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At one point in the mid-'70s, Horslips seemed poised to become Ireland's answer to Steeleye Span. But they also had a shot at being the next Jethro Tull (only a better hard rock outfit), or maybe Genesis, or even Yes in their folkier moments. Those events never quite happened, but Horslips released half-a-dozen superb albums along the way, becoming Ireland's most acclaimed folk-rock and progressive band.

Horslips were founded in Dublin in 1970 as a quintet playing a brand of folk-based rock music whose only parallel could be found in the early work of Fairport Convention, who themselves had only been together for two or three years. Where Fairport freely mixed British and American folk and folk-rock traditions, however, Horslips drew on their distinctly Irish roots, and were capable of playing straight folk material when the moment called for it, but weren't afraid to turn it up loud and hard, in the best art rock style, on the right songs.

Depending on the moment, Barry Devlin (bass, vocals), John Fean (lead guitar, vocals), Eamonn Carr (drums, vocals), Charles O'Connor (violin, mandolin, vocals), and Jim Lockhart (flute, tin whistle, keyboards, vocals) sounded a bit like either Genesis or Jethro Tull, and actually had stronger original material to draw from than Tull did. Fean, in particular, was equally good at playing soft folk-like passages and loud, ringing electric runs on his instrument, and could easily have held his own in a guitar duel with Martin Barre or Steve Howe, among others. But where Tull (after their first album) became exclusively a vehicle for Ian Anderson's wildman flute antics and complex, pretentious, satiric, and scatological lyrical conceits, Horslips, until their final years, had ample room for each player to show what he did best, and no single member dominated the group. They spent three years gigging constantly in Dublin, tightening and honing their sound to a fine point, and formed their own record company, OATS, to produce and release their debut album, Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part, in 1973.

That first album, with its mixture of traditional Irish folk instruments and a hard art rock sound recalling the Genesis of Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot, outsold the work of many established acts in Ireland, and led to a distribution deal with RCA and tours of England and Continental Europe. With the release of their second album, The Tain -- a concept album built on Irish mythological sources -- in 1973, Horslips began finding an audience on the other side of the Atlantic as well. Their third album, Dancehall Sweethearts (1974), brought them to the United States and Canada on tour, and they followed this up with The Unfortunate Cup of Tea (1975). Neither of these albums was quite as strong as the first two, and both revealed more of a modern rock sound in their music and songwriting. The bandmembers returned to Ireland to take stock of who and what they were and what kind of music they would do.

Horslips returned to their roots with a Christmas album entitled To Drive the Cold Winter Away, released in 1976, which was recorded entirely on acoustic instruments. This record put them back in the center of the folk-rock boom of the '70s, compared favorably with such English electric folk acts as Steeleye Span (with whom they toured) and Fairport Convention. Additionally, as an Irish electric folk-rock band, even though they weren't overtly political, Horslips hooked into the audience of younger Irish-Americans during a period of wide, new ethnic consciousness-raising brought about by the renewed strife in Northern Ireland. They were no more than a cult phenomenon in the U.S., never remotely as popular as the Chieftains (who had a decade's head start and a ton of soundtrack appearances to promote their work), even with Atlantic Records releasing their mid-'70s albums, but it was a bigger cult than they would have had in the late '60s.

In England and Ireland, however, Horslips were a highly successful act, sufficiently popular to justify cutting a double-live album that perfectly captured their repertoire of this period, if not their sound. The group's next studio record, The Book of Invasions (1977), subtitled "A Celtic Symphony," was, like The Tain, inspired by Irish mythology, this time the story of Tuatha De Danann's conquest of ancient pre-Christian Ireland. Released by Dick James' DJM label (which also picked up their earlier albums in England, as Atlantic had in America), this album marked their only entry on the British charts at number 39, and also found a dedicated audience in progressive and folk-rock circles in America. It was an enviable string of releases, but one that they couldn't sustain. Their next album, Aliens, dealing with the lot of the Irish immigrants in America, was less inventive and exciting, and elicited far less enthusiasm from fans and critics. The odds-and-sods collection Tracks from the Vaults, released in Ireland, was a matter of marking time.

The Man Who Built America marked a major change in Horslips, who were now pretty much in the control of Barry Devlin and Jim Lockhart -- Carr and Fean, with their more folk-oriented approach to music, took a back seat to a more mainstream rock sound. Two additional guitarists, Gus Guest and Declan Sinnott, turned up on the album, which sounded more American and less like Irish folk-based material than any of their prior works -- the title track sounds more like John Cougar Mellencamp, or perhaps even Bruce Springsteen (with Lockhart's flute replacing Clarence Clemons' sax, and some gratuitous swirling keyboards) than the work of the group responsible for "The High Reel."

By this time, they were trying to compete in a wholly different idiom and arena, and there wasn't much left of the original Horslips. Short Stories/Tall Tales (1980) was the last of Horslips' original albums, and was followed by one more concert record culled from their final days, the hard-rocking Belfast Gigs. Carr and Fean later worked together in an R&B-based band called Zen Alligator before reuniting with Charles O'Connor in a folk outfit called Host, and Fean has recorded with Nikki Sudden and Simon Carmody. Meanwhile, Horslips were the object of two retrospective collections released in Ireland and England. Fortunately for Horslips, they retained ownership of their music through the OATS label, and this helped facilitate reissues on compact disc. ~ Bruce Eder
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Treasury - The Very Best of Horslips

1. Furniture

2. Faster Than the Hound

3. Dearg Doom

4. Time to Kill!

5. Hall of Mirrors

6. Flower Amang Them All

7. More Than You Can Chew

8. The Snakes' Farewell to the Emerald Isle

9. Nighttown Boy

10. Everything Will Be Alright

11. Trouble (with a Capital T) [Roll Back Version]

12. The Life You Save

13. Mad Pat

14. Blindman

15. The Blind Can't Lead the Blind

16. Flirting in The Shadows (Roll Back Version)

17. The Snow That Melts the Soonest

18. Warm Sweet Breath Of Love

19. Come Summer

20. Sword of Light

21. Sideways to the Sun

22. The Power and the Glory

23. Trouble (with a Capital T)

24. Rescue Me

25. Loneliness

26. The Man Who Built America

27. Long Weekend

28. Speed the Plough

29. Ghosts

30. Guests of the Nation

31. Stowaway

32. Ricochet Man

33. I'll Be Waiting

34. Dearg Doom (Acoustic Radio Version)


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. The High Reel

2. Dearg Doom

3. The Man Who Built America

4. Guests Of The Nation

5. Daybreak

6. The Power And The Glory

7. Sword Of Light

8. Speed The Plough

10. King Of The Fairies

12. The Silver Spear


Track List: The Belfast Gigs

1. Trouble (With A Capital T)

2. The Man Who Built America

3. The Warm Sweet Breath Of Love

4. The Power And The Glory

6. Shakin' All Over

7. King Of The Fairies

8. Guests Of The Nation

9. Dearg Doom


Track List: Short Stories Tall Tales

1. Guests Of The Nation

2. Law On The Run

3. Unapproved Road

4. Ricochet Man

5. Back In My Arms

6. Summer's Most Wanted Girl

7. Amazing Offer

8. Rescue Me

9. Life You Save

10. Soap Opera


Track List: The Man Who Built America

1. Loneliness

2. Tonight (You're With Me)

3. I'll Be Waiting

4. If It Takes All Night

5. Green Star Liner

6. The Man Who Built America

7. Homesick

8. Long Weekend

9. Letters From Home

10. Long Time Ago


Track List: The Book Of Invasions (A Celtic Symphony) (1976)

1. Daybreak

2. March Into Trouble

3. Trouble (With A Capital T)

4. The Power And The Glory

5. The Rocks Remain

6. Dusk

7. Sword Of Light

8. Dark

9. Warm Sweet Breath Of Love

10. Fantasia / My Lagan Love

11. King Of The Morning, Queen Of Day

12. Sideways To The Sun

13. Drive The Cold Winter Away

14. Ride To Hell


Track List: Aliens

1. Before The Storm

2. Wrath Of The Rain

3. Speed The Plough

4. Sure The Boy Was Green

5. Come Summer

6. Stowaway

7. New York Wakes

8. Exiles

9. Second Avenue

10. Ghosts

11. Lifetime To Pay


Track List: Drive The Cold Winter Away

1. Rug Muire Mac Do Dhia

2. Sir Festus Burke / Carolan's Frolic

3. The Snow That Melts The Soonest

4. The Piper In The Meadow Straying

5. Drive The Cold Winter Away

6. Thompson's / Cottage In The Grove

7. Ny Kirree Fo Naghtey

8. Crabs In The Skillet

9. Denis O'Connor

10. Don Oiche Ud I Mbeithil

11. Lullaby

12. The Snow And The Frost Are All Over / Paddy Fahey's

13. When A Man's In Love


Track List: The Unfortunate Cup Of Tea!

1. (If That's What You Want) That's What You Get

2. Ring-A-Rosey

3. Flirting In The Shadows

4. Self Defence

5. High Volume Love

6. The Unfortunate Cup Of Tea

7. Turn Your Face To The Wall

8. The Snakes' Farewell To The Emerald Isle

9. Everything Will Be Alright


Track List: The Tain

1. Setanta

2. Maeve's Court

3. Charolias

4. The March

5. You Can't Fool The Beast

6. Dearg Doom

7. Ferdia's Song

8. Gae Bolga

9. Cu Chulainn's Lament

10. Faster Than The Hound

11. The Silver Spear

12. More Than You Can Chew

13. The Morrigan's Dream

14. Time To Kill


Track List: Dancehall Sweethearts (Bonus Version)

1. Nighttown Boy

2. The Blind Can't Lead The Blind

3. Stars

4. We Bring The Summer With Us

5. Sunburst

6. Mad Pat

7. Blindman

8. King Of The Fairies

9. Lonely Hearts

10. The Best Years Of My Life

11. Mad Pat / Blindman (Recorded At Quartier Latin, Berlin 1976)

12. King Of The Fairies (Recorded At Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, 1978)

13. Lonely Hearts (Recorded At My Father's Place, Long Island, NY 1974)


Track List: Dancehall Sweethearts

1. Nighttown Boy

2. The Blind Can't Lead The Blind

3. Stars

4. We Bring The Summer With Us

5. Sunburst

6. Mad Pat

8. King Of The Fairies

9. Lonely Hearts

10. The Best Years Of My Life


Track List: Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part

1. Happy To Meet

2. Hall Of Mirrors

3. Clergy's Lamentation

5. Shamrock Shore

6. Flower Amang Them All

8. Furniture

9. Ace And Deuce

10. Dance To Yer Daddy

11. High Reel

12. Scalloway Ripoff

13. Musical Priest

14. Sorry To Part


Track List: Biography

1. The High Reel

2. Dearg Doom

3. More Than You Can Chew (Original Single Remix)

4. Nighttown Boy (Original Single Edit)

5. King Of The Fairies

6. (If That's What You Want) That's What You Get (Original Single Edit)

7. Warm Sweet Breath Of Love

8. The Power And The Glory (Original Single Remix)

9. Speed The Plough

10. The Man Who Built America

11. Loneliness

12. Furniture

13. The Shamrock Shore

14. Faster Than The Hound

15. We Bring The Summer With Us

16. Sunburst

17. The Snakes' Farewell To The Emerald Isle

18. King Of Morning, Queen Of Day

19. Sir Festus Burke

20. Bridge From Heart To Heart

21. Red River Rock (Live)

22. Long Weekend

23. Homesick


Report as inappropriate
In 1978 at 14 Horslips was my first concert. They were at the Royal oak music theater in Michigan. Had quite an experience. Has stayed with me. Love their sound. Gary
Report as inappropriate
These guys remind me of a poor jethroTull I could be wrong but if horslips had made an. Aqualungish lp or songs from the wood maybe we'll they would have gotten the media attention they very much deserved so time moves on horslips you were second to nobody and I'm not Irish and a huuuuuuuuuuu g Tull fan ever since i caught aqualung in Vietnam in71 not Irish Italian thanks horslips for the great music.
Report as inappropriate
Whoever wrote this has an axe to grind with Jethro Tull and has no idea what he's talking about. Horslips isn't compared to Tull or Genesis by anyone - anywhere but here. Horslips is great, unique and I enjoyed seeing them live and listening to their albums.

Report as inappropriate
I remember the great concerts these guys put on in the Nuremore hotel in Carrickmacro s s back in the 70's.Brillia n t . . . ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
Only 30 entries in 7 years? I thought more people would be listening to this great group. Yes, the author has a Tull problem, and some details incorrect, like Horslips adding another guitarist in the later years? Gus Guest was on a track before their first album! Anyway, great group with some great hard rock guitar- yes, he's correct about that!
Report as inappropriate
Great band...parti c u l a r l y liked The Man Who Built America...ok , it was an AOR sound, but a least done well. After hearing the Tain, went out and bought the Mabinogion-- - o o o p s , wrong culture...bu t I was young then. Saw them on St. Patrick's Day, amazingly enough, in Milwaukee, c. 1978--truth be told, they were a little disappointin g - - r o c k e d much harder on vinyl. I till pull out Happy to Meet now and then, too.
Report as inappropriate
yeah let's leave the comparisons to the wayside..... H o r s e l i p s have their own story to tell.
Report as inappropriate
Your bio writers should stick to being clowns. A better rock n' roll band than Jethro Tull? Answer to steeleye span? A fantastic band without a doubt but comparisons with the span are like comparing Obama and an honest man...Horsli p s is night and day 100 times the band that the span ever dreamed of being!!!
Report as inappropriate
The Tain, The definitvie concept album.
Report as inappropriate
What an excellent review-- no attempt to be unbiased, but bring it on! Tell us what you really think!
Report as inappropriate
Jo Jo,
Live at the 02 is even better than the Belfast Gigs! Way more celebratory!
Report as inappropriate
Belfast gig the best.
Report as inappropriate
Hi Gentle Giant. I saw them there on the Man who Buit America Tour opening for Head East. The best show though was when they headlined down at Communcity College of the Finger Lakes in the early part of the Man Tour. Opening with Lonlieness and doing a super job with King of the Fairies. Buy Live at the 02 and Live with Belfast orchestra. Two great discs!
Report as inappropriate
Saw Horslips in the winter of 77/78 on their Book of Invasions tour at the Auditorium Theater in Rochester, NY, USA. They opened for Styx who were on their Grand Illusion tour.
Horslips blew Styx out of the water. The audience was so less moved by Styx' performance that the band stopped after each tune and tapped their feet until the crowd cheered loud enough for their liking.
I wanted to leave the show three songs into Styx, but thought my date wanted to stay. After the show, she told me she
Report as inappropriate
how dare you slam Tull. Of course Ian's flute and vocals is what made them what they were. GREAT!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Let's get Live at the O2 up on Pandora. Great show from the 2009 Dublin concert.
Report as inappropriate
Need to get the whole Horslips catalog on Pandora. Aliens in particular is an awesome album. But thank you Pandora for exposing this great band to a new audience.
Report as inappropriate
Horslips is alive and well. Great gigs in Belfast and Dublin in December 2009. Let's hope they return to North America. Dearg Doom is priceless.
Report as inappropriate
A lot of Tull hate going on in this article.
Report as inappropriate
Saw them live twice in Chicago. They were a great band live, but never got a lot of exposure in the U.S. until the album, The Man Who Built America.
Report as inappropriate
The Tain is fantastic... w h a t an awesome album! I could listen to "Faster Than The Hound" all day I think...
Report as inappropriate
"Aliens" is an under-rated album, which suffers mostly from less-than-st e l l a r production values. The song writing is compelling and focused, and the band plays with great energy and passion. It's a terrific album.
Report as inappropriate
If you like this band, have a listen to Celtic Soul - a Jacksonville FL band that has yet to get the exposure they deserve. You can sample their songs on their web page. Hopefully Pandora will pick them up in the future.
Report as inappropriate
The guy who wrote this sure has a problem with Tull. This band wishes they had half the talent of Tull, not that the song they played was bad, but come on, be real........ .
Report as inappropriate
never heard of em & they werent awful

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