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Marco Antonio Solis

Marco Antonio Solís is without question one of the most important figures in the rise of Mexican and Latin music to world prominence during the last two decades of the 20th century. Born in Michoacan, Mexico, Solís was only 12 when he formed his first group, Los Hermanitos Solís, with brother Joel. He was still a teenager when he formed Los Bukis in the early '70s. Over the course of the next two decades, Los Bukis came to profoundly influence the norteño and tejano music of Mexico and the southwestern United States. Though Solís continued to work closely with Los Bukis, he also initiated a solo career that resulted in platinum certifications for mid-'90s LPs such as Quiereme, Inalcanzable, and Por Amor a Mi Pueblo. Trozos de Mi Alma followed in 1999. Solís ushered in the new millennium with a two-volume live set, En Vivo, and its companion, En Vivo, Vol. 2. His next studio album, Mas de Mi Alma, was released in 2001 and, like his previous solo albums, became a best-seller.

Even though he didn't release another proper album until 2003, Solís remained a chart favorite with several songs from Mas de Mi Alma (including "Cuando Te Acuerdes de Mi" and "Si No Te Hubieras Ido") making appearances on Billboard's Latin charts. Released in May of 2003, Tu Amor o Tu Desprecio slowly made its way to the top of the charts until reaching number one in early 2004. The best-of collection La Historia Continúa... appeared by the end of 2003, followed the next spring by the split album (alongside Joan Sebastían) Dos Grandes. Razon de Sobra was also released by the year's end. The second part to his La Historia Continúa... was issued in 2005, as was a release with tejano singer Pepe Aguilar. The well-received Trozos de Mi Alma, Vol. 2 hit shelves in 2006; it quickly topped the Latin album charts, produced a hit in "Antes de Que Te Vayas," and earned Solís a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Pop Album.

The artist issued the live Noche en Madrid in June of 2008, followed a scant five months later by his eighth studio offering, No Molestar. Both albums hit the top spot on the Latin albums chart. After a short break, Solis was back in the studio. En Total Plenitud was released in 2010 and became his tenth consecutive record to hit number one on the Latin albums chart, setting a record. Its single "A Dónde Vamos a Parar" was featured in the telenovela Theresa, and the album reached platinum status in sales. Solis toured globally in support of the album for over a year. Upon the tour's conclusion, he returned to recording almost immediately. The single and video for "Tres Semanas" were released in the summer of 2013, followed by a second pre-release single and video for "De Mil Amores" in early 2014.

The studio album Gracias por Estar Aquí appeared in April 2014, and was nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album at that year's Latin Grammy Awards, with "De Mil Amores" winning the award for Best Regional Song. The recording was also nominated for Best Latin Pop Album at the 57th Grammy Awards show. It was also his last album for a Universal affiliate label. Solis then went indie, and his deluxe live project, Por Amor a Morelia Michoacan, was titled for the city of his birth. Recorded in 2012 as an audio and video disc package, it was prefaced by the medley single "Mi Mayor Necesidad"/"A Donde Vayas" in March 2015, while the album appeared in various packages in April of that year. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Razon De Sobra

1. Mi Mayor Sacrificio

2. Siempre Tu A Mi Lado

3. Razon De Sobra

4. Nuestra Confesion

5. En El Mismo Tren

6. Sin Lado Izquierdo

7. Siempre Me Toca Perder

8. De Haber Sabido

9. Sin Pensarlo

10. Se Que Te Ira Mejor


Track List: Tu Amor O Tu Desprecio

1. Tu Amor O Tu Desprecio

2. Con La Vida Comprada

3. El Milagrito

4. Que Te Quieran Mas Que Yo

5. El Diablillo

6. Ni Alla Donde Te Fuiste

7. Mas Que Tu Amigo

8. Te Me Vas

9. Pefiero Partir

10. Las Noches Las Hago Dias


Track List: En Vivo Vol.2

1. Que Pena Me Das (En Vivo)

2. La Ultima Parte (En Vivo)

3. A Aquella / Una Mujer Como Tu (En Vivo)

4. Si Te Pudiera Mentir (En Vivo)

5. Me Vas A Hacer Llorar (En Vivo)

6. Muevete (En Vivo)

7. Inventame (En Vivo)

8. Recuerdos, Tristeza Y Soledad (En Vivo)

9. Tu Carcel (En Vivo)

10. La Venia Bendita / Final (En Vivo)


Track List: En Vivo

1. Quiereme (En Vivo)

2. El Peor De Mis Fracasos (En Vivo)

3. Y Yo Sin Ti (En Vivo)

4. Mi Eterno Amor Secreto (En Vivo)

5. Mi Mayor Necesidad (En Vivo)

6. Sigue Sin Mi (En Vivo)

7. Tu Companero (En Vivo)

8. Si No Te Hubieras Ido (En Vivo)

9. En Mi Viejo San Juan (En Vivo)


Track List: Trozos De Mi Alma

1. Si No Te Hubieras Ido

2. Amor En Silencio

3. Se Va Muriendo Mi Alma

4. Mi Eterno Amor Secreto

5. Sigue Sin Mi

6. Si Te Pudiera Mentir

7. La Ultima Parte

8. Inventame

9. A Que Me Quedo Contigo

10. El Peor De Mis Fracasos


Track List: 15 Inolvidables

1. A Donde Vamos A Parar?

2. Se Va Muriendo Mi Alma

3. Tu Hombre Perfecto

4. Un Par De Humanos

5. Muevete

6. Mi Eterno Amor Secreto

7. Que Pena Me Das

8. Amor En Silencio

9. Antes De Que Te Vayas

10. Mas Que Tu Amigo

11. Que Te Quieran Mas Que Yo

12. La Ultima Parte

13. Tu Me Vuelves Loco

14. No Puedo Olvidarla

15. La Venia Bendita


Track List: A Donde Vamos A Parar? (Radio Single)


Track List: El Buen Mensajero (Single)


Track List: En Pleno Vuelo


Track List: Eran Mentiras (Single)


Track List: Estaré Contigo (Single)


Track List: Invéntame (En Vivo Desde Morelia, Michoacán, México/ 2015) (Single)


Track List: La Del Perro (Single)


Track List: La Pirekua Michoacana (Single)


Track List: Lo Mejor Para Los Dos (Bachata) (Single)


Track List: Marco Antonio Solis


Track List: Mas De Mi Alma


Track List: Necesito Una Compañera (En Vivo Desde Morelia, Michoacán, México/ 2015) (Single)


Track List: Presiento Que Voy A Llorar / Ladrón De Buena Suerte (Medley/ En Vivo Desde Morelia, Michoacán, México/ 2015) (Single)


Track List: Tres Semanas (Single)


Track List: Y Ahora Te Vas (Live At Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011) (Single)


Track List: ¿A Dónde Vamos A Parar? (En Vivo Desde Morelia, Michoacán, México/ 2015) (Single)


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Eres uno de mis favoritos tu musica no tiene fin es lo máximo
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Lo mejor. 100 x ciento.
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Marco las canciones que grabaste con los Bukis son las que más me gustan de ti, tu música ahora de solista como que no tiene sentimiento tus músicos de ahora no le ponen el corazón para tocar los instrumentos como lo asían tus bukis
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Quiereme Hermosa cancion canta con mucho sentimiento
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Marco. Mi artista predilecto!! ! Tus canciones siempre an sido símbolo de inspiración para todo lo que hago. Dios te siga bendiciendo para que nos sigas deleitando con esas inspiracióne s que nos alegran el corazón. ......
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Hermosa música, la máxima expresión del romanticismo
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Hermosa canción romántica y esta si es música
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Dueles mucho
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Linda canción
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joserodrigue z . j r 1 8 7
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Yea so they say
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Te extraño mas que nunca y ya no se que hacer Si No Te Huvieras Hido Seria Tan Feliz
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Marry Christmas ❤️️❤️️❤️️
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Te Amo mucho Marco Antonio Marry Christmas ��❤️️❤️️❤️️❤
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Las mentiras dejan heridads muy profundas,no puede see!!!!!!!pi e n s a n lo que le da la p**a gana
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Bella cancion
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Se va muriendo mi alma
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That's wuts need getting out with my circle asi I'll meet a king maduro being a friend of pinto this ain't f**king me up menos bailouters
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Beautiful ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
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Dum of me the sweet sincer I abuse there honesty, jamas will I give my heart.
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Wuts done is done,all that's possible is to revive the other half of destiny that awaits me,blushing off facts of life girly zulema is something to drill over and all u other enamoradas chvbre accountant
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Muy bonita
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This song Paso de moda Halloween 96:)aunque por UN tiempo estaba facinada no me repiento arriba rock Sinaloa
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Love this song!!!
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Porque entre nosotros no existe la distancia ,Mi Eterno Amor Secreto"
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***Mi Eterno Amor Secreto***
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Amo tus canciones marco❣️❣️���
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Para que el hombre ase corte las venas
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Me pregunto si aun tu sigues sintiendo lo mismo por mi....
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Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by love of your life. Tomarrow will be the best day of your life. Now you've started don't stop this is freaky. But if you read this and ignore then you will have very bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 144 minutes. When you are done push the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen. This is so freaky it actually works.
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BEAUTIFUL ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
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❤ wish he could sing this song at my funeral
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Dmkd dmld dmld dmld mld mx k dm dml dml dmld dml dmld mld. Dml dmld mlld ml ddmld mldml dm dmld dmld dmld mld mmd mm ddm dml dmld cmld mld mld k dk dml dmld dmlld dmld dmld mlld d mld dmld dml dmld mld mld m dm mld dmld dmld mld dmld mmd ml ddm dmld mldd dmld dmld dmld d mx dmld mld dmld mld mld mld k d mld dmld mld dmld dmld dml d mld dmld dml dmld mlld klc dk dm mld dml dml dml dmld ml mld k dk dmld mmd mld mmd mld mlld mdm dmld dmld mld dmldml dm dmmld dmld dmld Mk mld mmd m ddml dmld mdml dm
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Esto es calidad de musica��
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Dmld dmldmkld dmld dmld lddm d mld mld dmld dmld ld mldml dmld k mld dmld mld dmld dmld k dml dd dmld dmld Kim dmld dmld ml mld mld dmld dmld lld mld mld k dmld dml kemp dmld dmld mldml d Mldd mld dmld dmld dmld dml d mdml dmld dmld dmld dmldm dml dk dmd mld. Mldml dmld dmldm dmld m dk ld dm dmld mld ,ld lld mld ld mld mmd kldm dmld
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esta cancion me recurdo demi madre querida anque te echaron para Mexico madre tu hijo siguen fuerte la queremos y adoramos la queno dio la vida y poreso le dio gracias fuestes luchadora y guerra jifeta LA SONORA DON ESTELA
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Enid dmld dmld dmkd ml dmld m dmld dmld mld dmld ld kld dmld s nose. Dmld dmld dmld dmld dml sneak dmld dmld mld dmld dmld Mk dmld d lddmld mld dmld dmld dmm dmld dmld Mldmld mld ld m dmld dmld dmld dmld dmld mld m km mld dmld dmld km dmd mld m s dmld dmld dmld mld mld mld n dd mld dmld dmld ld mld dk dml dmmd mmd dmld ld dmld dmld n sinks joss mmd dmld dmld mld m d mx dmld d lddmld mmd dmld x s d mld mld x ldd,x
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Dmld dmld dmld mld mld Mldd Mk dmld dmldd ld mld
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Try to leave this relationship resulto fatal lol we care more then we thought
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Dont regret stepping back Good Morning Mi Latinos De Corazon:)
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Dmld dmld dmld mldmld dmld m dmld dmld dmld mldd dmld mld m nkdd dmldm Dmld ld ld. Dmld mld mldmmkd mld mld mld dmld mdm mdmld dmld dmld mldd ld mld m dmld dmld mld odd dmldd mld m joe dmld dmld mldd ld ,odd mc m mldd dmld mod dmldm mld mld ml mldd dmld dmld mkd
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D ld mld mld mldd. Mx mld mld. N dmld dmld mld mld mldd dd,d d m mld mld mld dmld mldd mld mc m mdm dk mld dmld mld mld Dmd k dmld dmld mldd mld dmdl mld d mdmld mld mld mldd dmld mld m dmld mld mld mld cmld mld mld m semis dmld ddmld mld mld xmlx m joss mld mlx mlx dmld dmld m dmld dmld mld dmldm dmld ld mm Jd dmld mld mld dmldd mx m dmld mld mkd mld
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Hermosa cancion..... ����
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Dmld dmld mld mld mld ld dmld m mldd did dmld dmld mld mld mld dmld dldm mx mld mld mldd mld mdmd dmld dmld ld dmld mld dm mdmld mld m mldd mld ld m dm mdmld mld mx dmld mld mld m dmld dmld mld am ld mld mld ml dmld dmld mld dmld mlddm dmld mdmld dmld mld dmld mld dmldm dmld dmld dmld dmld
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Love desde Ohio
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