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King Tubby

King Tubby is to this day synonymous with dub. He was a man who had a passion for fiddling with sound equipment, and turned that passion into a new musical genre and a veritable art form. He may have started his career as a repairman, but before he was done, his name was one of the most respected around the world. He worked with virtually every artist in Jamaica, and his name on a remix was like gold, a seal of quality that was never questioned.

King Tubby was born under the more humble name of Osbourne Ruddock in Kingston, Jamaica, on January 28, 1941. Initially, the closest he got to the music scene was via the airwaves, as Ruddock spent his teens working as a radio repairman. In the mid-'50s, Jamaica was undergoing a revolution that saw the audiences move out of the dancehalls, which had once packed them in with live music provided by big bands, and onto the streets. There the sound systems ruled as traveling outfits set themselves up on a sociable street or corner and blasted records to crowds through a speaker. Initially they were small, but the sound systems quickly grew in size and legend; the competition extremely fierce and often violent. Speakers were the usual victims of these rivalries (sometimes along with the DJs, organizers, and even the audience). The people weren't the only ones who were damaged, which is why in the late '50s the operator of a Waterhouse sound system approached Ruddock for help. The repairman fixed that speaker, then another, and another, until he was providing first aid for a variety of sound systems around the city. A born tinkerer, Ruddock inevitably began coming up with ways to improve things as well. He spent years working on other people's sound systems, but by 1968, he was ready to open his own shop: the legendary Tubby's Home Town Hi Fi. The sound he provided there was nigh on perfect, which meant King Tubby himself was now beginning to look around for something new to fiddle with. Producer Duke Reid offered the perfect solution via a job at his Treasure Isle studio as a disc cutter. There, King Tubby began deconstructing and reconstructing music in the same way he had sound systems, but these early efforts were really remixes, an already old skill in Jamaica. The remix began as a "version" B-side, nothing more than an instrumental of a vocal track. Ruddy Redwood, a sound system MC and engineer at Treasure Isle, had taken the next logical step forward, physically remixing records in the rocksteady years to place the focus on the bass. King Tubby took this concept to a whole new level. He started stripping out not only the vocals, but cutting up instrumental parts, dropping them in and out of the tracks, adding new effects and sounds, while also making use of phasing, shifts, and echoes. Many of these experiments were pressed onto acetate dubplates and spun at his sound system. These stripped-down tracks were integral to the rise of the DJs, and King Tubby not only cut exclusive dubplates for his favorites, he also hired the best to perform at his sound system. U-Roy, I-Roy, and Big Youth were just some of the stars who made their mark toasting at Tubby's Hi Fi.

In 1971, King Tubby was ready to take another leap forward and opened his own studio. There, the experiments continued as the remixer turned engineer moved into the area of studio effects. The studio quickly became a favorite for the likes of Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry, Prince Tony Robinson, and Glen Brown. It was the latter man who history acclaims as the first to actually credit a King Tubby mix on record. The aptly titled "Tubby's at the Control" was a remix of "Merry Up" by God Sons (an alias for Tommy McCook and Rad Bryan). Robinson followed suit, releasing "Tubby's in Full Swing," on a song credited to Lloyd Robinson and Carey Johnson.

King Tubby began turning out remixes in prolific numbers. Bunny Lee kept him busy with a constant stream of singles to remix and a batch were bundled up in 1974 as the seminal Dub From the Roots album, and more were featured on the follow-up, King Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station. Years later, the British Klik label reissued most of Roots as Shalom Dub, buttressed with bonus tracks. Another U.K. label, Attack, has also released the King Tubby-fueled Dub Jackpot, featuring rarer remixes and dubs of Lee productions. Blood & Fire's If Deejay Was Your Trade: The Dreads at King Tubby's 1974-1977 also boasts Tubby's takes on Lee's productions, this time focusing exclusively on DJs, as did the French label Culture Press' Bunny Lee, King Tubby & the Aggrovators. Tubby also worked with Vivian Jackson after meeting in 1971 when Jackson handed him a rhythm and the remixer went to work. The result was the hit "Go to Zion," credited to Brother Joe & the Rightful Brothers, an alias for Jackson, the Congos' Roydel Johnson, and the Gladiators' Albert Griffiths. Jackson and King Tubby's follow-up, "Conquering Lion," was another hit, and gave the artist/producer his nickname "Yabby You." Yabby You released his debut album, Conquering Lion, in 1975, and Tubby provided the dub companion, King Tubby's Prophecy of Dub, the following year. Yabby You's sophomore set, 1977's Wall of Jerusalem, boasted Tubby dubs across half the set. Augustus Pablo, the famed melodica player and producer, was also a client, and King Tubby remixed music for Pablo's Rockers label, much of which appeared on the songs' B-sides. The pair cemented their partnership with the seminal 1975 Ital Dub album, the outtakes from the sessions appearing 15 years later as El Rockers, a release from the British Pressure Drop label. However, Ital Dub was merely a warm-up for King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, a record that established both King Tubby's and Pablo's undying reputations. Their follow-up, Rockers Meet King Tubby in a Firehouse, merely added to their glory.

Across the early '70s, the remixer's experiments had swiftly evolved into pure dub, and his remixes were no longer a remix at all, but a total reinvention of the song. Another giant step forward had occurred in 1973 when King Tubby purchased a second four-track, which allowed him to record vocals. The new setup was inaugurated with Roy Shirley's "Stepping Razor" that same year. King Tubby had his first hit the following year with "Watergate Rock," a dub of Larry Marshall's "I Admire You." This inevitably led to Tubby taking on Marshall's entire I Admire You album. It was a busy year as Bunny Lee also released the aforementioned Dub From the Roots set while King Tubby also joined forces with Lee Perry for Blackboard Jungle Dub. He next worked with Niney "the Observer" Holness on 1975's Dubbing With the Observer, and the 1989 Trojan compilation King Tubby's Special 1973-1976 resurrected that album, then added shrewdly selected Bunny Lee productions for a monster 30-track set. After Tubby's work with Holness, producer Harry Mudie supplied him with material that couldn't quite compete, but Harry Mudie Meets King Tubby in Dub Conference, Vol. 1 was still sublime and the pair's partnership continued across another two volumes of music. King Tubby was also happy to provide mixes for Glen Brown, the man who first gave him his due. Trojan's Dubble Attack: The Original Pantomime Dee-Jay Collection 1972-74 features the island's greatest DJs, overseen by Brown, then reconstructed by Tubby. Blood & Fire concentrates on Brown's more roots-conscious work for the equally masterful Termination Dub. Another client was Glen Darby, whose productions recorded at Channel One by Jo Jo Hookim and Philip Smart were eventually compiled across Guava Jelly's two-CD set The Sound of Channel One: King Tubby Connection, which pairs the original vocal tracks with their dub companions.

By the end of the '70s, however, King Tubby had turned his attention to teaching and training a new generation of engineers and producers, including Prince Jammy (who would only take the crown once his mentor died, becoming at that point King Jammy), the equally innovative Scientist, and Prince Philip Smart, among others.

King Tubby continued creating new mixes, but no longer at the previous rate. In the new decade, he and Jah Screw took on Ranking Joe and the Roots Radics for the excellent Dangerous Dub. It was to be one of the last full-length remixes Tubby would do. That same year, First, Second and Third Generations of Dub brought together the teacher, alumnus Prince Jammy, and the young graduate, Scientist, for an album that aptly illustrated the development of all three.Scientist and King Tubby united for two more albums released in 1996 by the U.K. label Burning Sounds, King Tubby's Meets Scientist in a World of Dub and King Tubby's Meets Scientist at Dub Station. Even as King Tubby's output dropped, he still remained an integral part of the music scene. He upgraded his studio again and also launched his own record labels -- Firehouse, Waterhouse, Kingston II, and Taurus.

By the mid-'80s, King Tubby had shifted into production, and released a stream of seminal singles by the likes of Sugar Minott and Anthony Red Rose. He occasionally released albums and reunited with Bunny Lee for 1983's King Tubby the Dubmaster With the Waterhouse Posse and Sly & Robbie Meet King Tubby in 1985. Both sets disappointed, perhaps because Tubby had taken dub as far as it could go. His best work was now in the production field, working with young DJs and veteran vocalists. Pliers (of Chaka Demus fame), Ninjaman, Gregory Isaacs, and Johnny Clarke were just some of the talent who cut singles for him. King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style arrived in 1989, bundling up dubs of his dancehall hits. As the decade drew to a close, King Tubby seemed destined to continue stamping his imprint on Jamaica's scene, still in demand, and still a powerful musical force. Then, on February 6, 1989, his career came to a sudden end when he was shot and killed outside his home in Waterhouse. His murder remains unsolved, his death believed to have been the result of a street robbery. In the years since, King Tubby's renown has only grown. As time has passed, even more material has come to light and albums that saw only limited release are now easily available. ~ Jo-Ann Greene
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: King At The Control

1. King Tubby's Special

2. Tad's Special

3. Winter Dub

4. Raving Dub

5. Dread Dub

6. Eastwood Dub

7. General Saint Dub

8. Ranimo Dub

9. Dub Up Dub

10. Nkrumah Dub


Track List: King At The Controls

1. Faith In Dub

2. Dub Take Five

3. Dub, Words, Sounds

4. Dub Judge

5. PopuDub

6. Dub On Upper 1st

7. Dub Strange

8. Dub Run N' Hide

9. Dub Slave

10. That's Dub Love

11. Dub Gimme

12. Dub Cartel

13. Dub Shank

14. Dub Wicked


Track List: Dub Fi Yard

1. Dub Step

2. Dub A Dreadlock

3. Dub Natty

4. Dub First Class

5. Dub Immortal

6. Dub Rude

7. MagnifiDub

8. Close Shave Dub

9. Rootikally Dub

10. Feel Dub

11. Dub Love

12. Dub Rock


Track List: King Tubby Meets The Aggrovators

1. Dreadlocks Man Dub

2. Drifters Dub

3. Bag A Wire Dub

4. Lion Dreadful Dub

5. Ragga Muffin Stylee Dub

6. Party Mood Dub

7. Peace Conference Dub

8. Peace Maker Dub

9. Rastaman Dub

10. Northern Dub

11. Do The Dub Skank

12. Confusion Dub

13. Big Combo Dub

14. Dub Busters

15. Dub Rockers

16. Dub Of Roots Music

17. Burning Fire Dub

18. Borderline Dub

19. Womaniser Dub

20. Move Yah Dub

21. The Dark Destroyer Dub

22. The Best Dress Dub

23. Western Dub

24. Lion Roots Dub

25. Southern Dub

26. War Head Dub

27. Nuclear Weapon Dub

28. Ball Of Fire Dub

29. Warlord Dub

30. Natty Congo Dub

31. Satisfaction In Dub

32. Easy Dubbing Dub

33. Eastern Dub

34. Dance Crasher Dub

35. Dub A Rastaman Dub

36. Rasta Love Dancehall Dub

37. Fire Dread Dub


Track List: King Tubby Meets Reggae Legends - 60 Rare Killer Tracks

1. Eyes Of Africa

11. Life Is Not Easy

12. Budwah

21. Inna Mi Yard

22. Free Africa

24. Can't Stop Me

25. Feed The Children

33. Everybody Needs Dub

34. Hard Time

35. More Love

36. Move Yah Dub

37. Bag A Wire Dub

38. Cool Dub

39. Stealing Version

41. Burial

42. Bondage Dub

43. Maga Dub

44. Casava

45. The Word Of Jah

46. Dub Lion

47. Look What You're Doing

48. Universal Dub

49. So Jah Say Dub

50. Chase Dub

51. Every Rasta Dub

52. Wealth Dub

53. Cool Move Dub

54. I Will Kick Your Face Dub

55. Mercy Dub

56. The Invasion

57. Praise Jah Dub

58. Dub It Up Dub

59. Better Than Me Dub

60. No Bother Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 3

1. Highway Dub

2. North Circular Dub

3. Border Patrol Dub

4. Motorway Dub

5. South Circular Dub

6. 95 North Dub

7. 95 South Dub

8. Cross Bronx Dub

9. Turnpike Dub

10. Parkway Dub

11. Causeway Dub

12. Mandellah Highway Dub

13. Express Way Dub

14. Toll Booth Dub


Track List: African Roots

1. Dub You Can Feel

2. Laser Rock

3. Sound Boy Massacre

4. Farmyard Dub

5. Blow Down Babylon

6. The Border

7. Dubbing My Baby

8. Dub Experience

9. Roots Of Dub

10. African Roots

11. Waterhouse Rock

12. Zion Dub

13. Dub Of A Woman

14. Drop Dub

15. Herbal Dub

16. Watch This Version

17. King Tubby's In Fine Style

18. Conqueror Dub

19. Dubbing It Right

20. The Best Is Lose

21. Shining Dub

22. A Truthful Dub


Track List: Dub Anthems Platinum Edition

1. Get Ready For The Master Dub

2. Judgement On Dub

3. Liquidation Dub

4. Peace Conference Dub

5. Roots Of Dub

6. A Dancing Dub

7. Bionic Horn Dub

8. War & Friction Dub

9. The Mighty Gates Of Goza

10. The Duke Of Dubs

11. Sunny Dub

12. Peaceful Man Dub

13. Nuclear Weapon Dub

14. Love Version

15. Invasion Of Dub

16. A Closer Dub

17. Crazy Dub

18. Gorgan Dub

19. Hands Of Time Dub

20. Hijack The Barber

21. Island Dub

22. Move Yah


Track List: King Tubby's Rastafari Dub Platinum Edition

1. Jam Style Dub

2. A Sunny Dub

3. King Of The Arena Dub

4. No Partial Dub

5. Natty Roots Man Dub

6. Rasta Love Dancehall Dub

7. Crazy Bald Head Dub

8. Book Of Numbers Dub

9. A Yard Dub

10. Destroy Dub Style

11. Heartless Dub

12. Natty Dub

13. Get Ready For The Master Dub

14. A Loving Melody Dub

15. Declaration Of Dub

16. Rastafari Dub

17. One Step Beyond Roots Dub

18. A Living Dub


Track List: At The Controls

1. A Rougher Version

2. The Jehovah Version

3. A Harder Version

4. Dubbing With The Observer

5. A Confusing Version

6. The Poor Barber

7. Life Time Dub

8. A Come Version

9. A Better Version

10. Jam Down

11. Bongo Man Dub

12. Psalms Of Dub

13. A Rude Dubwise

14. The Baddest Version

15. A Roots Version

16. More Warning

17. A Serious Version

18. Watchman Dub

19. Shank I Dub

20. This Is The Greatest Version

21. This Is The Hardest Version

22. A Ruffer Version


Track List: Explosive Dub

1. Soundtrack Dub

2. Easy Skanking Dub

3. Burning Dub

4. Daylight Dub

5. The Stepping Dub

6. Just A Man Dub

7. Send Me Dub

8. In Love Dub

9. Perfidia Dub

10. Reggae Dub

11. Babylon Dub

12. Love Me With Your Heart Dub

13. Music Field Dub

14. So Fine Dub

15. True Dub

16. Freedom Dub

17. Today Dub

18. No One Dub

19. Good Man Dub


Track List: The Rare Collection

1. Fra Wha Dub

2. Pawt Dub

3. Yuh Deh Dub

4. Suh Dub

5. Nah Guh Dub

6. Badda Dub

7. Cho Dub

8. Ah Weh Dub

9. Eem Dub

10. Tink Ah Dub

11. Sake Ah Dub

12. Mek Dub

13. Nah Lef Dub

14. Yah Dub

15. Dah - That

16. Breddah Dub

17. Mout Ah Massy Dub

18. Cooh Deh Dub

19. Galang Lakka Seh Dub

20. Nuh Ha Nutten Dub

21. Gimme Dub

22. Ah Bulla Dub

23. Brawta Dub

24. Fawty Dolla Dub

25. Callaloo Dub

26. Caw Dub

27. Ah Frah Mawning Dub

28. Mi Nuh Nyam Dub

29. Canti Dub

30. Fika Dub

31. Subi Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Rastafari Dub

1. King Of The Arena Dub

2. No Partial Dub

3. Crazy Bald Head Dub

4. A Living Dub

5. Rastafari Dub

6. Heartless Dub

7. A Yard Dub

8. Destroy Dub Style

9. Book Of Numbers Dub

10. Natty Roots Man Dub

11. A Sunny Dub

12. Jam Style Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 2

1. Kingston Dub

2. St Andrew Dub

3. St Thomas Dub

4. Portland Dub

5. St Marys Dub

6. St Anns Dub

7. St James Dub

8. Trelawney Dub

9. Hanover Dub

10. Westmoreland Dub

11. St Elizabeth Dub

12. Manchester Dub

13. Clarendon Dub

14. St Catherine Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Wicked Dub

1. Wonder Why Dub - Original

2. Wicked Dub - Original

3. When Will I Find My Way Dub - Original

4. True Believer Dub - Original

5. Tribal War - Original

6. Thinking Dub - Original

7. The Frontline - Original

8. The Border - Original

9. Surrender - Original

10. Straight Dub - Original


Track List: King Tubby's Classics Chapter 1

1. Traditional Dub

2. Excellent Dub

3. Exclusive Dub

4. First Class Dub (Live)

5. Distinctive Dub

6. Unique Dub

7. Characteristic Dub

8. High Quality Dub

9. Exceptional Dub

10. Professional Dub

11. Intellectual Dub

12. Expert Dub

13. Executive Dub

14. Infusion Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Loving Dub

1. Strictly Rockers From Channel One

2. Straight To King Tubby And Scientist Head

3. Scientist Mash Up The Boy

4. Natty Dub

5. Loving Dub

6. Channel One Feel This One

7. Call Earthquake

8. Be Channel One Guest

9. Another Extra From The King

10. Knock Them Out

11. King Tubby The Dub Ruler

12. Intoducing Crucial Bunny


Track List: King Tubby Selected Hits Vol. 4

1. Standard Dub (Original)

2. St Lucia Skank (Original)

3. Skanking Dub (Original)

4. Sign Of The Times Dub (Original)

5. Sensimilia Dub (Original)

6. Scientist At The Control (Original)

7. Satta Dub (Original)

8. Salute (Original)

9. Rougher Dub (Original)

10. Rub A Dub (Original)

11. Roots Dub (Original)

12. Ring The Alarm (Original)

13. Roaring Lion Dub (Original)

14. Retreat (Original)

15. Rasta Train Dub (Original)

16. Radication Dub (Original)


Track List: King Tubby Selected Hits Vol. 1

1. Dawn Dub

2. Crossfire

3. Country Boy Dub

4. Conqueror Dub

5. Care Free Dub

6. Carribean Dub

7. Digital Dub

8. Drumillie Rock

9. Dub Organiser

10. Dub Ina The Arena

11. Dub In Waterhouse

12. Dub Ina Foreign

13. Dubbing It Right

14. Dub Fever

15. Dready Dub

16. Don't Touch Dub


Track List: King Tubby Selected Hits Vol. 3

1. Professor At The Control

2. Penwood Walk

3. Pat Kelly At The Control

4. Original Dub

5. On The Attack

6. Nuclear Dub

7. No Idiot Dub

8. Move Out Of Babylon Dub

9. Marching Orders

10. Love Up Dub

11. Live Injection

12. Leggo Dub

13. Lee's Dub

14. Landmark Dub

15. Laser Rock

16. Jammy At The Control


Track List: King Tubby Selected Hits Vol. 2

1. I'm Leaving Dub - Original

2. I'm Gone Dub - Original

3. Higher Region - Original

4. Hard Time Dub - Original

5. Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand Dub - Original

6. Get Up And Dub - Original

7. Gal A Dub Me - Original

8. For The Rest Of My Life Dub - Original

9. Firehouse Dub - Original

10. Flag Dub - Original

11. Firestick Dub - Original

12. Feel So Good Dub - Original

13. Feel Lost Dub - Original

14. Dubbing The Right Way - Original

15. Easy Dub - Original

16. Dubbing My Ting - Original


Track List: The Dub Master

1. Watch This Version

2. Going Version

3. Dub You Can Feel

4. Stalawatt Version

5. Real Gone Crazy Dub

6. A Better Version

7. Roots Of Dub

8. Version Of Class

9. Life Time Dub

10. Dancing Version

11. Gordon Speaks Version

12. This Ya Version Ya Red

13. The Immortal Dub

14. King Tubby's In Fine Style


Track List: Bunny Lee Presents The Late Great King Tubby: The Legacy

Disc 1

1. Invasion Of Dub

2. Roots Of Dub

3. Hijack The Barber Dub

4. Mine Field Dub

5. Declaration Of Dub

6. East Of Arrows Hi Fi Dub

7. The Immortal Dub

8. Natty Dub

9. A Truthful Dub

10. Dub Magnificent Dub

11. A First Class Dub

12. The Stepping Dub

13. Rude Boy Dub

14. A Closer Dub

15. Dub You Can Feel Dub

16. Loving Dub

17. Dread Locks Dub

18. Rocking Dub

19. Dub From The Roots Dub

20. Iyahta Dub

21. African Roots Dub (Disc One)

22. Double Cross Dub

23. Dub Of A Woman Dub

24. Dub On My Mind Dub

25. Stealing Dub

26. Dub Experience Dub

Disc 2

1. Riding West Dub

2. You'll Never Find Dub

3. African Roots Dub (Disc Two)

4. You've Caught Me Baby Dub

5. Springtime Dub

6. Forgot To Say I Love You Dub

7. Smiling Rockers Dub

8. Riding Uptown Dub

9. Sergeant Tollowah Dub

10. Hot Lava Dub

11. Rocking Jamboree Dub

12. Dance With Me Dub

13. A Gigantic Dub

14. The Duke Of Earl Dub

15. A Dancing Dub

16. A Version I Can Feel Dub

17. A Loving Melody Dub

18. Bongo Man Dub

19. True Believer In Dub

20. The Mighty Gates Of Goza

21. The Big Boss Of Dubs

22. Behold Dis Ya Dub Of Class Dub

23. The Gorgan Of Dubs & Horns Dub

Disc 3

1. King In Dub

2. Hot Roots Dub

3. Wicked Destroyer Dub

4. The Magnificent Dub

5. Killer Sniper Dub

6. Skanking Roots Dub

7. East Of The Sun Dub

8. Hijack Stick-Up Dub

9. Supercharger Dub

10. One Step Beyond Roots Dub

11. Dub Is Shining Dub

12. Bionic Horn Dub

13. Crazy Dub

14. Stalwart Of Dub

15. Dub Incorporated Dub

16. Moving Out Dub

17. Far East Sound Dub

18. Judgement On Dub

19. Spring Fever Dub

20. Tribal War Dub

Disc 4

1. Hands Of Time Dub

2. Liquidation Dub

3. Breezing Dub

4. Hang On To Dub

5. Moving Away Dub

6. Peaceful Man Dub

7. Pocket Money Dub

8. Trial And Crosses Dub

9. Wise Man Solomon Dub

10. A Hold On To Dub

11. Typical Dub

12. Rock On Time Dub

13. Good Time Dub

14. Island Dub

15. Get Ready For The Master Dub

16. Arrival Dub

17. Believe In Dub

18. Hardest Dub

19. Glorius Dub

20. Soldier Man Dub

21. Botheration Dub

22. A Mack Rhythm Run Dub

23. Talkative Dub

24. Sunny Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Balmagie Jam Rock

1. The Roots Prophet And The Mix

2. Water House Road Block

3. Balmagie Jam Rock

4. From Chanel 1 To King Tubby's Studio

5. Cerfew In Tower Hill

6. Pen Wood Road Gang War

7. Valrie Crown The King

8. Saturday Dub Cut Only

9. Gully Bank Dub Session

10. Rewind And Mix

11. Dub Plate Rule

12. Dedicated To Lucky And Pug

13. 24 - KT88 Of Power

14. Respect To Carl I Kelly

15. Dedicated To Ervin

16. Pigin Gang Merder In Tower Hill


Track List: The Late Great King Tubby

1. Invasion Of Dub

2. Roots Of Dub

3. Hijack The Barber Dub

4. Mine Field Dub

5. Declaration Of Dub

6. East Of Arrows Hi-Fi Dub

7. The Immortal Dub

8. Natty Dub

9. A Truthful Dub

10. Dub Magnificent Dub

11. A First Class Dub

12. The Stepping Dub

13. Rude Boy Dub

14. A Closer Dub

15. Dub You Can Feel Dub

16. Loving Dub

17. Dread Locks Dub

18. Rocking Dub

19. Dub From The Roots Dub

20. African Roots Dub

21. Double Cross Dub

22. Dub Of A Woman Dub

23. Dub On My Mind Dub

24. Stealing Dub

25. Dub Experience Dub

26. Riding West Dub

27. You'll Never Find Dub

28. You've Caught Me Baby Dub

29. Springtime Dub

30. Forgot To Say I Love You Dub

31. Smiling Rockers Dub

32. Riding Uptown Dub

33. Sergeant Tollowah Dub

34. Hot Lava Dub

35. Rocking Jamboree Dub

36. Dance With Me Dub

37. A Gigantic Dub

38. The Duke Of Earl Dub

39. A Dancing Dub

40. A Version I Can Feel Dub

41. A Loving Melody Dub

42. Bongo Man Dub

43. True Believer In Dub

44. The Mighty Gates Of Goza

45. The Big Boss Of Dub

46. Behold Dis Ya Dub Of Class Dub

47. The Gorgan Of Dubs & Horns Dub

48. King In Dub

49. Hot Roots Dub

50. Wicked Destroyer Dub

51. Magnificent Dub

52. Killer Sniper Dub

53. Skanking Roots Dub

54. East Of The Sun Dub

55. Hijack Stick Up Dub

56. Supercharger Dub

57. One Step Beyond Roots Dub

58. Bionic Horn Dub

59. Crazy Dub

60. Stalwart Of Dub

61. Dub Incorporated Dub

62. Moving Out Of Dub

63. Far East Sound Dub

64. Judgement On Dub

65. Spring Fever Dub

66. Tribal War Dub

67. Hands Of Time Dub

68. Liquidation Dub

69. Breezing Dub

70. Hang On To Dub

71. Moving Away Dub

72. Peaceful Man Dub

73. Trial And Crosses Dub

74. A Hold On To Dub

75. Typical Dub

76. Rock On Time Dub

77. Good Time Dub

78. Island Dub

79. Get Ready For The Master Dub

80. Arrival Dub

81. Believe In Dub

82. Hardest Dub

83. Glorious Dub

84. Soldier Man Dub

85. Botheration Dub

86. A Mack Rhythm Run Dub

87. Talkative Dub

88. Sunny Dub


Track List: Jackpot Presents Cornell Campbell Meets Leroy Smart At Dub Station

1. Nice Rasta Dub

2. Hijack The Barber Dub

3. Rock On Time Dub

4. Move Yah

5. A Dancing Roots Version

6. Roots Of Dub

7. Everybody Needs Dub

8. Channel One Feel It

9. Love Version

10. The Immortal Dub


Track List: 100 Percent Of Dub - Select Cuts

1. Flag Dub

2. Drumillie Rock

3. Dub Fever

4. Roots Dub

5. Real Gone Crazy Dub

6. Stalawatt Version

7. A Better Version

8. Roots Dub

9. Crime Wave

10. Lambs Bread Herb

11. Jah Jah Dub

12. Dubbing My Way

13. Tubbys At The Control

14. Declaration Of Dub

15. Invasion

16. Water Dub

17. Narrow Dub

18. Tribal War

19. Rub A Dub


Track List: A Declaration Of Dub

1. Declaration Of Dub

2. Free Africa

3. Invasion Of Dub

4. Feed The Children

5. The Immortal Dub

6. Budwah

7. The Stepping Dub

8. Eyes Of Africa

9. Dub On My Mind Dub

10. Hard Time

11. Dub You Can Feel Dub

12. Inna Mi Yard

13. Bionic Horn Dub

14. African Roots Dub

15. Stealing Dub

16. The Word Of Jah

17. Roots Of Dub

18. Life Is Not Easy

19. Double Cross Dub

20. Burial

21. East Of Arrows Hi-Fi Dub

22. Can't Stop Me

23. Hijack The Barber Dub

24. More Love

25. Rude Boy Dub

26. Look What You Doing

27. Skanking Roots Dub

28. Dread Ina Babylon

29. The Gorgan Of Dubs & Horns Dub

30. Mr. Chatter Box


Track List: A Sweeten Dub

1. Sweeten' Dub

2. Kinarky

3. Cost Of Living

4. Instrumental Dub

5. Congregation

6. Conquering

7. Cornerstone

8. Dubbing Systematically

9. Which One

10. Forgiveness

11. Desperation Dub

12. Hear Both Sides Dub


Track List: The Best Of Dub

1. Straight Dub

2. Jah Jah Dub

3. Satta Dub

4. Flag Dub

5. Easy Dub

6. Get Up & Dub

7. The Border

8. Conqueror Dub

9. Dubbing It Right

10. Drumville Rock

11. Sinsemellia Dub

12. The Frontline

13. The Carribian Dub

14. Salute

15. Roots Dub

16. Penwood Walk

17. Dub Fever

18. St. Lucia Skank

19. Skanking Dub

20. Don't Touch My Dub

21. Laser Rock


Track List: Essential King Tubby Dub Conference

1. Confusion Dub

2. Big Combo Dub

3. Dub Busters

4. Dub Rockers

5. Dub Of Roots Music

6. Burning Fire Dub

7. Womaniser Dub

8. Bag A Wire Dub

9. The Dark Destroyer Dub

10. Ragga Muffin Style Dub

11. Move Yah Dub

12. The Best Dress Dub

13. Lion Dreadful Dub

14. Lion Roots Dub

15. War Head Dub

16. Nuclear Weapon Dub

17. Ball Of Fire Dub

18. Warlord Dub

19. Peace Maker Dub

20. Peace Conference Dub


Track List: King Tubby Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena

1. I Am, I Am The King

2. Most High In Dub

3. Teacher Of Dub

4. Kings Of Kings In Dub

5. Coxsone Down Beat (Down Fall)

6. Unite Dub

7. Black Harmony (Stop Play)

8. Come On Little Girl, Come On

9. Second Cut (Little Girl)

10. Ethiopia, Land Of My Father

11. Second Cut (Ethiopia)

12. I Will Be Waiting

13. Second Cut (Waiting)


Track List: Essential King Tubby The Originator

1. Rastaman Dub

2. Natty Congo Dub

3. Drifter's Dub

4. Satisfaction In Dub

5. Easy Dubbing Dub

6. Eastern Dub

7. Western Dub

8. Southern Dub

9. Northern Dub

10. Borderline Dub

11. Party Mood Dub

12. Dance Crasher Dub

13. Do The Dub Skank

14. Dub A Rastaman Dub

15. Rasta Love Dancehall Dub

16. Dreadlocks Man Dub

17. Fire Dread Dub


Track List: King Tubby Meets Reggae Masters

1. Budwah

2. Life Is Not Easy

3. Hard Time

4. The Word Of Jah

5. Eyes Of Africa

6. Dread Ina Babylon

7. Can't Stop Me

8. Look What You Doing

9. Free Africa

10. Feed The Children

11. Inna Mi Yard

12. Mr. Chatter Box

13. More Love

14. Burial


Track List: From The Palace Of Dub

1. King Tubby The Dub Ruler

2. Eastman Dub

3. Keep On Dubbing

4. King Tubb's Big Big Dub

5. Angel Dubb

6. Black And White Dub

7. Zion Gate Dub

8. King Tubby's Talkative Dub

9. Bad Boy Rhythm Dub

10. Abracadabra

11. Natty Dub

12. Dub From The Roots

13. King Tubby The Dark Dub Ruler

14. Base Dub

15. Human Rights Dub

16. Move Out Of Babylon

17. Marcus Dub

18. A Murderous Dub


Track List: Majestic Dub

1. Dub Threm Under Manners

2. Go In A It Dub Stylee

3. This Is A Natural Dub Sylee

4. Ragga Muffin Stylee Dub

5. Bad Boys Dub Stylee

6. The Best Dub In The Business

7. Majestic Dub Stylee

8. Brighter Shade Of Dub Stylee

9. Dubbers Delight Stylee

10. Back Out A This Dub Stylee


Track List: King Tubby's Lost Treasure

1. Cherry's Dub

2. Frenemy Dub

3. Falling For Dub

4. Dub On The Street Again

5. Deceiving The Dub

6. Dub Confession

7. Release The Dub

8. A Youthmans Dub

9. Cold Hearted Dub

10. Blessed Dub

11. Lets Do The Dub

12. Jumpers Dub

13. Dub For Freedom

14. You Have Caught The Dub


Track List: Essential Dub Masters

1. Jackie In Wonderland

2. A Homeland Version

3. Beating Version

4. Dancing Shoes Version

5. Disgraceful Woman Version

6. Let's Do It Baby Version

7. A Loving Version

8. Stop Them Jah Version

9. Out The Front Door Key Version

10. Africa Part 2

11. You Got To Beware Version

12. Lonely Version

13. Seven Letters Version

14. A Nice Version

15. In The Ghetto Version

16. Dreadlocks & Baldhead Should Be Friends Version

17. Deacons Version

18. African Sounds

19. Version (I.N.R.I.)

20. Death Trap Version

21. Straight To Valrie Head Version

22. If You Should Lose Version

23. This Yaa Version Joy High

24. Babylon Run Dub

25. Conquering Dub

26. Bring It On Home To Me Version

27. Straight To Joe Head

28. Tell Me Darling Version

29. I Love You Version


Track List: The Fatman Tapes

1. Tubbys At The Control

2. Drop Dub

3. Puppy Dub

4. Zion Dub

5. Confinement Dub

6. Waterhouse Rock

7. Patriotic Dub

8. Farmyard Dub

9. Water Dub

10. Harder Dub

11. Tubby On The Throne

12. Woodham Slide

13. Dubbing My Way

14. Mount Zion Dub

15. Herbal Dub

16. Soundboy Massacre

17. Jah Guide Dub

18. Boulevard Ride

19. Dubbing My Baby

20. Shining Dub

21. Up In Arms Dub

22. Narrow Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Controls

1. Ghetto Version

2. Ya Man Version

3. Tubby's Version

4. Pain Dub

5. Cowboy Dubbing

6. D'Rude Dubber

7. Moving Version Dub

8. Hardest Dub

9. This Ah The Best

10. King Edwards Heart

11. Maria's Head Dub

12. Horning Version

13. Bless 'i' Dub

14. Crabbit Version


Track List: Dance Hall Style Dub

1. From The Grass Dub

2. I Yah Who Dub

3. Dreams Of Dub

4. Middle East Dub

5. Asian Roots Dub

6. Stake Dub

7. Flight Of Africa Dub

8. The Easy Dub

9. Sahara Dub

10. Brain Dub

11. Pan In Dub

12. The Experience Dub


Track List: King Tubby Dancehall Style (Platinum Edition)

1. Dance Crasher Dub

2. East Of Arrows Hi-Fi Dub

3. Far East Sound Dub

4. Peace Conference Dub

5. Rocking Jamboree Dub

6. The Duke Of Earl Dub

7. Hijack Stick Up Dub

8. Hands Of Time Dub

9. Get Ready For The Master Dub

10. Invasion Of Dub

11. Killer Sniper Dub

12. Mine Field Dub

13. Natty Roots Man Dub

14. Riding Uptown

15. Roots Of Dub

16. Island Dub

17. The Dark Destroyer Dub

18. Trial And Crosses Dub

19. War & Friction Dub

20. You'll Never Find Dub


Track List: King Tubby's Dancehall Style Dub (Deluxe Edition)

1. Stake Dub

2. Sahara Dub

3. Pan In Dub

4. Middle East Dub

5. I Yah Who Dub

6. From The Grass Dub

7. Flight Of Africa Dub

8. The Experience Dub

9. The Easy Dub

10. Dreams Of Dub

11. Denham Town Dub

12. Brain Dub

13. Asian Roots Dub


Track List: The Roots Of Dub

1. Natty Dub

2. Dub Magnificent

3. A First Class Dub

4. The Stepping Dub

5. Rude Boy Dub

6. A Closer Dub

7. Roots Of Dub

8. Dub You Can Feel

9. Loving Dub

10. The Immortal Dub

11. Dread Locks Dub

12. Rocking Dub

13. A Better Version


Track List: Dangerous Dub

1. Country Gal Dub

2. Loud Mouth Rock

3. Up Town Special

4. Hungry Belly Dub

5. Shepherd's Bush In Dub

6. London Bridge Special

7. Earthquake Shake

8. Rice Grain Rock

9. Banana And Yam Skank

10. Knife And Fork Dubwise

11. King Stereo Gav Dub

12. King Tubby's Hi Fi Dub

13. Symbolic Dub


Track List: Dub From The Roots

1. Dub From The Roots

2. Iyahta

3. Mine Field

4. Hijack The Barber

5. African Roots

6. Double Cross

7. East Of (Arrows Hi-Fi)

8. Invasion

9. Dub Of A Woman

10. Dub On My Mind

11. Steeling

12. Dub Experience

13. Declaration Of Dub

14. A Truthful Dub

15. The Jehovah Version

16. Conversation Dub


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