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Hank Snow

Canada's greatest contribution to country music, Hank Snow was famous for his "traveling" songs. It's no wonder. At age 12 he ran away from his Nova Scotia home and joined the Merchant Marines, working as a cabin boy and laborer for four years. Once back on shore, he listened to Jimmie Rodgers records and started playing in public, building up a following in Halifax. His original nickname, the Yodelling Ranger, was modified to the Singing Ranger when his high voice changed to the great baritone that graced his hit records. In 1950, the year he became an Opry regular, his self-penned "I'm Moving On" (the first of his many great traveling songs) became a smash hit, reaching number one and remaining there for 21 weeks. "Golden Rocket" (also 1950) and "I've Been Everywhere" (1962), two other hits, show his lifelong love for trains and travel. But he was as much at home with two other styles, the ballad and the rhumba/boogie. Among his many great ballads are "Bluebird Island" (with Anita Carter of the Carter Family), "Fool Such as I," and "Hello, Love," a hit when Snow was 60 years old. Snow appeared regularly on the Opry into the '90s, proving that his incredible voice suffered no loss of quality over the last half-century, as well as what a tasteful, understated guitar stylist he is. With small stature and huge voice, Snow was a country traditionalist who gave much more to the business than he took.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Snow (born Clarence Eugene Snow) moved in with his grandmother when he was eight years old, following the divorce of his parents. Four years later, he re-joined his mother when she re-married, but his stepfather was an abusive, violent man who frequently beat Hank. Tired of the abuse, Snow ran away from home when he was 12 years old, joining a fishing boat. For the next four years, he served as a cabin boy, often singing for the sailors onboard. When he was 16, he returned home, where he began working odd jobs and trying to launch a performing career. His mother had given him a stack of Rodgers records which inspired him greatly. Within a few weeks of hearing Rodgers, Snow ordered a cheap, mail-order guitar and tried to learn his idol's trademark blue yodel. For the next few years, he sang around Nova Scotia before finally mustering the courage to travel to Halifax in 1933. Snow landed a weekly unpaid appearance on CHNS' Down on the Farm, where he was billed as both the cowboy Blue Yodeller and Clarence Snow and His Guitar. The following year, CHNS' chief announcer, Cecil Landry, suggested to Snow that he should change his name to Hank, since it sounded more Western.

Snow continued to perform in Halifax for the next three years, often struggling to get by. The severity of the financial situation was compounded when he married Minnie Aalders in 1936, but the couple was soon relieved when he landed a regular paid program on the network Canadian Farm Hour, billed as Hank the Yodelling Ranger. By the end of the year, Snow had signed a deal with RCA Victor's Montreal branch and recorded two original songs: "The Prsoned Cowboy" and "Lonesome Blue Yodel." The songs were hits, beginning a string of Canadian-only hit singles that ran for the next ten years; during that time, he recorded nearly 90 songs. In the early '40s, he had a regular show on CBC, based in Montreal and New Brunswick. In 1944, he switched to CKCW in New Brunswick. Around that time, he switched his stage name to Hank the Singing Ranger, since his voice had deepened and he could no longer yodel.

Though he had become a star in Canada, the American market remained untapped. Snow tried to break into the U.S.A. several times, playing The Wheeling Jamboree in West Virginia, briefly moving to Hollywood, and performing concerts with his trick pony Shawnee, but he was having no luck finding fans. The problem partially lies with the fact that he was trying to find an audience that wasn't there, since most citizens were concentrating on World War II. Another stumbling block was RCA Records themselves, who refused to let Snow release records in America until he was well-known in the country. By 1948, Snow was singing on The Big D Jamboree in Dallas, TX, where he befriended the honky tonk legend Ernest Tubb. Tubb pulled enough weight at the Grand Ole Opry to get Snow a slot on the show in early 1950, and by that time, RCA had agreed to record him for the American audience.

Snow's American debut single, "Marriage Vow," became a minor hit at the end of 1949, but it fell off the charts after a week. Similarly, his debut appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in January was not well-received, prompting him to consider moving back to Canada. However, those ideas were soon abandoned when his breakthrough arrived in the summer of 1950. That July, "I'm Moving On" began its remarkable ascent up the charts, eventually landing at number one and staying there for a full 21 weeks. In the year after the release of "I'm Moving On," "The Golden Rocket" and "The Rhumba Boogie" both hit number one (the latter staying there for eight weeks), establishing Snow as a genuine star. Between 1951 and the end of 1955, Snow had a remarkable 24 Top Ten hits, including the massive hit single "I Don't Hurt Anymore," which spent 20 weeks at number one in 1954. Snow not only played his trademark traveling songs, but also country boogie, Hawaiian music, rhumbas, and cowboys songs. By the middle of the decade, he was a star not only in the United States and Canada, but throughout the world, gaining a particularly strong following over the years in the United Kingdom.

Around 1954, Snow formed a booking agency with Colonel Tom Parker, who would later become infamous for being Elvis Presley's manager. Indeed, Snow played a formative role in Presley's early career, convincing the Grand Ole Opry to give the singer a chance in 1954. Though Elvis' appearance at the Opry was ill-received, Snow continued to push Presley to move toward country, and Hank was quite upset when Parker took complete control of Elvis' management around 1955. Still, Snow found a way to combat rock & roll -- he recorded some light rockabilly singles himself. "Hula Rock" and "Rockin', Rollin' Ocean" were attempts to capture the beat of rock & roll but diluted with the rhumbas and boogie that made his singles hits during the early '50s. Though he was experimenting with the new genre, he hadn't abandoned country and he continued to regularly chart in the country Top Ten until 1965 with hits like "Big Wheels" (number seven, 1958), "Miller's Cave" (number nine, 1960), "Beggar to a King" (number five, 1961), "I've Been Everywhere" (number one, 1962), and "Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)" (number two, 1963).

During the latter half of the '60s, Snow's career slowed down considerably, as he wasn't able to make the transition to the new, heavily orchestrated country-pop sounds, nor was he able to keep pace with the twangy roll of Bakersfield. Instead, his singles placed in the lower reaches of the charts, while his concerts and Grand Ole Opry appearances continued to be quite popular. It wasn't until 1974 that another monster hit arrived in the form of "Hello Love," which unexpectedly climbed to number one. Instead of sparking a revival, "Hello Love" proved to be a last gasp; between its release in 1974 and 1980, Snow had only two other Top 40 hits, which both arrived the same year as "Hello Love." Despite his declining record sales, his profile remained high through his concerts and several lifetime-achievement awards, including his induction to the Nashville Songwriters International Hall of Fame in 1978 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1979.

In 1981, Snow's recording career ended when RCA dropped him after a 45-year relationship. Snow was very upset with the label's treatment of him, as well as the direction that country music was taking, claiming that "80 percent of today's country music is a joke and not fit to listen to." He was equally angry that country's roots were being diluted by pop and rock production values. Though he never recorded again, Snow remained active in the Grand Ole Opry into the '90s, and he spent a lot of time working for his Foundation for Child Abuse. In the late '80s, Bear Family began a lengthy retrospective of several multidisc box sets that chronicled his entire recording career. In 1994, Snow published his autobiography, The Hank Snow Story. Late the following year, he was stricken with a respiratory illness, yet he recovered in 1996, returning to the Grand Ole Opry in August of that year. Snow died December 20, 1999, at the age of 85. ~ David Vinopal
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: All American Country

1. Marriage Vow

2. I'm Movin On

3. Music Makin' Mama From Memphis

4. I Went To Your Wedding

5. When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon

6. I Don't Hurt Anymore

7. Yellow Roses

8. Stolen Moments

9. Tangled Mind

10. Big Wheels


Track List: We'll Never Say Goodbye

1. My San Antonio Mama

2. The Hobo's Last Ride

3. Lonesome Blue Yodel

4. The Blue Velvet Band

5. Blue For Hawaii

6. Was There Ever A Pal Like You

7. My Little Swiss Maiden

8. We Met In The Hills Of Old Wyoming

9. Someday You'll Care

10. The Texas Cowboy

11. Bluer Than Blue

12. I'll Ride Back To Lonesome Valley

13. Answer To Blue Velvet Band

14. Wanderin' On

15. The Broken Wedding Ring

16. Polka Dot Blues

17. Goodnight Little Buckaroo

18. The Galveston Rose

19. Dream Tide

20. I'm Sending You Red Roses

21. The Rainbow's End

22. We'll Never Say Goodbye


Track List: Wanderin' On - The Best Of The Yodelling Ranger

1. Wanderin' On

2. The Prisoned Cowboy

3. Lonesome Blue Yodel

4. My San Antonio Mama

5. My Little Swiss Maiden

6. The Blue Velvet Band

7. Answer To "The Blue Velvet Band"

8. The Hobo's Last Ride

10. Broken Wedding Ring

11. The Galveston Rose

12. Let's Pretend

13. We'll Never Say Goodbye, Just Say So Long

14. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

15. Blue Ranger

16. Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet

17. Brand On My Heart

18. On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You

19. Linda Lou

20. My Mother

21. My Filipino Rose

22. The Night I Stole Ol' Sammy Morgan's Gin

23. Out On The Open Range

24. Journey My Baby Back Home

25. I Knew That We'd Meet Again


Track List: Legendary

Disc 1

1. I'm Moving On

2. Marriage Vow

3. I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late

4. With This Ring I Thee Wed

5. The Rhumba Boogie

6. The Golden Rocket

7. You Pass Me By

8. Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart

9. The Engineers Child

10. One More Ride

11. Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts (With Anita Carter)

12. Bluebird Island (With Anita Carter)

14. The Highest Bidder

15. The Gold Rush Is Over

16. Why Do You Punish Me

17. Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law

Disc 2

1. Lady's Man

2. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I

3. The Gal Who Invented Kissin'

4. I Went To Your Wedding

5. The Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud

6. Born To Be Happy

7. Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship

8. Spanish Fire Ball

9. For Now And Always

10. Roll Along Kentucky Moon

11. The Next Voice You Hear

12. Would You Mind

13. Stolen Moments

15. Any Old Time

16. I've Forgotten You

Disc 3

1. I Don't Hurt Anymore

2. Yellow Roses

3. Blossoms In The Springtime

4. Miller's Cave

5. Beggar To A King

6. I've Been Everywhere

8. Let Me Go Lover

13. North To Chicago

17. Hello Love


Track List: Down At The Rainbow's End

1. Golden River

2. My Rough And Rowdy Way

3. Little Old Home In New Orleans

4. The Rainbow's End

5. The End Of The World

6. Any Old Time

7. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

8. The Land Of My Boyhood Dreams

9. With This Ring I Thee Wed

10. Bury Me Deep

11. Jealous Heart

12. Born To Lose

13. Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia

14. I'll Never Let You Go, Little Darlin'

15. Brand On My Heart

16. I'll Go On Alone

17. It's Been So Long, Darling

18. The Cowhand's Last Ride

19. Among My Souvenirs

20. San Antonio Rose

21. I'm Movin' On

22. Twelfth Street Rag


Track List: RCA Country Legends: Hank Snow

3. The Golden Rocket

4. Let Me Go, Lover

5. Mississippi River Blues

7. Miller's Cave

9. I Don't Hurt Anymore

11. I Almost Lost My Mind

15. Big Wheels

16. Hello Love


Track List: Blues For My Blue Eyes

1. You Nearly Lose Your Mind

3. Trouble In Mind

6. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

7. Too Many Tears

8. Frankie And Johnny

9. I Almost Lost My Mind

11. Blue Rose Of The Rio

13. Wabash Blues

14. Anniversary Blue Yodel

15. My Blue Eyed Jane

16. My Good Gal's Gone

17. Those Blue Eyes Dont' Sparkle Anymore

18. Ninety-Nine Year Blues

19. Blue Christmas

20. Travellin' Blues

21. Blue Dreams

22. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues


Track List: Best Of The Best

1. I'm Moving On

2. I've Been Everywhere

3. The Rhumba Boogie

4. Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law

5. The Gal Who Invented Kissin'

6. Tangled Mind

7. Conscience I'm Guilty

8. The Golden Rocket

9. Marriage Vow

10. When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon


Track List: Thesaurus Transcriptions

Disc 1

1. Introduction

2. Weary River

3. Bury Me Deep

4. Let's Pretend

6. Golden River

7. Blue Yodel, Number 12

8. I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail

9. Brand On My Heart

10. With This Ring I Thee Wed

11. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

12. Fire On The Mountain

13. Draggin' The Bow

14. Steel Guitar Rag

15. Wabash Blues

16. I'm Movin' On

17. Handcuffed To Love

18. The Convict And The Rose

19. Anniversary Blue Yodel

20. Frankie And Johnny

21. Closed For Repairs

22. The End Of The World

23. I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do

24. Pins And Needles

25. Where Romance Calls

26. The Streamline Cannonball

27. Trouble In Mind

28. The Last Letter

Disc 2

1. Headin' Down The Wrong Highway

2. Lonely

3. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

4. These Tears Are Not For You

5. Jealous Heart

6. Hawaiian Cowboy

7. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

8. Whispering Hope

9. It Is No Secret

10. Molly Darling

11. I'll Remember You, Love, In My Dreams

12. Blue Dreams

13. Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train

14. Lonely River

15. I'll Never Let You Go, Little Darlin'

16. Texas Plains

17. Born To Lose

18. Too Many Tears

19. Travelin' Blues

20. A Faded Rose, A Broken Heart

21. Yodeling Ranger

22. Roll Along Kentucky Moon

23. Zeb Turney's Gal

24. The Sun Has Gone Down On Our Love

25. I Walk Alone

26. Old Shep

27. Mississippi River Blues

28. Linda Lou

Disc 3

1. My Good Gal's Gone

2. Breeze

3. This Cold War With You

4. I Love You Nellie

5. Beautiful Dreamer

6. Twelfth Street Rag

7. Bye Bye Blues

8. Hilo March

9. Orange Blossom Special

10. Beaumont Ride

11. Just When I Needed You

12. Ninety Nine Year Blues

13. My Blue Eyed Jane

14. Yodeling Cowboy

15. The Cannon Ball

16. It's Been So Long Darling

17. The Lover's Farewell

18. You Nearly Lose Your Mind

19. Kentucky Waltz

20. There's A Pony Standing In His Stall

21. Among My Souvenirs

22. Little Old Home Down In New Orleans

23. The Rainbow's End

24. Tragic Romance

25. We'll Never Say Goodbye, Just So Long

26. I'll Go On Alone

27. The Cowhand's Last Ride

28. I Almost Lost My Mind

Disc 4

1. Patanio, The Pride Of The Plains

2. That Heart Belongs To Me

3. Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia

4. Alabama Jubilee

5. Farewell Blues

6. In An Old Dutch Garden

7. Sally Goodin'

8. Arkansas Traveler

9. A Petal From A Faded Rose

10. It's A Sin

11. Wedding Bells

12. At Mail Call Today

13. Those Blue Eyes Don't Sparkle Anymore

14. Have I Stayed Away Too Long

15. San Antonio Rose

16. Each Minute Seems A Million Years

17. Blue Steel Blues

18. Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away

19. Blue Rose Of The Rio

20. My Wubba Dolly

21. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues

22. The Land Of My Childhood Dreams

23. The Wreck Of The Old '97

24. My Life With You

25. The One Rose, That's Left In My Heart

26. I'm Coming Home-Song Of The Saddle

27. Easter Parade

28. Peter Cottontail

Disc 5

1. My Rough And Rowdy Ways

2. Sing Me A Song Of The Islands

3. Little Joe

4. White Christmas

5. Blue Christmas

6. Making Believe

7. Any Old Time

8. Never No' Mo' Blues

9. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

10. Katy Hill [Instrumental]

11. Put Your Arms Around Me

13. San Antonio Rose [Instrumental]

15. Do Right Daddy Blues

16. As Long As I Live

17. Poison Love

18. Loose Talk

19. The Waltz You Saved For Me

20. Memories Are Made Of This

21. I Really Don't Want To Know

22. The Wayward Wind

23. Chant Of The Wanderer

24. Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet [Instrumental]

25. When You And I Were Young, Maggie [Instrumental]

26. Sentimental Journey [Instrumental]

27. The Birth Of The Blues [Instrumental]

28. Outroduction


Track List: I'm Movin On And Other Great Country Hits

1. I'm Movin' On

2. Marriage Vow

3. The Rhumba Boogie

4. With This Ring I Thee Wed

5. Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts

6. The Golden Rocket

8. Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart

9. Wreck Of The Old 97

10. Silver Bell

11. I Don't Hurt Anymore

12. Music Makin' Mama From Memphis

13. My Mother

14. Would You Mind

16. The Gold Rush Is Over

17. The Gal Who Invented Kissin'

18. Let Me Go Lover

19. Spanish Fire Ball

20. One More Ride


Track List: Best Of The Radio Broadcasts

1. You Nearly Lose Your Mind

3. I Love You Nellie

5. Molly Darling

6. Just When I Needed You

9. Handcuffed To Love

11. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

12. At Mail Call Today

14. Never No Mo' Blues

15. Linda Lou

16. Old Shep

18. Memories Are Made Of This

20. The Sun Has Gone Down On Our Love

25. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

27. Blue Yodel, Number 12

28. Each Minute Seems A Million Years


Track List: Countrypolitan Classics - Hank Snow

1. I'll Tell The Whole World That I Love You

3. I'm Moving On

7. We'll Never Say Goodbye

12. Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship

13. The Gal Who Invented Kissin'

18. Within This Broken Heart Of Mine

19. Nobody's Child

20. Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart

22. Lonesome Blue Yodel

23. Yellow Roses

25. The Gold Rush Is Over

26. Lady's Man

30. A Message From The Tradewinds

31. The Galveston Rose

32. He'll Understand And Say Well Done

34. I Went To Your Wedding

39. The Night I Stole Ol' Sammy Morgan's Gun

40. Wanderin' On

41. I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye

42. My Two-Timin' Woman

44. The Prisoned Cowboy

45. Someday You'll Care

46. Spanish Fire Ball


Track List: Diamond Master Series: Hank Snow

3. The Gold Rush Is Over

4. Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts

5. Would You Mind

7. I Went To Your Wedding

8. I'm Moving On

9. Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law

11. Stolen Moments

12. The Gal Who Invented Kissin'

16. My Blue Eyed Jane

17. Blossoms In The Springtime

18. I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late

19. On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You

20. I Knew That We'd Meet Again


Track List: I've Been Everywhere

5. On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You

11. My Filipino Rose


Track List: Railroad Man

4. The Streamline Cannonball


Track List: The Singing Ranger

1. Honeymoon On a Rocket Ship (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

2. The Engineer's Child (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

3. Ben Dewberry's Final Run (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

4. Born to Be Happy (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

5. The Gold Rush Is Over (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

6. I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

7. I Went to Your Wedding (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

8. The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

9. Just a Faded Petal from a Beautiful Bouquet (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

10. Somewhere Along Life's Highway (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)

11. I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye (feat. The Rainbow Ranch Boys)


Track List: The Very Best Of

1. Bye Bye Blues

2. Easter Parade

3. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

4. Lonely

5. My Rough And Rowdy Ways

6. Farewell Blues

7. Wedding Bells

8. Steel Guitar Rag

9. Poison Love

10. Sing Me A Song Of The Islands

12. The Convict And The Rose

14. Fire On The Mountain

15. Orange Blossom Special

16. Beaumont Ride

18. Yodeling Ranger

19. It's A Sin

21. Blue Christmas

22. The Cannon Ball

23. I'm Coming Home - Song Of The Saddle

24. The Wreck Of The Old '97

26. Peter Cottontail

27. The Waltz You Saved For Me

28. I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail

29. Beautiful Dreamer

33. I Walk Alone

34. Frankie And Johnny

36. White Christmas

37. Alabama Jubilee

39. Hawaiian Cowboy

40. Do Right Daddy Blues


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80 percent of today's country music is a joke and not fit to listen to. I'll certainly agree with that. Closer to 99% of what's called country causes me physical pain. I only discovered this older stuff recently and was astonished to find it was called country and that I liked it.
Report as inappropriate
He is in the Hall of Fame.
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He should have a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame!
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I have been a Hank Snow fan years along with George and Johnny with Willie and Waylon. I call the new country music country pop. There is nothing like Hank Snow and the early country and western music
Jimmy from Texas
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Love his voice....he can sing anything...
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ravendavenpo r t 2
1.Kiss your left hand
2.Say your crushes name
3.Close your hand. 4.Say a weekday
5.Say your name
6.Open hand
7.Repost this on 15 songs and your crush will say they like you on the weekday you siad
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Hank Snow, he is in my Country Music listening, since I was a lad
Report as inappropriate
I also dislike new country,,, but I like almost every other genre of music
Report as inappropriate
Love listening to this stuff and I'm only 15 years old,,,, hank williams, Marty robbins, Johnny cash, Johnny paycheck, Johnny horton, Chuck berry and Ben e king are some of my favorites. Thanks grandma n GPA and dad
Report as inappropriate
Love you mom an dad left the bought a box of records at auction.ther e was several hank snows.what a find.been listening to hank ever 60 yrs.old now
Report as inappropriate
HANK SNOW/ My Good Girls Gone, great to hear some of the oldies. Remember, another Hank Thom...can't spell, Ernest Tub, Justin Tub, Web Pearce,, Ray Price. Spelling probably off on Web & Ray ( or more)!

Report as inappropriate
HANK SNOW -- BLUE FOR BLUE EYES album. My good gal's Gone.

The oldies are still great, they never get old. Like George, Willie, Waylon, Merle etc. let's not allow them to be referred as oldies.
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13 days, no more comments? Right now " I'm Moving on" is playing. I'm keeping track, let's hear more different ones on this album.Hank Snow was one of the greatest for his time, just like Hank Williams!
Report as inappropriate
Hank Snow! What a pleasant surprise I haven't heard him in ages. Wow, it makes me glad to know a few of us from the beginning are still out there. How about Hank Thompson? Ernest Tub?
Report as inappropriate
Hard life. Historic Greatness! Him and Hank senior are the original roots of country and will live forever.
Report as inappropriate
Hank was my favorite country singer. I liked his songs of tradegy. They would bring tears to your eyes. His songs told a story.
Report as inappropriate
I sang "I've Been Everywhere in a concert in 3rd grade.
Report as inappropriate
Love his voice & songs, yes, I have some requests, " Hello Love " & that later group of songs he sang that were splendid! Thank You Canada!! Great country and equally amazing people. I take lower flight time trips or swap in order to layover in Canada, especially the western province's!
Report as inappropriate
One of the greatest of all time. Today's country is mostly crud!
Report as inappropriate
People forget how utterly amazing it was for someone who endured the horrible childhood, if one can call it by that name, to rise out of those circumstance s and teach themselves such superb singing & instrumental skills. That amazing guitar player was Hank Snow & he taught himself.
Report as inappropriate
Canada has given us so much! The best singers and songwriters for those of us who appreciate great country music .Our Northern neighbors are lovely people who behave like the polite Southerners with whom I spent my entire life! Thank you . .
Report as inappropriate
Thank you Canada! You gave us a class act!!
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I love Silver Bells so much. Almost has an alpine feel to it. Well, those are mountains.
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please god bring back country music
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Hank Snow was one of the strongest, most loved and admired musicians I've ever known ... I've been an advertising rep. for many years, several w/TNN-The Nashville Network ... We met backstage at the "CMA" ... I'm traveling down memory lane as I share!!!
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A true country gentleman.Ki n g of ballads in 4620's.
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Hank Snow, one of the best!
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I loved hank snow since I was 10 I'm now 72 and still miss and love his music
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Whu doe this show up on my DUBSTEP station????
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Rocky-Saw Hank perform from the top of a drive-in movie projection booth near Gettysburg,P a where I was a student circa 1955. Never was exposed to country music as a kid from N.Y. but really enjoyed his music esp. Movin On
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Hank snow was a good singer best know for 1950s songs died 1999
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You know nothing, Hank Snow.
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I remember seeing Hank Snow perform at a country music show hosted by Don Larkin, DJ at WAAT in New Jersey, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in Brooklyn, NY in the mid fifties. Other artists included Marvin Rainwater, Faron Yound, Stringbean, and Stony Cooper and Wilma Lee. What a treat it was...
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I don't know why this version of Orange Blossom Special is on the Hank Snow page. This is somebody else.
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Hank Williams,Kit t y Wells,Hank Snow just to name a few of the old singers i love.
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I met Hank in the 70s at the Lone star ranch in reeds ferry New Hampshire, he was always my Hero , I worked for hours on the gutair run on my nova scotia home till I got it note for note, the wreck of the old 97 was my first song I can remember, when my class mates were into the Beatles I was into Hank Snow, Thanks Hank!!!
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God I love this music. Hank Williams, hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, Kitty Wells. Give me cold chills.
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Great-- just love these old performers and their songs.
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I am in my mid 50's. I grew up on Hank Snow because he was my father's favorite artist. I love him and know most of his songs. You can understand what he says and he is not drowned out by insrumentals . County might as well be the sixty's rock & roll. Even CCC is more understandab l e than today's country.
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In between your favorite songs Log on to my site at: www.poetrypo e m . c o m / p o e t r y 3 8 7 8
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still love to hear his music, very nice biograhy
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I Love his "Golden Rocket" and think about the words to the song at work; when I do it makes me laugh as I know what he's singing about.
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I have always been a Hank Snow fan and believe there are songs that could only be sung by him.
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Hank snow one of the alltime greats
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Hank Snow has always been my favorite country singer. I was privileged to see him in action at the Grand Ole Opry in 1987.
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One of the old time best.
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