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Brought together in Stockholm by guitarists Peter Lindgren and Mikael Åkerfeldt in 1990, Opeth added progressive influences and acoustic instrumentation to their brand of Swedish death metal. As the group progressed, it was very common for an Opeth live set to fly in several different musical directions -- and an average song lasted no less than ten minutes. Impressed by their originality, Candlelight Records released their debut full-length in 1995, which was titled Orchid, and featured a rhythm section of bassist Johan de Farfalla and drummer Anders Nordin. Edge of Sanity mastermind Dan Swano produced the band's ambitious second album Morningrise in 1996, after which they embarked on a brief tour with Morbid Angel. Century Media took notice and not only licensed Opeth's first two albums for the United States, but also planned on releasing their next album on both sides of the Atlantic. With the recruitment of bassist Martin Mendez and drummer Martin Lopez (ex-Amon Amarth) to replace the departed de Farfalla and Nordin, Opeth's third album, My Arms, Your Hearse, was released in 1998 to glowing reviews, establishing the band as a leading force in progressive metal with death roots.

Released in 1999, Still Life displayed even more of the band's prog rock influences, and the following year the band played its first U.S. concert at the Milwaukee Metalfest. Blackwater Park, titled after an obscure psychedelic prog outfit from the '70s, was released in early 2001. The album created a huge buzz among progressive metal fans, who had begun to lump the band in with other experimental metal bands like Tiamat. Instead of waiting until the buzz died down, the band released Deliverance in the fall of 2002. The following year, Opeth surprised fans with the release of Damnation, an album that was almost completely devoid of any heavy metal trappings and focused instead on acoustic instruments and traditional songwriting. Ghost Reveries arrived in 2005 and proved to be a return to form for the band. Opeth returned in 2007 with Roundhouse Tapes: Opeth Live, and in 2008 with the all-new studio album Watershed. In 2010, the band followed up with another live album, In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The set was recorded at the famous London venue and featured the band playing their break-out album, Blackwater Park, in its entirety. Opeth shifted stylistic gears dramatically for 2011's Heritage. While writing for the album, Åkerfeldt fell under the spell of the music of Swedish folk music, Alice Cooper, and many spaces between. The sound, while remaining Opeth's, is also quite different, far more prog than death metal. In fact, if anything, this is the sound of the band leaving death metal behind. The album's cover is loaded with symbolism depicting the change. Heritage was also the last Opeth recording to feature keyboardist Per Wiberg. The album was released in September on Roadrunner. ~ Mike DaRonco, Rovi
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Track List: Cusp Of Eternity (Single)


Opeth is one of the greatest bands in the history of metal, along with Sabbath, Zeppelin, Priest, Maiden, and early Metallica, even if Opeth doesn't enjoy the popularity of those bands. Their musical talent and Mikael's songwriting are unsurpassed, they are amazing live, and no band ever, IMO, has put out so many high-quality albums. I'm a little lukewarm on Heritage, but that has more to do with the actual sound of the album than the songs themselves. Regardless, incredible band.
in my list of my favorite bands
Not sure, but the change may have coincided with them working with Steven Wilson or Porcupine Tree and No-Man fame. I like the change.
I started getting into Opeth around the Blackwater Park days, I fell in love with this band.. something changed though that lost interest after watershed. that was it for me, don't really like Heritage, sounds like Damnation with a heavy twist.. still love them, I'm just waiting to see what the new album will sound like. exited as well.
Some of the info on this is wrong. Martin Lopez left the band half way through ghost reveries. Peter left right before they started recording Watershed and Pir left right before the recording of Heritage. The old line up will always be my favorite but I think this new change in Opeth is great. I love the Heritage album.
Definately my favorite band. All of them have such amazing talent! I really don't see anything wrong with Heritage, if you are a true Opeth fan, you would at LEAST consider listening to it. Again, great band. My favorite songs are By The Pain I See In Others, Windowpane, and Ghost of Perdition (all of them are my favorite, but I figured I should just pick three).
Seen these guys 10 times . Best underrated band ever. The Drapery Falls favorite song live. would listen to these guys at work during 10 hour shift an no one else an it would not get old since their song as so different an nothing sounds the same.
I'm with Jerry. Damnation is my favorite album front to back. But my favorite song is To Bid You Farewell. A truly beautiful song.
love this awesome group
I've waited for this song, might be my favorite.
Heck ya they are. I saw them for their heritage tour a couple years ago. Such a great show.
These guys are amazing live.
This is the most epic, badass, talented, technically savvy band in ever. Excuse my brevity, but there's really no other way to put it.
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Posted on the April Ethereal track page. a m s 9
Quite possibly the best band on the planet. I think Heritage would have been a great album if Lopez and Lindgren were still in the lineup. Axe and Akesson are a good fit for the heavier Opeth stuff, as on Watershed, but I don't think they fit well on Heritage. Heritage has some great moments, but I think it's inconsistent and one of the weakest Opeth albums as a whole.
jerrywherear e u 0
Damnation is my favorite Opeth album. This band has compiled an impressive catalog. Definitely worth listening to every song they ever created. That is if you know good music when you hear it. If you want heavy search Bloodbath they kinda rule.
They are talented musicians and limitless. They don't cater to a single facet or genre, evolving as they grow older. We are just along for the ride.
I have to agree with mike. Jethro Tull and Opeth is not a very good marriage. Thankfully, Opeth has an abundance of true Opeth sound archived.
Side note: I still love Opeth. Just disappointed in them.
The new album sucks. I'm not pissed about there not being growls, because Damnation was awesome. But the new album is too Jethro Tull for me.
me too this Saturday
Going to see them and Katatonia in May. Soooo can't wait!!!
Opeth's clean moments are my favorite. They especially shine to me when they do acoustic stuff. I love the growls and the heavy too though
@Jamie Brauner
No the band isn't moving away from growling. They just put out an album where they don't growl. They have done it before (Damnation). They are very much a death metal prog band still. Sorry you don't like the growling, i love it. Mikael sounds like an angel when he sings and Satan when he growls, it adds a whole other dimension to the music.
There is a distinct reason Opeth is moving away from the growling, the band, and the writing is evolving for the better... it is called progressive rock for a reason. Growling has such a limited tonal palate and it really pigeonholes this amazing and artistic band into the depths of the death metal genre. Anyone can make loud noises and grunt on a record, it takes true artistry to produce music that is complex, beautiful, dark, and hard edge all at the same time. These guys do it VERY well!
Good stuff.
Raleigh May 5!
BlackwaterPa r k might be Opeth's masterpiece.
Two words: Porcupine Tree
@vegetarianb u r r i t o your an idiot
Why do so many people compare them to Pink Floyd? I have listened extensively to both bands, and I must say, after a while... Pink Floyd kind of sucks. Especially their first couple of albums. It's not even the same feel, not the same skill, not the same emotions. It's okay for a band to be viewed as original without being compared to anyone else, especially an inferior LSD-dependen t mess.
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i am not a fan of the song Bleak, most of the vocals sounds way opposite of the music, i'd give it a C-
If you don't like Heritage, you don't know how to appreciate music. Learn to open your ears, I didn't like it before but I do know. It just grows on you and it's Opeth so why not like it?
I understand what they were trying to do in Heritage however even after several listens I just couldnt get into it .
Heritage is a joke, but every other album is amazing and please have growls on the next album. If we wanted to hear just cleans we can listen to Damnation. C'mon Mikael, step your game up.
I saw them on Halloween '11 in Pittsburgh. I will remember every aspect of that concert until my death. They surprised me with the songs they played that didnt come off of Heritage. They dug deep for some of them.
Saw them at The pantageous theatre in LA w/ Dream Theatre. Nothing but fraking awesome!!!!! ! ! !
This is a band's band
Just saw Opeth with Mastodon at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. Was totally amazing, I had listened to Opeth before but never seen them live, definitely have to say they are way better live, I swore I was listening to the album version of the songs, totally love Mikael's voice, so diverse.
I have been going to shows and have been passionate about music ever since I was about 13 or 14. Hermans Hermits, Blues Magoos and the Who was the first concert I ever went to. My friends sister ws in love with Hermans Hermits and I wanted to see the Who. I have been thinking what great band or bands could I compare Opeth with and Pink Floyd was one band I thought of but Opeth is in a category all its own. They are such great musicians and song writers I can't even put into words how terrific th
Just seen them with Mastodon and Ghost... they were great as usual. ive seen them like 5 times. always a great show
Opeth are in my top 3 bands. Discovered them with Blackwater Park, and I love Heritage. One of the few bands that have been around for a long time and still continue to grow and surprise with each new album.
Opeth is the Pink Floyd of the modern generation, a great band of really skilled members, musical masters; able to switch from a quiet, contemplativ e song, to a song that has a lot of meaning and deals with tough issues. Mikael Akerfeldt is a great singer, and an all around great guy. (reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio in attitude, if not in voice.)
I think Heritage is great because it really shows that Opeth don't just stick to one kind of thing, which, for me, is the true mark of an artist. It's still Opeth, just without all the screaming. I still continue to enjoy everything they do.
I go through Opeth phases where i'll listen to nothing but them for like 2 months straight. You can really get lost in there music.
Opeth as iv'e known them for 15 yrs are done. guess bloodbath will have to do. hope this steve wilson Mikael Åkerfeldt project is all that is expected but heritage is going to collect dust on my shelf.
@simonj and daehoth: Hear hear! This band opened up DM for me. I was blown away by the beauty of the music's blend. Absolutely amazing.
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