stardom in the United States declined, though his annual run of shows at Massey Hall confirmed he still had a large and loyal audience at home. Lightfoot also began devoting more time to benefit shows for various charitable concerns, including world hunger and the environment, and he dabbled in acting, starring in the 1982 films Harry Tracy and Desperado, and playing a country singer on the short-lived American television series Hotel in 1988. In 1986, he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Lightfoot began experiencing a creative revival in the '90s, recording two of his best-reviewed albums in decades, 1993's Waiting for You and 1998's A Painter Passing Through, but his career nearly came to a halt in early 2002 when he suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm; he was in a coma for six weeks, and had a three-month stay in the hospital. He survived the illness, and in 2003, he was named a Companion of the Order of Canada, the highest honor the nation bestows on civilians. Early 2004 saw the release of Harmony, an album Lightfoot began working on before he fell ill; by the end of the year, he was back on the road. Lightfoot experienced another health scare in the fall of 2006, when he suffered a minor stroke that cost him some mobility in his right hand, but within six months he was able to play guitar again, and continued to perform on a regular basis. In February 2010, word spread on the Internet that Lightfoot had died, and many Canadian news organizations picked up the story. However, the singer himself happened to hear a news report about it while driving home from a dental appointment, and displaying an admirable sense of humor, contacted a Winnipeg radio station to confirm he was still alive despite reports to the contrary. In 2012, Lightfoot released All Live, a collection of recordings from his many appearances at Massey Hall; it was only his second live album in a career lasting over 40 years. ~ Mark Deming
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Plans Of My Own (Single)

1. Plans Of My Own


Track List: Best Of

1. Early Mornin' Rain

2. Did She Mention My Name

3. Black Day In July

4. Boss Man (Live)

5. The Last Time I Saw Her

6. Song For A Winter's Night

7. Go-Go Round

8. The Way I Feel (Acoustic)

9. I'm Not Sayin'

10. Canadian Railroad Trilogy

11. Leaves Of Grass (Live/Remastered)

12. The Lost Children (Live/Remastered)


Track List: All Live

1. 14 Karat Gold (Live)

2. If You Could Read My Mind (Live)

3. Fine As Fine Can Be (Live)

4. Baby Step Back (Live)

5. Early Morning Rain (Live)

6. Restless (Live)

7. A Painter Passing Through (Live)

8. Rainy Day People (Live)

9. Ringneck Loon (Live)

10. Shadows (Live)

11. Sundown (Live)

12. Carefree Highway (Live)

13. Christian Island (Live)

14. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (Live)

15. Canadian Railroad Trilogy (Live)

16. Let It Ride (Live)

17. Blackberry Wine (Live)

18. Song For A Winter's Night (Live)

19. Old Dan's Records (Live)


Track List: If You Could Read My Mind / Poor Little Allison [Digital 45]

1. If You Could Read My Mind


Track List: Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald / The House You Live In [Digital 45]


Track List: Rhino Hi-Five: Gordon Lightfoot

1. Sundown

2. If You Could Read My Mind

3. Beautiful

4. Carefree Highway

5. Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald


Track List: Harmony

1. Harmony

2. River Of Light

3. Flyin' Blind

4. No Mistake About It

5. End Of All Time

6. Shellfish

7. The No Hotel

8. Inspiration Lady

9. Clouds Of Loneliness

10. Couchiching

11. Sometimes I Wish


Track List: Classic Masters

1. Early Mornin' Rain

2. Ribbon Of Darkness

3. The Way I Feel (Acoustic)

4. I'm Not Sayin'

5. For Lovin' Me

6. Canadian Railroad Trilogy

7. Black Day In July

8. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

9. Bitter Green

10. If I Could

11. Leaves Of Grass (Live)

12. The Lost Children (Live)


Track List: A Painter Passing Through

1. Drifters

2. My Little Love

3. Ringneck Loon

4. I Used To Be A Country Singer

5. Boathouse

6. Much To My Surprise

7. A Painter Passing Through

8. On Yonge Street

9. Red Velvet

10. Uncle Toad Said


Track List: Gordon Lightfoot: The United Artists Collection

Disc 1

1. Rich Man's Spiritual

3. Long River

7. For Lovin' Me

9. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

11. Changes

13. Early Morning Rain

27. Peaceful Waters

29. Walls

31. If You Got It

33. Softly

35. Crossroads

37. A Minor Ballad

39. Go-Go Round

41. Rosanna

43. Home From The Forest

47. Song For A Winter's Night

48. Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Disc 2

1. Wherefor & Why

2. The Last Time I Saw Her

3. Black Day In July

4. May I

9. I Want To Hear It From You

10. Something Very Special

11. Boss Man

12. Did She Mention My Name

13. Long Way Back Home

14. Unsettled Ways

15. Long Thin Dawn

16. Bitter Green

18. Marie Christine

19. Cold Hands From New York

20. Affair On 8th Avenue

21. Don't Beat Me Down

22. The Gypsy

23. If I Could


Track List: Waiting For You

1. Restless

2. Ring Them Bells

3. Fading Away

4. Only Love Would Know

5. Welcome To Try

6. I'll Prove My Love

7. Waiting For You

8. Wild Strawberries

9. I'd Rather Press On

10. Drink Yer Glasses Empty


Track List: Gord's Gold Volume II

1. If It Should Please You

2. Endless Wire

3. Hangdog Hotel Room

4. I'm Not Supposed To Care

5. High And Dry (1998 Version)

6. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (1998 Version)

7. The Pony Man

8. Race Among The Ruins (1998 Version)

9. Christian Island

10. All The Lovely Ladies (1998 Version)

11. Alberta Bound

12. Cherokee Bend

13. Triangle

14. Shadows (1998 Version)

15. Make Way For The Lady (1998 Version)

16. Ghosts Of Cape Horn (1998 Version)

17. Baby Step Back (1998 Version)

18. It's Worth Believin'


Track List: East Of Midnight

1. Stay Loose

2. Morning Glory

3. East Of Midnight

4. A Lesson In Love

5. Anything For Love

6. Let It Ride

7. Ecstasy Made Easy

8. You Just Gotta Be

9. A Passing Ship

10. I'll Tag Along


Track List: Songbook

1. (Remember Me) I'm The One

2. It's Too Late, He Wins

3. For Lovin' Me

4. Early Morning Rain

5. The Way I Feel

6. Steel Rail Blues

7. A Message To The Wind

8. Song For A Winter's Night

9. Canadian Railroad Trilogy

10. Go-Go Round

11. Crossroads

12. You'll Still Be Needing Me

13. The Mountains And Maryann

14. The Last Time I Saw Her

15. Did She Mention My Name

16. Pussywillows, Cat-Tails


Track List: Salute

1. Salute (A Lot More Livin' To Do)

2. Gotta Get Away

3. Whispers Of The North

4. Someone To Believe In

5. Romance

6. Knotty Pine

7. Biscuit City

8. Without You

9. Tattoo

10. Broken Dreams


Track List: Shadows

1. 14 Karat Gold

2. In My Fashion

3. Shadows

4. Blackberry Wine

5. Heaven Help The Devil

6. Thank You For The Promises

7. Baby Step Back

8. All I'm After

9. Triangle

10. I'll Do Anything

11. She's Not The Same


Track List: Dream Street Rose

1. Sea Of Tranquility

2. Ghosts Of Cape Horn

3. Dream Street Rose

4. On The High Seas

5. Whisper My Name

6. If You Need Me

7. Hey You

8. Make Way (For The Lady)

9. Mister Rock Of Ages

10. The Auctioneer


Track List: Endless Wire

1. Daylight Katy

2. Sweet Guinevere

3. Hangdog Hotel Room

4. If There's A Reason

5. Endless Wire

6. Dreamland

7. Songs The Minstrel Sang

8. Sometimes I Don't Mind

9. If Children Had Wings

10. The Circle Is Small


Track List: Summertime Dream

1. Race Among The Ruins

2. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

3. I'm Not Supposed To Care

4. I'd Do It Again

5. Never Too Close

6. Protocol

7. The House You Live In

8. Summertime Dream

9. Sapnish Moss

10. Too Many Clues In This Room


Track List: Gord's Gold

1. I'm Not Sayin' / Ribbon Of Darkness

2. Song For A Winter's Night

3. Canadian Railroad Trilogy

4. Softly

5. For Lovin' Me / Did She Mention My Name

6. Affair On 8th Avenue

7. Steel Rail Blues

8. Wherefore & Why

9. Bitter Green

10. Early Morning Rain

11. Minstrel Of The Dawn

12. Sundown

13. Beautiful

14. Summer Side Of Life

15. Rainy Day People

16. Cotton Jenny

17. Don Quixote

18. Circle Of Steel

19. Old Dan's Records

20. If You Could Read My Mind

21. Cold On The Shoulder

22. Carefree Highway


Track List: Cold On The Shoulder

1. Bend In The Water

2. Rainy Day People

3. Cold On The Shoulder

4. The Soul Is The Rock

5. Bells Of The Evening

6. Rainbow Trout

7. A Tree To Weak To Stand

8. All The Lovely Ladies

9. Fine As Fine Can Be

10. Cherokee Bend

11. Now And Then

12. Slide On Over


Track List: Sundown

1. Somewhere U.S.A.

2. High And Dry

3. Seven Island Suite

4. Circle Of Steel

5. Is There Anyone Home

6. The Watchman's Gone

7. Sundown

8. Carefree Highway

9. The List

10. Too Late For Prayin'


Track List: Don Quixote

1. Don Quixote

2. Christian Island (Georgian Bay)

3. Alberta Bound

4. Looking At The Rain

5. Ordinary Man

6. Brave Moutaineers

7. Ode To Big Blue

8. Second Cup Of Coffee

9. On Susan's Floor

10. The Patriot's Dream

11. Beautiful (cxm)


Track List: Old Dan's Records

1. Farwell To Annabel

2. That Same Old Obsession

3. Old Dan's Records

4. Lazy Morning

5. You Are What I Am

6. Can't Depend On Love

7. My Pony Won't Go

8. It's Worth Believin'

9. Mother Of A Miner's Child

10. Hi'way Songs


Track List: Summer Side Of Life

1. 10 Degrees & Getting Colder

2. Miguel

3. Go My Way

4. Summer Side Of Life

5. Cotton Jenny

6. Talking In Your Sleep

7. Nous Vivons Ensemble

8. Same Old Loverman

9. Redwood Hill

10. Love & Maple Syrup

11. Cabaret


Track List: If You Could Read My Mind

1. Minstrel Of The Dawn

2. Me And Bobby McGee

3. Approaching Lavender

4. Saturday Clothes

5. Cobwebs & Dust

6. Poor Little Allison

7. Sit Down Young Stranger

8. If You Could Read My Mind

9. Baby It's Allright

10. Your Love's Return

11. The Pony Man


Track List: Sunday Concert (Live At Massey Hall, 1969)

1. In A Windowpane (Live)

2. The Lost Children (Live)

3. Leaves Of Grass (Live)

4. I'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness (Live)

5. Apology (Live)

6. Bitter Green (Live)

7. Ballad Of Yarmouth Castle (Live)

8. Softly (Live)

9. Boss Man (Live)

10. P**sy Willows, Cat-Tails (Live)

11. Canadian Railroad Trilogy (Live)


Track List: Back Here On Earth

1. Long Way Back Home

2. Unsettled Ways

3. Long Thin Dawn

4. Bitter Green (1968)

5. The Circle Is Small (1968)

6. Marie Christine

7. Cold Hands From New York

8. Affair On 8th Avenue

9. Don't Beat Me Down

10. The Gypsy

11. If I Could


Track List: Did She Mention My Name

1. Wherefore & Why

2. The Last Time I Saw Her

3. Black Day In July

4. May I

5. Magnificent Outpouring

6. Does Your Mother Know

7. Mountains And Marian

8. Pussywillows, Cat-Tails

9. I Want To Hear It From You

10. Something Very Special

11. Boss Man

12. Did She Mention My Name


Track List: The Way I Feel

1. Walls

2. If You Got It

3. Softly

4. Crossroads

5. A Minor Ballad

6. Go-Go Round

7. Rosanna

8. Home From The Forest

9. I'll Be Alright

10. Song For A Winter's Night

11. Canadian Railroad Trilogy

12. The Way I Feel


Track List: Lightfoot

1. Rich Man's Spiritual

2. Long River

3. The Way I Feel

4. For Lovin' Me

5. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

6. Changes

7. Early Mornin' Rain

8. Steel Rail Blues

9. Sixteen Miles (To Seven Lakes)

10. I'm Not Sayin'

11. Pride Of Man

12. Ribbon Of Darkness

13. Oh, Linda

14. Peaceful Waters


Report as inappropriate
The lyrics to The song "Beautiful" by Gordon are totally awesome
Report as inappropriate
I keep looking for that carefree highway. I made the wrong turn Couldn't fine my way back
Report as inappropriate
Sundown you better take care if I find you've been creepin down on my backstairs
Report as inappropriate
Carefree Highway you've seen better days ..... Let me slip away on you
Report as inappropriate
justinjenny4 9 5
Report as inappropriate
New Lightfoot coming out soon. Can't wait
Report as inappropriate
Pure talent...ama z i n g songwriter.. . . i n c r e d i b l e artist...
Report as inappropriate
If you could read my mind, favorite song ever. yay.
Report as inappropriate
Dear Pandora I like Gordon Lightfoot only I seriously would love to hear more Lobo that's why I'm playing Lobo 's station because I have a beautiful daughter who is blind and doesn't seem to be able to get enough of Lobo as do I myself. So please Pandora give us more of Lobo's songs. I honestly hope that you read our post. Thank you Linda ,
Report as inappropriate
I love this song! I would be happy just to hold the hands I love!
Report as inappropriate
I love this song! I would be happy just to hold the hands I love!
Report as inappropriate
If you could read my mind dear guess what tales my thoughts could tell Thanks love your music Gordon Lightfoot
Report as inappropriate
Wonderful song, brings back many great times.
Report as inappropriate
Favorite song of all time.
Report as inappropriate
I met the man got a ride with him in a little truck out front of cross in the woods nice perm gramps was with me
Report as inappropriate
I took that carefree highway and I regretted ever since
Report as inappropriate
What a great songwriter!
Report as inappropriate
Been a fan since the 70's. So many outstanding songs it's hard to chose the one I like best. I think k "the last time I saw,her" is the most touching. Thank you for blessing us with your music.
Report as inappropriate
I loved listening to Gordon Lightfoot decades ago. Between his rich sounding voice and the meaningful lyrics he writes, his songs are masterpieces . 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' really gets to me -- love the song!
Report as inappropriate
Saw Gord several times in my life, from Avery Fisher Hall in New York to the Garden State Arts Center and the Florida Theater in Jacksonville , Florida. At the Jacksonville concert, someone yelled out Hey Gord do the Wreck of the Fritz Gordon stepped up to the mike and told everybody that it's one song he can never walk away from. Love his music, especially the nautical and maritime injections into a lot of his songs. Thanks for everything over the years Gord!
Report as inappropriate
Don't read this because if you do then savage meat eating squirrels will pluck your eyes out.
Report as inappropriate
I wish the youth of today could be exposed to Gordon's genius.
Report as inappropriate
Awesome song, thanks mom and dad for brining this music into my life
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
My Man Lightfoot Go Lightfoot
Report as inappropriate
justinjenny4 9 5
Report as inappropriate
Clearly, he is Canada's version of Bob Dylan...... Wonderful.
Report as inappropriate
Always thought, and still do, that Ian Tyson did this the best.
Report as inappropriate
I can still see my friend dancing to this in her bikini by the pool side. Yes, we were kool like that. This song takes me back to that sunny day over 35 years ago wow!!
Report as inappropriate
He is the best singer-songw r i t e r of our generation. A truly gifted performer. I have been very fortunate to have met him after concerts on 2 occasions. Both were thrilling for me.
Report as inappropriate
this is what I call real music. thank you Mr. Lightfoot
Report as inappropriate
Edmund Fitzgerald incredible song...still gives me goosebumps many many years later.
Report as inappropriate
I love all the songs relaxing and since I know them all.....I can sing along��
Report as inappropriate
that was so tragic they parished to young tragedy bless there souls for w
Report as inappropriate
I was 17 in '74 when this came out. I could not decide whether I liked this or Joni Mitchells Help Me more. Great time for music.
Report as inappropriate
plindenthale r 2 0 0 4
OMG I love his music. There's just something about the man that makes you look at him while he plays and sings.
Report as inappropriate
justinjenny4 9 5
Report as inappropriate
❤️❤️❤️ it brings back memories of growing up with my husband, we still enjoy his music�������
Report as inappropriate
Meaningful talent.
Report as inappropriate
something about gl's on!
Report as inappropriate
Try this....Goog l e a picture of Gordon Lightfoot and in a new tab google Bryan Cranston.... just trust lol
Report as inappropriate
Good question!
Report as inappropriate
What's a winter noght?
Report as inappropriate
I think that you should mention that Gordon Lightfoot was presented The Order of Canada much like being knighted by the Queen of England by then Governor General Roland Michener. A distinct honor and a very prestigious award.
Report as inappropriate
Mr. Lightfoot was and still is a fantastic singr/songwr i t e r and guitar player. Grew up listening to his music.
Report as inappropriate
My dads brother had a reeltoreel. Garth sang the wreck song verbatim. Never forget.
Report as inappropriate
I can't believe it has been 40 years since The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was all over the radio when it was on the charts. That song and Steve Miller's Fly Like An Eagle were huge the summer of '76.
Report as inappropriate
mysteriousst r a n g e r s 8 6
Report as inappropriate
kathy.boyett e 3 5 9 0
Georgia Lady 63
Love this song begged for the record Christmas of 76 loved it so much almost drove my family crazy, still love it just as much today. Memories. . . .
Report as inappropriate
21 times for each man that died
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