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Jimmy Wayne

By all Nash Vegas accounts, North Carolina singer/songwriter Jimmy Wayne comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Born in 1972, he was abandoned by his father at a young age and raised by a troubled mother and in a series of foster homes when she was in prison. On his 15th birthday he saw his stepfather shoot his stepsister three times, paralyzing her, and survived a murder attempt by the same man. He entered, and then ran from, a county home and became a homeless youth who did what was needed to survive on the street. His encounter with a neighborhood couple led them to give him a job and a place to live, and created the pillars of his final foster family. With Beatrice and Russell Costner, Wayne was able for the first time to indulge his love of music, which included Hall & Oates, Alan Jackson, Lionel Richie, Ronnie Milsap, Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche, and Judas Priest. He formed his first band, called Fantasyche, and began taking music seriously. When Beatrice died, Wayne finished high school and became a prison guard at the Gaston Correctional Facility. An inmate who made an anti-drug presentation using a guitar during a school assembly had influenced him greatly. Wayne visited the inmate for songwriting advice and went to work at the prison while studying criminal justice at a local community college. After finishing his associate's degree, he left North Carolina for Nashville.

For three years, he worked at Acuff-Rose writing songs alongside Dean Dillon and Whitey Shafer, while polishing his playing and singing skills. During this time he co-wrote Tracy Byrd's Top Ten smash "Put Your Hand in Mine," with Skip Ewing. Wayne signed his own deal with DreamWorks Nashville in 2001, after being courted by producer Chris Lindsey and James Stroud. His debut was issued in June of 2003 and placed a single in the Top Ten before release. "Stay Gone" was a Billboard country hit. It was followed by "Paper Angels," a narrative of Wayne's own life on the streets and those he encountered there, "Blue and Brown," about an encounter with a foster brother who became an inmate at the prison where Wayne worked, and a devastatingly honest revenge fantasy entitled "The Rabbit." Given the timing of its release, Wayne's album turned a small industry buzz into a wildfire of publicity and speculation about the new directions he was using in country music and pop, which the industry glommed onto with desperate hope.

Nashville's identity problems in the early part of the millennium created a crisis at radio and on CMT, leading the industry into a tailspin due to cookie-cutter artists singing mediocre songs. Wayne may be pretty, but he is substantive and presents an entirely new twist on the entire country tradition. Billboard, country music, and even the Country Music Foundation took an early and large interest in his career. DreamWorks closed in 2005, and Wayne's contract was transferred to Big Machine Records, where he released Do You Believe Me Now?, his second album, in 2008. Five years is a long time in the contemporary country music biz, but Wayne's own writing and performing were memorable and connected deeply with both radio programmers and the general public. The disc reached number four on the Billboard country charts and spawned two singles, "I Will Never Leave You" and the title track, the latter of which hit number one in late 2008. Wayne's own business smarts took over. He knew not to tempt fate twice; he wasted no time and jumped right back into the studio to record Sara Smile (named for the Hall & Oates track -- it's the set's first single and they appear on the song as well), which was released by Big Machine's Valory Music subsidiary in November of 2009. ~ Thom Jurek
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Sara Smile

1. Things I Believe

2. All The Time In The World

3. Sara Smile

4. Just Knowing You Love Me

5. Just Look At You

6. Counting The Days

7. There's A Memory

8. Belongs To You

9. I'll Never Leave You

10. Elephant Ears


Track List: Do You Believe Me Now

1. Do You Believe Me Now

2. I Will

3. I'll Be That

4. Brighter Days

5. One On One

6. Kerosene Kid

8. True Believer

9. I Didn't Come Here To Lose

10. Where You're Going

11. Stay Gone

12. I Love You This Much


Track List: Do You Believe Me Now (Radio Single)


Track List: Do You Believe Me Now? (Single)

1. Do You Believe Me Now?

2. Do You Believe Me Now?

3. Do You Believe Me Now?


Track List: Jimmy Wayne

1. After You

2. Are You Ever Gonna Love Me?

3. Stay Gone

4. Trespassin'

5. Paper Angels

6. You Are

7. She Runs

8. Just A Dream

9. Blue And Brown

10. I Love You This Much

11. You're The One I'm Talking To

12. The Rabbit


Track List: Stay Gone

1. Stay Gone

2. Stay Gone (Piano Vocal)


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I need to meet you Jimmy Wayne . Paula Mears of Clearwater Florida .
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First song I've heard from you and made a Jimmy Wayne station just now. ... heard the life events above on an app called "Focus on the Family." Get the app, or Jimmy's book "Walk to Beautiful," where he rounds out his story with the God side: how Jesus voice spoke to him from early on; but he finally accepted Jesus after meeting & being helped by Christians who WALKED THE WALK... Jimmy has the name of that voice now.
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its funny how you dont mention danny when you grew up with him sorry im being mean but im his step son so
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All the people in NOGA don't like Jimmy Wayne cause what happen on Social Media
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My name sherry and love your song .you are so handsome .keep up the good work .
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I met you once I long time go .and I love it .I love get my pic with you .I had a great time ..
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List to for every .love your voice .keep up good work .
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I really love your songs .I love went you sing .
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I love all you song a great sing .
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great song because this helps me with the problems i had with father who has passed away
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You are such a strong person Jimmy. God bless
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O jimmy I love you for the strength and belief in god above I sing your songs so much because I know my dream still can come true I left music awhile now I'm ready to keep trying I wish you the best out of all the bad god above see an saw your heart I love u I too was a abused throwed away but I'm still pushing on
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you are the proof that as long as you have faith you will succeed.. You are awesome and a very soothing voice..... you are amazing keep singing and we will forever listen
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still love your music-you're awesome bring out more songs : ))
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You are so awesome, you've overcome so much in your life! Strong, handsome and love this song! Do you believe me now!!!
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YOU have to read his book 'A walk to BEAUTIFUL' You will fall in love with this man if you havent already! OH and YES, im all about country and i love love love his music.
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the first time i seen him was at a concert at escanaba Michigan in 08. He was great!!!:)
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My sister went to go see him and he was really good at it! I love his songs a lot :)
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I don't think he abandoned his music career but he's putting his focus on helping and raising awareness for homeless and foster youth...he's been doing a lot of speaking at different events along with some singing at said events.
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Has he abandoned his music career? Does anyone know?
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he's overcome such adversity, makes me like him even more.
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love this song. good voice.
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Love this song
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Man I have fallen in love with this guy. Absolutely love his music and his voice!!!!
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LOVE Jimmy Wayne's voice....sou n d s like an angel...
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I met Jimmy two years ago at NCFAPA in Charlotte, NC. And he was, of course, wonderful. I have heard his story many times, but to have him tell it in person really pulls at your heart. I don't think there was a dry eye when he left the stage. I train foster parents and actually use Jimmy's video he did for NC and some of his other music videos. He will never know the impact he has on foster parents and children in care. I could only dream that he would come to our small community and speak
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~Inspiring story. Stay strong and shine. It helps others believe that no matter what you've gone through, it is possible to do ANYTHING~
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I love your songs Jimmy. I feel so bad about all the stuff you had to go through. I admire your strength you should really be proud of yourself. I read your story and I got tears in my eyes. I was raised by my grandparents when i was growng up. God Bless You. You're voice is amaizing.
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The first time I met Jimmy Wayne was for a private concert in Nashville with a Birmingham radio station that invited me. I was blown away, not only by his music, but his warm, genuine personality as well. Country needs more musicians like Jimmy!
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this song tells my story.. i really didnt have a mother or a father growing up. i always thought it was because i was never wanted by either parents me and my dad were really close when i was growing up i always felt like my dad never loved me, my mom didnt care tht she had 4 kids tht needed a mother all she cared about was herself and her drugs, i miss my dad i really do this song when i heard it, it brought tears to my eyes, i dont like crying because it makes me feel weak but it's ok to cry..
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My first intro to Jimmy's music Stay Gone I had instant tears so did my now ex husband. We were driving home from the Colorado river, our last family vacation, married 15 yrs. . Thank you for that incredible song. your biography is amazing you're a great man.
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I had the privilege of meeting this fine young man with deep convictions while on his walk half way across the country. He's the real mccoy. Down to earth, warm and friendly, and humble. He has a deep committment to a cause near and dear to his heart. Foster parenting. Although I did not spend a great deal of time with him I know he has been a blessing to so very many. There are great plans and future for him. I wish him the best and many blessings in every area of his purposeful life!!!
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Love Jimmy Wayne. He is such a sweetie with a big ole heart. He's been thru so much and rose above it and used it positively. He's a wonderful man and his music is awesome as well. I hope it starts getting even more recognition in the future.
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I like that Pandora gives us a bio on the artist. Interesting to hear how people got where they are, and where their inspiration comes from. Introduces us to people we many not have otherwise paid much attention to. I admit, Jimmy was just another performer to me-- now I will sit up and take notice when I hear him again. I am impressed!
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Jimmy Wayne is a wonderful singer/songw r i t e r , e n t e r t a i n e r , m u s i c i a n , a c t o r , spokesman & photographer , he is one of my favorite artists!Jimm y Wayne is also a wonderful person & is passionate when it comes to helping Homeless/At Risk teens, so much so, that he is walking from Nashville, TN to Phoenix, AZ to raise awareness of their plight & needs. I am glad Jimmy is part of my life & I am happy to be a member of his Twitter Family:)
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Wow... I never knew about his story and it really does shake you. He is a wonderful example of taking the lot you've been given and looking past it to make something great. I think his story should be told more: it's the sort of inspiration that people are in need of. Go with God, Jimmy Wayne, and continue to make wonderful music that touches so many lives!
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Wow...I had no idea bout his story. That is truly inspirationa l to many people wishing to make it big, or simply get to the top. Kudos to him for climbing out of such depression and making something out of his life.

His songs are pretty good too! And yes...I agree with you spfan4life16 he IS easy on the eyes! :)
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Just went to a Braid Paisely concert in NYC and had my first introduction to Jimmy Wayne!!! How exciting!! He brings his own sincere and fresh approach to Country Music!!! How wonderful to hear about his drive in life and he never gave up!!! He sets an example for all those who say you can't make it from rags to riches in america anymore!!!!! ! Boo Hoo to them!!! Jimmy your due diligence and hard drive has made you who you are!!! Keep strong!!!!
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crimsonlion2 8
Kat Scott, was that really necessary?
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Boo Hoo sad story but his music still sucks.
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stay gone hits home for me, my first JW song and launched me as a fan! I appreciate your music and your triumph in life. Thanks for the entertainmen t . BB
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Love his music! And his face isn't too bad either ;}
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fhswrestling c h e e r l e a d e r
I love all of Jimmy Waynes songs. i will is one of my favorite songs and do you believe me now
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Have recently learned of this artist and LOVE his music. After reading his story of such hardships and how he overcame them to become such a talented singer/music i a n has inspired me. Keep up the good work.
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Incredible. I am a new fan.
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"Do You Believe Me Now" is my favorite. What an inspiring story!
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His song "stay gone" is the bomb
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