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Jane Olivor

Jane Cohen from Brooklyn, NY, remade herself into French-style cabaret singer Jane Olivor in the downtown Manhattan club scene of the early '70s. Employing an emphatic style that reminded some listeners of French chanteuse Edith Piaf and others of fellow Brooklynite Barbra Streisand, Olivor built a following among gay men and other fans of traditional pop, transforming songs like "Some Enchanted Evening" from the Broadway musical South Pacific and the Fleetwoods' 1959 hit "Come Softly to Me" into personal statements at venues such as the Greenwich Village nightclub Reno Sweeney's and the Garment District supper club the Ballroom. She attracted enough attention that Columbia Records signed her, issuing her debut album, First Night, in 1976. That LP failed to chart despite positive critical notices, but "Some Enchanted Evening" belatedly became a minor singles chart entry just before the September 1977 release of her second album, Chasing Rainbows, which reached the Top 100 bestsellers, remaining in the charts for three months. With that, Olivor began to appear in major concert halls around the country.

Stay the Night, released in the spring of 1978, featured another minor chart entry, Olivor's cover of the Chiffons' 1963 hit "He's So Fine," which marked a slight improvement in her chart statistics. She next sang a duet with Johnny Mathis on "The Last Time I Felt Like This," the theme from the 1978 film Same Time Next Year. The recording made the Top 20 on the easy listening charts, and when it was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song, Mathis and Olivor sang it at the Oscar ceremony. By now, Olivor was headlining at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Carnegie Hall in New York, and other prestigious venues. Her fourth album, The Best Side of Goodbye, released in the winter of 1980, was her highest charting one yet. In December 1981, she recorded shows at the Berklee School of Music in Boston that were released in the spring of 1982 as her fifth album, In Concert.

Stage fright, apprehension about the speed of her career ascent, and unpleasant experiences in the music business caused Olivor to take what was at first intended to be a one-year hiatus from performing. She married, but soon after, her husband was diagnosed with cancer; she abandoned her career to care for him, but he died in 1986. In the meantime, she had entered into a dispute with Columbia over money she felt owed. She did not return to performing until 1993, when she found she had maintained a loyal following around the country. She gradually became more active and, in the fall of 2000, released her first new studio album in more than 20 years, Love Decides, on Varèse Sarabande Records. She followed it in the fall of 2001 with a holiday collection, Songs of the Season. ~ William Ruhlmann
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Best Of Jane Olivor

1. The Greatest Love Of All

2. Come Softly To Me

3. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

4. Stay The Night

5. Song For My Father

6. Some Enchanted Evening

7. Morning, Noon And Nightime

8. Vincent

9. You

10. The Last Time I Felt Like This

11. Come In From The Rain

12. The Best Side Of Goodbye

13. He's So Fine

14. Solitaire

15. To Love Again

16. Seasons (Live)


Track List: Songs Of The Season

1. Angels We Have Heard On High

2. Spirit Of Christmas

3. The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights)

4. Little Drummer Boy

5. Christmas Potpourri: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Winter Wonderland / Breath Of Heaven / Deck The Halls / A' Soalin'

6. You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are

7. Ave Maria

8. Elusive Butterfly

9. Madrigal, Quando Amor I Begli Occhi

10. Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow / It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

11. The Christmas Song


Track List: Love Decides

1. Warm

2. Love Decides

3. Half Heaven, Half Heartache

4. However Dark The Night

5. Night Song

6. Bury My Lovely

7. I Had This Man

8. In The Moment

9. I Believe In You

10. Colors Of The Wind

11. I'll Be Here


Track List: In Concert

1. Stay The Night

2. Run For The Roses

3. Pretty Girl

4. Where There Is Love

5. Better Days (Looks As Though We're Doing Somethin' Right)

6. Carousel Of Love

7. Marigold Wings (Earthbound)

8. Annie's Song

9. Seasons

10. Weeping Williows, Cattails

11. Daydreams

12. Race To The End (From The Hit Movie) "Chariots Of Fire"


Track List: The Best Side Of Goodbye

1. Manchild Lullaby

2. A Long And Lasting Love

3. Golden Pony

4. Weeping Willows, Cattails

5. To Love Again

6. Don't Let Go Of Me

7. Love This Time

8. The Best Side Of Goodbye

9. The Greatest Love Of All

10. Vagabond


Track List: Stay The Night

1. Stay The Night

2. Honesty

3. He's So Fine

4. Solitaire

5. Can't Leave You 'Cause I Love You

6. Let's Make Some Memories

7. Can't We Make It Right Again

8. You're The One I Love

9. Song For My Father

10. The Right Garden


Track List: Chasing Rainbows

1. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

2. Lalena

3. The Big Parade

4. The French Waltz

5. You Wanna Be Loved

6. You

7. It's Over Goodbye

8. Come In From The Rain

9. Beautiful Sadness

10. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Reprise)


Track List: First Night

1. My First Night Alone Without You

2. Come Softly To Me

3. Morning, Noon And Nightime

4. Better Days (Looks As Though We're Doing Somethin' Right)

5. L'Important C'est La Rose

6. Carousel Of Love

7. Vincent

8. One More Ride On The Merry-Go-Round

9. Some Enchanted Evening

10. Turn Away


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first saw her as first act to Aznouvoir at Valley Forge Music Fair many years ago.She's the best!!Wish she would return to performing!!
Dick, Allentown Pa.
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I am so glad to read so many wonderful comments on Jane Olivor. I hope she reads them all and comes back to us. Someone mentioned PBS and that would be great! Please tour again Jane. We all miss you.
Report as inappropriate
Whenever I visit the Mendocino coast I can hear Johnny Mathis and Jane singing the music from Same Time Next Year!!
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I was fortunate to have seen Jane in concert on two occasions. Her musicianship is second-to-no n e and how I wish she would make a comeback. She has so many who love her so deeply.
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A hidden gem is Jane's appearance in a minor gay film. Saturday Night at the Baths, singing the song Pretty Girl.
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I want our Brooklyn Chanteuse to return to us. PBS you know quality. Bring her into our homes. Joan from B'klyn.
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http://cdn1. b l o g - m e d i a . z i l l o w s t a t i c . c o m / 1 / B l o g _ F i r s t T i m e H o m e b u y e r s _ P R _ A p r 2 0 1 6 _ Z i l l o w _ e _ 0 1 - f 9 2 d f e . p n g
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I'd love to hear I'm always Chasing Rainbows...b e c a u s e I am. Love you Jane you are missed.
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I love Jane Olivor's music. I had an opportunity to hear her in concert years ago when she performed at St. Catherine College Auditorium. It was a magical evening. Thank you Jane Olivor!
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the best wish she would return
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Still love listening to Jane! Glad she's now on Pandora. Wish she'd come back to performing!
Report as inappropriate
i have loved her singing since i first heard her sing and play her songs many times. in fact i have to buy more because i wore them out...wish i could hear her again
Report as inappropriate
She's still one of my favorites!
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I am so happy to listen to Jane again her voice is angelic love her choice songs and her lyrics are heartfelt! My sister Bernadette God rest her soul was a huge fan of Jane! Lots of great memories!
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krazyj247200 2
I am so thrilled to finally have her songs coming up on Pandora. I saw her in concert a few times in the late 70's. The last time I saw her was in a venue in Indiana which was 3/4 empty. It was so sad. But she gave 100% and performed as if to a sold out house. Her voice is magical.
Report as inappropriate
Very nice, I had never heard of her before. Are we sure that isn't David Brenner on the cover of 'Chasing Rainbows'?
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I was introduced to Jane via the song Beautiful Sadness. I own every album she's made. I've memorized every song. I love this woman's beautiful voice & the wonderful way she presents the lyrics. I too, wish she was still touring, but at least I got to see her once. Many of her fans never got that chance. I miss you Jane. Thanks for your music.
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I first heard Stay the Night in the fall of '78... ever since I have been a fan!
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Love her and don 't why we lost track of her. So many wonderful singers from Brooklyn NY. I must be the water.
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Can't believe we don't know more about her. Would give Babs a run for her money!
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I've been listening to this amazing voice since it came out on vinyl and 8-track. She is still one of the absolute best female voices out there. I understand what stage fright can do to you inside. I was a concert pianist until I couldn't take it any more. I must agree with crab0746 below.
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I think it is time to not only bring jane back but time we start hearing music not this junk that is on the radio now...
Report as inappropriate
One of the greatest female singers off all time. A real God given talent!
Report as inappropriate
She hooked me as I was changing channels and happened to hear her singing Some Enchanted Evening on the old Merv Griffon show. What a wonderful voice with amazing expression! I've been a fan ever since and hope that she will return to the concert tour. I saw her in person when she sang at Ontario Place in Toronto as an opener for Charles Aznevour and will always remember how the audience got up and left when she finished, because they thought that no one could top her performance. Awesome!
Report as inappropriate
I saw here in concert; she was shy and sad, but every note she sang was from the heart. I have all her albums, and I play them consistently . It is a joy to have her on Pandora where I can relish in her past and hopefully her future.
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I love to listen to Jane's music.. Always makes me feel good...I too wish I could see her live in concert. Hope to find her album put out in 2000..
Glad to hear her on Pandora..als o on the cassettes that I have.
Report as inappropriate
Jane is my chanteuse. I thank God for giving her her voice and I thank Jane for sharing her voice with us. When I fly, I shall sore, listening to Jane Ol iv or. With my sparkling bow tie and JANE OLIVOR button, I am eagerly waiting for more. In Love since the First Night in 1976 - Doug K.
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I first heard of Jane Oliver in France back in the late 70's. When I heard her haunting songs half English half French, I was hooked. Came back to the US and was so surprised no one had heard of her. I have listened faithfully since..Reall y wish I could see her in concert...Ja n e please come back to tour!
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I was turned on to Jane Olivor when I was a senior in high school - and her music has been a major part of my life ever since. I have seen her in concert at least 5 times. Twice at the PNC Artscenter, once at Westbury, once in Ptown, and once in Ocean Grove, NJ.
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We miss you Jane .. Please tour again. We love you!
Report as inappropriate
she's the best ever--just wish there was somewhere in so fla i could go to enjoy her -- SHE was @ Broward Center of Performing Arts about 6 yrs ago--when will she be in town again ??? ADORING FAN ----LORIE
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I heard Jane in the early 80's and was immediately hooked by her beautiful voice and wonderful style.
Report as inappropriate
I wish I had a chance to see Jane perform I just LOVE her voice. I left NY in the eary 70's my loss. I do own all her records and still play them often.
Report as inappropriate
Never got to see hre but always loved her records and gave many away as gifts. Still my favorite.
Report as inappropriate
My very favorite artist! Her music is from the heart and is also so mezmerizing. I saw her perform at The Front Row Theater in CLE many moons ago and I was hooked! Such emotion and talent.
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Report as inappropriate
I was first introduced to Jane Olivor when in college in the late 70's. She has mesmerized me ever since. I saw her in concert once and it has stayed as one of my greatest concert experiences. I will now use new technology and download her music.
Report as inappropriate
Such a wonderful, talented artist. I just want to hear MORE and MORE. I am sure there are still a lot of fans who would be delighted to buy some new CDs! Why doesn't someone give here a chance????
Report as inappropriate
I think the comparison to the Edith Piaf style is thought provoking... . a n d quite accurate.... .
Report as inappropriate
Where is she now? She is awesome!!!
Report as inappropriate
this singer has my heart. Have followed her since the '70's and always wondered what happened to her. Love the little bio's Pandora puts out.
Love Jane Cohen "Oliver."
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silva1742ton y
Jane Olivor one of the best wonderful voce I have some of her songs.
Report as inappropriate
Such a wonderful voice. I wish some of our young artist's would take note of her clear lyrics, no screaming!
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krazyj247200 2
I have most of her albums and have seen her in concert a few times. The last time was actually quite sad. It was after she had taken her time off. It was a venue in Indiana. Most people there had come from Chicago. It was almost completely empty, maybe a few hundred people. It didn't matter where your tickets were - the usher at the door told us "Sit wherever you want." I can only imagine how difficult it is to play to an virtually empty house. None the less, she performed beautifully, her voice
Report as inappropriate
Jan Oliver, one of my favorites since the 70's. A beautiful quality. You can hear it in her voice, she sings with her heart and soul. So glad to hear that she is back recording again. She has been away too long.
Report as inappropriate
I really wanted to see the lyrics to this song. I can't hear the words clearly when I listen to music so I'd like to see them in print. This was a beautiful song, I wanted to know what it said.
Report as inappropriate
Jane Olivor has touched so many people with her music...I hope she realizes that.
Report as inappropriate
I'm so blessed I got to see her just a few years ago at the Ford theater, an outdoor theater across from the hollywood bowl. She was just awesome!
Report as inappropriate
I will never forget the first time I heard her on a daytime shoe singing Some Enchanted Evening. What a gift!
Report as inappropriate
I have loved her music for years ~ ~ a unique, haunting and powerful voice that I truly missed when she seemed to just disappear. I am thrilled today to hear that two new albums have been released, and will be ordering them online momentarily.
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