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The Oak Ridge Boys

One of the longest-running groups in country music, the Oak Ridge Boys started life as a gospel quartet before gradually modernizing their style and moving into secular country-pop. Yet even at the height of their popularity in the late '70s and early '80s -- when they were big enough to cross over to the pop charts -- their sound always remained deeply rooted in country gospel harmony. Their existence dates all the way back to World War II, circa 1942-1943, when a Knoxville, Tennessee group began performing gospel songs in nearby Oak Ridge, the home of an atomic bomb research facility. The group's members also performed in a larger aggregation called Wally Fowler & the Georgia Clodhoppers, which recorded for Capitol. However, lead singer Fowler decided to focus on gospel music in 1945. Dubbed the Oak Ridge Quartet, the group first appeared at the Grand Ole Opry that year and made their first recordings in 1947 with a lineup of Fowler, Lon "Deacon" Freeman, Curly Kinsey, and Johnny New.

Numerous personnel shifts ensued over the next few years, particularly in 1949, when the entire group split from Fowler; at that point, he hired a completely different band, the Bob Weber-led Calvary Quartet, to assume the Oak Ridge name. With a core of Fowler and Weber, plus a revolving-door cast of supporting vocalists, the group became one of the top draws on the Southern gospel circuit, continuing up to the end of 1956. At that point, Fowler disbanded the quartet and sold the name to group member Smitty Gatlin, who organized a new lineup in early 1957. In 1961, Gatlin changed their name to the Oak Ridge Boys, made them a full-time professional act, and started to modernize their sound on record with fuller arrangements and elements of country and folk. Future mainstay William Lee Golden joined as the group's baritone vocalist in 1964, and when Gatlin retired to become a full-time minister two years later, the group, acting on Golden's recommendation, hired ex-Southernairs singer Duane Allen as his replacement on lead vocals.

With bass singer Noel Fox and tenor singer Willie Wynn, the Oak Ridge Boys continued to broaden their appeal by adapting their sound to the times, adding a drummer to their backing band and incorporating bits of pop and even rock into their country gospel style. As a result, they grew into one of the most popular gospel acts of the late '60s, despite purist criticism over their secular influences and increasingly long-haired image. They even won their first Grammy in 1970 for "Talk About the Good Times." Fox and Wynn were replaced by Richard Sterban (ex-Keystone Quartet) and Philadelphia native Joe Bonsall in 1972 and 1973, respectively, and this lineup would remain intact for the next decade-and-a-half. In 1973, they recorded a single with Johnny Cash and the Carter Family called "Praise the Lord and Pass the Soup," which brought them their first appearance on the country charts. In 1975, they opened a series of tour dates for Roy Clark, whose manager was highly impressed and encouraged them to try their hands at secular country.

The Oak Ridge Boys signed with Columbia later that year but found the initial transition a rough one: they split their time between country and gospel, and without a strong identity their sales dropped. The resulting financial problems nearly forced them to disband, and a discouraged Columbia gave up on them after the 1976 single, "Family Reunion," barely charted, even though labelmate Paul Simon had tapped them to sing backup on his hit "Slip Slidin' Away." Fortunately, they got another chance with MCA and scored a breakout Top Five hit in 1977 with "Y'all Come Back Saloon," the title song from their label debut. The follow-up, "You're the One," reached number two, and their next album, 1978's Room Service, gave them their first number one hit in "I'll Be True to You" as well as two more Top Five hits in "Cryin' Again" and "Come on In."

Thus established as country hitmakers, the Oak Ridge Boys embarked on a run of chart success that would last through the '80s. Golden stopped cutting his hair and beard altogether, giving the group a hugely recognizable visual signature, as well. They hit number one again in 1980 with "Trying to Love Two Women," but it was the following year that would make them a genuine phenomenon. Their recording of "Elvira," an obscure, doo wop-style novelty song from the '60s, became a major, Grammy-winning crossover smash. Not only did it hit number one on the country charts, but its infectious "oom-pop-a-mow-mow" bass vocal hook boosted it into the Top Five on the pop charts. Its accompanying album, Fancy Free, became their first to top the country charts, not to mention their biggest seller to date. The title cut of their chart-topping 1982 follow-up, Bobbie Sue, also went number one country and nearly made the pop Top Ten as well. American Made's title track also topped the charts in 1983, as did its follow-up, "Love Song." In early 1984, Deliver became their third number one country album and landed two more number one singles that year with "Everyday" and "I Guess It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes." 1985 brought three number ones: "Little Things," "Make My Life with You," and "Touch a Hand, Make a Friend."

The Oak Ridge Boys' sales began to slow a bit in the latter half of the '80s, but they still produced big hits with regularity. They hit number one in 1987 ("It Takes a Little Rain," "This Crazy Love"), 1988 ("Gonna Take a Lot of River"), and 1990 ("No Matter How High"), giving them a total of 16 career country chart-toppers (and 29 Top Ten hits). However, by that point, the group's longtime lineup had split -- Golden, whose mountain-man appearance was increasingly supported by his rugged lifestyle, was given the boot in 1987 in an attempt to remake the group's image. He was replaced by longtime backing-band guitarist Steve Sanders and sued his former bandmates, eventually settling out of court. In 1991, the Oak Ridge Boys parted ways with MCA and signed with RCA, but after just two albums, it was apparent that their commercial prime had passed, and the relationship ended. The group returned to traditional-style country gospel on occasion during the '90s and continued to tour.

Meanwhile, Sanders' marital problems worsened, causing him to leave the group in late 1995; Golden and the other members resolved their differences, and he returned at their New Year's Eve show that year; they still performed often, notably in Branson, Missouri. Sadly, Sanders shot and killed himself in 1998. Fox, who moved on to run the group's publishing arm and later became a high-ranking music executive, passed away in April 2003. The group, with its classic '70s lineup of Sterban, Bonsall, Golden, and Allen, released a new studio album, The Boys Are Back, which featured re-imagined versions of songs by John Lee Hooker, Neil Young, and the White Stripes, in 2009. After this, the Oak Ridge Boys focused on recording spiritual albums for Gaither Music Group, but would continue to perform secular shows, including one for a 40th Anniversary celebration in 2013. The Oak Ridge Boys were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2015. ~ Steve Huey & Steve Leggett
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Boys Night Out

1. You're The One (Live)

2. American Made (Live)

3. (I'm Settin') Fancy Free (Live)

4. Love Song (Live)

5. Y'all Come Back Saloon (Live)

6. Sail Away (Live)

7. Dream On (Live)

8. This Crazy Love (Live)

9. Trying To Love Two Women (Live)

10. Come On In (Live)

11. Make My Life With You (Live)

12. Thank God For Kids (Live)

13. Elvira (Live)

14. Bobbie Sue (Live)


Track List: 40th Anniversary

1. Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight

2. Elvira

3. An American Family

4. Thank God For Kids

5. Amazing Grace

6. I Know

7. God Will Take Care Of You

8. American Made

9. Jesus Is Coming Soon

10. G.I. Joe And Lillie

11. How Great Thou Art

12. The Star-Spangled Banner


Track List: Discovery Vaults

1. Ain't No Short Way Home

2. Perfect Love

3. Where The Sun Always Shines

4. I'd Still Be Waiting

5. Old Hearts

6. If All I Had Left

7. New Orleans

8. What'll I Do

9. Lady My Love

10. Deep In Louisiana


Track List: The Boys Are Back

1. The Boys Are Back

2. Hold Me Closely

3. Hold You In My Arms

4. Seven Nation Army

5. Mama's Table

6. Boom Boom

7. Blow My House Down

8. Beautiful Bluebird

9. Troublin' Mind

10. Live With Jesus


Track List: The Best Of The Oak Ridge Boys

1. Jesus Is Coming Soon

2. I Know

3. Didn't It Rain

4. Thank God For Kids

5. Elvira

6. The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor

7. Jesus Is The Man For The Hour

8. Because He Lives

9. Did I Make A Difference

10. Jonah, Job & Moses

11. An American Family

12. Closer To Home

13. Live With Jesus

14. Loving God, Loving Each Other

15. Where The Soul Never Dies

16. Just A Little Talk With Jesus


Track List: Front Row Seats

1. Hard To Be Cool (In A Minivan)

2. Heaven's A Small Town

3. Dream On Me

4. Smaller

5. Something In The Water

6. Jonah, Job & Moses

7. Crazy Not To

8. A Feeling Like That

9. Heaven On Earth

10. Closer To Home

11. Didn't It Rain

12. Compared To You

13. Until You Get There

14. Did I Make A Difference


Track List: The Definitive Collection

1. Y'all Come Back Saloon

2. You're The One

3. I'll Be True To You

4. Cryin' Again

5. Come On In

6. Sail Away

7. Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight

8. Trying To Love Two Women

9. Heart Of Mine

10. Beautiful You

11. Elvira

12. (I'm Settin') Fancy Free

13. Bobbie Sue

14. I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)

15. Thank God For Kids

16. American Made

17. Love Song

18. I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes

19. Everyday

20. Make My Life With You

21. Little Things

22. Touch A Hand, Make A Friend

23. It Takes A Litte Rain (To Make Love Grow)

24. This Crazy Love


Track List: Common Thread

1. Jesus Is Coming Soon

2. He Did It All For Me

3. You Can't Fix It

4. I Know

5. The Journey

6. How Great Thou Art

7. This Little Light Of Mine

8. You Don't Have To Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)

9. Amazing Grace

10. I Saw The Light

11. Keep Our World Safe

12. God Will Take Care Of You


Track List: Colors

1. Colors

2. The Absence Of Love

3. The Home Stretch

4. American Beauty

5. This Is America

6. An American Family

7. Let It Ride

8. Sincerely, I Remain

9. G.I. Joe And Lillie

10. Glory Bound

11. Thank God For Kids

12. The Star Spangled Banner


Track List: From The Heart

1. I'm Working On A Building

2. Show Me The Way To Go

3. I Know What Lies Ahead

4. Fall To Fly

5. Write Your Name Across My Heart

6. The First Step To Heaven

7. A Mansion There For You

8. If Not For The Love Of Christ

9. Angels Watching Over Me

10. Then You'll See

11. Loving God, Loving Each Other


Track List: Voices

1. Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down

2. Where The Sun Always Shines

3. Deep In Louisiana

4. Lady My Love

5. What'll I Do

6. New Orleans

7. Perfect Love

8. I'd Still Be Waiting

9. Old Hearts

10. Ain't No Short Way Home

11. If All I Had Left


Track List: The Sensational Oak Ridge Boys

1. Somebody Loves Me

3. There's A Light Guiding Me

4. Land Of Beulah

5. I Want To Do Thy Will, Oh Lord

6. Golden Hills Ahead

7. Shine, Shine Down On Me

8. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

10. Life's Railway To Heaven

11. Angel Band

12. There's A Higher Power


Track List: Fancy Free

1. Elvira

2. Somewhere In The Night

3. She's Gone To L.A. Again

4. When I'm With You

5. Another Dream Just Came True

6. I'm Settin' Fancy Free

7. Dream Of Me

8. When Love Calls You

9. How Long Has It Been

10. I Would Crawl All The Way


Track List: Greatest Hits

1. You're The One

2. I'll Be True To You

3. Trying To Love Two Women

4. Cryin' Again

5. Dream On

6. Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight

7. Heart Of Mine

8. Come On In

9. Sail Away

10. Y'all Come Back Saloon


Track List: Monongahela

1. Gonna Take A Lot Of River

2. I Can Count On You

3. Never Together (But Close Sometimes)

4. No Way Out

5. Beyond Those Years

6. Private Lives

7. Too Many Heartaches

8. Bridges And Walls

9. When Karen Comes Around

10. Taking One Heartbeat


Track List: You'll Never Walk Alone

1. Someday

2. Each Step I Take

3. I Am A Pilgrim

4. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

5. It's Different Now

6. He Means All The World To Me

7. Because Of Him

8. When I Lay My Burdens Down

9. I'll Live In The Glory

10. In The Shelter Of His Arms

11. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me

12. No One Cared So Much

13. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

14. You'll Never Walk Alone


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justinjenny4 9 5
Report as inappropriate
Loverly song I see them on tv on Sunday nice program xx����������
Report as inappropriate
Turd lick
Report as inappropriate
Giddy up a oom papa oom papa mow mow
Report as inappropriate
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elliecupcake 2 0 1 5
Come on and spend the night!!����
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Report as inappropriate
My late wife and I saw the Oaks two separate times in Laughlin, Nevada on the Harley River Run. Super shows with unforgettabl e music. Thank you, Oak Ridge Boys for the joy you gave to my sweetheart and me.
Report as inappropriate
love this group keep it up
Report as inappropriate
Love u guys
Report as inappropriate
i love you guys keep it up
Report as inappropriate
Love you guys
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Report as inappropriate
Bury me to this song, ( just make sure I'm dead )....
Report as inappropriate
I wish we would have played this at my grandpas funeral
Report as inappropriate
I'm Setting Fancy Free. One of my favorites. Love You Guys!
Report as inappropriate
One of my absolute favorite country songs. New c country sucks royally Richards bass voice is so awesome in the background. Yall Come Back Salon. Beautiful. Listen here new country people. This is what country is suppose to sound like.
Report as inappropriate
I love love Elvira
Report as inappropriate
Used to see this group perform in Pleasantvill e United Methodist Church in P'ville, New Jersey, back in the 60's. It's been my pleasure to see them make it to the top!!
Report as inappropriate
Hey beard boy.sorry did not mean beard boy.
Report as inappropriate
Love this group. I could listen to them all day
Report as inappropriate
What great GOLDEN Tones. Great sounds.
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phoenixmommy 5 4 8
I remember singing this song in church...
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Report as inappropriate
Amaing grace by the oak ridge boys
Report as inappropriate
Oh yes!
Report as inappropriate
So fine does remind me of elvira
Report as inappropriate
I lie
Report as inappropriate
We all should let Our Savior in...Amen!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
does So Fine remind anyone of Elvira???
Report as inappropriate
Oak ridge boys
Report as inappropriate
i have grew up on the oakridge brothers and they have a combination of voices that are just so natural the four of them harmonize perfectly.
Report as inappropriate
And love the oaks so much praise these boys oak ridge is always good a big a man this is my song thank u jesus amen amen mom always great ill die with flowers on the wall stuck in my head I lived in Ohio my whole life never hear of them before this good song
Report as inappropriate
I'm 20 and I remember hearing this song when I was 6 or 1 when the family was going to aunt Susan's house in bar tin they are and still is one of the best country and Gisele group of all time . Love their voices togther
Report as inappropriate
im 16 and i remeber hearing this song when i was 3 or 4 when the family was going to grammas house in kentucky
Report as inappropriate
They are and still is one of the best country and gospel group of all time. Love their voices together. & love the Oaks so much.
Report as inappropriate
Praise these "boy's"��
Report as inappropriate
oak ridge is always good a big a-men
Report as inappropriate
This is my song thank u jesus amen amen
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Always great. I'll die with Flowers on the Wall stuck in my head.
Report as inappropriate
I lived in ohio my whole life never heard of them before this. good song
Report as inappropriate
Tell me about it -- Amen!
Report as inappropriate
Old time singing
Report as inappropriate
Back in the late 70's we lived in Lima, Ohio and the Oak Ridge Boys were performing at the country fair. My family loved them and had many of their albums. Lavern Tripp was with them then and when they took a break he took a liking to my son and nephew who were both 5. I got a picture of him with the two is priceless. I hate they had such a hard time, but the devil has a way of moving in on God's people if allowed to do so. Their music is defiently Spirit moving. I still love the
Report as inappropriate
I hate this song but it makes me think of my great grandms
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Try Chatham County Line for some great music.
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