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Sounding like a revamped Jackson 5 for the '90s, Hanson came storming out of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1997, blessed with photogenic looks and a surprisingly infectious sense of melody. Hanson had a sunny pop sense that stood in direct contrast to the gloomy grunge that had dominated the first half of the '90s, yet they also arrived with hip credentials -- a handful of the cuts on their debut were produced by the Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys, Beck, Sukia), and the rest were produced by Steve Lironi, who helmed Black Grape's debut. Along with the hip production, the record was comprised of songs co-written by the band with professional songwriters like Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil and Desmond Child. It had the sound of a hip recording and the craft of professional pop record, making Middle of Nowhere the best of both worlds.

Hanson was certainly reminiscent of an earlier era, namely the early '70s, when teens could rule the top of the charts. Like the Jackson 5, the Cowsills, and the mythological Partridge Family, all of the members of Hanson were brothers. Isaac, aged 16 at the time of their debut, played guitar; 13-year-old Taylor sang lead and played keyboards; drummer Zac was 11 years old. As children in Tulsa, they sang around the dinner table, usually '50s and '60s rock and R&B standards and gospel songs. Eventually, the group began playing around Tulsa, performing at local festivals, at school, and around town. The brothers first attempted to break into the music industry around 1992, when they approached music attorney Christopher Sabec and sang a cappella for him. Impressed with their talents, he became their manager and began shopping them to major labels.

Between 1992 and 1995, five labels passed on Hanson. The group decided to release a pair of indie records while waiting, starting with 1995's pop-filled Boomerang. Following that album's release, Hanson began playing their own instruments, which strengthened their writing considerably, as shown on the single "MMMBop," which signaled that they were moving toward a fresher, hip-hop- and soul-influenced direction. The group signed with Mercury Records on the strength of "MMMBop," and they were hooked up with producer Steve Lironi, who helped the band with arrangements. Over the next year, the group worked on their album with a variety of collaborators, including co-writers like Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, Desmond Child, and Mark Hudson; nine of the 13 tracks on the final album featured contributions from professional writers. They also recorded a handful of tracks with the Dust Brothers, who were riding high on the success of Beck's Odelay.

Prior to the spring 1997 release of their debut album, Middle of Nowhere, Mercury put the publicity machine in full gear, hiring Tamara Davis (Sonic Youth, Luscious Jackson) to direct the video for "MMMBop" and courting the press and radio. The efforts worked, as "MMMBop" debuted at number 13 on the U.S. charts upon its April release, and the album earned positive reviews and multi-platinum sales. Hanson became major teen idols, and as the holidays approached, they issued the Christmas-themed LP Snowed In. The streak of album releases continued in 1998, when the brothers reissued their earlier independent recordings as Three Car Garage, and also released a concert album, Live from Albertane.

Following that flurry of activity, Hanson remained largely silent while they worked on a proper follow-up to Middle of Nowhere; in the meantime, thanks in part to Hanson's breakout success, teen pop acts like Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and *NSYNC came to dominate the pop landscape. Hanson finally emerged in the spring of 2000 with This Time Around, a more mature, measured record that represented a bid for credibility outside their primarily teenage audience; featuring guest spots from Jonny Lang and Blues Traveler's John Popper, the album also reflected the new influence of rockers like Matchbox Twenty. The record didn't make much of an impression on the charts, however, setting the stage for a departure from their label during the recording of their third album.

Following their separation from Island, Hanson set up their own 3CG label and released Underneath in April 2004. Songwriting collaborations with Matthew Sweet and Gregg Alexander built on the mature sound of This Time Around. With teen pop behind them, the band shifted their audience to something more grassroots and indie pop by completely financing the marketing of Underneath in the U.S. and supporting the release of the album with straight-ahead, no-frills shows at various colleges. Upon release, the album entered the Billboard Independent Chart at number one and was soon picked up by Cooking Vinyl in the U.K., JVC in Japan, Univision in Mexico, and Sony in Southeast Asia. The success of the album put the group on a whirlwind tour: 25 cities across 13 countries in just over four weeks, including a sold-out show at London's famed Shepherd's Bush Empire. While the band was traveling the globe playing to larger and larger crowds, the DVD Underneath Acoustic Live was released, featuring a Chicago show from their more up-close-and-personal 2003 acoustic tour. Their 2004 tour was captured on The Best of Hanson Live and Electric, released in both CD and DVD formats in 2005.

Throughout the course of their 2005 tour, Hanson stopped at various colleges throughout the States to showcase and discuss Strong Enough to Break, a documentary about their time with Island Def Jam. The film's critical take on the label -- and the music industry in general -- took its toll when Island released a Hanson comp, MMMBop: The Collection, in late 2005; the album flopped, and Hanson's fans criticized Island for releasing the disc. The band rounded out the year by touring Europe and South America, and in the summer of 2006 Hanson traveled to South Africa to record a track, "Great Divide," with a school choir in Soweto. The single was released later that year, and the proceeds were donated to AIDS research.

Hanson dove deeper into charity work with their next album, The Walk. During the accompanying tour, the brothers began taking mile-long barefoot walks before every show, encouraging their fans to do the same. The experience was meant to imitate the walks taken by African school children each day, and every mile walked resulted in more charitable donations for Africa. Isaac Hanson underwent surgery in late 2007 for pulmonary embolism; the tour was suspended accordingly, although it resumed its pace after his recovery in mid-2008. That same year, Taylor joined the supergroup Tinted Windows alongside members of Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne, and Smashing Pumpkins. The band released an album in 2009 and toured briefly, but Taylor had returned to the recording studio with his brothers before the year was up. Hanson emerged early the following year with their eighth studio album, Shout It Out. The album performed respectably, debuting at 30 on the Billboard 200, and the group supported it with numerous shows that stretched well into 2012. By that point, the group was working on their next album, Anthem, which appeared on June 18, 2013. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Anthem

1. Fired Up

2. I've Got Soul

3. You Can't Stop Us

4. Get The Girl Back

5. Juliet

6. Already Home

7. For Your Love

8. Lost Without You

9. Cut Right Through Me

10. Scream And Be Free

11. Tragic Symphony

12. Tonight

21. Save Me From Myself


Track List: Get The Girl Back (Radio Edit) (Single)

1. Get The Girl Back (Radio Edit)


Track List: Shout It Out

1. Waiting For This

2. Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin'

3. Kiss Me When You Come Home

4. Carry You There

5. Give A Little

6. Make It Out Alive

7. And I Waited

8. Use Me Up

9. These Walls

10. Musical Ride

11. Voice In The Chorus

12. Me Myself And I


Track List: The Walk

1. Intro (Ngi Ne Themba)

2. Great Divide

3. Been There Before

4. Georgia

5. Watch Over Me

6. Running Man

7. Go

8. Fire On The Mountain

9. One More

10. Blue Sky

11. Tearing It Down

12. Something Going Round

13. Your Illusion

14. The Walk

15. Got A Hold On Me (Live Acoustic)

16. I've Been Down (Live Acoustic)

17. Something Going Round (Live Acoustic)


Track List: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Hanson

1. MMMBop (Single Version)

2. Where's The Love (Radio Edit)

3. I Will Come To You (Dance Remix)

4. Weird (South Beach Mix)

5. Thinking Of You (Dust Brothers Mix)

6. A Minute Without You

7. This Time Around (US Radio Edit)

8. If Only (UK Radio Mix)

9. Runaway Run

10. You Never Know

11. Wake Up

12. What Christmas Means To Me


Track List: Underneath

1. Strong Enough To Break

2. Dancin In The Wind

3. Penny & Me

4. Underneath

5. Misery

6. Lost Without Each Other

7. When You're Gone

8. Broken Angel

9. Deeper

10. Get Up And Go

11. Crazy Beautiful

12. Hey

13. Believe


Track List: This Time Around

1. You Never Know

2. If Only

3. This Time Around

4. Runaway Run

5. Save Me

6. Dying To Be Alive

7. Can't Stop

8. Wish That I Was There

9. Love Song

10. Sure About It

11. Hand in Hand

12. In The City

13. A Song to Sing


Track List: 3 Car Garage


Track List: Live From Albertane

1. Gimme Some Lovin'/Shake A Tail Feather (Live, Albertane 1998)

2. Where's The Love (Live, Albertane 1998)

3. River (Live, Albertane 1998)

4. I Will Come To You (Live, Albertane 1998)

5. Ever Lonely (Live, Albertane 1998

6. Speechless (Live, Albertane 1998)

7. With You In Your Dreams (Live, Albertane 1998)

8. A Minute Without You (Live, Albertane 1998)

9. Money (That's What I Want) (Live, Albertane 1998)

10. More Than Anything (Live, Albertane 1998)

11. MMMBop (Live, Albertane 1998)

12. Man From Milwaukee (Live, Albertane 1998)


Track List: Middle Of Nowhere

1. Thinking Of You

2. MMMBop

3. Weird

4. Speechless

5. Where's The Love

6. Yearbook

7. Look At You

8. Lucy

9. I Will Come To You

10. A Minute Without You

11. Madeline

12. With You In Your Dreams


Track List: Stand Up Stand Up EP

1. These Walls (Acoustic)

2. Carry You There (Acoustic)

3. Use Me Up (Acoustic)

4. Waiting For This (Acoustic)

5. World's On Fire


Report as inappropriate
I love them so much they're my favorite pop band my favorite is zac hanson he is so cute
Report as inappropriate
I love you so much better now bothers Jonas
Report as inappropriate
I love this song and the movie
Report as inappropriate
I love always have loved this song, totally awesome!
Report as inappropriate
This band is a legend as far as I am concerned! Fan for 20 yrs and for life! Amazing musicians which you dont see amymore.... Completely and ridiculously underrated WHAT HAPPENED?? How come Backstreet and Nsync can be popstars and legends????
Report as inappropriate
This was my sisters favorite pop band.. Im just memorizing my past.. Im happy now
Report as inappropriate
I just realized that Taylor Hanson's son attends my school... And that I've seen Taylor himself a few times. Until today I just knew him as "Ezra's dad". It's a small world.
Report as inappropriate
Don't try this because it actually works. Instead of skipping the next Hanson song, listen to it. You'll enjoy it.
Report as inappropriate
It brings memory of my childhood my favorite song is mmmpo by Hanson (:
Report as inappropriate
my favorite hanson song is pooping with mom
Report as inappropriate
My favorite song is mmmpop by hason
Report as inappropriate
Hanson is cool, just like my cat...who has funky, white fur which sticks to my pants which are brownish-red , like syrup, which I put on my pancakes this morning at 5am before I went jogging down my road while I watched the was super cold, like my freezer which has food in it. The food is cool because it's in the freezer. That's why Hanson is cool
Report as inappropriate
I've been a fan since 1996. Finally got to meet the band in September. After being a fan for 18years it was the happiest moment of my entire life! They are so sweet! Can't wait for the next tour!!!
Report as inappropriate
I finally saw Hanson for the first time in October! It was well worth the wait. If you haven't heard anything they have done in a while (or ever) I suggest giving them a good listen. You may just be pleasantly surprised. I overheard several others after the show, including guys who were not fans and really liked the show. Follow me if you'd like!
Report as inappropriate
Kiss your left hand say your crushes name 3 times close your left hand say a day of the week say your name post in 15 other songs and your crush will ask you out
Report as inappropriate
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However If you don't post this you will die in two days. Now you've started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in 143 minutes when done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary because it works!
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lanciecrumpt o n
I absolutely love their music - they've quite literally become the soundtrack to my life (I'm sure I'm not the only one, right Fansons?!). I have nothing but love and respect for these guys who not only write & perform, but now produce their own music - and do it without a curse word or a questionable topic in any of their songs. In a time when there's nothing but garbage on the radio, these guys are a breath of fresh air. (Proud Fanson since Middle of Nowhere!!)
Report as inappropriate
Fanson always
Report as inappropriate
Dont read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of you life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you dont post this you will die in 2 days. Now you started reading so dont stop. This is so scary put this on 5 songs in 143 minutes when done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary because it actually works!
Report as inappropriate
Underrated band I think
Report as inappropriate
Hanson is a great singer!!
Report as inappropriate
I have been a fan since the very beginning, it was hard in Jr high and High school because people were really mean to me about it. Telling me that I was better off dead, then being a fan, but I NEVER wavered, and I am glad I didn't, they make the best music, and it speaks directly to my soul,. Not too many artists out there can do that. Thanks Ike, Tay, and Zac for never giving up on your music, and helping me see that I shouldn't give up on me. Forever a HansonAngel
Report as inappropriate
I love Hanson!! Always have! A fan since '97! Check out their new songs on www.hanson.n e t on YouTube, facebook and Twitter. I love Give A Little for their new album Shout It Out!!
Report as inappropriate
I'm 14 and I've never heard of Hanson until I saw the video to this on MTV Hits . I'm so in love with it now . I missed out on such great music
Report as inappropriate
Hanson fan ALWAYS!
Report as inappropriate
Just an FYI--this particular version of Thinking of You is actually on Middle of Nowhere, not 3 Car Garage. Please to be fixing, Pandora!
Report as inappropriate
best Hanson song ever!
Report as inappropriate
superaudioch i c k
I am 30 years old and still love every song these men produce! I have been a fan since their world debut and probably will be until they retire and beyond. Who else could put break up lyrics to a rockin' beat and have you boppin' along? They are so innovative and creative, totally beyond their time, everytime. I respect their drive, creativity, and determinatio n for what they love to do. Keep the wonderful music coming, guys, we need it! Have you heard the junk on standard radio today? Yuk
Report as inappropriate
Loving it since 97!
Report as inappropriate
This version of MMMBOP actually came from their 1997 album Middle of Nowhere. Someone should fix that.
Report as inappropriate
alicia.thors t e i n s o n
Love hanson!
Report as inappropriate
I remember listening to MMMbop when I was little, now everytime I hear it I feel like a kid again. Then, I fell in love with the rest of their songs. I would kill to see them in concert. HaNsOn!!
Report as inappropriate
Not only are they awesome musicians, but they are the nicest people. I will be a fan for life.
Report as inappropriate
Great show in Pittsburgh, PA lastnight! It's been a great 20 years of wonderful music.
Report as inappropriate
lanciecrumpt o n
Proud Fan since Middle of Nowhere - like a fine wine, they just get better with time!
Report as inappropriate
I am proud Hanson fan !!!!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Just saw them for the 9th time last week and it def won't be my last show. I am a PROUD Fanson. I've waited in rain, wind, and bitter cold to see them from the front row and I'd do it again tomorrow. I of course get the friends who make fun of me and constantly quote MMMBop lyrics and I just simply say, Real funny cause Ive never heard that before! It's no guilty pleasure to me, Hanson is what real music sounds like... musicians now just are in it for the fame and money and usually the music sou
Report as inappropriate
I love Hanson!!!! Have loved them since day one!!! I love their new stuff, but will forever listen to MMMbop:)
Report as inappropriate
I Love Them HANSON FAN!!!
Report as inappropriate
I am proud Hanson fan. I saw them a few years ago in concert and I must say they have some of the most dedicated fans around. I stood in the ran with around 75 other Hanson fans to go on The Walk with them. It was a very uplifting exsperience. They are talented men and I hope that more people will move past their MMMBOP days and relialize that they have grown and matured and so has their music. HANSON Fan for Life!!
Report as inappropriate
Hanson's #1 fan, young artist Siobhan Magnus--who fans will recognize performed with Hanson last year--has recently released her first single, Black Doll. Help support Hanson's biggest supporter: http://www.y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = 2 8 P j 8 F A O 5 B A
Report as inappropriate
Hanson is AMAZING!!!! One complaint: this bio makes it sound like they are dead, or at least no longer making music. Last time I checked, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac ARE STILL brothers. I should know. I'm going to their concert in a couple weeks!! They are also still making albums!! I have their newest one in my collection!!
Report as inappropriate w b a l l
Positive reviews that don't attempt to hold Hanson hostage in 1997 really make my day! Their sound has indeed grown and matured over the years, as has their fan base - but they have no desire to distance themselves from the songs / THE song that earned the world's attention nearly 15 years ago. I love that they still play MMMBop at every single show as a gesture of gratitude and recognition to their devoted fans, and I love that they are so relatable! Truly a class act.
Report as inappropriate
I love hanson now and forever!
Report as inappropriate
They are also my "guilty pleasure" band. I grew up in Tulsa and was very happy to hear them when "Nowhere" debuted in 1997. Yeah, they are one of those bands that have been off as much as they have been on, but when they come back on they do so in a big way: Shout It Out has some great singles on it.

If you are a "on the fence" fan, check out their latest live DVD, "5 On 5". It's a compilation of a 5-day tour they did that featured one of their albums each day. It is incredible!
Report as inappropriate
scurryprince s s 1 3
I have nothing to be ashamed of. Just because others are small minded and deaf doesn't mean I have to be. people still laugh at me for listening to them and they proceed to attempt to quote MmmBop lyrics... same ol same ol. Some people just follow the crowd and wouldn't know good music if they heard it. they would rather listen to fake artist who don't even write their own music and they dance around with mics and act retarded and gain millions of fans and no one is ashamed to say they were a Sp
Report as inappropriate
Tulsa is my Graceland! :) I've grown up with Hanson and they're still my favorite band to this day. Sadly, 98% of the world discredits thier talent, drive, and ambition, based on a single track (MMMBop) produced more than 10 years ago. I don't tell anyone that hanson is my favorite band unless they promise not laugh at me...if they do I make them watch their documentary Strong Enough to Break.
Report as inappropriate
I have grown up with hanson. <3
Report as inappropriate
this is my dont tell anyone i still listen to band. ill never get over them. i love em
Report as inappropriate
i've been a fan for over 10 years and im finally seeing them live at the lincoln theater ir raleigh at the end of this month!!! im so excited, love hanson.
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