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Justin Hayward

Justin Hayward (b. Swindon, October 14, 1946; full name David Justin Hayward) got his first guitar at age nine. In 1965, he joined pre-Beatles English rocker Marty Wilde as a member of his backing band, the Wild Cats. By the end of 1965, Hayward had four songs that he felt ready to record on his own, which led him to former skiffle king-turned-producer Lonnie Donegan. Released by Pye Records on the last day of 1965, Hayward's solo recording debut, "London Is Behind Me," failed to make an impact on the charts. The follow-up, "I Can't Face the World Without You," was released by Parlophone on August 26, 1966 with similar results. It was at this same time that Hayward answered Eric Burdon's ad for a lead guitarist. But Burdon had already filled the spot, and instead recommended him to the Moody Blues, who were in the market for a new guitarist/singer to replace the recently departed Denny Laine. After meeting with the band, Hayward joined the Moody Blues to complete their best-known lineup. For the first six months, the group continued with the R&B-based repertoire that they'd been known for prior to Hayward's arrival. Gradually, however, they began to work new songs into their stage act and their recording schedule, which took a big jump when the group was picked by Decca/London Records to participate in a stereo-demonstration record mixing rock and orchestral sounds. The resulting album, Days of Future Passed (1967), revived the band's fortunes, not least through the success of Hayward's now signature songs "Nights in White Satin" and "Tuesday Afternoon." This lush, romantic style would become the basis for the band's sound over the next seven years and while each member contributed songs and lead vocals, Hayward essentially became established as the group's primary singer and songwriter, penning classics like "Lovely to See You," "The Story in Your Eyes," and "New Horizons." After the band went on hiatus in 1974, Hayward and bassist John Lodge recorded the duo album Blue Jays, spawning the 1975 hit "Blue Guitar," which featured a backing track by the band 10cc. Hayward's career as a solo artist began in 1977 with the release of Songwriter, which displayed a somewhat leaner and more lively, acoustically textured sound than his work with the Moodies. He struck gold globally with the Top Ten hit "Forever Autumn" in 1978 as part of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds album, and then released his second solo album, Night Flight, in 1980. During the next several years, Hayward devoted much of his attention to the revived Moody Blues, who had a full touring and recording schedule in front of them. A third solo outing, Moving Mountains, arrived in 1985 and was strongly reminiscent of his early-'70s style. In the late '80s, the Moodies scored a pair of hits with the Hayward-penned "Your Wildest Dreams" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," marking the band's last major chart successes. Hayward continued to record throughout the '90s with solo releases like the orchestral Classic Blue (1989), and later The View from the Hill (1996) and Live in San Juan Capistrano (1998). The Moody Blues remain a popular concert draw and Hayward, along with John Lodge and drummer Graeme Edge, comprise the remaining original portion of the band's lineup. In 2005, Hayward was awarded ASCAP's Golden Note Award for British songwriters, and in 2013 he received his second Ivor Novello award from the Performing Rights Agency in the U.K. That same year, he released Spirits of the Western Sky, his first solo album since 1996. A year later, he followed it up with the live acoustic album Spirits…Live. ~ Timothy Monger & Bruce Eder
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: All The Way

1. Blue Guitar (Feat. 10cc)

2. Forever Autumn

3. Broken Dream

4. Troubadour

5. The Best Is Yet To Come

6. One Day, Someday

7. One Lonely Room

8. In Your Blue Eyes

9. Vincent (Remastered)

10. Nights In White Satin (Live)

11. Raised On Love

12. It's Not Too Late

13. The Story In Your Eyes

14. The Western Sky

15. The Wind Of Heaven

16. Lay It On Me

17. Nostradamus

18. Moving Mountains

19. I Heard It

20. I Dreamed Last Night (Live)

21. Crazy Lovers

22. Silver Bird

23. It Won't Be Easy

24. Lost And Found

25. Stage Door

26. Scarborough Fair

27. The Way Of The World

28. Gypsy

29. Night Flight

30. The Eastern Sun


Track List: Spirits Live...

1. Tuesday Afternoon (Live)

2. It's Up To You - Lovely To See You (Live)

3. In Your Blue Eyes (Live)

4. The Western Sky (Live)

5. Land Of Make Believe (Live)

7. In The Beginning (Live)

8. One Day Someday (Live)

9. The Eastern Sun (Live)

10. It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart (Live)

11. Your Wildest Dreams (Live)

12. Forever Autumn (Live)

13. Question (Live)

14. Nights In White Satin (Live)

15. I Know You're Out There Somewhere (Live)


Track List: Spirits Of The Western Sky

1. In Your Blue Eyes

2. One Day, Someday

3. The Western Sky

4. The Eastern Sun

5. On The Road To Love

6. Lazy Afternoon

7. In The Beginning

8. It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart

9. What You Resist Persists

10. Broken Dream

11. Captivated By You

12. One Day, Someday (Alternate, Extended Version)

13. Rising

14. Out There Somewhere

15. Out There Somewhere (Raul Rincon Remix)


Track List: Classic Blue

1. The Tracks Of My Tears

2. MacArthur Park

3. Blackbird

4. Vincent

5. God Only Knows

6. Bright Eyes

7. A Whiter Shade Of Pale

8. Scarborough Fair

9. Railway Hotel

10. Man Of The World

11. Forever Autumn

12. As Long As The Moon Can Shine

13. Stairway To Heaven


Track List: Songwriter

4. Country Girl

5. One Lonely Room

6. Lay It On Me

7. Stage Door

8. Raised On Love

9. Doin' Time

10. Nostradamus

12. Marie

14. Learning The Game


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One my favorite songs
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It was the best night i was ever had seen to Justin in his solo concert on the 31st of may in 2014 at the Fox Theater in Tucson Az and the other high light in my life to have a picture with him back stage.
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I just saw you and the rest of the band in Mt Pleasant, MI , LIVE for the first time in my 60 yrs of loving the Moody Blues. You all have made the most beautiful music on planet Earth! Justin, you look SO good , so good, I would love to know you as a REAL friend. God Bless all of you. Your flute player is pretty amazing too!
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Thank you Justin for the years of beautiful music & lyrics of which no one compares
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He is even sexier now than when in his 20's
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I first heard Classic Blue a nimber of years ago. Justin's versions of these well-known songs are the best I ever heard! Now I am eagerly awaiting Spirits...Li v e ! Please, Santa, be good to me this year!
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I am begging you!
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I need to talk to Justin! Very soon, please
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Great lyrics and message as in so many of Justin's compositions . The lyrics speak to your heart and your head. ShalOM
Report as inappropriate
Wow, Justin Hayward can sing as well later in life as he did years ago. Unique voice that I recognize instantly. One great classy guy!
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Wow, Justin Hayward's version of Vincent the best rendition of this song I ever heard - lovely.
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I know you are coming back to Ohio in September, but I wish you were coming to Columbus, the Southern theater!
Report as inappropriate
Dear Justin, if you read this please forgive me for misbehaving at the Columbus show!!
Report as inappropriate
He is like a king of music, high upon a hill, eternally ringing!
Report as inappropriate
I had the pleasure of meeting Justin once, on a Cruiseship, but it drove me crazy!
Report as inappropriate
Oh and I will have the honor and pleasure of taking a photo with the band in March! This is one of my top 3 Bucket List things! I am already nervous LOL. I mean what do you say to the guys who have brought you so much happiness and enjoyments over 35 years?
Report as inappropriate
Not a serious contemporary artist? God almighty. What is wrong with these idiots? This man is one of, (if not the greatest) song writer(s) in music history. I mean think about it, both Justin and TMB have been performing music through 6 different decades. The Crock and Roll Hall of Shame notwithstand i n g , how can anyone make such a stupid comment? Look at the repertoire. Look at the body of work. Sit down and listen to Blue Jays or To Our Children's Children's Children , then talk to me.
Report as inappropriate
I've seen Justin solo twice in last year and was in awe of seeing him so close and personal…..I couldn't believe he was at this little bar…..voice not quite the same but still awesome….my only complaint was that he did almost the exact same set both times a year apart…..I will go again if he comes back but hope he changes it up a little there are so many songs I would love to hear…moodys lucky the day they met him…..I've always been kind of in love with him……especia l l y like his older stuff...
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Just saw him in solo concert last week. Truly an amazing artist -- a wonderful rapport with the audience -- like old friends chatting.
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I have been to many concerts, but I must say that the 3/21/14 Moody Blues concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta was my absolute favorite of any! I was able to go up to the front and drool over Justin and John! I know Justin looked at me as I was yelling my head off and dancing like a fool! It truly WAS my wildest dream FULFILLED! I'm STILL on a cloud!!! Justin Hayward is all that and MORE!!! Damn, he's fine, too! :)
Report as inappropriate
what a slime lonnie donegan….the r e is karma and I know justen hayward has great karma…..some things you just know
Report as inappropriate
Just saw a solo performance. With and without the band Justin Hayward is still mesmerizing.
Report as inappropriate
The bio is correct as it refers to solo work; working with John Lodge on Blue Jays was NOT solo work.
Report as inappropriate
Love, love, love this album. I remember when it came out around 1975 and could not wait to get it in my hands and play it! I crushed mostly on Justin Hayward. I remember naming my roommate's cat Justin after him!
Report as inappropriate
You know, that Blue Jays CD contains some of JH and JL's very best work. That still to this day remains one of my favourite of their records.
Report as inappropriate
Some info in Bio incorrect. Haywards debut away from MB's was with John Lodge as Bluejays circa 1975
Report as inappropriate
Looks like a few of us had the same idea : ) ...we named our 1st son Justin in large part because of Justin Hayward. Agape ShalOM
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breathedeeee p
Lonnie Donegan was quite the creep, signing a very young 17 year old Justin Hayward to a terrible contract, about which Justin states, he really should have known better... and refers to him in many conversation s as one of those terrible producers. The contract took ownership to the rights to Hayward's songs for the next eight years, and as a result, neither Hayward or his family will ever own the rights to most of the early hits he wrote, such as Nights in White Satin, Question and scores of o
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breathedeeee p
Classic Blue was Hayward and Mike Batt reworking classic rock songs NOT his own but by other artists, such as MacArthur's Park, Vincent and Stairway to Heaven, backed by an orchestra. Unlike more serious contemporary artists, Hayward and the Moody Blues are still playing a heavy schedule to packed houses around the world, while most others are nowhere to be found! Love those critics! Go to a Moody Blues a d this year's reviews, and THEN write about them. Geez.
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Why are Justin Hayward and the rest of The moody blues not in the hall of fame?
Report as inappropriate
should be in rock and roll hall of fame. what a dis
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Nice treatment of a great song., probably Mclean's best...Cheer s to all the Moody Blues fans out there.
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Awesome singer and band.
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ah, sweet memories~ takes me to a happy place~ a different time~ we all had lots more hair~
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Definitely under-rated and over-looked!
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Have to agree, good as ever.
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still as good as ever,absolut e l y brilliant
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Still rockin and teh voice is still haunting..
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one of the few singers that just don't sing a song they make you feel the song with that voice of his.
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I named my kid after this guy because I loved his songwriting and singing
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Report as inappropriate
I Still Love him the best!!
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A most fantastic voice! Please do play View from a Hill - and also Forever Autumn.
Report as inappropriate
what an artist !!! what a guy!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Please I have to ask you to please include oone JustinHaywar d ' s finest
albums and that is The Veiw From The Hill this album alone is the best Justin Has recorded
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We named our son after him.
Report as inappropriate
I ahve adored justin since they first appeared on the scene. How is he not a member of the OBE???
Report as inappropriate
I Love Justin Hayward. Can you play songs from his "View From the Hill" album, such as 'Broken Dream'?
Report as inappropriate
Actually he's "just a singer in a rock and roll band."
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How is Justin (and rest of the Moody's) NOT in Rock Hall of fame!
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