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Lou Reed

The career of Lou Reed defied capsule summarization. Like David Bowie (whom Reed directly inspired in many ways), he made over his image many times, mutating from theatrical glam rocker to strung-out junkie to avant-garde noiseman to straight rock & roller to your average guy. Few would deny Reed's immense importance and considerable achievements. As has often been written, he expanded the vocabulary of rock & roll lyrics into the previously forbidden territory of kinky sex, drug use (and abuse), decadence, transvestites, homosexuality, and suicidal depression. As has been pointed out less often, he remained committed to using rock & roll as a forum for literary, mature expression throughout his artistic life, without growing lyrically soft or musically complacent. By and large, he took on these challenging duties with uncompromising honesty and a high degree of realism. For these reasons, he was often cited as punk's most important ancestor. It's often overlooked, though, that he was equally skilled at celebrating romantic joy, and rock & roll itself, as he was at depicting harrowing urban realities. With the exception of Neil Young, no other star who rose to fame in the '60s continued to push himself so diligently into creating work that was, and remains, meaningful and contemporary.

Although Reed achieved his greatest success as a solo artist, his most enduring accomplishments were as the leader of the Velvet Underground in the '60s. If Reed had never made any solo records, his work as the principal lead singer and songwriter for the Velvets would have still ensured his stature as one of the greatest rock visionaries of all time. The Velvet Underground are discussed at great length in many other sources, but it's sufficient to note that the four studio albums they recorded with Reed at the helm are essential listening, as is much of their live and extraneous material. "Heroin," "Sister Ray," "Sweet Jane," "Rock and Roll," "Venus in Furs," "All Tomorrow's Parties," "What Goes On," and "Lisa Says" are just the most famous classics that Reed wrote and sang for the group. As innovative as the Velvets were at breaking lyrical and instrumental taboos with their crunching experimental rock, they were unappreciated in their lifetime. Five years of little commercial success was undoubtedly a factor in Reed leaving the group he had founded in August 1970, just before the release of their most accessible effort, Loaded. Although Reed's songs and streetwise, sing-speak vocals dominated the Velvets, he was perhaps more reliant upon his talented collaborators than he realized, or was even willing to admit in his latter years. The most talented of these associates was John Cale, who was apparently fired by Reed in 1968 after the Velvets' second album (although the pair subsequently worked together on various other projects).

Reed had a reputation of being a difficult man to work with for an extended period, and that made it difficult for his extensive solo oeuvre to compete with the standards of brilliance set by the Velvets. Nowhere was this more apparent than on his self-titled solo debut from 1971, recorded after he'd taken an extended hiatus from music, moving back to his parents' suburban Long Island home at one point. Lou Reed mostly consisted of flaccid versions of songs dating back to the Velvet days, and he could have really used the group to punch them up, as proved by the many outtake versions of these tunes that he actually recorded with the Velvet Underground (some of which didn't surface until about 25 years later).

Reed got a shot in the arm (no distasteful pun intended) when David Bowie and Mick Ronson produced his second album, Transformer. A more energetic set that betrayed the influence of glam rock, it also included his sole Top 20 hit, "Walk on the Wild Side," and other good songs like "Vicious" and "Satellite of Love." It also made him a star in Britain, which was quick to appreciate the influence Reed had exerted on Bowie and other glam rockers. Reed went into more serious territory on Berlin (1973), its sweet orchestral production coating lyrical messages of despair and suicide. In some ways Reed's most ambitious and impressive solo effort, it was accorded a vituperative reception by critics in no mood for a nonstop bummer (however elegantly executed). Unbelievably, in retrospect, it made the Top Ten in Britain, though it flopped stateside.

Having been given a cold shoulder for some of his most serious (if chilling) work, Reed apparently decided he was going to give the public what it wanted. He had guitarists Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner give his music more of a pop-metal, radio-friendly sheen. More disturbingly, he decided to play up to the cartoon junkie role that some in his audience seemed eager to assign to him. Onstage, that meant shocking bleached hair, painted fingernails, and simulated drug injections. On record, it led to some of his most careless performances. One of these, the 1974 album Sally Can't Dance, was also his most commercially successful, reaching the Top Ten, thus confirming both Reed's and the audience's worst instincts. As if to prove he could still be as uncompromising as anyone, he unleashed the double album Metal Machine Music, a nonstop assault of electronic noise. Opinions remain divided as to whether it was an artistic statement, a contract quota-filler, or a slap in the face to the public.

Later, Reed never behaved as outrageously (in public and in the studio) as he did in the mid-'70s, although there was plenty of excitement in the decades that followed. When he decided to play it relatively straight, sincere, and hard-nosed, he could produce affecting work in the spirit of his best vintage material (parts of Coney Island Baby and Street Hassle). At other points, he seemed not to be putting too much effort into any aspect of his songs ("Rock and Roll Heart"). With 1978's Take No Prisoners, he delivered one of the weirdest concert albums of all time, more of a comedy monologue (which not too many people laughed hard at) than a musical document. Reed had always been an enigma, but no one questioned the serious intent of his work with the Velvet Underground. As a soloist, it was getting impossible to tell when he was serious, or whether he even wished to be taken seriously anymore.

At the end of the '70s, The Bells set the tone for most of his future work. Reed would settle down; he would play it straight; he would address serious, adult concerns, including heterosexual romance, with sincerity. Not a bad idea, but though the albums that followed were much more consistent in tone, they remained erratic in quality and, worse, could occasionally be quite boring. The recruitment of Robert Quine as lead guitarist helped, and The Blue Mask (1982) and New Sensations (1984) were fairly successful, although in retrospect they didn't deserve the raves they received from some critics at the time. Quine, however, would also find Reed too difficult to work with for an extended period. New York (1989) heralded both a commercial and critical renaissance for Reed, and in truth it was his best work in quite some time, although it didn't break any major stylistic ground. Reed worked best when faced with a challenge, which arrived when he collaborated with former partner John Cale in 1990 on a song cycle for the recently deceased Andy Warhol. In both its recorded and stage incarnations, this was the most experimental work that Reed had devised in quite some time.

Magic and Loss (1992) returned him to the more familiar straight rock territory of New York, again to critical raves. The re-formation of the Velvet Underground for a 1993 European live tour could not be considered an unqualified success, however. European audiences were thrilled to see the legends in person, but critical reaction to the shows was mixed, and critical reaction to the live record was tepid. More distressingly, old conflicts reared their head within the band once again, and the reunion ended before it had a chance to get to America. Cale and Reed at this point seem determined never to work with each other again (the death of Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison in 1995 seemed to permanently ice prospects of more VU projects). In 1996, the surviving Velvet Underground members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, performing a newly penned song for their fallen comrade, Morrison. Reed closed the '90s with an album that saw him explore relationships, 1996's Set the Twilight Reeling (many speculated that the album was biographical and focused on his union with performance artist Laurie Anderson), which didn't turned out to be one of Reed's more critically acclaimed releases. He also found time to compose music for the Robert Wilson opera Timerocker, and in 1998, released the "unplugged" album Perfect Night: Live in London. The same year, Reed was the subject of a superb installment of the PBS American Masters series that chronicled his entire career (eventually released as a DVD, titled Rock and Roll Heart).

The year 2000 saw Reed's first release for Reprise Records, Ecstasy, a glorious return to raw and straightforward rock, a tour de force that many agreed was his finest work since New York. Another collaboration with Robert Wilson, POE-try, followed in 2001 and continued its worldwide stage run through the year. Including new music by Reed and words adapted from the macabre texts of Edgar Allan Poe, POE-try led to Reed's highly ambitious next album, The Raven. Animal Serenade, a double-disc set recorded at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles during his 2003 world tour, was issued in spring 2004. The live effort was Reed's tribute of sorts to his celebrated Rock N Roll Animal concert album, which was released 30 years before. In 2007, Reed released Hudson River Wind Meditations, a four-song experimental sound collage that celebrated both the best and worst aspects of Metal Machine Music. In 2011, he joined forces with heavy metal legends Metallica to create Lulu, an album of fresh studio material. Written by Reed, with James Hetfield et al. providing input on arrangements and dynamics, Lulu blended Lou Reed's trademark monotone vocals with the power and ferocity of Metallica's musicianship. However, Reed underwent a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in April 2013, and although he subsequently proclaimed his strength and intention to return to performing and songwriting, he died of end-stage liver disease at his home on Long Island in late October of that year. ~ Richie Unterberger & Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Berlin: Live At St. Ann's Warehouse

1. Intro (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

2. Berlin (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

3. Lady Day (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

4. Men Of Good Fortune (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

5. Carline Says, Pt. 1 (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

6. How Do You Think It Feels (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

7. Oh, Jim (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

8. Caroline Says, Pt. 2 (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

9. The Kids (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

10. The Bed (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

11. Sad Song (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

12. Candy Says (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

13. Rock Minuet (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)

14. Sweet Jane (Live At St. Ann's Warehouse)


Track List: Animal Serenade (Live)

Disc 1

1. Advice (Live)

2. Smalltown (Live)

3. Tell It To Your Heart (Live)

4. Men Of Good Fortune (Live)

5. How Do You Think It Feels (Live)

6. Vanishing Act (Live)

7. Ecstasy (Live)

8. The Day John Kennedy Died (Live)

9. Street Hassle (Live)

10. The Bed (Live)

11. Revien Cherie (Live)

Disc 2

1. Dirty Blvd. (Live)

2. Sunday Morning (Live)

3. All Tomorrow's Parties (Live)

4. Call On Me (Live)

5. The Raven (Live)

6. Set The Twilight Reeling (Live)

7. Candy Says (Live)

8. Heroin (Live)


Track List: Lou Reed Live

1. Vicious (Live)

2. Satellite Of Love (Live)

3. Walk On The Wild Side (Live)

4. I'm Waiting For The Man (Live)


Track List: The Raven

1. Overture

2. Edgar Allan Poe

3. Call On Me

4. The Valley Of Unrest

5. A Thousand Departed Friends

6. Change

7. The Bed

8. Perfect Day

9. The Raven

10. Balloon

11. Broadway Song

12. Blind Rage

13. Burning Embers

14. Vanishing Act

15. Guilty

16. I Wanna Know (The Pit And The Pendulum)

17. Science Of The Mind

18. Hop Frog

19. Tripitena's Speech

20. Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)

21. Guardian Angel


Track List: American Poet (Live)

1. White Light White Heat (Live)

2. Vicious (Live)

4. Walk It Talk It (Live)

5. Sweet Jane (Live)

7. Heroin (Live)

8. Satellite Of Love (Live)

9. Walk On The Wild Side (Live)

10. I'm So Free (Live)

11. Berlin (Live)

12. Rock 'N' Roll (Live)


Track List: Ecstasy

1. Paranoia Key Of E

2. Mystic Child

3. Mad

4. Ecstasy

5. Modern Dance

6. Tatters

7. Future Farmers Of America

8. Turning Time Around

9. White Prism

10. Rock Minuet

11. Baton Rouge

13. Rouge

14. Big Sky


Track List: The Definitive Collection

1. The Blue Mask

2. I Wanna Be Black

3. Looking For Love

4. Coney Island Baby

5. Shooting Star

7. I Want To Boogie With You

8. Set The Twilight Reeling

9. Vicious

11. Vicious Circle

12. Walk On The Wild Side

13. Temporary Thing

14. Cremation Ashes To Ashes

15. The Bells

16. Dirty Blvd. (Live)


Track List: Set The Twilight Reeling

1. Egg Cream

2. Nyc Man

3. Finish Line

4. Trade In

5. Hang On To Your Emotions

6. Sex With Your Parents Part II

7. Hookywooky

8. The Proposition

9. Adventurer

10. Riptide

11. Set The Twilight Reeling


Track List: Magic And Loss

1. Dorita (The Spirit)

2. What's Good (The Thesis)

3. Power And Glory (The Situation)

4. Magician (Internally)

5. Sword Of Damocles (Externally)

6. Goodby Mass (In A Chapel Bodily Termination)

7. Cremation (Ashes To Ashes)

8. Dreamin' (Escape)

9. No Chance (Regret)

10. Warrior King (Revenge)

11. Harry's Circumcision (Reverie Gone Astray)

12. Gassed And Stoked (Loss)

13. Power And Glory, Part II - Magic - Transformation

14. Magic And Loss - The Summation


Track List: Mistrial

1. Mistrial

2. No Money Down

3. Outside

4. Don't Hurt A Woman

5. Video Violence

6. Spit It Out

7. The Original Wrapper

8. Mama's Got A Lover

9. I Remember You

10. Tell It To Your Heart


Track List: New Sensations

1. I Love You, Suzanne

2. Endlessly Jealous

3. My Red Joystick

4. Turn To Me

5. New Sensations

6. Doin' The Things That We Want To

7. What Becomes A Legend Most

8. Fly Into The Sun

9. My Friend George

10. High In The City

11. Down At The Arcade


Track List: Live In Italy

1. Sweet Jane (Live)

2. I'm Waiting For The Man (Live)

4. Satellite Of Love (Live)

10. White Light/White Heat (Live)

12. Walk On The Wild Side (Live)

13. Heroin (Live)


Track List: Legendary Hearts

1. Legendary Hearts

2. Don't Talk To Me About Work

3. Make Up My Mind

4. Martial Law

5. The Last Shot

6. Turn Out The Light

7. Pow Wow

8. Betrayed

9. Bottoming Out

10. Home Of The Brave

11. Rooftop Garden


Track List: The Blue Mask

1. My House

2. Women

3. Underneath The Bottle

4. The Gun

5. The Blue Mask

6. Average Guy

7. The Heroine

8. Waves Of Fear

9. The Day John Kennedy Died

10. Heavenly Arms


Track List: Rock And Roll Diary 1967-1980

2. White Light / White Heat

4. Pale Blue Eyes

5. Sweet Jane

6. Rock And Roll

7. Heroin

9. Walk On The Wild Side

10. Berlin

11. Temporary Thing

12. All Through The Night

13. So Alone

14. Keep Away


Track List: Growing Up In Public

1. How Do You Speak To An Angel

2. My Old Man

3. Keep Away

4. Growing Up In Public

5. Standing On Ceremony

6. So Alone

7. Love Is Here To Stay

8. The Power Of Positive Drinking

9. Smiles

10. Think It Over

11. Teach The Gifted Children


Track List: The Bells

1. Stupid Man

2. Disco Mystic

3. I Want To Boogie With You

4. With You

5. Looking For Love

6. City Lights

7. All Through The Night

8. Families

9. The Bells


Track List: Street Hassle

1. Gimmie Some Good Times

2. Dirt

4. I Wanna Be Black

5. Real Good Time Together

7. Leave Me Alone

8. Wait


Track List: Walk On The Wild Side (The Best Of Lou Reed)

1. Satellite Of Love

2. Wild Child

3. I Love You

4. How Do You Think It Feels

5. New York Telephone Conversation

6. Walk On The Wild Side

7. Sweet Jane

8. White Light / White Heat

9. Sally Can't Dance

10. Nowhere At All

11. Coney Island Baby


Track List: Rock And Roll Heart

1. I Believe In Love

2. Banging On My Drum

3. Follow The Leader

4. You Wear It So Well

5. Ladies Pay

6. Rock And Roll Heart

7. Chooser And The Chosen One

8. Senselessly Cruel

9. Claim To Fame

10. Vicious Circle

11. A Sheltered Life

12. Temporary Thing


Track List: Coney Island Baby

1. Crazy Feeling

2. Charley's Girl

3. She's My Best Friend

4. Kicks

5. Gift

6. Ooohhh Baby

7. Nobody's Business

8. Coney Island Baby

9. Nowhere At All

10. Downtown Dirt

11. Leave Me Alone


Track List: Sally Can't Dance

1. Ride Sally Ride

2. Animal Language

3. Baby Face

4. N.Y. Stars

5. Kill Your Sons

6. Ennui

7. Sally Can't Dance

8. Billy


Track List: Berlin

1. Berlin

2. Lady Day

3. Men Of Good Fortune

4. Caroline Says I

5. How Do You Think It Feels

6. Oh Jim

7. Caroline Says Ii

8. The Kids

9. The Bed

10. Sad Song


Track List: Transformer

1. Vicious

2. Andy's Chest

3. Perfect Day

4. Hangin' Round

5. Walk On The Wild Side

6. Make Up

7. Satellite Of Love

8. Wagon Wheel

9. New York Telephone Conversation

10. I'm So Free

11. Goodnight Ladies


Track List: Lou Reed

1. I Can't Stand It

2. Going Down

3. Walk And Talk It

4. Lisa Says

5. Berlin

6. I Love You

7. Wild Child

8. Love Makes You Feel

9. Ride Into The Sun

10. Ocean


Track List: Meer Dan Het Beste Van 1972-1986

Disc 1

1. I Can't Stand It

2. Lisa Says

3. Vicious

4. Perfect Day

5. Walk On The Wild Side

6. Satellite Of Love

7. Men Of Good Fortune

8. Caroline Says I

9. How Do You Think It Feels

11. Heroin (Live)

12. Kill Your Sons

13. Sally Can't Dance

14. Nowhere At All

15. Kicks

Disc 2

1. Charley's Girl

2. Coney Island Baby

3. Rock And Roll Heart

4. Vicious Circle

6. Leave Me Alone

7. I Want To Boogie With You

8. Teach The Gifted Children

9. The Blue Mask

10. Waves Of Fear

11. Legendary Hearts

12. The Last Shot

13. New Sensations

14. Doin' The Things That We Want To

15. Video Violence

16. The Original Wrapper


Track List: New York

1. Romeo Had Juliette

2. Halloween Parade

3. Dirty Blvd.

4. Endless Cycle

5. There Is No Time

6. Last Great American Whale

7. Beginning Of A Great Adventure

8. Busload Of Faith

9. Sick Of You

10. Hold On

11. Good Evening Mr. Waldheim

12. Xmas In February

13. Strawman

14. Dime Store Mystery


Track List: Rock N Roll Animal

2. Heroin

3. How Do You Think It Feels (Live)

5. White Light / White Heat (Live)

7. Rock 'N' Roll


Track List: The Sire Years: The Solo Collection

Disc 1

1. Romeo Had Juliette

2. Halloween Parade

3. Dirty Blvd.

4. Endless Cycle

5. There Is No Time

6. Last Great American Whale

7. Beginning Of A Great Adventure

8. Busload Of Faith

9. Sick Of You

10. Hold On

11. Good Evening Mr. Waldheim

12. Xmas In February

13. Strawman

14. Dime Store Mystery

Disc 2

1. Dorita - The Spirit

2. What's Good - The Thesis

3. Power And Glory - The Situation

4. Magician - Internally

5. Sword Of Damocles - Externally

6. Goodby Mass - In A Chapel Bodily Termination

7. Cremation - Ashes To Ashes

8. Dreamin' - Escape

9. No Chance - Regret

10. Warrior King - Revenge

11. Harry's Circumcision - Reverie Gone Astray

12. Gassed And Stoked - Loss

13. Power And Glory Part II - Magic - Transformation

14. Magic And Loss - The Summation

Disc 3

1. Egg Cream

2. NYC Man

3. Finish Line

4. Trade In

5. Hang On To Your Emotions

7. Hookywooky

8. The Propostion

9. Adventurer

10. Riptide

11. Set The Twilight Reeling

Disc 4

1. I'll Be Your Mirror (Live Version)

2. Perfect Day (Live Version)

3. The Kids (Live Version)

4. Vicious (Live Version)

5. Busload Of Faith (Live Version)

6. Kicks (Live Version)

7. Talking Book (Live Version)

8. Into The Divine (Live Version)

9. Coney Island Baby (Live Version)

10. New Sensations (Live Version)

11. Why Do You Talk (Live Version)

12. Original Wrapper (Live Version)

13. Dirty Blvd. (Live Version)

14. Riptide (Live Version)

Disc 5

1. Paranoia Key Of E

2. Mystic Child

3. Mad

4. Ecstasy

5. Modern Dance

6. Tatters

7. Future Farmers Of America

8. Turning Time Around

9. White Prism

10. Rock Minuet

11. Baton Rouge

13. Rouge

14. Big Sky

Disc 6

1. Overture

2. Edgar Allan

4. Change

5. The Bed

6. Perfect Day

7. The Raven

8. Balloon

9. Broadway Song

10. Blind Rage

11. Burning Embers

12. Vanishing Act

15. Science Of The Mind

17. Tripitena's Speech

18. Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)

19. Guardian Angel

20. The Valley Of Unrest

21. A Thousand Departed Friends


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I love the bio author's honesty (bias) and way with words (no sarcasm). But more importantly, Lou Reed was an important part of my life - his songs will stand the test of time.
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alabastervil l i s 0
i can honestly say that i dont like nor even semi like a single song lou reed did. Furthermore i think he was one of the most over rated. Besides being a user and a slob and degenerate he had no talent but he was given praise without merit.
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KILLER!!!! MURDERER!!! And you made money at it.
Report as inappropriate
RIP Bowie 1947-2016❤️
RIP Reed 1942-2013❤️
Report as inappropriate
Rest In Peace David Bowie 1947-2016
Report as inappropriate
Takes me back to mid seventies summer time .Dig the mellow music.Thanks Pandora. .
Report as inappropriate
To reply to Mr. Troll slayer that is a very rude and immature way to respond hobo guy that flies. He is and ignorant and close minded fool who has no knowledge and respect of what lou reed has done but to respond in such a rude manner doesn't make you any better than him. Btw brit pop is good
Report as inappropriate
To reply to FlyingHobo55 8 that is an extremely closed minded thing to say. Lou did make an awful record with Metallica but lou tried something different and I respect him for that. He has contributed so much to the rock industry both with the velvet underground and his solo work. He was a musical genius with a discography of over 30 records so of course he isn't going to have a perfect album list. I know many people who would disagree with your statement.
Report as inappropriate
exquisite_so l a c e
RIP Lou, you were a genius.
Report as inappropriate
Tied to the truth and the NY streets. Lou put his life experiences to a unique and forceful poetry only Rock n Roll could deliver with the ferocity and tenderness of a mother tiger.
Report as inappropriate
THE genius of rock and roll
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Report as inappropriate
Awesome ..... ahead of his time....
Report as inappropriate
Coney Island Baby: Man I swear I'd give the whole thing up for you. We will not see his kind of genius again for a while.
Report as inappropriate
The magic and poetry is lost in today's music. Lou reed, Bob Dylan, Paul & John, Hunter £ Garcia it's now lost on the ha sons and Taylor Swift we need more drug riddled rock/punk artists at.
Report as inappropriate
The best.
Report as inappropriate
your going reap just what you sow- just a perfect day
Report as inappropriate
Why was he inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when they could've picked more deserving acts like Ths Smiths or the Marvelettes? Certainly his work with the Velvet Underground was enough.
Report as inappropriate
My mom knew holly and most people in the song
Report as inappropriate
Why cant any one be this good today? Now we got to hear trash. They say miley cyrus is the new rock star. No people these guys are rock and roll and will always be rock stars
Report as inappropriate
nowadays everyone listens to junky pop but i'm sticking with you. miss you lou
Report as inappropriate
bjcdcfh nnhujnuujjnh n h u h
Report as inappropriate
miss you In the 1980's you made a Punk come back You and Iggy made punk possible. the cool kids listened to Van Halen I was more interested in the sounds of The Velvet Underground,
Report as inappropriate
What a influence and a powerful persona the man was and thanks to his music he made me stronger.
Report as inappropriate
I picked up on Lou from my older siblings, and it helped me propel my h.s. apt. parties into the stratosphere . . . L o u , RIP w/ the other rock gods...JIMI, Jim M. among others.
Report as inappropriate
he pushes the rage and frustration right out of the speakers and at ya!
Report as inappropriate
gotta put heroin and satellite of love on th top ten list,way
Report as inappropriate
sat a lite.......w h a t a man!heard bowie wrote that one, but lou really nailed it
Report as inappropriate
Never really understood it, but I've always liked this. Maybe cause I'm a colored girl....
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Rest In Peace Lou Reed.
What a legend.
Report as inappropriate
Rest in peace Mr. Reed. Thank you for creating amazing music and let the world enjoy your tremendous gift.
Report as inappropriate
Love Take a Walk on the Wild Side.
Report as inappropriate
f**king ur gonna get me kicked outta my apartment kicking it at 2 in the morning wish I had a warehouse to do it straight
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Lou you are an AMAZING classic rock 'n roll artist
Report as inappropriate
Lou is the Rock poet of my time.
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Sooo good! you go boy.
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jeffreymqs64 1
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claricentp91 7
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shawnnavuz71 1
Interested on making some extra cash? go to BLUDOS.COM You can make $300+ a week easily. Its free so no scam here.
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I have to add I love you Suzanne and Heroin to that list. (Yes, I know that makes it top 12)
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wayneloehlei n
The Top Ten Greatest Lou Reed Songs (IMO):
1. Caroline Says I
2. She's My Best Friend
3. Looking For Love
4. The Last Shot
5. Walk On The Wild Side
6. Perfect Day
7. The Day John Kennedy Died
8. Caroline Says II
9. The Kids
10. I Wanna Be Black
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A classic by Lou Rip sir.
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I grew up with him especially my care free running buck wild days. How freaking great it was to have all those awsome memories ROCK & FREAKING ROLL From what I can remember Thank you Lou !!!!!!!
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wayneloehlei n
Rest in peace, Lou Reed!
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brian.h.gree n
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You left one hell of a mark, Lou. Thanks for everything.
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david.burns6 0
Rest in peace, Lou!
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Lou Reed had a Liver transplant early this year SORRY it didn't take but its all about choice Love you Lou Reed
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ALOOOOOOOOOO O O O H A LOU..... mahalo for the music and ESPECIALLY ROCK AND ROLL ANIMAL, one of the GREAT albums of all time....
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