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John Berry

A country singer known for his rich voice and thoughtful perspective as a songwriter, John Berry was born in Aiken, South Carolina on September 14, 1959. He grew up in a musical household, though neither of his parents were especially big fans of country music. His mother favored gospel, while his father enjoyed classical piano, particularly the recordings of Van Cliburn. But Berry grew up on Top 40 radio that beamed out from Atlanta, where he absorbed a wide variety of music in the '70s. He was 12 when he began learning the guitar, and by the time he graduated from high school, he was writing songs and performing in public. In 1981, he was in a serious motorcycle accident that left him with a broken hip and two broken legs. He spent many months in recovery and physical rehabilitation, a situation made all the more difficult by the then-recent death of his mother. But Berry used the time to work on his skills as a guitarist, and by 1983, he had made music a career. He developed a strong regional following in Georgia, where he had settled, and recorded a handful of self-released albums he sold at his live shows. In 1992, Liberty Records signed him to a record deal, and his first album for the label, simply titled John Berry, appeared in June 1993. The song "Kiss Me in the Car" soon became a hit, rising to 22 on the Country Singles charts. But it wasn't until May 1994 that the album's next single, "Your Love Amazes Me," rose to number one on the Country listings. At the time the single topped the charts, Berry was in the hospital, having been diagnosed with a cyst in the third ventricle of his brain. While the condition left him with minor short term memory loss, he otherwise enjoyed a full recovery. (Berry's wife, who performs with him as a backing vocalist, occasionally prompts him when he forgets lyrics on-stage.)

Two more singles from John Berry, "What's in It for Me" and "You and Only You," reached the Country Top Five, and the album was certified platinum. In 1995, Liberty Records' parent company, EMI, moved him from Liberty to their new country imprint, Patriot Records. Berry's Patriot debut, Standing on the Edge, produced two more Top Five Country singles, the title track and "I Think About It All the Time," and the album went gold. Later the same year, the label released Berry's first Christmas album, O Holy Night. Patriot also reissued two of his early independent titles, Saddle the Wind and Things Are Not the Same. But Patriot proved to be a short-lived experiment, and Berry's fourth major-label album, Faces, appeared on Capitol Nashville in September 1996. Faces went gold and produced three hit singles, but Berry and Capitol Nashville didn't see eye to eye on his creative direction, leaving two albums recorded but unreleased. In 1999, Berry signed a new contract with the Disney-affiliated Lyric Street Records, who released Wildest Dreams in September of that year. The album proved to be a commercial disappointment, and Berry left the major labels, signing to the independent Ark 21. Ark 21 released his second Christmas album, My Heart Is Bethlehem, in October 2000, while All the Way to There appeared a year later.

While Berry still had a healthy following as a live act, especially for his annual Christmas concerts, he decided it was time to take control of his recording career. After briefly reuniting with Capitol Nashville to release Christmas Live in 2002, he founded his own label, Clear Sky Records. Through Clear Sky, he released 2004's I Give My Heart and 2008's Those Were the Days, as well as another holiday album, 2003's O Holy Night Live. A committed Christian, Berry recorded an album reflecting his beliefs, Real Man, Real Life, Real Good, for Daywind Records in 2012. The same year, he published a book, Songs & Stories, which featured essays on his best-known songs, as well as a CD with new versions of his classic hits. After launching a successful crowd-funding campaign, Berry returned to the recording studio to record a new album in 2015. What I Love the Most was slated for release through Mansion Entertainment in June 2016. ~ Mark Deming
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: What I Love The Most

1. She's Mine

2. You're My Sunshine

3. What A Woman Wants

4. Every Time

5. There Could Never Be Another Love

6. Gotta Lotta Love

7. She Don't Need Me

8. I Get That All The Time

9. I've Seen It All

10. When Is Enough Enough


Track List: Those Were The Days

1. You Still Own Me

2. If That Ain't Love

3. We Were There

4. Fools Lullaby

5. Somethin' Somethin'

6. Those Were The Days

7. Day And Night

8. Just Married

9. A Woman Like You

10. The Balloon Song


Track List: I Give My Heart

1. Time In A Bottle

2. Will You Marry Me

3. Let's Stay Together

4. If

5. I Just Wanna Stop

6. Your Love Amazes Me

7. Lady

8. I Give My Heart

9. Since The Day That I Met You

10. Love Look What You've Done To Me

11. Faithfully


Track List: O Holy Night Live

1. O Come All Ye Faithful (Live)

2. The Christmas Song (Live)

3. My Heart Is Bethlehem Story (Live)

4. My Heart Is Bethlehem (Live)

5. Let It Snow (Live)

6. Little Drummer Boy Story (Live)

7. Little Drummer Boy (Live)

8. I'll Be Home For Christmas (Live)

9. O Come Emmanuel (Live)

10. Christmas Morning Story (Live)

11. Christmas Morning (Live)

12. Winter Wonderland (Live)

13. Choir Introduction (Live)

14. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Live)

15. O Holy Night Story (Live)

16. O Holy Night (Live)

17. The Lord's Prayer (Live)


Track List: Certified Hits

1. She's Taken A Shine

2. You And Only You

3. I Think About It All The Time

4. Kiss Me In The Car

5. Destiny

6. Ninety Miles An Hour

7. Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name

8. Faithfully

9. What's In It For Me

10. I Never Lost You


Track List: All The Way To There

1. Settle For Everything

2. He Makes Me Want Her Again

3. Today

4. You Make Me Believe

5. Everybody Knows

6. How Much Do You Love Me

7. Sanctuary

8. I Promise You

9. Can't Get Enough

10. Let's Find Out

11. Eternally


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. Kiss Me In The Car

2. You And Only You

3. Your Love Amazes Me

4. A Mind Of Her Own

5. She's Taken A Shine

6. Change My Mind

7. Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye

8. I Will, If You Will

9. What's In It For Me

10. I Think About It All The Time

11. If I Had Any Pride Left At All

12. We Can't Unmake Love


Track List: Wildest Dreams

1. Love Is For Giving

2. Rescued Me

3. Love Was Made For Us

4. Salvation

5. Where Would I Be

6. Power Windows

7. Until I'm Loving You

8. Rivers In The Clouds

9. You'll Be In My Heart

10. You're The Voice

11. The One You Love


Track List: Faces

1. She's Taken A Shine

2. Change My Mind

3. I Will, If You Will

4. He Doesn't Even Know Her

5. Faithfully

6. Livin' On Love

7. Time To Be A Man

8. Forty Again

9. Love Is Everything

10. I Give My Heart


Track List: John Berry

1. Somebody

2. Kiss Me In The Car

3. More Sorry Than You'll Ever Know

4. A Mind Of Her Own

5. Your Love Amazes Me

6. More Than Just A Little

7. You And Only You

8. Destiny

9. What's In It For Me

10. When Love Dies


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lydiacampos4 5
John is still touring and making albums, saw him in concert last year and got is new amazing album shortly after that.
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patriciamart i n 1 0
What is he doing these days?
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Best proposal ever. And I said Yes‼️‼️
Report as inappropriate
Twenty years ago, Your Love Amazes Me, was instrumental in my decision to marry the love of my life. I was hesitant to say yes and prayed one night for God to give me a sign. This song and 2 others from other artists played back to back as I tried to go to sleep and I knew then that he was the one for me. He passed away 11-23-14 but every time I here this song, I smile because I know he is near. I really would love to hear more of his music.
Report as inappropriate
Your Love Amazes Me too John Berry! Lol. Nice song man.
Report as inappropriate
Great stuff...
Report as inappropriate
I love John Berry's music.
Report as inappropriate
Your love amazes me- One of the top country music love songs
Report as inappropriate
John Berry. One of my favorites. I Enjoy his intimate concerts in MI at Christmas time. Oh Holy Night! No one sings it better.
Report as inappropriate
I miss John Berry's music. He has a such a beautiful voice! I'm so glad I can listen to him and other artists from this era. Today's country is terrible.
Report as inappropriate
John Berry was the best and always will be when it comes to love songs as he knows how to touch the heart in so many ways.
Report as inappropriate
Does he still make records? I haven't heard anything about him in years.
Report as inappropriate
I have always loved him.. I have seen him 5 times in concert in Michian. He is well worth it.. He has a voice that the people who try to sing can't match...
Report as inappropriate
saw him in person what a voice
Report as inappropriate
It's not Christmas until you hear O Holy Night by John. Lucky me I have the album!
Report as inappropriate
great voice
Report as inappropriate
John has been my fav for several years! I have seen him at least 4 times his Christmas tour twice! Would love to see him getting more air time.
Report as inappropriate
THE best voice country music
Report as inappropriate
John has a voice that climbs inside your heart and never leaves!
Report as inappropriate
My wife met John Berry & his wife when he came to sing at Miss Kitty's in Marietta, Ga. She had the pleasure of being social friends during that time. His wife started to sing with him and a few yrs later she caught up with him and family (3 kids!) in San Jose, Ca. He has always been a wonderful family man. Not many voices like his out there. We were told he has a brother who sings opera (?) Truly no on sings Oh Holy Night like John.
Report as inappropriate
His version of Oh Holy Night is terrific!!
Report as inappropriate
I, too, would like to have his O Holy Night on here!
Report as inappropriate
Let me add, PLEASE add his version of O Holy Night, it is incredible.
Report as inappropriate
Yes, PLEASE add John Berry's rendition of O Holy Night! It is awesome.
Report as inappropriate
Please, please, please, add his rendition of O' Holy Night!
Report as inappropriate
gracefullpag e
This mans voice is soo amazing! I haven't heard anything new from him in a long time does anyone know whats going on with him today?
Report as inappropriate
No mention of his time with Restless Heart?
Report as inappropriate
He has the most beautiful voice.. He is great !!
Report as inappropriate
I would like to listen to some of his gospel songs.
Report as inappropriate
Please add his version of O Holy Night. Fantastic.
Report as inappropriate
looking for O Holy Night
Report as inappropriate
add O Holy Night
Report as inappropriate
Add his O Holy Night Album
Report as inappropriate
i was looking for O Holy Night too! i agree it's the best!
Report as inappropriate
fluhartydonn a 2
Please add John Berry's version of O Holy Night!!! It's the best!
Report as inappropriate
PLEASE add John Berry's rendition of O Holy Night!!!!
Report as inappropriate
JB is a tremendous talent and a really nice guy. It is a huge mystery to me as to why he has not received more play on country radio. His voice sets him apart from most of the rest.
Report as inappropriate
I've been his biggest fan since 1993 and see him every chance I get. He is genuine and a beautiful person inside and out. give him a try. Best move you will make.....
Report as inappropriate
i've been listing to pandora for about 3 months now and i've yet to hear John Berry's O Holy Night can you please play this song i dearly love it. thank you
Report as inappropriate
I, also am looking for O Holy Night by John Barry....doe s anyone know where it can be found???
Report as inappropriate
YES "jtodwork" Berry is great with Christmas songs,comes December Pandora starts playing Christmas songs,many different singers and singing groups and one of the very best is John Berry,"Oh holy night" is so well done by Mr Berry,that song alone is so darn good by him....Thank s Pandora
Report as inappropriate
I was looking for his rendition of Oh Holy Night. It is the one of the best ever done.
Report as inappropriate
Pandora needs to list his Holiday music. This is classic Gospel from the Soul.
Report as inappropriate
The very best rendition of Oh Holy Night ever done! Pandora needs to have his christmas album listed.
Report as inappropriate
I've met John at a meet and greet he is the real thing. I go to his concert when he "comes home" every year. He deserves more air time than mainstream radio gives him. I'm glad I can listen to him on Pandora. PLAY MORE "Your Love Amazes me"
Report as inappropriate
i think john berrys music is good and classic and he has a good voice too
Report as inappropriate
I saw his Christmas tour last year in Alabama. I went from hearing one song on the car radio promoting the tour. O Holy Night and it was worth it. When he sang that song I cried it was so beautiful. Pandora needs to get his holiday albums offered. Great guy with a great voice.
Report as inappropriate
John is a really good song i like his song Your Love Amazes me.
Report as inappropriate
I saw John at a concert of his in Shelby,Monta n a about 6 years ago. John, I really enjoyed your show at the Marias county fairgrounds. Wish you would come back soon. You put on such a good show. The quality of your music is the best. Thancks for your talents.

Sted Beebe, Cut Bank, Mt.
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his rendition of "oh night divine" is fantastic. play it more at this time of the year please.
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