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New Order

Rising from the ashes of the legendary British post-punk unit Joy Division, the enigmatic New Order triumphed over tragedy to emerge as one of the most influential and acclaimed bands of the 1980s; embracing the electronic textures and disco rhythms of the underground club culture many years in advance of its contemporaries, the group's pioneering fusion of new wave aesthetics and dance music successfully bridged the gap between the two worlds, creating a distinctively thoughtful and oblique brand of synth pop appealing equally to the mind, body, and soul. New Order's origins officially date back to mid-1976, when guitarist Bernard Sumner (formerly Albrecht) and bassist Peter Hook -- inspired by a recent Sex Pistols performance -- announced their intentions to form a band of their own. Recruiting singer Ian Curtis and drummer Stephen Morris, they eventually settled on the name Joy Division, and in 1979 issued their landmark debut LP, Unknown Pleasures.

After completing sessions for Joy Division's sophomore effort, Closer, Curtis hanged himself on May 18, 1980; devastated, the remaining trio immediately disbanded, only to re-form soon after as New Order with the addition of keyboardist Gillian Gilbert. With Sumner assuming vocal duties, the new group debuted in March 1981 with the single "Ceremony," a darkly melodic effort originally composed for use by Joy Division. The LP Movement followed a few months later, and when it too mined territory similar to New Order's previous incarnation, many observers were quick to dismiss the band for reliving former glories. However, with its next single, "Everything's Gone Green," the quartet first began adorning its sound with synthesizers and sequencers, inspired by the music of Kraftwerk as well as the electro beats coming up from the New York underground; 1982's "Temptation" continued the trend, and like its predecessor was a major favorite among clubgoers.

After a yearlong hiatus, New Order resurfaced in 1983 with their breakthrough hit "Blue Monday"; packaged in a provocative sleeve designed to recall a computer disc, with virtually no information about the band itself -- a hallmark of their mysterious, distant image -- it perfectly married Sumner's plaintive yet cold vocals and abstract lyrics with cutting-edge drum-machine rhythms ideal for club consumption. "Blue Monday" went on to become the best-selling 12" release of all time, moving over three million copies worldwide. After releasing their brilliant 1983 sophomore album, Power, Corruption and Lies, New Order teamed with the then-unknown producer Arthur Baker to record "Confusion," another state-of-the-art dance classic, which even scraped into the American R&B charts. The group's success soon won them a stateside contract with Quincy Jones' Qwest label; however, apart from a pair of singles, "Thieves Like Us" and "Murder," they remained out of the spotlight throughout 1984.

Heralded by the superb single "The Perfect Kiss," New Order resurfaced in 1985 with Low-life, their most fully realized effort to date; breaking with long-standing tradition, it actually included photos of the individual members, suggesting an increasing proximity with their growing audience. Brotherhood followed in 1986, with the single "Bizarre Love Triangle" making significant inroads among mainstream pop audiences. A year later the group issued Substance, a much-needed collection of singles and remixes; it was New Order's American breakthrough, cracking the Top 40 on the strength of the newly recorded single "True Faith," which itself reached number 32 on the U.S. pop charts. The remixed "Blue Monday 1988" followed, and in 1989 -- inspired by the ecstasy-fueled house music that their work had clearly predated and influenced -- New Order issued Technique; their most club-focused outing to date, it launched the hits "Fine Time" and "Round and Round."

After recording the 1990 English World Cup Soccer anthem "World in Motion," New Order went on an extended hiatus to pursue solo projects; Hook formed the band Revenge, longtime companions Morris and Gilbert recorded as the Other Two, and, most notably, Sumner teamed with ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant in Electronic, which scored a Top 40 hit with the single "Getting Away with It." New Order reconvened in 1993 for their biggest hit to date, Republic, which earned the band its highest charting American single ("Regret") and fell just shy of the U.S. Top Ten, despite charges from longtime fans that the band had lost its edge. A major tour followed, although rumors of escalating creative conflicts plagued the group; refusing to either confirm or deny word of a breakup, New Order simply spent the mid-'90s in a state of limbo, with Sumner eventually recording a long-awaited second Electronic LP and Hook mounting another new project, Monaco. "Brutal," the first new effort from New Order in a number of years, was featured on the soundtrack of the 2000 film The Beach, and the full-length Get Ready followed one year later. By this time, Gillian Gilbert had left the band to care for her and Stephen Morris' children, and Marion guitarist Phil Cunningham had been added to bolster the lineup. Dedicated touring followed the release of Get Ready, and New Order recorded a follow-up for release in 2005, Waiting for the Sirens' Call.

In 2006, after a succession of one-off dates, New Order decided to call it quits for a second time after bassist Hook suggested that they should quit touring for good. With Sumner announcing that they wouldn't record as New Order anymore, he started Bad Lieutenant with Cunningham in 2009. After a two-year break, New Order announced they would play a handful of live dates, with Gilbert now back in the band after a ten-year time-out. Also, Peter Hook was out of the lineup for the first time since New Order's founding, replaced by Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman. Hook stayed busy, however, recording and touring with his band the Light and writing a book of his time in Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division.

The album Live at the London Troxy, released at the end of 2011, documented the band's successful return to the live arena. Continuing to tour throughout 2012, the band joined Blur and the Specials at London's Hyde Park to help close the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and at the end of the year announced the release of Lost Sirens. The album, which featured songs that were recorded at the time of 2005's Waiting for the Sirens' Call, was released in January 2013. One year later, the group signed with Mute Records, and 2015 saw them release Music Complete on the label. Produced by the band, along with Tom Rowlands (of the Chemical Brothers) and Stuart Price on a handful of cuts, the album featured guest appearances from Brandon Flowers, La Roux, and Iggy Pop. The album was released in a variety of formats, including a deluxe vinyl box set that featured extended versions of all the songs. These versions were released separately in May of the next year under the title Complete Music. ~ Jason Ankeny
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Music Complete

1. Restless

2. Singularity

3. Plastic

4. Tutti Frutti

5. People On The High Line

6. Stray Dog

7. Academic

8. Nothing But A Fool

9. Unlearn This Hatred

10. The Game

11. Superheated


Track List: Lost Sirens

1. I'll Stay With You

2. Sugarcane

3. Recoil

4. Californian Grass

5. Hellbent

6. Shake It Up

7. I've Got A Feeling

8. I Told You So


Track List: Singles

Disc 1

1. Ceremony

2. Procession

3. Everything's Gone Green

4. Temptation

5. Blue Monday

7. Thieves Like Us

8. The Perfect Kiss

9. Sub-Culture

10. Shellshock

11. State Of The Nation

12. Bizarre Love Triangle

13. True Faith

15. Touched By The Hand Of God

Disc 2

1. Blue Monday 1988

2. Fine Time

3. Round And Round

4. Run

5. World In Motion

6. Regret

7. Ruined In A Day

8. World (Price Of Love)

9. Spooky

10. Crystal

11. 60 Miles An Hour

12. Here To Stay

13. Krafty

14. Jetstream

15. Waiting For The Siren's Call

16. Turn

17. Temptation (Secret Machines Remix)


Track List: Waiting For The Sirens' Call

1. Who's Joe?

2. Hey Now What You Doing

3. Waiting For The Sirens' Call

4. Krafty

5. I Told You So

6. Morning Night And Day

7. Dracula's Castle

8. Jetstream

9. Guilt Is A Useless Emotion

10. Turn

11. Working Overtime


Track List: Krafty [US Single]

4. Krafty (Eric Kupper Club Mix)

5. Krafty (The Glimmers 12'' Extended)

6. Krafty (Phones Reality Remix)

7. Krafty (Riton Re-Rub Remix)


Track List: International

Disc 1

1. Ceremony

2. Blue Monday

4. Thieves Like Us

5. The Perfect Kiss

6. Shellshock

7. Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)

8. True Faith

10. Round And Round

11. Regret

12. Crystal

13. 60 Miles An Hour

14. Here To Stay (Radio Edit)

Disc 2

Track List: Get Ready

1. Crystal

2. 60 Miles An Hour

3. Turn My Way

4. Vicious Streak

5. Primitive Notion

6. Slow Jam

7. Rock The Shack

8. Someone Like You

9. Close Range

10. Run Wild


Track List: The Best Of New Order

2. Dreams Never End

3. Age Of Consent

4. Love Vigilantes

5. True Faith

6. Bizarre Love Triangle

8. Fine Time

9. Vanishing Point

10. Run

11. Round & Round

12. Regret

13. World

14. Ruined In A Day

15. Touched By The Hand Of God

16. Blue Monday 1988

17. World In Motion


Track List: BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (Live)


Track List: Technique

1. Fine Time

2. All The Way

3. Love Less

4. Round & Round

5. Guilty Partner

6. Run

7. Mr Disco

8. Vanishing Point

9. Dream Attack


Track List: Substance

Disc 1

1. Ceremony

2. Everything's Gone Green

3. Temptation

4. Blue Monday

6. Thieves Like Us

7. Perfect Kiss

9. Shellshock

10. State of the Nation

11. Bizarre Love Triangle

12. True Faith

Disc 2

2. Procession


Track List: Brotherhood

1. Paradise

2. Wierdo

3. As It Is When It Was

4. Broken Promise

5. Way Of Life

6. Bizarre Love Triangle

7. All Day Long

8. Angel Dust

9. Every Little Counts


Track List: Low-Life

1. Love Vigilantes

2. The Perfect Kiss

3. This Time Of Night

4. Sunrise

5. Elegia

6. Sooner Than You Think

7. Sub-Culture

8. Face Up


Track List: Power, Corruption & Lies

1. Age Of Consent

2. We All Stand

3. The Village

4. 5 8 6

5. Blue Monday

6. Your Silent Face

7. Ultraviolence

8. Ecstasy

9. Leave Me Alone


Track List: Movement

1. Dreams Never End

2. Truth

3. Senses

4. Chosen Time

5. ICB

6. The Him

7. Doubts Even Here

8. Denial


Track List: Live At Bestival 2012

1. Elegia (Live)

2. Regret (Live)

3. Isolation (Live)

4. Krafty (Live)

5. Here To Stay (Live)

6. Bizarre Love Triangle (Live)

7. 586 (Live)

8. The Perfect Kiss (Live)

9. True Faith (Live)

10. Blue Monday (Live)

11. Temptation (Live)

12. Transmission (Live)

13. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)


Track List: Restless (Remixes) (Single)

3. Restless (Agoria Remix)

5. Restless (RAC Mix)


Track List: Restless (Single)

2. Restless


Track List: Singularity

1. Singularity (Single Edit)

2. Singularity (Extended Mix)

3. Singularity (Erol Alkan's Extended Mix)

4. Singularity (Erol Alkan's Stripped Mix)

5. Singularity (Mark Reeder Duality Remix)

6. Singularity (Mark Reeder's Individual Remix)

7. Singularity (JS Zeiter Remix)

8. Singularity (JS Zeiter Dub)

9. Singularity (Liars Remix)

10. Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowlands Remix)


Track List: The New Order

1. Lucky Strike (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

2. Declaration of War (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

3. Hollywood Holiday (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

4. Sidewinder (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

5. I Can't Quit Ya (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

6. Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

7. Of Another World (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)

8. Bonus: 1975 (feat. Dennis Thompson, Jimmy Recca & Ron Asheton)


Track List: Tutti Frutti (Single)

1. Tutti Frutti (Single Version)

2. Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip Remix)


Track List: Tutti Frutti EP

1. Tutti Frutti (Single Version)

2. Tutti Frutti (12" Extended Mix 2)

3. Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip Remix)

4. Tutti Frutti (Tom Trago's Crazy Days Remix)

5. Tutti Frutti (Richy Ahmed Remix)

6. Tutti Frutti (Hallo Halo Remix)


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I luv New Order!
Report as inappropriate
Don't know why but listening to New Order, Smiths and DM, always makes me sad...��
Report as inappropriate
I've always loved the energy in this song
Report as inappropriate
As a new joiner to the punk movement, I'd have to say these guys are my favorite! Joy Division has become my go to!!
Sad about Ian Curtis, he was so young and it's hard not to think what could've been...
Report as inappropriate
Bad a** song love this one is one of my favorite one bad a** to be in the club dancing your a** off lol from Jose in los Angeles CA.
Report as inappropriate
These comments are under New Order, not the specific song that's playing. So, to all the people saying, "This is the best song!!", no one knows what song you're talking about. Will this comment make a difference? Probably not.
Report as inappropriate
I love it!!!! This is the best music ever! THANK YOU PANDORA, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! ! !
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Great Joy Division cover.
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Report as inappropriate
Saw New Order a couple of years ago. They sound as good as ever !
Report as inappropriate
I love the Era of the British Bands long live the 80s It's hard to believe they don't make music like this anymore, Wow what a simpler time in my life NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Best song all time takes me back love that music.
Report as inappropriate
New Order is an important band in music history.
Report as inappropriate
This song never gets old. My favorite from them!
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age of consent <33
Report as inappropriate
If there is one song to be played in memory of me long AFTER I am gone it would be Ceromony ..
Report as inappropriate
yo yo yo. This band is very good yo yo. wicky wicky.
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Followed by thieves like us from pretty in pink
Report as inappropriate
First song i heard was Blue Monday followed by Someone like you from The movie Haggard if they are the same group then this song true faith I watched American Psycho and heard that one. We all heard music someway or another...
Report as inappropriate
Perhaps the greatest song ever written ... ever
Report as inappropriate
I have to get my dose of some ol school 80s new order to kick start this chilli february morning set me back on memories of some good times...
Report as inappropriate
I f**king love this version!!!
Report as inappropriate
I care.....lik e you guys didn't accidentally on purpose didn't put the Blue Monday 1988 album cover on your list, stupid!
Report as inappropriate
This CD came out and/or was peaking in popularity around the time I came out. Man, what an amazing time!!
Report as inappropriate
I played this CD to death!!! Even friends of mine who hated new wave loved this CD
Report as inappropriate
This came out my last year in school. Ice Man
Report as inappropriate
I really like the beat to this song. Ice Man
Report as inappropriate
All in favor of a Chili Peppers Bizarre Love Triangle vote I. Flea and Chad Smith would rock this shizz
Report as inappropriate
I miss the 80's ...good stuff,,,,bes t ERA ever...
Report as inappropriate
Nice groups remind me when I was younger
Report as inappropriate
Favorite New Order song..I still feel the rush of emotions I was feeling when I heard it for the first time.
Report as inappropriate
I love this song too much.
Report as inappropriate
bugger off!!
Report as inappropriate
...somewhat over the past 10 years. This band way ahead of the curve, just too bad people weren't ready for it, not even producers. If the band had the appropriate producers, they would've been far more appreciated in their day.
Report as inappropriate
...Led Zep, The Clash, Steely, Husker Du, Miles, Fugazi, NIN, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Smiths, The Pet Shop Boys, CCR, The Who, A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Van Halen I, Allman Brothers Band, The Doors, The Cure and a few I can't think of right now. The unique thing about New Order is that they reinvented rock TWICE, something that only Miles did more with his genre. New Order is without question a significant band that is WAY overlooked and underappreci a t e d , though it's gotten its due somew
Report as inappropriate
My favorite band of all-time. I learned how to write music because of this band. Led Zeppelin is still the greatest IMO, followed by Steely Dan. But New Order is so much more important than the other two (see what I did there). Don't knock NO because you're an insecure toolkit. The stuff is still superior to anything post-'90s, even NIN. The key to NO was their astonishing consistency during their rise and peak. They had an endless supply of good music. Few bands can match it: The Beatle
Report as inappropriate
I agree with Denise you're a real kook, kooky
Report as inappropriate
Hey Kooky, I think you suck more...pleas e refrain from making comments about music you clearly do not have the depth to understand. So go away, I don't think New Order fans will miss you.
Report as inappropriate
Substance, Technique and Singles rock my world! I've got all but lost Sirens and Movement. I had Movement on vinyl once. Lost in a move. So, for now, I'm satisfied. Getting used to missing Peter Hook, and what my mood is with Music Complete.
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This group is awesome.
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alextheaviat o r
The fact that so many books still name the Beatles as “the greatest or most significant or most influential” rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversia l Beethoven over classical musicians who wer
Report as inappropriate
Good but not the best
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Love this group.
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Great Band , but I like more Depeche Mode
Report as inappropriate
This reminds me of the arguments I used to have with some of the longhairs back in high school. Longhairs: This music is gay. You need to listen to some Judas Priest. Me: Are you sure about that dude? These guys may or may not be gay and I couldn't care less, but at least they aren't dressing like a bunch of ginger bears and singing about turbo lovers like Judas Priest. and on and on and on it went. It was fun back then. Now?
Report as inappropriate
I miss music like this! This is what you call REAL music not the BS on the radio
Report as inappropriate
Oh my f**king god. You people are children.
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