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Joey + Rory

Joey + Rory, a country music duo featuring husband-and-wife vocalists Rory Lee Feek and Joey Martin Feek, made their debut on the CMT series Can You Duet in 2008. Although both musicians had spent years focusing on their individual careers, they proved to be a strong duo and ultimately finished third in the competition, laying the groundwork for a collaborative career. Kansas-born Rory Feek had originally hit Nashville in 1995, hoping to hawk his songs. A meeting with legendary songwriter Harlan Howard resulted in a publishing deal, and Feek served as his lone staff writer through 2000, at which point he moved over to Clint Black's Blacktop Music. He eventually left that publishing contract, too, in order to start Giantslayer Publishing in 2004 with songwriting partner Tim Johnson.

Joey Feek was born in Alexandria, Indiana, and made her first public singing appearance at the age of six, when she performed Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" at a first-grade talent show. She moved to Nashville in 1998, signed to Sony Records in 2000, and recorded a debut album with producers Paul Worley and Billy Crain. Changes in the label's infrastructure led to the album being shelved, however. She recorded a second album, Strong Enough to Cry, in 2004, but that too was never officially released, although it did become available as a download in 2007.

The spotlight finally found Joey + Rory in 2008, when the two auditioned for the Can You Duet show at the request of a mutual friend. After the show wrapped up, the pair signed a record deal with Sugar Hill Records and released a debut album, The Life of a Song, that same year. Rory also released a digital solo album, My Ol' Man, but The Life of a Song proved to be the bigger release, cracking the country Top Ten and earning the duo three nominations (and one win) from the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards. A follow-up album, simply called Album Number Two, was also released in 2010 and hit the Top Ten of country. A Farmhouse Christmas arrived in time for the holidays in 2011, while His and Hers appeared at the end of the summer in 2012 on Sugar Hill/Vanguard. The couple's first gospel album, 2013's Inspired: Songs of Faith & Family, included new songs as well as covers of gospel classics. It was followed later the same year by the country album Made to Last. A cover album, Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage, came in 2014.

Sadly, in 2015, Joey Feek revealed that a prior occurrence of cervical cancer had returned and spread, and that October, the couple announced that it was terminal. She entered hospice care a month later. Joey + Rory continued with plans to release another religious album; Hymns That Are Important to Us arrived in February 2016. The following month, Joey Feek died at the age of 40. ~ Steve Leggett
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Country Classics: A Tapestry Of Our Musical Heritage

1. How's The World Treating You

2. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

3. I'm Not Lisa

4. Rocky Top

5. Let It Be Me

6. King Of The Road

7. If I Needed You

8. I Believe In You

9. Hello Love

10. Coat Of Many Colors

11. Paper Roses

12. Back Home Again


Track List: Made To Last

1. If I Needed You

2. Good Truck

3. Just A Cup Of Coffee

4. 50,000 Names

5. Dreamer

6. I Love You Song

7. Now That SheEs Gone

8. I'll Sing For You

9. Made To Last

10. In A Cowboy's Dreams

11. Enough

12. To Do What I Do


Track List: Joey+Rory Inspired

1. In The Garden

2. Long Line Of Love

3. Are You Washed In The Blood (With The Isaacs)

4. My Life Is Based On A True Story

5. Turning To The Light (With Bill Gaither)

6. The Preacher And The Stranger

7. Amazing Grace

8. It'll Get You Where You're Goin

9. Gotta Go Back (With Josh Turner)

10. Hammerin' Nails

11. I See Him

12. Leave It There


Track List: His & Hers

1. Josephine

2. Waiting For Someone

3. Someday When I Grow Up

4. Let's Pretend We Never Met

5. A Bible And A Belt

6. When I'm Gone

7. Your Man Loves You Honey

8. Love Your Man

9. Cryin' Smile

10. He's A Cowboy

11. Teaching Me How To Love You

12. His And Hers


Track List: Album Number Two

1. Album Number Two

2. That's Important To Me

3. All You Need Is Me

4. Born To Be Your Woman

5. Baby I'll Come Back To You

6. God Help My Man

7. The Horse Nobody Could Ride

8. Farm To Fame

9. Where Jesus Is

10. You Ain't Right

11. My Ol' Man

12. This Song's For You


Track List: The Life Of A Song

1. Play The Song

2. Sweet Emmylou

3. Tonight Cowboy You're Mine

4. Cheater Cheater

5. Rodeo

6. Heart Of The Wood

7. Tune Of A Twenty Dollar Bill

8. Loved The Hell

9. Free Bird

10. Boots

11. To Say Goodbye

12. The Life Of A Song


Track List: It Is Well With My Soul (Single)


Track List: When I'm Gone / Josephine (Single)

1. When I'm Gone

2. Josephine


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dear wdneydoo, dont please. people would care if you where gone. and it is god's plan. we may not understand why He took her, but one day we will. one day. it is His plan, it is acording to His plan, and we cannot change that. yes it is so sad, but please don't wish it was you. and linda6001, she was not too young to die. God has an plan. my closest friend lost his brother, who was 3 weeks old and with a literal hole in his heart and his normal insides on the outside. God bless y'all!
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Rip joey
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so sad that we have lost a beautiful talent in joey she was too young to die
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I just loved Joey Rory music. Please play more!! God bless them!!!
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I hate that this poor woman whom everyone loved is gone too soon. Should've been me, no one would care. RIP
Report as inappropriate r i n g
I think of Joey and her precious family everyday. God bless you Rory, Heidi, Hopie, Indy, Marci, and Joey's beautiful Mom, Dad and sisters and all who are grieving Joe's loss.
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she was so bless and she will miss by everyone ernie French Lemoore ca
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R.I.P sweet Joey. You are missed by everyone.
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I really miss Joey even though I have never met her. I now have 2 of her and Rory,s albums and going for the third o the last three that they made
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I always loved this song
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Rory and your 3 daughters, Marcy Jo, and all of you extended family: This beautiful lady, Joey, was most definitely a magnificent gift to the world, straight from the hands of GOD! You could see HIS light in her face and hear it in her songs. Sadly, with great loss, she was taken from us too soon, but, the legacy of love and Christian values will continue to have an impact, unceasingly, forever! Joey was such a glorious presence in all she did, she was an angel here on earth. GOD bless you Rory
Report as inappropriate
indiana is currently at high hopes, a school for people (kids) with disability. find out more on www.thislife i l i v e . c o m . it is rorys blog
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I was not formular with Joey & Rory music until one of sisters asked for prayors for them is early February, at which it brought me into their music. I also lost my wife to cancer at her age of 40. March 26th was the 25th anniversity of her death. God opened my heart and brought another Angel into my life. I still pray and know that by leaning of the Grace of God, Rory and family will continue on.
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no1trekman20 0 2
Ive only been listening and following Joey & Rory a few years. Following Rorys blog it really hit hard bringing some smiles and many tears. Even though Ive never seen them, I will/Do miss Joey. Like so many others too young to be taken. But I believe in Gods will, as much as it can hurt. Joey was ready. She is with Jesus and happy. I pray Rory and his family continue to have a good life. God Bless them. :) Thank You for this station.
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Thank you for having Joey + Rory on Pandora. They are great!
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God bless you Rory, Indy and your extended family. Your story has touched my life immensely. I pray to be the man and husband you exemplify. I pray God gives me a second chance. You will definitely be one of my role models. God speed!
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Rip Joey you are definitely with Jesus and singing in the choir. Rory and Indy my prayers are with you. Your family is a true Christian inspiration God Bless You and we miss you Joey.
Report as inappropriate
Rory, everything is going to be fine. sure, it will be sad, but that is life. we miss he -lots of people do and are going to - but you are in so many people's prayers. joey was a wonderful person and you are too. may God bless you as you raise your beautiful sweet daughter....
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Great duo, please continue to have Joey and Rory on the radio
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missing Joey
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Oh, I miss this fine lady soo much!
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R.I.P Joey Feek March 04,2016
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Joey you are with our precious Jesus now and no pain, Rory prayers for you to get through this time I lost my husband last August 5th so I know what you are going through I still can't function normally even though I know he is with Jesus and our son. God bless you and Indiana.
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rip joey your family will be in are prayers here on earth thank you for all you did here on earth very special lady
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God is Sovereign above all. Will be His will and not our will. For the sake if His Kingdom This couple is a testimony of love as one flesh and the hope of eternity with our heavenly Father and tho join our relatives but in special our spouses on the perfect and heavenly relationship .
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RIP Joey. Thank you for the music.
Report as inappropriate
RIP Joey. Prayers to Rory and the family. Love to listen to you all sing.
Report as inappropriate
Joey made this world a better place and touched and inspired so many. The love that Joey & Rory shared was amazing. What a duo!!! RIP beautiful Joey. God bless Joey's family. Love little baby Indiana Boon!!!
Report as inappropriate
So sad it took so long to love their music; only because of Joey's hard fight did I learn of them and now I'm hooked. God bless Rory and his family.
Report as inappropriate
I listen everyday to your music on Pandora. My heart is broke for your family. May God be with you through this!
Report as inappropriate
I wished Country Radio played your music more than they did. I am a big supporter of you both. May God continue to bless you and your family. Joey I know you are in Heaven with God. Your fans will miss you dearly. God Bless you all.
Report as inappropriate
Sorry Rory for lost. Rip Joey . I love your music . I love your song that is cold cheater cheater . I well always love your music.
Report as inappropriate
RIP Joey. We will miss u dearly. Keep ur chin up Rory. God bless��
Report as inappropriate
Beautiful voice RIP Joey. Prayers out go to her husband, child and fam.
Report as inappropriate
I prey for the loving family Joey is Angel down here on earth but also up there in heaven singing all of her lovely music to are lords savior . May she rip with angel wings
Report as inappropriate
Another angel taken far too soon! May you rest in everlasting peace and may God give Rory and the family strength and guidance to deal w the days to come!
Report as inappropriate
We're sending prayers to y'all rest in peace Joey
Report as inappropriate
WE love you Joey & Rory! May God comfort you all, in Jesus name, Amen! Love & Prayers, the Starchers, Poca, West Virginia
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juliagulia85 1 6
Beautiful... Rest in peace Joey! ������
Report as inappropriate
What a beautiful Godly couple that inspired others with their music and love for God. May you rest in peace.
Report as inappropriate
Joey , rest in peace, your music will live on in our hearts. Rory may god bless you and your children, may he provide you with peace, love and comfort as you mourn your loss. From my family to yours you have our condolences
Report as inappropriate
May you rest in peace, will miss you......You will always be in my heart and prayers..... . R o r y and your music melts my heart and soul..
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dakotaconnor s m o m m y 2 0 1 5
Northern Indiana in grief just few miles away we are prayin hard for your family so very very sad! Rest peaceful
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May God be with you and your family in your time of need . ♡ Praying for all of you. RIP Joey. Your a Beautiful Singing Angel now.
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May you rest in peace. God bless you and your family.
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I will miss you Joey. :(
You are an inspiration to me.
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God bless you both. God needed another Angel today You will be missed by so many.
Report as inappropriate
A truly sad day here in indiana.
Report as inappropriate
God Bless you both . Fly high with the Angels Joey you will be missed and forever in your music and our hearts RIP
Report as inappropriate
God bless the strength of this two godly couple
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