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Jars Of Clay

Jars of Clay were the breakout band of the so-called alternative CCM movement of the '90s, scoring an enormous mainstream hit with the debut single "Flood" and enjoying platinum sales. The group's lyrics may have been exclusively Christian, but their acoustic-oriented music fit perfectly into the folky jangle pop wing of alternative rock radio, at the time a rarity on the contemporary Christian music scene. Such success set the stage for breakthroughs by Christian bands like dc Talk and Sixpence None the Richer, and it's difficult to imagine the later popularity of heavier, Christian-themed hard rockers like Creed and P.O.D. without Jars of Clay's fusion of spiritual themes and mainstream alternative rock sounds. As popular tastes shifted, Jars of Clay found it increasingly difficult to maintain a secular audience, but still commanded a sizable Christian following while remaining one of the highest-profile groups in any gospel-music subgenre.

Jars of Clay were formed at Illinois' Greenville College in 1993 by singer/songwriter Dan Haseltine and keyboardist Charlie Lowell; they soon added guitarist Stephen Mason, who shared Haseltine's fondness for Toad the Wet Sprocket (a good secular reference point for the typical Jars of Clay sound). All three were music majors in the college's new CCM department, and they initially banded together to write a song for a class recording project. Eventually, they chose a name for the band from a verse in the second book of Corinthians, which emphasized the frailty of the physical vessels in which God had placed the human spirit. Second guitarist Matt Bronleewe joined up later, and drummer Scott Savage became part of the band's live lineup, though they continued to use electronic drum loops on some of their recordings. Encouraged by the response to their small repertoire of originals, the band entered a talent competition run by the Gospel Music Association in 1994. After being chosen as finalists on the strength of their demo tape, Jars of Clay traveled to Nashville to perform for industry executives and wound up winning the contest. They returned to Greenville and began selling a self-released demo CD called Frail, leading to interest from record labels (several of whom began calling the musicians' dorm in the hopes of signing them). With such intense interest, the band decided to leave school and relocate to Nashville permanently; at this point, Bronleewe departed the lineup, wanting to finish school and settle down with his fiancée, and was replaced by Lowell's childhood friend Matt Odmark.

After considering several offers, Jars of Clay signed with the smaller Essential label, which nonetheless had ample distribution power through its parent company, Brentwood, as well as its arrangement with the secular label Silvertone. As the group was recording its self-titled debut album, Frail caught the ear of prog rock guitarist (and recent Christian convert) Adrian Belew, who offered to produce a couple of tracks for the record. One of those songs was "Flood," which became a runaway hit on Christian radio upon the album's release in the spring of 1995. When "Flood" began to catch on with secular stations as well (particularly in the Northwest), Silvertone threw its full promotional muscle behind the album, and by early 1996, the song was a major crossover hit on mainstream rock radio, modern rock radio, and the pop charts. (Its peak of number 37 on the latter makes it one of many '90s-era hits whose release formats affected its chart eligibility, thus obscuring how massively popular it really was.) "Flood" helped push sales of Jars of Clay past the double-platinum mark, a stunning showing for a Christian group.

Some secular listeners and radio programmers hadn't realized that Jars of Clay were a Christian band, and there was something of a backlash when that fact became more widely publicized. What was more, the group was criticized in some Christian quarters for touring with secular alternative rock bands during 1996. Jars of Clay spent most of the year on the road before taking a break to work on material for a second album, having already released the Christmas EP Little Drummer Boy at the end of 1995. After enlisting the help of British producer Steve Lipson, Jars of Clay released the sophomore effort Much Afraid in 1997. The record debuted in the Top Ten on the pop charts and not only went platinum, but won a Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. Despite some success with the singles "Five Candles" and "Crazy Times," however, Much Afraid didn't gain the same level of mainstream exposure as its predecessor. Nonetheless, the band's Christian audience remained loyal, sending the 1999 effort If I Left the Zoo (produced by Dennis Herring, who'd also worked with Counting Crows) to gold status. By this time, Savage had left the band's concert lineup in order to back Jaci Velasquez, and was replaced by Joe Porter. Jars of Clay self-produced their fourth studio album, The Eleventh Hour, which was released in early 2002 and followed by a live DVD.

The next year, the band issued the impressive double-disc set Furthermore: From the Studio/From the Stage, which highlighted fresh acoustic-driven classics as well as cuts from some of Jars of Clay's live shows. In November 2003, the group released its fifth album proper, Who We Are Instead. Redemption Songs followed in early 2005, comprised of the band's take on significant church hymns and popular spirituals, and Jars of Clay returned in fall 2006 with Good Monsters. Three albums arrived the following year -- the compilation Essential Jars of Clay, Live Monsters, and the holiday-themed Christmas Songs -- while 2009 saw the band release another studio album, Long Fall Back to Earth, whose sound paid homage to such '80s icons as Tears for Fears and the Cure. The band continued that trend, following up with The Shelter in 2010, which they promoted by touring the US in 2011 as part of the massive Rock And Worship Roadshow. After some downtime, they hit the studio again in 2012, travelling to Portland, OR to work with Tucker Martine. The renowned producer brought a slightly grungier, bass-heavy sound to their next album, Inland, which was slated for release in August 2013. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: 20

1. Fade To Gray (20th Anniversary Edition)

2. Worlds Apart (20th Anniversary Edition)

3. Tea & Sympathy (20th Anniversary Edition)

4. Silence (20th Anniversary Edition)

5. No One Loves Me Like You (20th Anniversary Edition)

6. Collide (20th Anniversary Edition)

7. Jealous Kind (20th Anniversary Edition)

8. God Will Lift Up Your Head (20th Anniversary Edition)

9. Ghost In The Moon

10. If You Love Her

11. Trouble Is (20th Anniversary Edition)

12. Something Beautiful (20th Anniversary Edition)

13. I Need Thee Every Hour (20th Anniversary Edition)

14. Boys (20th Anniversary Edition)

15. Dead Man (20th Anniversary Edition)

16. Oh My God (20th Anniversary Edition)

17. Safe To Land (20th Anniversary Edition)

18. Inland (20th Anniversary Edition)

19. Love In Hard Times (20th Anniversary Edition)

20. Lovesong For A Savior (20th Anniversary Edition)


Track List: Inland

1. After The Fight

2. Age Of Immature Mistakes

3. Reckless Forgiver

4. Human Race

5. Love In Hard Times

6. Pennsylvania

7. Loliness And Alcohol

8. I Don't Want You To Forget

9. Fall Asleep

10. Skin And Bones

11. Left Undone

12. Inland


Track List: Jars Of Clay Presents The Shelter

1. Small Rebellions

2. Call My Name

3. We Will Follow

4. Eyes Wide Open

5. Shelter

6. Out Of My Hands

7. No Greater Love

8. Run In The Night (Psalm 27)

9. Lay It Down

10. Love Will Find Us

11. Benediction


Track List: The Long Fall Back To Earth

1. The Long Fall

2. Weapons

3. Two Hands

4. Heaven

5. Closer

6. Safe To Land

7. Headphones

8. Don't Stop

9. Boys (Lesson One)

10. Hero

11. Scenic Route

12. There Might Be A Light

13. Forgive Me

14. Heart


Track List: Closer Ep

1. Closer

2. Safe To Land

4. Flood (New Rain)

5. Prisoner Of Hope


Track List: Live Monsters

1. Work (Live)

2. Dead Man (Carry Me) (Live)

3. There Is A River (Live)

4. Good Monsters (Live)

5. Oh My God (Live)

6. Surprise (Live)

7. Light Gives Heat (Live)


Track List: Good Monsters

1. Work

2. Dead Man (Carry Me)

3. All My Tears

4. Even Angels Cry

5. There Is A River

6. Good Monsters

7. Oh My God

8. Surprise

9. Take Me Higher

10. Mirrors & Smoke

11. Light Gives Heat

12. Water Under The Bridge


Track List: Redemption Songs

1. God Be Merciful To Me

2. I Need Thee Every Hour

3. God Will Lift Up Your Head

4. I'll Fly Away (feat. Sarah Kelly)

5. Nothing But The Blood (feat. The Blind Boys Of Alabama)

6. Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder (feat. Martin Smith of Delirious)

7. Our Lord is Crucified

8. Hiding Place

9. Jesus, I Lift My Eyes

10. It Is Well

11. On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand (feat. The Blind Boys Of Alabama)

12. Thou Lovely Source of True Delight

13. And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love


Track List: Who We Are Instead

1. Sunny Days

2. Amazing Grace

3. Lonely People

4. Only Alive

5. Trouble Is

6. Faith Enough

7. Show You Love

8. Lesser Things

9. I'm In The Way

10. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

11. Jealous Kind

12. Sing

13. My Heavenly


Track List: Furthermore

Disc 1

1. Overjoyed

2. Something Beautiful

3. The Valley Song (Sing Of Your Mercy)

4. Liquid

5. The Eleventh Hour

6. Dig

7. Redemption

8. Love Song For A Savior

9. Frail

10. Needful Hands

Disc 2

1. Disappear

2. Like A Child

3. Crazy Times (Live)

4. I Need You

5. The Eleventh Hour

6. This Road

7. Fly

8. I'm Alright

9. Revolution

10. Flood (Live)

11. Worlds Apart


Track List: The Eleventh Hour

1. Disappear

2. Something Beautiful

3. Revolution

4. Fly

5. I Need You

6. Silence

7. Scarlet

8. Whatever She Wants

9. The Eleventh Hour

10. These Ordinary Days

11. The Edge Of Water


Track List: If I Left The Zoo

1. Goodbye, Goodnight

2. Unforgetful You

3. Collide

4. No One Loves Me Like You

5. Famous Last Words

6. Sad Clown

7. Hand

8. I'm Alright

9. Grace

10. Can't Erase It

11. River Constantine


Track List: Much Afraid

1. Overjoyed

2. Fade To Grey

3. Tea And Sympathy

4. Crazy Times

5. Frail

6. Five Candles (You Were There)

7. Weighed Down

8. Portrait Of An Apology

9. Truce

10. Much Afraid

11. Hymn


Track List: Jars Of Clay

1. Liquid

2. Sinking

3. Love Song For A Savior

4. Like A Child

5. Art In Me

6. He

7. Boy On A String

8. Flood

9. Worlds Apart

10. Blind


Track List: After The Fight (Single)

1. After The Fight


Track List: Fall Asleep (Single)

9. Fall Asleep


Track List: Inlandia

1. Loneliness & Alcohol (Jt Daly Remix)

2. Inland (Five Knives Remix)

3. After The Fight (Speak Remix)

4. Pennsylvania (Careful What Your Remix By Flibbityflu)

5. Age Of Immature Mistakes (Kyle Rictor Remix)

6. Human Race (Eric Sharp Remix)

7. Reckless Forgiver (Charlie Lowell Remix)


Track List: Live At Gray Matters, Vol. 1: Songs From The Long Fall Back To Earth

1. Don't Stop

2. Heart

4. Safe To Land

5. Two Hands


Track List: Live At Gray Matters, Vol. 2: The Rewind Edition

2. Boy On A String

4. Flood


Track List: Out Of My Hands (Radio Single)

1. Out Of My Hands


Track List: Reckless Forgiver (Remixes)

1. Reckless Forgiver (Moak Radio Mix)

2. Reckless Forgiver (Live Acoustic Mix)

3. Reckless Forgiver (C. Lowell Remix)


Track List: Under The Weather (Live In Sellersville, PA)

1. Weapons (Live)

2. Eyes Wide Open (Live)

3. Frail (Live)

4. Safe To Land (Live)

5. Worlds Apart (Live)

6. Dead Man (Live)


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Don't read this you will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life tomorrow will be the best day of your life now you've started reading this don't stop this is freaky but if you read this and ignore it the you will have very bad luck put this on 15 songs in 144 minutes when your done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen this is so creepy because it actually works
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I remember attending their concert in St. Petersburg, Florida back in 1996, my friends had to drag me outta my dorm room for me to go. We ended up in the same hotel as them...they were very cool....very approachable . . . a n d very handsome, I might!
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My favorite band. I've been following this band and buying all of their albums since they started singing at fairs and little church stops and etc. I LOVE THIS BAND. Great music. Great people to know. PEACE. b :-)
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great song
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Good to see your comments sister J. Amen!!!!
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PASSOVER BEGINS AT SUNDOWN .....Chag Pesach Same'ach

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PASSOVER BEGINS AT SUNDOWN .....Chag Pesach Same'ach


PASSOVER BEGINS AT SUNDOWN .....Chag Pesach Same'ach


PASSOVER BEGINS AT SUNDOWN .....Chag Pesach Same'ach

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Show You Love: This is one of my most favorite bands. AND this is the song about how I love others. LISTEN AND LEARN. :-)
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Continuing to give the glory and honor to my LORD and saviour Jesus
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Hi Jesus
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This whole LP is a REAL find!!
cover to
......cover! !

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I love their song Winterskin. Can't find it.
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To God be All Glory, All Power, ALL Majesty both now and Forever!!! Amen. InJesus Holy Name, Amen!!!
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This is the song that turned me onto jars of Clay… Went out and got the CD
Quite a few other songs on it that are really killer!
LIFT Me UP.....!!!!
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Yes lord you are so beautiful, I love you Jesus
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Thanks to Pandora for all these beautiful songs.....
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"He" is here now if everyone get it !!!!
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Nice song....
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Ruth Segovia jesus is coming in 2016 I have seen him returning in my dream
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I haven't heard this song since I was a baby
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oh and im Ruth's son��
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who is ready for jesus to come because he is comeing one day: -)
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Truce: I LOVE THIS BAND RIGHT HERE. SOME OF MY MOST FAVORITE MUSIC IS RIGHT HERE WITH THIS BAND. GREAT SONG. This was one of my favorite albums that I owned. I owned all of their albums. :-)
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Internationa l Friendship Day is a day for celebrating friendship. The day has been celebrated in several southern South American countries for many years, particularly in Paraguay, where the first World Friendship Day was proposed in 1958.

☮☯♡❣Quilted Global Yin☮☯♡
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Letts go to church. 9165913910 my names Leah vannucci
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I'm DEFINITELY buying the 20 album. Thank you my friends. My Jars of Clay. You guys are AWESOME at music art in my opinion.
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Eyes Wide Open: Beautiful, beautiful song. I LOVE JARS OF CLAY. One of my most favorite bands.
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Be Thou My Vision: Beautiful song. I'm not into Worship songs like this too much, but this is beautiful.
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Thank you God for what you did in my like when you told my parents to adopted me and my brothers.
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I wish there were a way to block their songs from coming on my Pandora channels. They have proved false believers, denying Scripture in favor of the world.
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I wish there were a way to block their songs from coming on my Pandora channels. They have proved false believers, denying Scripture in favor of the world.
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tight_with_j c
I am a Christian and when I heard this song the whole thing made me feel so clean and powerful my brothers actually write songs and if you go onto YouTube and search The Brothers Rowe Easy Riding in E minor he songs is amazing he video is ok haha love you all and god bless
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Great song haven't heard it in a while, I still have that cd, don't know why can't listen to it cause its broken
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Seriously. .. did u really have to die for me? Im so broken
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Your songs are amazing!
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You heard it on the first narnia
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I heard this song on a movie called walk to remember cry movie good movie I own that movie and good song
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Close shave America.
Close shave Barbasol.
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All of God's children shall praise his name!!
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It's so easy to call "You" Savior....
Not to easy to call "You" God .....
Words can imagine ...."Your" my Devotion ...
Report as inappropriate
.... " He's" More than , Stars in the Heavens, or Laughter in the Rain ...
Close as a heart beat ... Or song on our Lips ... Some days , il trust " Him" ... Learn to see "Him .... .....
Someday,"He' l l " call "Him"" ......
.... I want to fall in Love with "You" .
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Such a beautiful song!:)
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Love this band! How can u not love 90s Christian? Their self-titled album in my opinion is one of the best if not the best Christian CD from the 90s. But that could be just my opinion.
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I hate. It
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"He's" more than laughter.... Or the stars in the Heaven ... As close as a heartbeat .... Or songs on her lips ..
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The Bible is very was Adam And Eve...not Adam and Steve
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I like you guys a lot.
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I might sound like a fool... But I think I felt "You" Moving .. Closer
To me .. Face to the ground to ..
Hide the fatal cut ... I fight the weight... I feel "You" Lift me up....
"You" are a shelter from the rain ...
And the rain to wash me away ..
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