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Jackie Greene

Discovered at an open-mike night when Dig Music's owner happened to be there, singer/songwriter Jackie Greene is a captivating performer who works well in simple, sparse environments. Signing to the label almost immediately, the California native worked countless clubs and bars before his discovery, a fact made more interesting when considering that he was a teenager at the time. A multi-instrumentalist, Greene played most of the instruments on his debut record, Gone Wanderin'. A soulful bit of roots music, the album brought him to a national audience and sprung him into a college tour during the fall of 2002. Rusty Nails, a collection of self-produced material from 2001, was released by Dig in 2003, followed by the live-in-the-studio DVD video Broken Hearts Dusty Roads in 2004. Sweet Somewhere Bound appeared on Dig later that same year, and was licensed to Verve, which reissued it in 2005. Produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin, his first proper album for Verve, American Myth, appeared in 2006. In 2008, Greene released Giving Up the Ghost, his first album for 429 Records. The pop-infused but still heartfelt Til the Light Comes followed in 2010. Taking time out to perform with supergroups Trigger Hippy (with Joan Osborne and the Black Crowes' Steve Gorman), acoustic trio WRG (with Grateful Dead's Bob Weir and the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson), and Phil Lesh & Friends, and joining the Black Crowes from 2013 until they disbanded in 2015, Greene returned to the studio to record his seventh album, again with Berlin in the producer's chair. The life cycle-themed Back to Birth was released in August 2015 on Yep Roc. ~ Bradley Torreano
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Back To Birth

1. Silver Lining

2. Now I Can See For Miles

3. A Face Among The Crowd

4. Light Up Your Window

5. Trust Somebody

6. Motorhome

7. Hallelujah

8. The King Is Dead

9. Where The Downhearted Go

10. You Can't Have Bad Luck All The Time

11. Back To Birth


Track List: Trust Somebody (Single)

1. Trust Somebody

2. A Face Among The Crowd


Track List: Till The Light Comes

1. Shaky Ground

2. Stranger In Sand

3. Medicine

4. Grindstone

5. A Moment Of Temporary Color

6. Spooky Tina

7. 1961

8. Take Me Back In Time

9. The Holy Land

10. Till The Light Comes


Track List: Till The Light Comes (Explicit)

1. Shaky Ground

2. Stranger In Sand

3. Medicine

4. Grindstone

5. A Moment Of Temporary Color

6. Spooky Tina

7. 1961

8. Take Me Back In Time

9. The Holy Land

10. Till The Light Comes


Track List: Live On Your Radio (Coast To Coast) EP

1. Shaken (KFOG, San Francisco, CA) (Live)

2. I Don't Live In A Dream (WFUV, Bronx, NY) (Live)

3. Uphill Mountain (KMTT, Seattle, WA) (Live)

4. Like A Ball & Chain (KLRR, Bend, OR) (Live)

5. Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind (KINK, Portland, OR) (Live)


Track List: Giving Up The Ghost

1. Shaken

2. Animal

3. I Don't Live In A Dream

4. Like A Ball And Chain

5. Uphill Mountain

6. Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind

7. Prayer For Spanish Harlem

8. Downhearted

9. Follow You

10. Another Love Gone Bad

11. When You Return

12. Ghosts Of Promised Lands


Track List: The Dig Years

1. Gone Wanderin'

2. Travelin' Song

3. Georgia

4. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right

7. Mexican Girl

9. The Ballad Of Sleepy John

10. By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill

13. The Rusty Nail

14. Gettin' By

16. Falling Back

17. Down In The Valley Woe


Track List: American Myth

1. (Intro)

2. Hollywood

3. So Hard To Find My Way

4. Just As Well

5. I'm So Gone

6. Never Satisfied (Revisited)

7. Love Song; 2:00 AM

8. When You're Walking Away

9. Cold Black Devil / 14 Miles

10. Closer To You

11. I'll Let You In

12. Farewell, So Long, Goodbye

13. Supersede

14. Marigold


Track List: Sweet Somewhere Bound

1. About Cell Block #9

2. Honey I Been Thinking About You

3. Sweet Somewhere Bound

4. A Thing Called Rain

5. Alice On The Rooftop

6. Seven Jealous Sisters

7. Emily's In Heaven

8. Miss Madeline (3 Ways To Love Her)

9. I Don't Care ABout My Baby

10. Write A Letter Home

11. Sad To Say Goodbye

12. Everything To Me

13. Don't Mind Me, I'm Only Dying Slow


Track List: Rusty Nails

1. Pale Blue Monday

2. Santa Fe Girl

3. The Lord Mistreats Me

4. Georgia

5. Passin' On The Blues

6. Blue Sky

7. Gettin' By

8. The Rusty Nail

9. Waiting For The Whistle

10. Falling Back

11. Never Satisfied

12. What I Know

13. Freeport Boulevard


Track List: Gone Wanderin'

1. Gone Wanderin'

2. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right

3. Travelin' Song

4. Mexican Girl

5. Down In The Valley Woe

6. Cry Yourself Dry

7. By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill

8. Freeport Boulevard

9. Judgement Day

10. Gracie

11. Maria, Maria (It's A Sin To Tell A Lie)

12. The Ballad Of Sleepy John


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Why no mention of the Skinny Singers in his bio?
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First time I saw Jackie, was at Mountain Jam. I try to catch him every chance I get. I've also seen him at The Peach Festival with Trigger Hippy and The Vibes Festival. He surprised me to see him flyin with The Black Crowes at The Gatering of the Vibes in CT. He playes with Warren Hayes and Phil and Friends. He never disappoints, that's one thing for sure!
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1st heard Jackie Greene at Gathering of the Vibes in 2010. I was actually walking back to my tent when I heard him covering Sugaree. I stopped in my dead tracks and turned around and went back to listen. Later on when I returned to my tent, I downloaded a live Jackie Greene show and I was hooked ever since and it wasn't long until my girlfriend was hooked as well.. We've seen Jackie Green several times since with Trigger Hippie, Phil Leah & Friends, and a couple of shows with The Jackie Greene B
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Belly Up, SD...3/17/16 . . . R a d
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Jackie is the man..
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Great show at Brighton Music Hall in Boston the other night. Loved the new album. Back to Birth!!
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Saw Jackie for the 1st time with Phil Lesh & Friends opening for the Black Crowes in 2008 and been a fan ever since! Fabulous musician!
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rfitzgerald7 8
First saw him as a solo performer at a fund raiser held in a car museum in Sacramento. He was very young but clearly talented and am glad to have taken in several of his performances since in and around northern California.
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Seen him at Santa Cruz blues festival in 2007 and he was amazing. I am really looking foward to seeing him at the Discovery in Ventura at the end of May
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I have been to a half dozen of his shows in the philly area including with the Crowes, Trigger Hippy. (BTW, Hellooo Ms. Osborne)

I agree with Ms. Leeman he does not disappoint.

Jackie!, JACKAAAAAY!! !

-- the #1 most obnoxious Jackie Greene fan in Philly
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Look for him with Trigger Hippy touring CA next month. Their first album out on Sept 30th
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The first time I saw Jackie was the 2013-2014 New Year shows in Tahoe. I was blown away. I've seen him no less that 10 times since then. Trubadour, Canyon Club, Solana Beach, Santa Barbara, Brooklyn Bowl, LV, last week in Chico and most recently this past weekend in Paso Robles. I'm headed to Sacramento to see him next week. Such a great talent. I can't get enough of Jackie Greene, he never disappoints!
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Since he joined up with the Black Crowes, I haven't seen him performing solo anymore. Such a shame!
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Been to see Jackie twice here in Tahoe for New Year's...I LOVE him! His groove and sound is the kind of music you can't help but move to. And I love his voice too...
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Saw him with Phil and his sons at My hometown festival. Gathering of the vibes in 2013, When Jackie did so many roads, i shed a tear, beautiful night in the pooring rain. My friends who moved to cali hang out with jackie and his brother. He has been doing work at Phil's Place, terrapin Crossroads. Jackie can throw down people.
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nice just found him
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Saw Jackie at the Celebrity Theater in PHX with Bob Weir 12/11. What a performance! ! ! First time seeing him, and I was mega-impress e d ! ! !
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seeing him tonight at the bearsville and very pumped. would not miss it. special performer and talent.
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sherylmerril l
Have seen him several times over the years. Have turned many friends onto him. We now see him whenever he's in his hometown area (Salinas/Mon t e r e y ) . We want to have a Concert in Your Home featuring his talent.
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Saw him up in Northern Minnesota and again near the UM Twin Cities. Amazing shows, I think I liked the first one better. But what awesome albums and what a neat look he has.

One of the things I love is the lyric density. You get a lot of idea and narrative and brushstrokes per song...
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Just saw him at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma. Just keeps on getting better! I'm a fan forever.
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I first saw Jackie Greene at Warren Haynes Christmas Jam, and I was amazed. I have been hooked on him ever since. Definitely one of my favorites!
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In reading some of the comments from fans of Jackie, I’m surprised that people say how impersonal he is. I’m fairly new to this awesome performer. I was only introduced last year; I have seen him twice the first time was at the State Room in SLC he did a solo encore and it was awesome. The second time was in Park City and after the FREE show he was kind enough to let fans take pictures with him and sign his autograph. My 13 year old son was stoked that Jackie gave him a signed set list that he n
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Jackie is a great artist. Can't wait for his next album.
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He also plays with Trigger Hippy, flat out jammin!
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just saw Jackie up here in Alaska and he was maybe the best show I've ever seen. Even way better than his own cds. Incredible talent, and awesome lyrics.
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Saw Jackie with Tim and Nicki Bluhm this past week here in Buffalo, NY. The energy of the evening was remarkably comfortable and joyful. Sang along and danced for the majority of the show. Easily the best concert I've been to in months.
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spectrumtrib e
Amazing. I saw Jackie this past Sunday at the Four Corners Folk Festival in Pagosa Springs,CO
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Beautiful, brilliant instrumentat i o n , beautiful lyrics and his voice!!
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Jackie is a wonderful talent. I've seen him several times and have never been disappointed . He signed a matted and framed poster I have of him. Keep dreamin up them great tunes Jackie!
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Jackie Greene is a "BADASS" -Much Peace brother Jackie
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,,,faint ghostly dylan , like it.
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Jackie Green is on tour now with Waylon Speed!
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I saw Jackie for the first time in Idaho in 2008. He is an amazing performer and humble guy. Needless to say I'm a huge fan
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Seen him a few times (Unbelievabl e Talent) met him at one of the shows, Humble guy! I appreciate that in a musician. Hope to keep seeing him for years n years!! Keep on Rock'n Jackie
Report as inappropriate
First saw jackie green when he was playing a winery in Lodi CA. Now I live on Kauai and wish he would come out and play. Major tallent! Miss going to his concerts alot! Aloha!
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my favorite
Report as inappropriate
just recently saw jackie in napa ca, all i can say is awesome! if you get the chance see him live!
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Hi Dana Kilroy!.. and to all Jackie fans!! Yes. I first heard Jackie in Pittsburgh along the river at a free gig that WYEP had happening in 2004. Have enjoyed Jackie for years. He and his band are really fine talented artists! To Judy.. you will more than likely always be a fan!!
Report as inappropriate
I am new to Jackie Greene. I saw him in concert last night in Chico, CA. His words, musical talent and natural ability to captivate a crowd blew me away. An old soul, AMAZING and outstanding is all I can say! love JACKIE GREENE!!!
Report as inappropriate
Jackie is my favorite. I was able to see him at a couple of his super intimate Fire Escape shows in Citrus Heights. Just saw him at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. I can't wait to see him again! Got to see him twice last week. Lucky I live in San Francisco.
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We saw Jackie Greene when he was at the Blues Festival in S.F. He was only 21 and we were immediately impressed! We've seen him every time he's come up to Seattle and have every CD. We see him evolving into a greater musician and singer each year that goes by, and with each new album. He may not be up there with the most popular artists, but he has a following, and that includes some of us "older folks"!
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Jackie gave me and my daughter a big hug and photo op at Mt Jam, he likes to play with Levon Helm...lucky for us Woodstockers ! ! ! ! Jackie is badass
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We are looking forward to seeing Jackie Greene again in Annapolis soon.
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Just saw Jackie with Gov't Mule in Buffalo, NY. What a fantastic show he put on. While I didn't go talk to him, he was ready willing and accessible to fans both before and after his show. I never saw him with out a smile on his face. Can't wait to see him again.
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Have seen Jackie MANY times in Denver Co. To me he is the most humble and sincere person. I've talked to him afer all his shows.He has signed my guitar, harp, and set list. Have taken a few pictures with him.Might have caught him on a bad night. Going to his show june 23rd at the Boulder Theater. Will be broadcast live. Can't wait!!
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Saw Jackie at the Doheny Blues Festival May 22 and 23rd 2010. AMAZING is the only way to describe his performance Jackie was on a main stage with his full production and the next day he was in an intimate setting on the "Back Porch" just Jackie, a guitarist and his bassist! His sound was even more impressive sound and Jackie was much more in touch with the smaller intimate audience.
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Totally agree with Steve though...his attitude was terrible. Saw him before and after the show and he couldn't even muster a smile. Disappointin g considering both of his shows sold out in 20 minutes fom the time tickets went on sale..he had some serious fans there and could have cared less.
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