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Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman's most visible contribution to rock music is as lead singer, organist, and songwriter with the Allman Brothers Band, founded by his brother Duane (d. 1971) in 1969. He has never threatened to eclipse the band that carries his family name, but he has found occasional success and popularity with his solo work, which is distinctly different, more soulful and less focused on high-wattage virtuosity.

Allman's instrument is the organ, and he is most effective, when he is in top form, as a singer. His first instrument, ironically enough, was the guitar, and he took it up before his older brother Duane did. But Duane learned it better and quickly eclipsed Gregg. Where Gregg did excel was on the organ and as a singer (a role Duane was never comfortable with), which proved important but not at the center of a group that became famous for its 40-minute instrumental jams and three-hour sets. Through their early efforts, in bands like the Allman Joys and the Hour Glass, they shared the spotlight, with Duane taking the lengthy solos and Gregg fronting the band and offering Booker T. Jones-type keyboard playing. Liberty Records signed the Hour Glass and tried making Gregg into the focus of their efforts during the late '60s, but it never quite worked.

When the Allman Brothers were organized, the flashy (and vital) instrumental moments belonged to his brother and Dickey Betts and, later still, Warren Haynes. Gregg's songs, however, including "Whipping Post" and "Midnight Rider," were among the group's notable originals during its classic period, 1969-1972. Beginning with Brothers and Sisters, Betts' songwriting and singing assumed increasing prominence.

It was during the period that Brothers and Sisters was burning up the charts that Gregg Allman emerged as a solo artist with his first album, the critically well-received hit Laid Back, which put the softer, more serious, soul- and gospel-tinged side of his work in sharper focus. A tour followed, which yielded a live album that was also a success. This first period of solo popularity was interrupted by a combination of professional and personal conflicts; the Allman Brothers Band toured extensively and struggled to come up with a follow-up to Brothers and Sisters, and Gregg Allman began a relationship with Cher, the ex-wife and singing partner of Sonny Bono, which resulted in a tumultuous series of marriages and divorces for the two. These activities were played out amid Allman's well-publicized drug problems, which culminated with his testifying against a band employee in a federal drug case, which, in turn, led to the temporary but extended dissolution of the Allman Brothers Band.

Ironically, it was during this period, in 1977, that he delivered Playin' Up a Storm, a pop-soul effort that proved to be his most accomplished and successful album. Alas, this was to be the peak of his career away from the band. His next two albums, I'm No Angel and Just Before the Bullets Fly, released at the end of the 1980s, were quickly eclipsed by the re-formed and reinvigorated Allman Brothers Band's success on-stage and on record. His 1997 release Searchin' for Simplicity and the double-CD anthology One More Try had none of the urgency or success of the band's activities. In 2009, Australia's Raven Records imprint issued a 19-track, single-disc retrospective, entitled The Solo Years 1973-1997: One More Silver Dollar, that covered the whole of Allman's solo career to that date from his years at Capricorn and Columbia. In 2011, some 14 years after his last solo album, Allman released the T-Bone Burnett-produced Low Country Blues on Rounder Records. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Just Another Rider (Radio Single)


Party on my Rock n Roll fans.. Cheers!
partied w Greg in Sunrise Fla way back
They Call me Stormy Monday. but Tuesday's just as bad. makes more sense now, than 40 years ago.
My late cousin Michael V turned me on to Allmann bros .That was about 25yrs ago I loved ever since .I saw him play in my yard .in Del Mar ca. My back yard faced the fairgrounds I got to here him play it sounded awesome
Ps we brought it back but u still owe my sister a speaker
Had a lot of fun with gregg in bradenton fl 1981 we borrewed the the budwiser truck at the rustynail alex
Midnight Rider - great classic!
it dont get any better'n this
Can't wait to see Gregg this Wednesday in Sarasota! Peace everyone!
Sober and still pumping out soulful great sound. Love this man
i heard this song from a GEICO ad
Not gregg allman .
bad a**, God Blessed.
everytime I hear this song I think of The Devil's Rejects.... makes me want atch it again :)
Don't read this cause it actually will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life.tomorro w will be the best day of your life.however if you don't post this you will die in two you've started reading this so don't stop.this is so scary.put this on at least 5songs in 143 minutes.when don press f6 and your lovers name will come on the screen in big letters.this is scary because it really works.
my all time favorite album,PLAYIN UP A STORM,wore two copies out on vinyl,before cds became available
Everytime I hear this song I think of the SNL bit with Amy Pohler very pregnant in a bar hitting on guys. Anybody else remember that?
Talented like his brother!
Sherry65greg a l l m a n i s g r e a t lovelaidback
little red close your eyes and listen to gregg play the organ on qween of hearts on laid back it will take you away remember its not the brs its the gregg allman band let me know how you like it.
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of you life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you've started reading so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lover's name will come on the screen in big letters. This is so scary because it actually works
They got right a long time ago. ABB- the best damn band in the land!!
krudd, I had the pleasure of seeing Gregg perform a few months ago in Las Vegas. Fear not my blues brother, he still has it. His voice sounds amazing, and his band was excellent. If you get the chance, go see him, it's worth it. But you already knew that.
This bio sucks...I'm sorry, but the Allman Brothers would not have been the Allman Brothers without Gregg's ability to sing the blues. He's been doing that since he was a kid. We all know he went down some dark roads, but it looks like he made it through, and I would go see him tonight if he were playing. Duane was a guitar prodigy, but the bluesy vocals are pure Gregg.
I got one more silver dollar & I'm not gonna let them catch me not gonna let them catch the midnight rider!!! Love this version & Marshall Tucker Band!! Awesome song!! ❌❤❌❤
I'm with sc sweet t - Rovi, usually love your bios, so I'm guessing it's Eder who contributed the poor writing and lame caricature of Greg above. Greg's voice and organ was as much at the heart of the A Bros sound as his brother's guitar. And he was singing with a pure blues voice as a teen - if that's not talent, don't know what is.
carole@ queen of hearts bring it on home sure like to meet you cus you are right on the money about gregg singin the blues dom your self a favor and listen to when a man lovea a woman by gregg allman micheal boltons version sucks
Saw Gregg in San Diego last night... He and his band were FANTASTIC! So much talent in one band!
I was in Aliota's Bar in Buffalo NY the 1st nite the Allman Bros played - thought they were awesome. The next nite- their road Mgr stabbed Mr. Alliota to death, and they left town- it was a sorry nite for all!
@ hearse101 - you never did anything that you still regret? Maybe when you were somewhre between 20-28 years old? If not, you got no point of reference.
I'm happy that he is doing well. A great artist! With all the highs and lows, he hung in and u have to give him credit. But I would bet the farm that he has accepted Jesus as his LORD and SAVIOR. They use to come here to New Orleans, to the warehouse every 4th of July and New Years Eve. It was like 1970 till at least 1973. And I was 15 and got the pleasure of seeing Duanne! He was so gifted. When the rest of the band would take a break, he would stay on stage and keep jamming. We had about 10 fr
\people that live in glass houses should not throw stones
Gregg ol' boy, you're a very talented guy and have led a remarkably exciting life (+/-), but I still think you're road scum for your turning on a brother back then.
sorry i only read your pitiful post and didn't realize u were referring to the bio.
hey sc_sweet_t who the F;'U.C/K r u to judge???
I loved sitting on stage, on top of the speakers in Orlando, Florida. It was the late 60's and early 70's! Can't do that anymore! You were such a part of our life and I still love your music as I did back then!
Met him in a bowling alley bar in Lansing, Mi 1988 I think. Very down to earth, very drunk as was I. Played pool for s**t .
Carrying on in the Allman Bros.traditi o n - - - - a l w a y s great.
Ooooops! My Cross To BEAR
I've seen him at least 5 times and would go tonight if I knew where he is singing...(W h e r e are you, Gregg? I'm just south of Macon!). I'm reading his bio My Cross to Bare and am loving every minute of it, especially with his music playing in the background. He writes with bare-boned honesty and in between the words, you know he is all about the music.
paparestanan c y
Moved south to FtMyers,FL when i was 17 and was bored silly with all the retirees...t h e n i heard the song Midnight Rider and words i was born on a Greyhound Bus going down Highway 41. My world took on a whole new light-
**** MELISSA****
Gregg's instrument is his voice, and that voice was one of the reasons the ABB was so successful. That review should be eclipsed by something more insightful.
yeah, what a pitiful representati o n of a very appealing man....
oncemoretoth e s h o r e
The album artwork for The Solo Years is by far some of the most terrifying portraiture I've seen in a couple years. I just can't help associating it with Deliverance because of that creepy album cover.
Don't know who this sorry cat is that posted Gregg's so-called Bio above, but he obviously needs an education in not only Blue-eyed Soul, but GENUINE blues. Who does he think the MAIN voice of the Allman Bros has been since 1971? So Gregg had some tough times, a lot of phenomenally talented people do... he garnered a lot of his soulful delivery from his pain. Try to concentrate more on the talent, VALIDATED talent and track record (Mr. Bio writer) ... I can tell you right tnow, NOBODY puts a
What about their son? He plays with Cher, no mention of that and where is the album with Hopelessy Miss you?? Great, GREAT song!!
Why is my CCR station feeding me Viagra ads? Curious.
This review sucks, One of the Greatest bands ever. No one sings the blues like Greg Allman
Personally, I think Low Country Blues represents Gregg Allman's best to date. The songs reflect his strengths, strip away the bad boy to reflect the maturity and sense of mortality that kicks in when we hit our 50s+ ages... He still rocks and is sexy as all get out, but with a sense of purpose and passion that I admire. This album has me adding a Gregg Allman concert to my bucket list. Wish I were going to Beacon to see him...
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