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Lightnin' Hopkins

Sam Hopkins was a Texas country bluesman of the highest caliber whose career began in the 1920s and stretched all the way into the 1980s. Along the way, Hopkins watched the genre change remarkably, but he never appreciably altered his mournful Lone Star sound, which translated onto both acoustic and electric guitar. Hopkins' nimble dexterity made intricate boogie riffs seem easy, and his fascinating penchant for improvising lyrics to fit whatever situation might arise made him a beloved blues troubadour.

Hopkins' brothers John Henry and Joel were also talented bluesmen, but it was Sam who became a star. In 1920, he met the legendary Blind Lemon Jefferson at a social function, and even got a chance to play with him. Later, Hopkins served as Jefferson's guide. In his teens, Hopkins began working with another pre-war great, singer Texas Alexander, who was his cousin. A mid-'30s stretch in Houston's County Prison Farm for the young guitarist interrupted their partnership for a time, but when he was freed, Hopkins hooked back up with the older bluesman.

The pair was dishing out their lowdown brand of blues in Houston's Third Ward in 1946 when talent scout Lola Anne Cullum came across them. She had already engineered a pact with Los Angeles-based Aladdin Records for another of her charges, pianist Amos Milburn, and Cullum saw the same sort of opportunity within Hopkins' dusty country blues. Alexander wasn't part of the deal; instead, Cullum paired Hopkins with pianist Wilson "Thunder" Smith, sensibly re-christened the guitarist "Lightnin'," and presto! Hopkins was very soon an Aladdin recording artist.

"Katie May," cut on November 9, 1946, in L.A. with Smith lending a hand on the 88s, was Lightnin' Hopkins' first regional seller of note. He recorded prolifically for Aladdin in both L.A. and Houston into 1948, scoring a national R&B hit for the firm with his "Shotgun Blues." "Short Haired Woman," "Abilene," and "Big Mama Jump," among many Aladdin gems, were evocative Texas blues rooted in an earlier era.

A load of other labels recorded the wily Hopkins after that, both in a solo context and with a small rhythm section: Modern/RPM (his uncompromising "Tim Moore's Farm" was an R&B hit in 1949); Gold Star (where he hit with "T-Model Blues" that same year); Sittin' in With ("Give Me Central 209" and "Coffee Blues" were national chart entries in 1952) and its Jax subsidiary; the major labels Mercury and Decca; and, in 1954, a remarkable batch of sides for Herald where Hopkins played blistering electric guitar on a series of blasting rockers ("Lightnin's Boogie," "Lightnin's Special," and the amazing "Hopkins' Sky Hop") in front of drummer Ben Turner and bassist Donald Cooks (who must have had bleeding fingers, so torrid were some of the tempos).

But Hopkins' style was apparently too rustic and old-fashioned for the new generation of rock & roll enthusiasts (they should have checked out "Hopkins' Sky Hop"). He was back on the Houston scene by 1959, largely forgotten. Fortunately, folklorist Mack McCormick rediscovered the guitarist, who was dusted off and presented as a folk-blues artist; a role that Hopkins was born to play. Pioneering musicologist Sam Charters produced Hopkins in a solo context for Folkways Records that same year, cutting an entire LP, Lightnin' Hopkins, in Hopkins' tiny apartment (on a borrowed guitar). The results helped introduced his music to an entirely new audience.

Lightnin' Hopkins went from gigging at back-alley gin joints to starring at collegiate coffeehouses, appearing on TV programs, and touring Europe to boot. His once-flagging recording career went right through the roof, with albums for World Pacific; Vee-Jay; Bluesville; Bobby Robinson's Fire label (where he cut his classic "Mojo Hand" in 1960); Candid; Arhoolie; Prestige; Verve; and, in 1965, the first of several LPs for Stan Lewis' Shreveport-based Jewel logo.

Hopkins generally demanded full payment before he'd deign to sit down and record, and seldom indulged a producer's desire for more than one take of any song. His singular sense of country time befuddled more than a few unseasoned musicians; from the 1960s on, his solo work is usually preferable to band-backed material.

Filmmaker Les Blank captured the Texas troubadour's informal lifestyle most vividly in his acclaimed 1967 documentary, The Blues Accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins. As one of the last great country bluesmen, Hopkins was a fascinating figure who bridged the gap between rural and urban styles. ~ Bill Dahl
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Lightnin's Boogie - Live At The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club (Remastered)

1. Trouble In Mind (Live)

2. Mercy (Live)

3. Cook My Breakfast (Live)

4. Hard To Love A Woman (Live)

5. Get Up Off O' Yo (Live)

6. Katie Mae (Live)

7. Goin' To Louisiana (Live)

8. Forgot What To Say (Live)

9. Lightnin's Boogie (Live)

10. I'm Coming Home (Live)

11. Early In The Morning Blues (Live)

12. My Babe (Live)

13. Rock Me Baby (Live)


Track List: Texas Troubadour

1. Worried Blues

3. You Do Too (I'll Never Forget The Day)

4. Baby Child

5. How Long Has The Train Been Gone

6. Late In The Evening

7. Houston Bound

8. What's The Matter Now

9. Leavin' Blues

10. I've Been A Bad Man (Mad Blues)

11. Baby I Don't Care

12. Black Cat Bone

13. Disagreeable

14. Mussy Haired Woman

15. (Lightnin's) Gone Again

16. My Mama Told Me

17. Moanin' Blues

18. Walkin' The Streets

19. One Kind Of Favor

20. Lightnin' Jump

21. The Lazy J

22. Dark And Cloudy

23. One Kind Favour

24. Hello Austria

25. The Slop


Track List: I Love You Baby

1. Everybody's Down On Me

2. Had A Gal Called Sal

3. Long Way From Texas

4. My Baby's Gone

5. Nothin' But The Blues

6. They Wonder Who I Am

7. Sittin' Here Thinkin'

8. Shine On Moon

9. I Love You Baby

10. Down To The River

11. Lightnin's Special

12. Tap Dance Boogie

13. Remember Me


Track List: Fast Life Woman

1. Life I Used To Live

2. I'm Beggin' You

3. Let Me Play With Your Poodle

4. Nightmare Blues

5. West Coast Blues

6. Another Fool In Town

7. Unkind Blues

8. Freight Train

9. Bottle It Up And Go

10. Coffee Blues

11. Dirty House

12. Fast Life Woman


Track List: Lightnin's Gone Again

1. Gotta Move

2. Penitentiary Blues

3. Death Bells

4. Short Haired Woman

5. Mad With You

6. Tim Moore's Farm

7. T-Model Blues

8. Lightnin's Gone Again

9. Airplane Blues

10. Lonesome In Your Home

11. Give Me Central 209

12. Shotgun Blues

13. Lonesome Dog Blues


Track List: Free Form Patterns (Remastered)

1. Mr. Charlie

2. Give Me Time To Think

3. Fox Chase (Feat. Billy Bizor)

4. Mr. Ditta's Grocery Store

5. Open Up Your Door

6. Baby Child (Feat. Billy Bizor)

7. Cooking's Done

8. Got Her Letter This Morning (AKA "She's Almost Dead")

9. Rain Falling

10. Mini Skirt

11. Black Ghost Blues

12. Chat #1: "I'd Like To Get In Tune With The Boys"

13. Song #1: Give Me Time To Think

14. Chat #2: Harmonica Players

15. Song #2: Mini Skirt

16. Chat #3: Lelan "Is Billy A Hippy?"

17. Song #3: Got Her Letter This Morning

18. Chat #4: Drinking Chat #1 "No No, I Don't Fool With Nothin' But What I Fool With"

19. Song #4: Mixed Up (Previously Unreleased)

20. Chat #5: Band Direction / Billy

21. Song #5: (Mr. Dillon's) Grocery Store Blues

22. Chat #6: "You Know Mr. Dillon?"

23. Fox Chase (False Starts & Band Direction)

24. Song #6: Fox Chase

25. Chat #7: Drinking Chat #2 "I'm The Best Person In The World When I'm Drinking"

26. Song #7: Lord, Have Mercy

27. Chat #8: Drinking Chat #3 "Don't Think It Ain't Got Somethin' In It"

28. Song #8: Rain Falling

29. Chat #9: Argument Over Songs

30. Song #9: Cooking's Done

31. Chat #10: "Sweet Lil' Woman, But You Ain't Got No Hair" & Chat

32. Song #11: Mr. Charlie

33. Song #12: Straw Hat

34. Chat #11: "They Got A 100 Songs"

35. Song #13: Green Onions

36. Chat #12: Vietnam Song Snippet/Oh Oh Lyric

37. Song/Chat: Poppa Was A Preacher (Rehearsal & Chat)

38. Chat #13: "That Had The Feeling" Finishing Session

39. Conversation #1: Trouble In Crockett Tx

40. Conversation #2: Whiskey On Prescription

41. Conversation #3: Musicican's Hours - Tommy Hall/Stacy Sutherland

42. Conversation #4: "Where'd You Pick Up The Name Lightnin'?"

43. Conversation #5: "You Not Gonna Mess With Elmore (Nixon) Anymore?"

44. Conversation #6: Centreville Tx

45. Conversation #7: Politics


Track List: Good Times

1. Good Times

2. Talk Of The Town

3. You Got Work To Get

4. Go Down Old Hannah

5. Ball Of Twine

6. Grandma Told Grandpa

7. I'll Be Gone

8. Mojo Hand

9. Shinin' Moon

10. Guitar Lightnin'


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins, Vol. 5

1. Grosebeck Blues

2. Give Me Central 209

3. Gotta Move

4. Praying Ground Blues

5. Coffee Blues

6. Whiskey Blues

7. Racetrack Blues

8. Good-Bye Blues

9. Bluebird Blues

10. Seems Funny Baby

11. Coolin' Board Blues

12. Goin' Back And Talk To Mama

13. All I Got Is Gone

14. Beggin' You To Stay

15. Bad Luck And Trouble

16. Black Cat Bone

17. Disagreeable

18. Dark And Cloudy


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins, Vol. 4

1. Ain't It A Shame

2. Tim Moore's Farm

3. You Don't Know

4. Treat Me Kind

5. Somebody's Got To Go

6. Baby Please Don't Go

7. Death Bells

8. Mad With You

9. Airplane Blues

10. Unsuccessful Blues

11. Rollin' Woman Blues

12. Jail House Blues

13. 'T' Model Blues

14. Traveler's Blues

15. Lightnin's Boogie

16. Unkind Blues

17. Trying To Find A Friend

18. Fast Life

19. European Blues

20. Automobile

21. Zologo

22. Organ Boogie

23. Automobile Blues

24. Old Woman Blues

25. Untrue Blues


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins, Vol. 2

1. New York Boogie

2. You Caused My Heart To Weep

3. I Wonder Why

4. Papa Bones Boogie

5. No Good Woman

6. Lightnin's Gone Again

7. Dirty House

8. Bald Headed Woman

9. Everything Happens To Me

10. Freight Train

11. I've Been A Bad Man

12. New Worried Life Blues

13. One Kind Of Favor

14. Broken Hearted Blues

15. Worried Blues

16. Don't Think I'm Crazy

17. Down To The River

18. Contrary Mary

19. I'm Begging You

20. Why Did You Get Mad At Me

21. Everybody's Down On Me

22. Sad News From Korea

23. Let Me Fly Your Kite

24. Gone With The Wind


Track List: Fugitive Blues - From The Archives (Remastered)

1. Fugitive Blues

2. G String Guitar

3. Grandma Told Grandpa

4. Rain

5. Goin' To Dallas

6. Last Night

7. Keep Movin' On

8. That's My Story

9. Dillon's Store


Track List: Lightnin' Strikes (Remastered)

1. Short Haired Woman (1960 Recording)

2. Bottle Up And Go

3. Long Time

4. The Foot Race Is On

5. Prison Blues Come Down On Me

6. Bunion Stew

7. Mama And Papa Hopkins

8. Get Off My Toe

9. Trouble In Mind

10. Gonna Pull A Party

11. Til The Gin Gets Here

12. When The Saints Go Marching In


Track List: The Legend Collection: Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins

1. Take It Easy

2. The Trouble Blues

3. Mister Charlie

4. Lightnin's Piano Boogie

5. Black Cat Blues

6. Mister Crazy

7. L.A. Blues

8. Big Mama Jump

9. Down To The River

10. New York Boogie

11. Thinkin' And Worryin'

12. Down Baby

13. That Mean Old Twister Blues

14. Come Back Baby

15. Feel So Bad

16. My California

17. Someday Baby

18. West Coast Blues

19. You're Gonna Miss Me

20. Picture On The Wall

21. No Good Woman

22. See See Rider

23. I Wonder Why

24. I'm Begging You

25. Untrue Blues


Track List: Lightnin' Special Vol. 1

1. Tap Dance Boogie

2. Remember Me

3. Lightnin's Special

4. Sittn' Here Thinkin'

5. I'm Begging You

6. Nightmare Blues

7. West Coast Blues

8. Unkind Blues

9. My Baby's Gone

10. I Love You Baby

11. They Wonder Who I Am

12. Shine On Moon

13. Had A Gal Called Sal

14. Life I Used To Live

15. Nothin' But The Blues

16. Bottle Up And Go

17. Long Way From Texas

18. Fast Life Woman

19. Dirty House Blues

20. Another Fool In Town

21. Let Me Play With Your Poodle

22. Coffee Blues

23. Freight Train Blues

24. Everybody's Down On Me

25. Down To The River


Track List: Shaggy Dog

1. Shaggy Dog

2. Santa Fe Blues (1959)

3. Shine On Moon (!956 Herald Single)

4. I'll Be Gone

5. Shake It Baby

6. Goin' Back Home

7. Good Times

8. What'd I Say (1974)

9. Don't Wake Me

10. Talk Of The Town


Track List: Stomp And Boogie

1. Mojo Hand

2. Black Cat Blues

3. Coffee For Mama

4. Evil Hearted Woman

5. My Little Kewpie Doll

6. Good Times

7. Lightnin's Stomp

8. Santa Fe Blues

9. Lightnin's Boogie

10. Nothing But The Blues

11. Honey Babe

12. Feel So Bad

13. Short Haired Woman

14. Sugar On My Mind

15. Someday Baby

16. Come Back Baby


Track List: Essential Gold [Digitally Remastered]

Disc 1

1. Santa Fe Blues

2. Trouble In Mind

3. Mama And Papa Hopkins

4. The Foot Race Is On

5. That Gambling Life

6. When The Saints Go Marching In

7. Get Off My Toe

8. 75 Highway

9. Bottle Up And Go

10. Short Haired Woman

11. So Long Baby

12. In The Evening, The Sun Is Going Down

Disc 2

1. Hear My Black Dog Bark

2. Rainy Day Blues

3. Baby!

4. Long Gone Like A Turkey Through Corn (Long John)

5. Prison Blues Come Down On Me

6. Backwater Blues (That Mean Old Twister)

7. Gonna Pull A Party

8. Bluebird, Bluebird

9. See See Rider

10. Worrying My Mind

11. Till The Gin Gets Here

12. Bunion Stew

13. You Got To Work To Get Your Pay

14. Go Down Old Hannah

15. Long Time


Track List: G String Blues

1. Big Blue Cadillac Blues

2. Early In The Morning Blues

3. Coffee House Blues

4. I've Been Buked And Scorned

5. Stool Pidgeon Blues

6. Brand New Car

7. Drinkin' In The Blues

8. Shinin' Blues

9. Ball Of Twine

10. Fugitive Blues

11. G String Blues

12. Grandma Told Grandpa

13. Rain

14. Goin' To Dallas

15. Last Night

16. Shake It Baby


Track List: The Sonet Blues Story

1. Please Help Poor Me

2. Way Out In Abilene

3. Don't You Call That Boogie

4. Swing In The Backyard

5. The Hearse Is Backed Up To The Door

6. That Meat's A Little Too High

7. Let Them Little Things Be True

8. I Been Burning Bad Gasoline

9. Don't You Mess With My Woman

10. Water Fallin' Boogie

11. Born By The Devil - Bonus Track

12. Doin' My Boogie - Bonus Track


Track List: An Introduction To Lightnin' Hopkins

1. Mr. Chalrie (Pt 1, 2)

2. Got Her Letter This Morning

3. You Got To Work To Get Your Pay

4. Trouble In Mind

5. Vietnam War Blues (Pt. 1, 2)

6. You're Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

7. Little School Girl

8. West Texas Blues

9. Daddy Was A Preacher

10. Rock Me Mama

11. Lightnin' Boogie

12. Blues Is My Business

13. You Treat Po' Lightnin' Wrong (Live)

14. Mighty Crazy (Live)

15. Ain't Nothin' Like Whisky

16. Christmas Blues


Track List: The Blues Anthology

1. Mojo Hand

2. Coffee For Mama

3. Awful Dream

4. Black Mare Trot

5. Have You Ever Loved A Woman?

6. Glory Bee

7. Sometimes She Will

8. Shine On, Moon! (1960)

9. Santa

10. How Long Has The Train Been Gone?

11. Shake That Thing

12. Bring Me My Shotgun

13. Last Night

14. Walk A Long Time

15. Houston Bound

16. Baby I Don't Care

17. I'm Leaving You Now

18. Just Pickin'

19. Drifting Blues

20. Lonesome Dog Blues (1960)

21. Sittin' Down Thinkin' (1960)


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins

1. I Heard My Children Crying

2. Leave Jike Mary Alone

3. You Treat Po Lightnin' Wrong

4. I'm Gonna Meet My Baby Somewhere

5. Don't Treat That Man The Way You Treat Me

6. There's Good Rockin' Tonight

7. Big Black Cadillac Man

8. Early In The Mornin' Blues

9. Coffee House Blues

10. I've Been Bucked & Scorned

11. Stool Pigeon Blues

12. New Car Blues

13. Get Off My Toe


Track List: The Greatest Hits 1959 - 1965

1. Gonna Pull A Party

2. Baby

3. Good Times

4. Goin' To Dallas

5. Fugitive Blues

6. Goin' Back Home

7. Blues (That Mean Old Twister)

8. Trouble In Mind

9. That Gambling Life

10. Keep Movin' On

11. Get Off My Toe

12. Don't Wake Me

13. In The Evening, The Sun Is Going Down

14. Mojo Hand

15. 75 Highway

16. Little Wail

17. Short Haired Woman

18. Shaggy Dog

19. Santa Fe (Blues)

20. Blowin' The Fuses


Track List: Hello Central: The Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins

1. Home In The Woods (No Good Woman)

2. Hello Central (Give Me Central)

3. Gotta Move

4. Broken Hearted Blues

5. Bald Headed Woman

6. Buck Dance Boogie (Papa Bones Boogie)

7. Freight Train

8. Everybody's Down On Me

9. Coffee Blues

10. I'm Begging You

11. Why Did You Get Mad At Me

12. Long Way From Texas

13. Worried Blues

14. Happy New Year

15. Down To The River

16. You Do Too (I'll Never Forget The Day)

17. Tap Dance Boogie

18. New Short Haired Woman

19. Tell Me Boogie (Mad As I Can Be)

20. My Heart To Weep


Track List: Blues Kingpins

1. Katie Mae Blues

2. Feel So Bad

3. Rocky Mountain Blues/I Can't Stay Here In Your Town

4. Fast Mail Rambler

5. Let Me Play With Your Poodle

6. Short Haired Woman (Feat. R.M. Jones)

7. Woman, Woman (Change Your Way)

8. Sugar On My Mind

9. Lightnin's Boogie

10. Shotgun Blues

11. Tom Moore Blues (Tim Moore's Farm)

12. Bad Luck And Trouble

13. Jake Head Boogie

14. Lonesome Dog Blues

15. Last Affair

16. Another Fool In Town

17. Santa Fe Blues

18. Black Cat


Track List: Lightnin' In New York

1. The Trouble Blues

2. Lightnin's Piano Boogie

3. Wonder Why

4. Mister Charlie

6. Take It Easy

7. Mighty Crazy

8. Your Own Fault Baby, To Treat Me The Way You Do

9. I've Had My Fun, If I Don't Get Well No More


Track List: Live At Newport

1. Introduction By Michael Bloomfield (Live)

2. Where Can I Find My Baby? (Live)

3. Baby Please Don't Go (Live)

4. Mojo Hand (Live)

5. Trouble In Mind (Live)

6. The Woman I'm Loving, She's Taken My Appetite (Live)

7. Come On Baby (Live)

8. Cotton Patch Blues (Live)

9. Instrumental (Live)

10. Jealous Of My Wife (Live)

11. Every Day About This Time (Live)

12. Shake That Thing (Live)


Track List: In The Key Of Lightnin'

1. Lightnin' Declares...

2. Cryin' Shame (Shake That Thing)

3. Last Night I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had

4. Baby, Please Lend Me Your Love

5. Short Haired Woman (Discourse)

6. Short Haired Woman

7. Cigar Chatter

8. Pneumonia Blues

9. What'd I Say

10. Katie Mae

11. Black Cadillac

12. One For The Gamblin'

13. I Gave Up Card Playin' Pronouncement

14. I Once Was A Gambler

15. Where Did You Stay Last Night?

16. Careless Love

17. Black Lightnin' Rap

18. Lightnin' Slow Blues


Track List: Lightnin' And The Blues: The Herald Sessions (Remastered 2001)

1. Nothin' But The Blues

2. Don't Think Cause You're Pretty

3. Lightnin's Boogie

4. Life I Used To Live

5. Sick Feelin' Blues

6. Evil Hearted Woman

7. Blues For My Cookie

8. Sittin' Down Thinkin'

9. My Baby's Gone

10. Lonesome In Your Home

11. Lightnin's Special

12. My Little Kewpie Doll

13. Shine On Moon

14. Had A Gal Called Sal

15. Remember Me

16. Movin' On Out Boogie


Track List: The Essential Recordings

1. Sometimes She Will

2. Mojo Hand

3. Shake That Think

4. Walk A Long Time

5. Last Night

6. Just Pickin'

7. Bring Me My Shotgun

8. I'm Leaving You Now

9. Coffee For Momma

10. Awful Dreams

11. Black Mare Trot

12. Have You Ever Loved A Woman

13. Glory Be

14. Shine On Moon (1946 - 1949 Recording)

15. Lonesome Dog

16. Just Sitting Down Thinking (Acoustic Version)

17. Santa


Track List: The Very Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins

1. Katie Mae Blues

2. Shotgun Blues

3. Baby PLease Don't Go

4. Automobile

5. Give Me Central 209 (Hello Central)

6. Coffee Blues

7. I'm Beggin' You

8. Contrary Mary

9. Moanin' Blues

10. Penitentiary Blues

11. Fan It

12. Conversation Blues

13. Last Night Blues

14. Mighty Crazy

15. Mojo Hand

16. Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes


Track List: Blues Masters: The Very Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins

1. Mojo Hand

2. Baby Please Don't Go

3. Evil Hearted Woman

4. Mr. Charlie (1966 Version)

5. Mighty Crazy (Live)

6. Back Door Friend

7. Move On Out, Pt. 1

8. Early Morning Blues (Feat. Big Joe Williams & Sonny Terry)

9. Gamblers Blues

11. Lightnin's Boogie

12. Morning Blues

13. Rainy Day In Houston

14. The World's In A Tangle

15. Trouble In Mind

16. Nothin' But The Blues


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins B.O.B. (1947 - 1969)

1. Short Haired Woman

2. Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind

3. Lightning Blues

4. Whiskey Headed Woman (Liquor Drinkin' Woman)

5. Lonesome Home (Ain't It Lonesome)

6. Zolo Go (Organ Blues)

7. Henny Penny Blues

8. Jazz Blues

9. Beggin' You To Stay (Someday [baby])

10. Don't Keep My Baby Long

11. Jake Head (Boogie)

12. Tell Me (Pretty Baby)

13. Give Me Back That Wig (Wig Wearing Woman)

14. Santa Fe (Blues)

15. New York Boogie

16. Late In The Evening

17. Walkin' In The Streets

18. Mussy Haired Woman

19. The Dirty Dozens

20. Baby

21. I Hear You Calling

22. Rock Me Baby

23. Back Door Friend

24. Trouble In Mind

25. What'd I Say


Track List: Remember Me (The Complete Herald Singles)

1. I Love You Baby (1954 Version)

2. Shine On Moon (1954 Version)

3. Lightnin's Boogie (1954 Version)

4. Lonesome In Your Home (1954 Version)

5. Remember Me (1954 Version)

6. Sittin' Here Thinkin' (1954 Version)

7. Lightnin's Special (1954 Version)

8. Please Don't Go Baby (1954 Version)

9. Don't Think Cause You're Pretty (1954 Version)

10. Life I Used To Live (1954 Version)

11. Grandma's Boogie (1954 Version)

12. My Baby's Gone (1954 Version)

13. Early Mornin' Boogie (1954 Version)

14. Sick Feeling Blues (1954 Version)

15. Moving On Out Boogie (1954 Version)

16. Hopkins' Sky Hop (1954 Version)

17. Evil Hearted Woman (1954 Version)

18. Don't Need No Job (1954 Version)

19. Blues For My Cookie (1954 Version)

20. Had A Gal Called Sal (1954 Version)

21. They Wonder Who I Am (1954 Version)

22. Nothin' But The Blues (1954 Version)

23. That's All Right Baby (1954 Version)

24. Finally Met My Baby (1954 Version)

25. My Little Kewpie Doll (1954 Version)

26. Wonder What Is Wrong With Me (1954 Version)


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins Vol. 1 (1950-1961)

1. Black Cat Bone

2. Disagreeable

3. Dark And Cloudy

4. Baby Child

5. The Lazy J

6. (Lightnin's) Gone Again

7. I've Been A Bad Man (Mad Blues)

8. New Worried Life Blues (J 494)

9. One Kind Of Favor (J 495)

10. Worried Blues

11. You Do Too (I'll Never Forget The Day)

12. My Mama Told Me

13. What's The Matter Now?

14. Late In The Evening

15. Lightnin' Jump (8002-2)

16. Leavin' Blues

17. Moanin' Blues

18. Walkin' The Streets

19. Mussy Haired Woman

20. One Kind Favor (RBF 202)

21. The Slop

22. How Long Has The Train Been Gone

23. Baby I Don't Care

24. Houston Bound

25. Hello Austria


Track List: Lightnin' Hopkins, Vol. 1

1. Katie Mae Blues

2. Feel So Bad (Alternate Version)

3. That Mean Old Twister

4. Rocky Mountain Blues

5. Short Haired Woman

6. Big Mama Jump

7. Down Baby

8. Let Me Play With Your Poodle

9. Fast Mail Rambler

10. Thinkin' And Worryin'

11. Short Haired Woman (Alt. Version)

12. Howling Wolf Blues

13. Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind

14. Woman Woman

15. Picture On The Wall

16. Worried Life Blues

17. Miss Me Blues

18. Sugar Mama

19. Nightmare Blues

20. Someday Baby

21. Come Back Baby

22. Lightnin's Boogie

23. Baby, You're Not Going To Make A Fool Out Of Me

24. Daddy Will Be Home One Day

25. Moonrise Blues


Track List: The Very Best Of Lightnin' Hopkins (Rhino)

1. Trouble In Mind

2. Bluebird Bluebird

3. See See Rider

4. Baby! (Feat. Luke "Long Gone" Miles)

5. Mama And Papa Hopkins

6. Backwater Blues

7. Big Car Blues (Intro)

8. Big Car Blues (Edit)

9. Stool Pigeon Blues

10. Ball Of Twine

11. Blues For Gamblers

12. Shaggy Dog

13. Cotton

14. What'd I Say (1974)

15. Mr. Dillard's Store

16. Goin' Back Home


Track List: The Herald Recordings - 1954

1. Hear Me Talkin'

2. Nothin' But The Blues

3. Don't Think 'Cause You're Pretty

5. Life I Used To Live

6. Hopkins' Sky Hop

7. Sick Feelin' Blues

8. Evil Hearted Woman

9. My Little Kewpie Doll

10. Blues For My Cookie

11. Sittin' Down Thinkin'

12. Lightnin's Stomp

13. Lightnin' Don't Feel Well

14. My Baby's Gone

15. Lonesome In Your Home

16. Flash Lightnin'

17. Shine On Moon


Track List: Mojo Hand: The Lightnin' Hopkins Anthology

Disc 1

1. Blues Is A Feeling

2. Katie Mae Blues

3. Play With Your Poodle

4. Baby Please Don't Go

5. Needed Time

6. Short Haired Woman

7. Mad With You

8. Automobile

9. "T" Model Blues

10. Lightnin' Boogie

11. Black Cat Bone

12. Give Me Central 209

13. Coffee Blues

14. What's The Matter Now

15. I'm Wild About You Baby

16. Policy Game

17. Late In The Evening

18. Lightnin' Jump

19. Lightnin' Don't Feel Well

20. Movin' On Out Boogie

Disc 2

1. My Little Kewpie Doll

2. Blues For My Cookie

3. Had A Gal Named Sal

4. They Wonder Who I Am

5. Wimmin From Coast To Coast

6. Fan It

7. War Is Starting Again

8. Rolling And Rolling

9. Death Bells

10. I'll Be Gone

11. I Asked The Bossman

12. Shaggy Dog

13. Black Ghost Blues

14. No Education

15. Antoinette's Blues

16. Los Angeles Boogie

17. Let Them Little Things Be True

19. Mr. Charlie (Part 1)

20. Mr. Charlie (Part 2)

21. Fishing Clothes


Track List: Last Night Blues (Remastered)

2. Got To Move Your Baby

5. Last Night Blues


Track List: Smokes Like Lightnin' (Remastered)

1. T Model Blues

2. Jackstropper Blues

3. You Cook All Right

4. My Black Name

5. You Never Miss Your Water

6. Let's Do The Suzie-Q

7. Ida Mae

8. Smokes Like Lightning

9. Prison Farm Blues


Track List: Sittin' In With Lightnin' Hopkins

1. New York Boogie

2. So Sorry

3. Fannie Mae

4. Cemetary Blues

5. Back Home Boogie

6. Talking : Lightnin' And Bob Shad / What Kind Of Heart Have You

7. My Heart To Weep

8. Got To Go

9. Jackstropper Blues

10. Policy Game

11. Let Me Fly Your Kite

12. Everybody's Down On Me

13. Sad News From Korea

14. No Mail Blues

15. Appetite Blues

16. Organ Blues


Track List: The Complete Aladdin Recordings

Disc 1

1. Katie May

2. Feel So Bad

3. Blues (That Mean Old Twister)

4. I Can't Stay Here In Yourtown

5. Can't Do Like You Used To

6. West Coast Blues

7. Short Haired Woman

8. L.A. Blues

9. Big Mama Jump

10. Down Baby

11. Let Me Play With Your Poodle

12. Fast Mail Rambler

13. Thinkin' And Worryin'

14. Can't Get That Woman Off My Mind

15. Woman Woman

16. Picture On The Wall

17. You're Not Goin' To Worry My Life Anymore

18. You're Gonna Miss Me

20. Nightmare Blues

21. Someday Baby

22. Come Back Baby

Disc 2

1. Lightnin's Boogie

2. Baby You're Not Going To Make A Fool Out Of Me

4. Moon Rise Blues

5. Howling Wolf

6. Morning Blues

7. Have To Let You Go

8. Mama's Baby Child

9. Mistreated Blues

10. My California

11. Honey Babe

12. So Long

14. Unpredictable Woman

15. I Just Don't Care

16. Drinkin' Woman

17. Abilene

18. Shotgun

19. Rollin' And Rollin'

20. Tell It Like It Is

21. Miss Loretta


Track List: The Gold Star Sessions, Vol. 2

1. Walking Blues

2. Shining Moon

3. Ida May

4. Mercy

5. Automobile Blues (Early Version)

6. Glory B. Blues (Blue Bird Blues)

7. All I Got Is Gone

8. Whiskey Blues

9. European Blues

10. What Can It Be

11. Lonesome Home

12. Appetite Blues

13. Lightning Blues

14. Hammond Boogie (Organ Boogie)

15. Rollin' Woman Blues

16. Jail House Blues (Early Version)

17. "T" Model Blues

18. No Mail Blues

19. Ain't It A Shame

20. Old Woman Blues

21. Untrue Blues

22. Henny Penny Blues

23. Jackstropper Blues (Early Version)

24. Grievance Blues


Track List: The Complete Prestige/Bluesville Recordings

Disc 1

1. Rocky Mountain

2. Got To Move Your Baby

3. So Sorry To Leave You

4. Take A Trip With Me

5. Last Night Blues

6. Lightnin's Stroke

7. Hard To Love A Woman

8. Conversation Blues

9. Automobile Blues

10. You Better Watch Yourself

11. Mean Old Frisco

12. Shinin' Moon

13. Come Back Baby

14. Thinkin' 'Bout An Old Friend

15. The Walkin' Blues

16. Back To New Orleans

17. Katie Mae

18. Down There Baby

Disc 2

1. Black Gal

2. Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes

3. Good Morning Little School Girl

4. Coffee Blues

5. Buddy Brown's Blues (98 Degree Blues)

6. Wine Spodee-O-Dee

7. Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On

8. DC-7

9. Death Bells

10. Goin' To Dallas To See My Pony Run

11. Jailhouse Blues

12. Blues In The Bottle

13. Beans, Beans, Beans

14. Catfish Blues

15. My Grandpa Is Old Too!

16. T Model Blues

17. Jackstropper Blues

18. You Cook All Right

19. You Never Miss Your Water

20. Let's Do The Suzie Q

21. Smokes Like Lightning

Disc 3

1. How Many More Years I Got To Let You Dog Me Around

2. Black Cadillac

3. Walkin' This Road By Myself

4. The Devil Jumped The Black Man

5. My Baby Don't Stand No Cheating

6. You Is One Black Rat

7. The Fox Chase

8. Mojo Hand

9. Mama Blues

10. My Black Name

11. Ida Mae

12. Prison Farm Blues

13. Worried Life Blues

14. Happy Blues For John Glenn

15. Sinner's Prayer

16. Angel Child

17. I Got A Leak In This Old Building

18. Pneumonia Blues

19. Have You Ever Been Mistreated

Disc 4

1. Blues Is A Feeling

2. Me And Ray Charles

3. In The Evening

4. Ain't It Crazy

5. Last Night I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had (live)

6. Everything

7. I Work Down On The Chain Gang (live)

8. Meet Me In The Bottom (live)

9. Business You're Doin'

10. Wake Up Old Lady

11. Stranger Here

12. Don't Embarrass Me, Baby

13. Little Sister's Boogie

14. Goin' Away

15. You Better Stop Her

16. I'm Wit' It

17. Let's Go Sit On The Lawn

18. I Woke Up This Morning

Disc 5

1. Baby, Please Don't Go (live)

2. My Black Cadillac (live)

3. It's Crazy (live)

4. Mojo Hand

5. My Babe (live)

6. Short Haired Woman

7. Mean Old Frisco

8. Trouble In Mind (live)

9. The Twister (live)

10. Green Onion (live)

11. Sun Goin' Down (live)

12. Come Go Home With Me (live)

13. I'm A Stranger (live)

14. I Got Tired

15. I Like To Boogie

16. I Asked The Bossman

17. I'm Taking A Devil Of A Chance

18. Just A Wristwatch On My Arm

Disc 6

1. I Was Standing On 75 Highway

2. Get It Straight

3. I'm Going To Build Me A Heaven Of My Own

4. My Babe

5. Too Many Drivers

6. I'm A Crawling Black Snake

7. Rocky Mountain Blues

8. I Mean Goodbye

9. The Howling Wolf

10. Black Ghost Blues

11. Darling, Do You Remember Me?

12. Lonesome Graveyard

13. I Don't Want To Do Nothing To You (live)

14. You Is One Black Rat (live)

15. Got Nowhere To Lay My Head

16. Just Boogyin' (live)

17. Take Me Back (live)

18. I Was Down On Dowling Street (live)

Disc 7

1. I Growed Up With The Blues

2. My Family

3. I Learn About The Blues

4. I First Come Into Houston

5. I Meet Texas Alexander

6. They Was Hard Times

7. I Do My First Record And Get My Name

8. My Thoughts On The Blues


Track List: Double Blues

1. Let's Go Sit On The Lawn

2. I'm Taking A Devil Of A Chance

3. I Got Tired

4. I Asked The Bossman

5. Just A Wristwatch On My Arm

6. I Woke Up This Morning

7. I Was Standing On 75 Highway

8. I'm Going To Build Me A Heaven Of My Own

9. My Babe

10. Too Many Drivers

11. I'm A Crawling Black Snake

12. Rocky Mountain Blues

13. I Mean Goodbye

14. The Howling Wolf

15. Black Ghost Blues

16. Darling, Do You Remember Me?

17. Lonesome Graveyard


Track List: Lightnin' In New York (1961)

1. Take It Easy

2. Mighty Crazy

3. Your Own Fault Baby, To Treat Me The Way You Do

4. I've Had My Fun, If I Don't Get Well No More

5. The Trouble Blues

6. Lightnin's Piano Boogie