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James Labrie

Singer, songwriter, and musician Kevin James LaBrie was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada, in the spring of 1963. He probably inherited his extensive love of music from his father and that side of his family. By the time the younger LaBrie was old enough to enter school, he was already singing and playing drums for his own fun and for that of his impressed family. When he was ten he joined his brother, father, and uncle in a barbershop quartet that performed locally. As a teen, LaBrie moved on to rock music, his personal favorite, becoming a member of a number of groups.

A few years later, after vocal lessons and gaining more experience, and even completing two albums with two other Canadian groups, LaBrie became the lead singer for Dream Theater, a band formed in New York. Other members were guitarist John Petrucci, keyboardist Derek Sherinian, drummer Mike Portnoy, and bassist John Myung. LaBrie recorded his first album with Dream Theater in 1992. Tours and more albums followed throughout the '90s. Some of the albums fans can find LaBrie collaborating with Dream Theater include Falling into Infinity, Awake, A Change of Seasons, Once in a LIVEtime, and Scenes from a Memory.

In 1999, just in time to ring in the new millennium, LaBrie recorded a solo debut, Keep It to Yourself, released under the Magna Carta Records label, using the name MullMuzzler instead of his own name. A second solo album, MullMuzzler 2, hit the market near the end of 2001. Even after his solo efforts, LaBrie still tours and records with Dream Theater, as well as a number of other bands. ~ Charlotte Dillon
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Impermanent Resonance

1. Agony

2. Undertow

3. Slight Of Hand

4. Back On The Ground

5. I Got You

6. Holding On

7. Lost In The Fire

8. Letting Go

9. Destined To Burn

10. Say You're Still Mine

11. Amnesia

12. I Will Not Break

13. Unraveling

14. Why


Track List: Elements Of Persuasion

1. Crucify

2. Alone

3. Freaks

4. Invisible

5. Lost

6. Undecided

7. Smashed

8. Pretender

9. Slightly Out Of Reach

10. Oblivious

11. In Too Deep

12. Drained


Track List: I Will Not Break

1. I Will Not Break

2. Unraveling

3. Why


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Like others, I'm not really fond of Labrie's voice in DT, and it's the main reason I don't listen to them very often. But when I Got You came on my Pandora feed, I was really surprised. I enjoyed this song a lot! Weird how that happens.
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Kevin Moore was the keyboardist of record when James and Dream Theater released Images and Words.
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Actually, it only says "Other members were..." when it lists Derek Sherinian as the keyboardist. It doesn't actually say he was the keyboardist when Kevin James (hehe) recorded his first album with DT.
So I call \m/ NO FOUL \m/.
Granted the sentence placement in the paragraph could seem to imply such, but the facts are correct - there is no error here.
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Ben Bond...I see you caught the error in the Bio as well. :-)
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Not trying to split hairs in the Bio however, Kevin Moore was initially the keyboardist for Dream Theater. Derek didn't come along until on Awake. Also, I think Labrie is much more attuned and devoted to Dream Theater perhaps as equally as his solo work. collaboratio n with DT makes it seem or appear that DT is not his more notable and committed musical effort.
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Derek Sherinian recording Images and Words? Wrong, try Kevin Moore.
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This bio confuses the MullMuzzler project with James LaBrie's (currently) 3 solo albums.
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I greatly prefer Labrie's vocals on his solo and collab projects like Ayreon. I've grown to enjoy his vocals but for a long time I despised him.
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Marco Sfgoli should get some kudos in that bio. He is the guitar sound behind the voice.
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I don't know how people knock on Labrie. I think he adds to everything dream theater does. I get the chills just listening to DT sometimes... w h a t amazing musicians.
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eh DT is progressive metal, in many progressive metal bands their voices are high so that the progression of the instruments are not limited to a certain range of the singer. James Labrie is an amazing singer thus he has his own solo side project that has produced 3 full albums.
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I agree with joelformaga, James was the one main part of DT that I liked the least. Don't get me wrong, I still loved DT as my fave at one point. Most of their songs were really great, but James' high voice with over reverb made lot's of their songs feel cheap.
However, when he controls his voice and tries not to sound like a woman he can sound great. He has a mind for music and that's the important part. Reminds of Rush tho, I couldn't listen to most of Rush's music even tho they all PHDs.
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There is not a bad track on this CD. I've listened to it just as much as any Dream Theater album
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James La Brie is my favorite vocalist ever...
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Statis Impulse, Static Impulse, Static Impulse..... . .
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His choice to add marco sfogli was a good one
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Could definitely go for some MullMuzzler or Static Impulse on this, the latter would go nicely with my Soilwork station.
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you know james l is ok at these sound that i l ike
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REALLY need Static Impulse on here...
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Where the heck is Marco Sfogli in all this? he's the master mind guitarist behind all these past albums.. whoever wrote the bio needs to do a bit more research. This band is beast!
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labrie is a great singer and his voice matches DTs music perfectly.
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this guy is good and does something different then most bands do, not completely different but a bit different and he has more albums out then this one so why don't they have them on here so we could listen to them?
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James Labrie was always what I didn't like most about Dream Theater, with his dated power metal vocals, but the overwhelming talent of the rest of the group(all Berklee school of music graduates) overrode that distaste. It seems Labrie is at least smart enough to surround himself with talented musicians. This song is not bad at all.
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Give me a brake, the guy is 49, can you do better, I don't think so.
If the guy was as bad as most of you think, he would not be touring 8 months out of a year.
You've got to respect the era these guys are from Late 80's, early 90's.
I just saw them on tour last October, they were better than ever, very strong singing, and muscianship.
Just saying +
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there are very few song where I can say that I like LaBrie as a lead singer. Fortunenatel y he actually makes an effort to make varietions to his vocals, enogh to make it worth while. Notwhitstand i n g the above, I don't think he has talent to be a lead singer of a worldwide respectfull band. sorry !!!!!!
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I really wish DT would play this. This tops almost everything in their catalog.
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this rips like a there's no tomorrow, rock on b**ches!!
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LaBrie should have taken lessons from DIO.
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This kicks balls! Certainly not DT, but much more gritty! Me likey!
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Drained, Crucify, and Freaks were completely mind blowing. This is good. Very Good. The lyrics are more abiguous than DT, bu all in all, very good.
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great stuff--a few real gems on this album--sligh t l y out of reach is one of the most powerfully emotional songs i have ever hear...but not as good as DT people please. and that's fine too. as far as a singer, labrie is one of the best. but again, best vocal range ever? ummm no. you need to listen to tony harnell from TNT or michael matijevic from steelheart.
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Not bad. A liitle to commercial for me but the band is hot and James can hit all the notes...
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rushpython10 0
peter.. i think LaBrie is the best metal vochalist out there.
just sayin
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I personally liked James' new album 'Static Impulse'...T h o s e whom only listen to the progressive stylings of Dream Theater may not like the album as much as I do...It may take a few listens to grow on you...It really caught me off guard because the record is so '99-'02 nu-metallish . . S t u f f you really wouldn't expect to come from James however it worked for me.It grew on me quick and now I keep it in rotation.Goo d stuff.Open minded DT fans may appreciate it though it may take a few spins to grasp.
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Yes James LaBrie is a bit of an annoying vocalist sometimes but the instrumental s behind him in all his bands make up for it. Nothing against him or anything, I like his stuff. I'd just say he just knows the right people, that's really why he's so successful.
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Cbride, all the members of DT do side projects. Side project CD's from all the members from DT probably range from 20-30 discs. Many times they are asked to contribute to projects and other times they just do their own thing.
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Cool, it kinda has a little techno vibe to it.
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Awsome musical talents with a wicked singer... sweet
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Best vocal range ive ever seen
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Wow, I like this lot better than DT! It just shows again that all members of DT can produce much better material when they try their own approach. And I can't normally stand La Brie!
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I think this is a separate release from LaBrie's other project. I much prefer Elements of Persuasion from the albums released by Mullmuzzler. Must be the addition of the exceptional musicians listed in CaC 77'2 comment below
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Get your facts straight, Charlotte. When Labrie joined DT, Kevin Moore was the keyboardist; Derek didn't join DT until Moore left in 94. Labrie went by Kevin prior to joining DT, but switched to his middle name James to avoid confusion with Kevin Moore. Which seems weird, since there were already two Johns in DT...
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they all did solo albums portnoy worked and produced dozens putrucci/god did several also i dont think anyone did them out of frustration just spreading their wings new album rocks
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Love Dream Theater and Labrie! It really does not sound like Dream Theater though, the difference is distinct, the guitar sound is nothing like DT. In fact, there is not one band member in James LaBrie's solo project that is from DT. Matt Guillory: Keys and Piano, Marco Sfogli: Guitar, Bryan Beller, Bass. Mike Mangini, Drums.
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The name of Kevin James LaBrie's solo band is Mullmuzzler and he has released two other albums.
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well yeah it sounds like Petrucci (hearing a few licks from the solo from "Lifting Shadows"), but why do a solo album and work with the same guys that frustrated you enough to want to do a solo album in the first place?
Report as inappropriate
who is his band???? aren't u can tell?? by listening?? by that i can tell it's most of Dream Theater crow :o) !!!!!!!!
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so, who is in his band?
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The vocals aren't the best, but the music is badass!
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