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Lefty Frizzell

Lefty Frizzell was the definitive honky tonk singer, the vocalist that set the style for generations of vocalists that followed him. Frizzell smoothed out the rough edges of honky tonk by singing longer, flowing phrases -- essentially, he made honky tonk more acceptable for the mainstream without losing its gritty, bar-room roots. In the process, he changed the way country vocalists sang forever. From George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson to George Strait, John Anderson, Randy Travis, and Keith Whitley, hundreds of artists have emulated and expanded Lefty's innovations. Frizzell's singing became the foundation of how hard country should be sung.

Despite his influence, there was a time when Lefty wasn't regarded as one of country's definitive artists. Unlike Hank Williams -- the only contemporary of Lefty that had greater influence -- he didn't die young, leaving behind a romantic legend. After his popularity peaked in the early and mid-'50s, Frizzell continued to record, without having much success. However, his recordings continued to reach new listeners and his reputation was restored by the new traditionalists of the '80s, nearly ten years after Lefty's death.

Lefty (born William Orville Frizzell) was born in Corisicana, TX, in 1928, a son of an oiler; he was the first of eight children. During his childhood, his family moved to El Dorado, AR. As a child he was called Sonny, but his nickname changed to Lefty when he was 14, because he won a schoolyard fight; it was later suggested that he earned his nickname after winning a Golden Gloves boxing match, but that was eventually proven to be a hatched publicity stunt by his record company. Initially, Lefty was attracted to music through his parents' Jimmie Rodgers records. He began singing professionally before he was a teenager, landing a regular spot on KELD El Dorado.

Frizzell spent his teenage years playing throughout the region, singing on radio shows, in nightclubs, for dances, and in talent contests. He traveled throughout the South, playing in Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and even Las Vegas. During this time, he was refining his style, drawing from influences like Rodgers, Ernest Tubb, and Ted Daffan. Lefty's career was going fine until he was arrested in the mid-'40s, serving a jail sentence for statutory rape.

Frizzell's run-in with the law led him away from music, as he temporarily worked in the oil fields with his father. However, his time as an oiler was brief and he was soon performing in clubs again. By 1950, he had landed a regular job at the Texas club Ace of Clubs, where he developed a dedicated following of fans. At one of his concerts at the Ace of Clubs he caught the attention of Jim Beck, the owner of a local recording studio. Beck recorded music for several major record labels, and he also had connections within the publishing industry. Impressed with Lefty's performance, he invited the singer to make some demos at the studio. In April of 1950, Frizzell cut several demos of his original songs, including a new song called "If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time," which Beck took to Nashville. Beck intended to pitch the song to Little Jimmy Dickens, but Dickens disliked the song. However, Columbia record producer Don Law heard the tape and liked Frizzell's voice. After hearing Lefty live in concert, Law signed the singer to Columbia; within a few months, he had his first recording session.

"If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time," Lefty's first single, climbed to number one upon its release. It was a huge hit -- its B-side, "I Love You a Thousand Ways," even hit number one -- with other artists hurrying into the studio to cut their own versions; over 40 performers wound up recording the song. Within 17 days of the single's release, Columbia had Frizzell record another single. The result, "Look What Thoughts Will Do"/"Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)," wasn't as big a hit, but it did reach the Top Ten.

By now, the Lefty Frizzell sound was being perfected by the vocalist and Law. Frizzell was working with a core group of Dallas-based studio musicians, highlighted by pianist Madge Sutee. In the beginning of 1951, he formed the Western Cherokees, which was led by Blackie Crawford. Soon, the Western Cherokees became his primary band for both live and recording situations. Lefty was in the studio frequently, recording singles. His third single, "I Want to Be With You Always," was number one for 11 weeks, and its follow-up, "Always Late (With Your Kisses)," spent 12 weeks at number one. At one point in early 1951, he had a total of four songs in the country Top Ten, setting a record that was never broken. Frizzell was a popular concert attraction, playing shows with the Louisiana Hayride and the Grand Ole Opry. He had three more Top Ten hits in 1951 -- "Mom and Dad's Waltz," "Travelin' Blues," and the number one "Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)."

The hits continued throughout 1952, as "How Long Will It Take (To Stop Loving You)," "Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)," "Forever (And Always)," and "I'm an Old, Old Man (Tryin' to Live While I Can)" all went to the Top Ten. Even though he was at the peak of his popularity, things began to unravel for Lefty behind the scenes. Frizzell fired both his manager and his band. He joined the Grand Ole Opry, but he decided he didn't like it and left almost immediately. Lefty was earning a lot of money but was spending nearly all of it. He worked with Wayne Raney, but the sessions were a failure. In early 1953, he moved from Texas to Los Angeles, where he got a regular job on Town Hall Party. That year, he had only one hit, the Top Ten "(Honey, Baby, Hurry!) Bring Your Sweet Self Back to Me."

Early in 1954, he reached the Top Ten with "Run 'Em Off," but it would be his last Top Ten record for five years. During the mid-'50s, Frizzell felt burned out and didn't have the energy to invest in his career. He had a total of two hits between 1954 and 1959 -- "I Love You Mostly" in 1955, "Cigarettes and Coffee Blues" -- because he decided to stop recording. Lefty was frustrated that Columbia wasn't releasing what he believed to be his best material, so he simply stopped writing and recording songs. However, he did tour sporadically, occasionally with his brother, David Frizzell.

Deciding it was time for a change, he began working with Jim Denny's Nashville-based Cedarwood publishing company in 1959. Cedarwood gave him "The Long Black Veil," a song written by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin that had overt folk music influences. Lefty recorded the song, and it became a surprise Top Ten hit in the summer of 1959. Encouraged by its success, Frizzell moved to Nashville in 1961, after Town Hall Party closed in 1960. He began touring and recording at a more rapid rate, although it only resulted in a couple of minor hits. Lefty's last big hit arrived early in 1964, when "Saginaw, Michigan" climbed to number one and spent four weeks on the top of the charts. After that, he came close to the Top Ten with 1965's "She's Gone Gone Gone," but he usually struggled to have any of his songs break the Top 20 for the next decade.

Frizzell didn't stop recording, but he did develop a debilitating alcohol problem that came to plague him throughout the late '60s and '70s. However, alcohol wasn't the only thing holding his career back -- Columbia was only releasing handfuls of albums and singles, though Lefty was recording an abundance of material. Since his records weren't as successful, he drastically cut back the number of concerts he performed. In 1968, he cut some songs with June Stearns under the name Agnes and Orville, but none of the tracks became hits. The lack of success helped him sink deeper into alcoholism.

In 1972, Lefty left Columbia, signing with ABC Records. Though the change in labels helped revitalize him artistically, he didn't sell that many more records. However, he did have the enthusiasm to record albums, as well as play concerts and television shows. Frizzell's alcohol addiction worsened and he developed high blood pressure, but he wouldn't take the medication because he thought it would interfere with his drinking. As a result, he looked older than his 47 years when he died of a stroke in 1975.

Years of mediocre and mis-marketed records had diminished Lefty's reputation, but after his death, a new generation of artists hailed him as an influence and an idol. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and George Jones had all sung his praises before, but in the mid-'80s, the kind words of George Strait and Randy Travis were supported by a series of reissues, beginning with Bear Family's 14-LP set, His Life His Music (later replaced by the 12-CD Life's Like Poetry). In 1982, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, but the greatest testament to his music remains the fact that his voice can be heard in every hard country singer that followed. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Steppin' Out

4. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues

5. Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)

6. When Payday Comes Around

7. My Baby's Just Like Money

8. You Want Everything But Me

10. If You Can Spare The Time (I Won't Miss The Money)

11. I Won't Be Good For Nothin'

13. You Can Always Count On Me

14. Run 'em Off

15. Mama

16. Just Can't Live That Fast (Any More)

17. From An Angel To A Devil

19. No One To Talk To (But The Blues)

20. Time Out For The Blues

21. You Win Again

23. Desert Blues

27. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It

28. You're Humbuggin' Me

29. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time

30. Always Late (With Your Kisses)

31. Farther Than My Eyes Can See

32. She's Gone, Gone, Gone

33. My Blues Will Pass

34. So What! Let It Rain

35. Heaven's Plan


Track List: Always Late

Disc 1

1. I Love You A Thousand Ways

2. If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)

3. Shine Shave Shower (It's Saturday)

4. Cold Feet

5. Look What Thoughts Will Do

6. My Baby's Just Like Money

7. I Want To Be With You Always

8. Give Me More More More (Of Your Kisses)

9. How Long Will It Take (To Stop Lovin' You)

10. Always Late (With Your Kisses)

11. Mom And Dad's Waltz

12. Teasures Untold

13. Blue Yodel No 6

14. Travelin' Blues

15. My Old Pal

16. Blue Yodel No 2

17. Lullaby Yodel

18. Brakeman's Blues

19. My Rough And Rowdy Ways

20. Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)

Disc 2

1. It's Just You (I Could Love Always)

2. (Darling Now) You're Here So Everything's Allright

3. If You Can Spare The Time (I Won't Miss The Money)

4. A King Without A Queen

5. Forever (And Always)

6. I Know You're Lonesome (While Waiting For Me)

7. Lost Love Blues

8. That's Me Without You

9. Send Her To Be Mine

10. Lost Love Blues

11. I'm An Old Old Man (Tryin' To Live While I Can)

12. You're Just Mine ( Only In My Dreams)

13. (Honey Baby Hurry) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me

14. Time Changes Things

15. California Blues (Blue Yodel No 4)

16. Never No Mo' Blues

17. We Crucified Our Jesus

18. When It Comes To Measuring Love

19. Sleep Baby Sleep

20. I'm Lonely And Blue

Disc 3

1. Before You Go Make Sure You Know

2. Two Friends Of Mine In Love

3. Hopeless Love

4. Then I'll Come Back To You

5. The Tragic Letter (The Letter That You Left)

6. Two Hearts Broken Now

7. You Can Always Count On Me

8. I've Been Away Too Long

9. Run 'em Off

10. The Darkest Moment (Is Just Before The Light Of Day)

11. You're Too Late

12. My Little Her And Him

13. I Love You Mostly

14. Mama!

15. Making Believe

16. Moonlight Darling And You

17. I'll Sit Alone And Cry

18. A Forest Fire (Is In Your Heart)

19. Sweet Lies

Disc 4

1. It Gets Late So Early

2. I'm Lost Between Right And Wrong

3. Promises (Promises, Promises)

4. Today Is That Tomorrow (I Dreamed Of Yesterday)

5. First To Have A Second Chance

6. These Hands

7. Heart's Highway

8. I'm A Boy Left Alone

9. Just Can't Live That Fast (Anymore)

10. The Waltz Of The Angels

11. Lullaby Waltz

12. Glad I Found You

13. Now That You Are Gone

14. From An Angel To A Devil


Track List: If You've Got The Money

1. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time

2. Look What Thoughts Will Do

3. I Love You A Thousand Ways

4. Shine, Shave, Shower, It's Saturday

5. I Want To Be With You Always

6. Travellin' Blues

7. How Long Will It Take To Stop Loving You?

8. My Baby's Just Like Money

9. Always Late With Your Kisses

10. Blue Yodel No. 2 (My Loving Gal Lucille)

11. You Want Everything But Me

12. The Brakeman's Blues

13. Mom And Dad's Waltz

14. My Rough And Rowdy Ways

15. Give Me More, More, More Of Your Kisses

16. Blue Yodel No. 6

18. Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me

19. Don't Stay Away Till Love Grows Cold

20. California Blues (Blue Yodel No. 4)

21. Forever And Always

22. Before You Go Make Sure You Know

23. When It Comes to Measuring Love

24. Never No Mo' Blues

25. Then I'll Come Back To You

26. I'm Lonely And Blue

27. Run 'Em Off

28. Sleep, Baby, Sleep


Track List: That's the Way Life Goes: The Hit Songs 1950-1975

1. If You Got The Money I've Got The Time

2. I Love You A Thousand Ways

3. Look What Thoughts Will Do

4. Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)

5. I Want To Be With You Always

6. Always Late (With Your Kisses)

7. Mom And Dad's Waltz

8. Travellin' Blues

9. Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)

10. How Long Will It Take (To Stop Lovin You)

11. Don't Stay Away

12. Forever (And Always)

13. I'm An Old, Old Man (Tryin' To Live While I Can)

15. Run 'Em Off

16. I Love You Mostly

17. Just Cant Live That Fast (Any More)

18. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues

19. The Long Black Veil

20. Saginaw, Michigan

21. She's Gone, Gone, Gone

23. I Never Go Around Mirrors


Track List: Lefty Frizzell's Country Favorites / Saginaw, Michigan

1. A King Without A Queen

2. My Baby's Just Like Money

3. (Honey, Baby, Hurry!) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me

4. Run 'Em Off

5. I Love You Mostly

6. You're Just Mine (Only In My Dreams)

7. Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)

9. Sweet Lies

10. Two Hearts Broken Now

11. Saginaw, Michigan

12. Stranger

13. What Good Did You Get (Out Of Breaking My Heart)

14. There's No Food In This House

15. When It Rains The Blues

16. Hello To Him (Goodbye To Me)

17. James River

18. I'm Not The Man I'm Supposed To Be

19. Through The Eyes Of A Fool

20. I Was Coming Home To You

21. Don't Let Her See Me Cry

22. Lonely Heart


Track List: Look What Thoughts Will Do

Disc 1

1. I Love You A Thousand Ways

2. If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time

3. Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)

4. Don't Think It Ain't Been Fun, Dear (Cuz It Ain't)

5. Look What Thoughts Will Do

6. You Want Everything But Me

7. I Want To Be With You Always

8. Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)

9. How Long Will It Take (To Stop Loving You)

10. Always Late (With Your Kisses)

11. Mom And Dad's Waltz

12. You Can Go On Your Way Now

13. Travelin' Blues

15. Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)

16. Forever (And Always)

17. Lost Love Blues

Disc 2

1. I'm An Old, Old Man (Tryin' To Live While I Can)

2. I'll Try

3. (Honey, Baby, Hurry!) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me

5. Run 'Em Off

6. I Love You Mostly

7. It Gets Late So Early

8. Treat Her Right

9. Just Can't Live That Fast (Any More)

10. Sick, Sober And Sorry

11. You're Humbuggin' Me

12. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues

13. The Long Black Veil

14. Forbidden Lovers

15. Don't Let Her See Me Cry

16. Saginaw, Michigan

17. She's Gone, Gone, Gone


Track List: American Originals

1. Saginaw Michigan

2. Mom And Dad's Waltz

3. Long Black Veil

4. A Little Unfair

5. Don't Stay Away (Til Love Grows Cold)

6. She's Gone Gone Gone

7. Always Late (With Your Kisses)

8. Look What Thoughts Will Do

9. I Want To Be With You Always

10. Forever (And Always)


Track List: Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers

2. Brakeman's Blues

3. My Rough And Rowdy Ways

4. Treasure Untold

5. Blue Yodel No. 6

6. I'm Lonely And Blue

7. Travelin' Blues

8. My Old Pal

9. Lullaby Yodel

11. California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)

12. Sleep Baby Sleep


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Absolutely, right on!
Report as inappropriate
No one can sing a honky tonk song like him.
Report as inappropriate
You are the best of music could you play Millers cave by Lefty Frizzell.
Report as inappropriate
He really put his heart into his songs...
Report as inappropriate
This is the best of the best music ever
Report as inappropriate
You are truly truly the best
Report as inappropriate
Thank you Lefty for an amazing body of work.
Report as inappropriate
Fantastic... .
Report as inappropriate
I would be remiss in not paying homage to my Dear Friend: Vern who adored Lefty Frizell & passed away on July 20,2009 !! He is with his maker, yet I truly miss him. He asked me never to forget him, as his biological family never cared about his life. Vern, I remember everything & am honored to have had his friendship! His absolute favorite Lefty song was, " Long Black Veil !" Hope to hear it soon...
Report as inappropriate
Lefty Frizzell was not only the best honky tonk singer, but his ballads spoke volumes!! His legacy transcends time...
Report as inappropriate
No me agas eato porfabor te amo martha
Report as inappropriate
Love that honky-tonk!
Report as inappropriate
Only waiting for one more song - "The Long Black Veil"!! If you like Lefty Frizzell, that song is a hauntingly beautiful melody!! It is another piece that belongs to Lefty!!
Report as inappropriate
Love Lefty's "" Songs of Jimmie Rodgers! ". Fitting tribute to the man who really was the true father of country music. Lefty Frizzell was the right man to perform his music.
Report as inappropriate
Ok,I truly love "I Never Go Around Mirrors," - that is Lefty's song and NOBODY else could come close to putting their heart & soul into a piece of music like Lefty Frizzell!!
Report as inappropriate
When Lefty Frizzell sings "I Never Go Around Mirrors," he shows his ultimate talent and probably his own heartache! It hit me that I love the song because I am hiding my own heartache. Yes, at my age & even though I am the outwardly unemotional pilot, I miss my Dad so much & will till I meet my maker!
Report as inappropriate
The homage we all pay Lefty Frizzell now, should have been given to him while he was alive! We have continually underappreci a t e d & often turned our backs on some of the most talented artists. All that ever mattered was the almighty dollar and the way we used these singers is pathetic! Lefty Frizzell, you will always be in my heart!
Report as inappropriate
Lefty Frizzell sang those things most of us cannot or refuse to put into words. (Worse, some of us refuse to admit) He was & is the best. RIP MR Frizzell! You left one giant legacy. Thank you!
Report as inappropriate
There will never be another Lefty Frizzell!! "Long Black Veil" is another haunting melody that I adore. That song is for my late friend and I know even though Vern is gone he would hear it&realize that I kept my promise. He is not forgotten and I will always remember my friend!
Report as inappropriate
I have been praying that I would hear "I Never Go Around Mirrors * and it could only be Lefty Frizzell!!My prayers were answered!
Report as inappropriate
Mmmmmm...he was great!
Report as inappropriate
Im only 17 but i love lefty and other old country singers... Im also related to him sorta
Report as inappropriate
listen to his music all the time growing up a great singer I love Saginaw Michigan
Report as inappropriate
Lefty frizzell
Report as inappropriate
annandjackdo s s
Will lefty be on pandora all the time ? I hope so will it be a station with leftys name on it ? Hope so ! Thank you pandora !
Report as inappropriate
annandjackdo s s
Thank you so much for playing leftys songs for us !
Report as inappropriate
annandjackdo s s
Wish I knew how to put some of his songs on Facebook so others could hear him too ?
Report as inappropriate
annandjackdo s s
Love all of leftys songs he was to me one of the greastest left us to soon but his music lives on !
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
i love lefty have you found the long black veil yet
Report as inappropriate
Ray Mohr & Fran Wiley North Port, Fl we love love Lefty's music also all the other greats that has gone on.....

Report as inappropriate
Love lefty ffrize
Report as inappropriate
merle haggard stole all of lefties song when he died
Report as inappropriate
I heard lefty got his name playing baseball.
Report as inappropriate
Ain't none better!
Report as inappropriate
I knew some Looney folks related to Lefty Frizzell when I lived in Alamosa.
Report as inappropriate
Marty, Hank and Lefty, and many many others. Ya cant beat em.
Report as inappropriate
Great! Only in America!
Report as inappropriate
Cool story, Robert Smith!!!
Report as inappropriate
Growing up in Corsicana Texas I always heard him and stories of him on KAND Radio. Served on the memorial committee that built the museum snd statue for him. Great times with his brothers Alan and David.
Report as inappropriate
I was i the Army @ Ft Benning Ga, 1949,50 &51, Lefty was on al lthe Juke Boxes and the soldiers played his records over and ove until the
bars and night clubs closed. He like ET was the choice of all the sodiers.Espe c i l l y inthe phonex City Ala. area
Report as inappropriate
I'm 27 years old and Just Can't Live That Fast Any More holds just as true for a youngin' like me as anyone. Good music is timeless/
Report as inappropriate
Listening to Lefty's music is like bourbon going down smoothly.
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In thanks to all the artist that brought us great moments to remember I leave the following poems. Just log on to: WWW.POETRYPO E M . C O M / P O E T R Y 3 8 7 8

May you see something you care to remember and past the site on to your friends. God bless.

As always,

Poet and friend --- Marion Marshall Guttmann
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I wonder what country or tejano(count r y in spanish)soun d s in Chinese git used to it. And by the way lets thank all our politicians after Nixon for that.THANK YOU!!! Lets rap in Chinese.
Report as inappropriate
Makes me the remember the "Good Times" of my youth. That was the time of real honky tonk ! Great !!
Report as inappropriate
love this music makes me remember what real country is.
Report as inappropriate
My family lived next door to lefty and alice, his sons ricky and marlin. what a magical time but was to young to understand. He use to take us to RCA studios on the week end and we would run the halls while he recorded. Chet Atkins use to slow use down.
Report as inappropriate
creolelorrai n e d u l e c h e
r e a l country...wi l l we ever get it back?!!!
Report as inappropriate
love that honky tonk
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