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Marc Anthony

A multi-talented artist, Marc Anthony has balanced an acting career with a musical career. In addition to appearing in films like The Substitute, Big Night, and Hackers, and in Broadway productions such as Paul Simon's The Capeman, Anthony rose to the top level of Latino music. The biggest-selling salsa artist of all time, Anthony was included on a Top Ten list of influential New Yorkers compiled by New York Magazine.

Instructed in music theory and composition by his father, Anthony grew up listening to Latin musicians, including Rubén Blades, Hector Lavoe, and Willie Colón, and contemporary pop recordings by Air Supply and José Feliciano. At age 12, Anthony and his sister were discovered by David Harris, a producer of demos and commercials; Anthony was hired to sing background on several productions. His songwriting skills became evident, and an early composition, "Boy, I've Been Told," became a Top 40 hip-hop hit for school friend Safire. Anthony subsequently sang background vocals on Safire's debut album. He also sang on albums by the Latin Rascals and Menudo.

Teaming with producer and disc jockey Little Louie Vega, Anthony recorded his debut album, When the Night Is Over, in 1991. The Latin hip-hop-style album, which featured guest appearances by Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri, included the single "Ride on the Rhythm," which reached the top slot on Billboard's dance music charts. On November 22, 1991, Anthony was the opening act on a show at Madison Square Garden that celebrated Puente's 100th album release. Anthony's second album, Otra Nota (produced and arranged by Sergio George), was a better representation of Anthony's salsa roots and included the original tune "Juego o Amor." Todo a Su Tiempo, released in 1995, was a continuation of Anthony's collaboration with George.

With his fourth album, Contra la Corriente, Anthony began working with producer/arranger Angel "Cucco" Peña, and it won the 1999 Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Performance. A self-titled English-language album released in 1999 was an overt attempt at crossing over to the mainstream, and it did reach the Top Ten of the main Billboard album chart, with "I Need to Know" peaking at number three. While 2002's Mended was an even greater commercial success, Anthony continued to release Spanish-language albums that were closer to his roots, like 2001's Libre and 2004's Amar sin Mentiras. His profile was only raised by starring as salsa legend Héctor Lavoe in 2007's El Cantante, which co-starred his wife, Jennifer Lopez. All of the Lavoe songs in the film were also sung by Anthony, and the El Cantante soundtrack album was released featuring these versions.

In 2010 he released another Latin album, Iconos, on which he covered classic pop ballads. Anthony and Lopez separated in 2011, eventually divorcing in 2012, but continued to work together on the Latin talent search show Q'Viva! The Chosen. Anthony appeared on Robi Draco Rosa's comeback-from-cancer recording Vida in the spring of 2013. He also issued "Vivir Mi Vida," which topped Billboard's Latin Songs chart for 18 straight weeks, making it the longest-running #1 salsa single of all time. His highly anticipated return-to-salsa album, 3.0, was released in July, his first release of orignal tropical material in nearly a decade. The album received a Latin Grammy for Recording of the Year. ~ Craig Harris
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: 3.0

1. Vivir Mi Vida

2. Volver A Comenzar

3. Flor Palida

4. Cambio De Piel

5. Espera

6. La Copa Rota

7. Dime Si No Es Verdad

8. Hipocresia

9. Cautivo De Este Amor

10. Vivir Mi Vida (Version Pop)


Track List: Iconos

1. Almohada

2. El Triste

3. Y Como Es El

4. Abrazame Muy Fuerte

5. Te Lo Pido Por Favor

6. Amada Amante

7. Vida

8. Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas

9. A Quien Quiero Mentirle

10. Suerte


Track List: El Cantante

1. El Cantante

2. Mi Gente

3. Escandalo

4. Aguanile

5. Che Che Cole

6. El Dia De Suerte

7. Que Lio

8. Quitate Tu

9. Todo Tiene Su Final

10. Toma De Mi


Track List: Sigo Siendo Yo

1. Dimelo

2. No Me Ames

3. Da La Vuelta

4. Muy Dentro De Mi (You Sang To Me) (Spanish Version)

5. Celos

6. Tragedia

7. Barco A La Deriva

8. Ahora Quien

9. Valio La Pena (Salsa Version)

10. Se Esfuma Tu Amor

11. Tu Amor Me Hace Bien (Salsa Version)

12. Lamento Borincano (Salsa Version)

13. Lo Que No Di

14. Que Precio Tiene El Cielo


Track List: Valio La Pena

1. Valio La Pena

2. Escapemonos (Feat. Jennifer Lopez)

3. Ahora Quien

4. Tu Amor Me Hace Bien

5. Volando Entre Tus Brazos

6. Amigo

7. Se Esfuma Tu Amor

8. Lamento Borincano


Track List: Amar Sin Mentiras

1. Ahora Quien

2. Escapemonos (Con Jennifer Lopez)

3. Se Esfuma Tu Amor

4. Valio La Pena

5. Tu Amor Me Hace Bien

6. Tan Solo Palabras

7. Volando Entre Tus Brazos

8. Nada Personal

9. Amigo

10. Amar Sin Mentiras


Track List: Exitos Eternos

1. Palabras Del Alma

2. Te Conozco Bien

3. No Me Conoces

4. Hasta Que Te Conoci

5. Nadie Como Ella

6. Si Te Vas

7. Si Tu No Te Fueras

8. Y Hubo Alguien

9. El Ultimo Beso

10. Se Me Sigue Olvidando

11. Contra La Corriente

12. Me Voy A Regalar

13. Hasta Ayer

14. Nadie Como Ella (Live)


Track List: Mended

1. Love Won't Get Any Better

2. She Mends Me

3. I've Got You

4. I Need You

5. Tragedy

6. I Reach For You

7. I Swear

8. Don't Tell Me It's Love

9. Do You Believe In Loneliness

10. Give Me A Reason

11. I Wanna Be Free

12. Everything You Do

13. Te Tengo Aqui


Track List: Libre

1. Celos

2. Este Loco Que Te Mira

3. Viviendo

4. Hasta Que Vuelvas Conmigo

5. Barco A La Deriva

6. De Que Depende

7. Yo Te Quiero

8. Amor Aventurero

9. Caminare


Track List: Desde Un Principio - From The Beginning

1. No Me Ames (A Duo Con Jennifer Lopez)

2. Si Tu No Te Fueras

3. Necesito Amarte

4. Hasta Que Te Conoci

5. El Ultimo Beso

6. Te Conozco Bien

7. Nadie Como Ella

8. Te Amare

9. Hasta Ayer

10. Y Hubo Alguien

11. Contra La Corriente

12. No Me Conoces

13. No Sabes Como Duele

14. Preciosa

15. Vivir Lo Nuestro (A Duo Con India)


Track List: Marc Anthony

1. When I Dream At Night

2. Am I The Only One

3. I Need To Know

4. You Sang To Me

5. My Baby You

6. No One

7. How Could I

8. That's Okay

9. Don't Let Me Leave

10. Remember Me

11. She's Been Good To Me

12. Love Is All

13. Dimelo (I Need To Know)

14. Como Ella Me Quiere A Mi (She's Been Good To Me)

15. Da la Vuelta


Track List: Contra La Corriente

1. Y Hubo Alguien

2. Contra La Corriente

3. Si Te Vas

4. Me Voy A Regalar

5. No Me Conoces

6. No Sabes Como Duele

7. La Luna Sobre Nuestro Amor

8. Suceden

9. Un Mal Sueno


Track List: Todo A Su Tiempo

1. Se Me Sigue Olvidando

2. Te Conozco Bien

3. Hasta Ayer

4. Nadie Como Ella

5. Te Amaré

6. Llegaste A Mi

7. Y Sigues Siendo Tu

8. Por Amar Se Da Todo

9. Vieja Mesa


Track List: Otra Nota

1. Palabras Del Alma

2. Si Tu No Te Fueras

3. Hasta Que Te Conoci

4. El Ultimo Beso

5. Make It With You

6. Necesito Amarte

7. Juego O Amor?

8. Si He De Morir


Track List: Cambio De Piel (Single)


Track List: Cautivo De Este Amor (Single)

1. Cautivo De Este Amor


Track List: Vivir Mi Vida - The Remixes


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Love this song! feel the passion, intense. Go Mark!
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Vamos Marc Anthony ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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turyslucky.a h
Numero 1 en esta ocassion
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The best of the best.
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Love ❤Marc Anthony
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Lo mejor
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Best Salsa singer ever! Love ya! Bori power!
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I love you
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fwinda8guizm o
Ese flaco es único
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Marc Anthony is awsome
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love this music my kind
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Anybody wanna babysit(:;)
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Que rapido fue esta cancion����� � pero me encanto ����
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Vivir Mi Vida resonates with me!
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I LOVE Enrique
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I love. Him f**k j_lo Ms torres thats the lady
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Don't read this you will be hugged and kissed by the love of your life on the nearest Friday in your life. Now you've started to read this . but don't stop . this is freaky. But if you ignore this you will have bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 145 min. Then when you are done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen. This actually works!
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Don't read this you will be hugged and kissed by the love of your life on the nearest Friday in your life. Now you've started to read this . but don't stop . this is freaky. But if you ignore this you will have bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 145 min. Then when you are done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen. This actually works!
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Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't stop this is so freaky. But if you read this and ignore this you will have bad luck. Put thus on 10 songs in 143 minutes. When you are done press the space bar and your crushes name will show up in big letters on your screen. This is so creepy because it actually works

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I love him
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A mi me encanta Marcantoni
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