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Pat Metheny

One of the most original guitarists from the '80s onward (he is instantly recognizable), Pat Metheny is a chance-taking player who has gained great popularity but also taken some wild left turns. His records with the Pat Metheny Group are difficult to describe (folk-jazz? mood music?) but manage to be both accessible and original, stretching the boundaries of jazz and making Metheny famous enough that he could perform whatever type of music he wanted without losing his audience.

Metheny (whose older brother is the trumpeter Mike Metheny) started on guitar when he was 13. His talent developed quickly; he taught at both the University of Miami and Berklee while he was a teenager, and made his recording debut with Paul Bley and Jaco Pastorius in 1974. He spent an important period (1974-1977) with Gary Burton's group, met keyboardist Lyle Mays, and in 1978 formed his group, which originally featured Mays, bassist Mark Egan, and drummer Dan Gottlieb. Within a short period he was ECM's top artist and one of the most popular of all jazzmen, selling out stadiums. Metheny mostly avoided playing predictable music, and his freelance projects were always quite interesting. His 1980 album 80/81 featured Dewey Redman and Mike Brecker in a post-bop quintet; he teamed up with Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins on a trio date in 1983; and two years later recorded the very outside Song X with Ornette Coleman. Metheny's other projects away from the group have included a sideman recording with Sonny Rollins; a 1990 tour with Herbie Hancock in a quartet; a trio album with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes, and a collaboration (and tour) with Joshua Redman.

Although his 1994 recording Zero Tolerance for Silence baffled his audience, Metheny retained his popularity as a consistently creative performer. In addition to recording for ECM, he has appeared as a leader on the Geffen, Warner Bros., and Nonesuch labels. Metheny has remained active in the 21st century, releasing Speaking of Now in 2002, the acoustic solo album One Quiet Night in 2003, Way Up in 2005, and Metheny Mehldau in 2006. Metheny and pianist Brad Mehldau returned to the studio the following year for Quartet. Metheny released the trio album Day Trip in 2008. Orchestrion, which featured a solo Metheny playing several acoustic instruments designed and built for him by Eric Singer, appeared from Nonesuch early in 2010. Metheny released What's It All About in June of 2011, his second solo acoustic guitar recording. Unlike any other entry in his large catalog, the set was comprised entirely of covers of pop songs by contemporary songwriters (from Paul Simon and Lennon and McCartney to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Burt Bacharach, and Hal David) who have continued to hold meaning for him throughout his career.

Metheny released Unity Band with saxophonist Chris Potter, drummer Antonio Sanchez, and bassist Ben Williams in June of 2012. In August the promised live The Orchestrion Project was released; it was a CD and DVD document of the one-man tour with the symphonic machine in 2010-2011. The guitarist made a compelling and independent left turn in the spring of 2013 in performing the work of composer John Zorn on Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels, Vol. 20 on the Tzadik (owned by the composer) and Nonesuch labels simultaneously. Metheny's Unity Group continued to tour, and in 2013 reentered the studio. Kin, their second offering, was released in February of 2014. ~ Scott Yanow & Thom Jurek, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Tap: John Zorn's Book Of Angels, Vol. 20


Track List: The Way Up


How dose one individual sustain this much talent pat makes my heart pound with every listen.the talent this man processes is beyond the love of music and instruments a true marvel.
I saw the group in concert at the Fox theater in Atlanta Ga. . I can't to this day describe the feeling I had as I listened to some of the greatest music I have ever experienced in my life . The second greatest thing about that concert , was they performed for much more then two hours . It's an experience that every music lover must have . I would very much to get them here , Atlantic City . It would bring a genre of music to a otherwise music deprived city , outside of the casinos .
NJ in August ath the NJPAC with Bruce Hornsby
KIck me. Pat came to longwood and I missed Him, Does any have knowledge of his next Move???
N'est donc
The Unity Group was to perform at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC on Feb.12, 2014. I had front row seats. But that was the night of our little ice and snow blizzard. The group made it to the theater. We had to walk to the theater because the roads were impassable. They decided to cancel the concert around the time we arrived because only about 100 people showed. Pat sat down and played about 15 mins of solo acoustic for those who made it.
Saw the Unity Group on Mar. 20 in Schenectady. Great show. Best thing about it was that he did: James, Are You Going With Me and a couple of other old Group tunes. 9 years since the PMGroup! Maybe he thought they couldn't top THE WAY UP? Miss Mays and Rodby!
Fell in love in '83 listening to Pat Metheny.
Denver, March 8th, 2014. Unbelievable ! So glad we went.
I was introduced to Metheny in the early 70's. He's so free with his expression
salomethorso n
Just saw Pat Metheny and the Unity Group at the Warfield in SF. Fanastic musicians! It was great to hear new music from Kim. He gave us a few of the oldies here and there. They came out after the second encore and played Are You Going With Me. The crowd went wild because It sounded like the original album. Then he played a montage of hits with his acoustic guitar, including the theme from Falcon and the Snowman. Awesome concert. See it when it comes to a town near you. Such a gracious a
Was first turned on to pat metheny while listening to Joni Mitchell's shadows and light live album and have been a diehard fan ever since
I was introduced to PM in 1984 by a classmate, who strongly recommended First Circle. I was 22 y.o. and just beginning to explore jazz. By the time the title track (3rd song) was done playing I knew I would never be the same (musically speaking). Since then I have seen Pat several times live and bought nearly every one of his recordings. The emotional power of his music is, for me, without equal. What a gift to music he is.
Pat's music is simply truly the best stuff on earth...met him on the streets of NYC, he had such a cool spirit...I'v e been a fan since the first album.
Pat's live concerts are amazing--hea r d him last night in Jacksonville with the current Unity Group, superb musicians all. I do miss Lyle Mays though....
I cannot believe all the beautiful comments for this musician!!! I have heard his name in and out if my life, but never stopped to listen! Well I'm going to my first concert here at the Smith Center in Las Vegas in the near future and am so looking forward after hearing only a few songs here in Pandora!! I love all sorts of music genres including all flavors of jazz and am already thinking "where have I been all these years?"
lolita.bucki n g h a m
This song just does it for me
kmaabernathy 8
Music that can energize you and soothe you at the same time! I've been a follower of PM since 1983. A roommate in college introduced me to "Phase Dance" off of the Travels album. Innovator, virtuoso, incredibly emotional music. Open up to a world of sounds that evoke a calming energy I cannot describe!
salomethorso n
An old boyfriend introduced me to PM music in DC in the late 70's. I listened to: As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita over and over that summer. His music awakens my spirit, reminding me of our connectednes s and unlimited possibilty. If I could be reincarnated , I would want to come back as Pat Metheny and experience what it's like to create these masterpieces .
Three words: Song for Bilboa. Nobody but nobody but Pat could pull off a live performance like that. Others play more notes, Pat only plays the best notes, with the best phrasing and timing. It's a preternatura l instinct of his.
I was turned onto Pat while working in Turkey by Claire. American Garage in 1980 been listening ever since. He always has an album to go to. Unity band concert was fantastic. Eric
American Garage is my favorite album. Had the privalage to see him and the rest of the band on several occasions. One of the best for sure.....
I had Offramp in my high school rotation, right in there with Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Minutemen. Love this fellow Missouri boy!
1984-FIRST TIME I HEARD THIS GIANT, -Blown away by the subtle COOLNESS...C L A S S , EFFERVESCENC E , SMOOTH AS SILK , Definitely Top Flight Artist. still life Talkin-so may it secretly begin- kold killa!-The ToddFather.
It is nearly impossible to pick one best Metheny album, but maybe three- The Way Up, Still Life (talking) and Speakingof Now... Secret Story, Letter From Home... See - I can't do it!
I saw Pat Metheny the first time in the majestic, beautiful outdoor genre of Sedona, Arizona .. the red rocks of that town were a tribute to this spectacularl y gifted artist ... FANS??? Please check out an oldie but fab goodie of his CD: Travels ... you can thank me later:):):)
Seen him with the group. Still waiting
cheatham4820 1 3
Still Life (Talking) i do not have the words to describe how special this album is to me, it is the sound track to life one of my favorites of all time. I just love it. R. E. Cheatham Jr.
One of the greatest!
Great sound!! helps me to stay calm and focus.
Pat Metheny helped make Wichita Falls bearable !!!!
I first heard Pat Matheny in 1979 (San Lorenzo). That year, I drove through the town of San Lorenzo in Puerto Rico just to experience the town with the music...enri c h i n g . . . I ' v e been listening to him ever since...Love your music, Pat...
I cannot get enough.... BRILLIANT ALWAYS...
PLEASE I URGE YOU IF YOU AE A TRUE PAT MATHENY LOVER ....CHECK OUT !!!!!To The End Of The World is by far the best choreographe d song ever by Pat Metheny if you listen to the this song it depicts every aspect of the emotion, mind set and devastation of people and the world as it comes to an end please check it out you would totally agree
A good album and often overlooked is Metheny's soundtrack to the movie The Falcon and The Snowman
My first exposure to PM was college radio station KGOU in Oklahoma probably 1978. San Lorenzo..... . . it all kind of changed for me once I heard that amazing music.
I saw Pat Metheny in Wilmington, DE at the Grand Opera House about 25 years ago. YUM!! Also saw him for free at Penn's Landing one holiday weekend. Llike SNDWNR111, I heard him first on a Philly station: WIOQ, 102.9. I was living in the Poconos at the time and was lucky to get any radio out of Philly, and there was nothing going on north of Allentown. Love him!
My first memory of Pat Metheny is imprinted on my brain. I was parking on the street in front of my flat in Detroit in 1978 and heard San Lorenzo on WJZZ. I had never heard anything like it. I sat in my car until it was done and the next day bought the album. I still have it and many more. I left Detroit 10 years later but Pat Matheny has been in my life ever since. One of my all time favorites is Secret Story--I listen to it often--now on my iPod. Don't every stop, Pat!!
My intro to Pat was As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls...firs t heard on a rock station out of Philadelphia (WMMR) at 2:30AM. I went out the next day and immediately bought the album, and by the end of the week owned evey PM album available at that time. And as of this writing I have have every single PM cd and it will continue to expand with each and every new release.
The Way Up Part 3 is my favorite movement of this beautiful piece. Minute 7 is what I envision in my mind as The Embrace. So sublime.
remembering the days phase dance san Lorenzo smooth as ice
His longevity is both amazing and greatly appreciated. I started listening to him in the late 1970s. The rhythms, time signatures, key signatures and key changes challenge me to enjoy the journey he lays out before me. I call it simple complexity.
janice.kinde r
What can I say about Pat Metheny? Simply great, unique. Nothing like him before or since.
Just something about his music...all to his own.....
Don't read this cause it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. However if you do not post this to at least three songs you will die in 2 days. Now you've started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put it on at least 5 songs in at least 143 minutes when if done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on your screen in big letters this is scary cuz it actually works. 3 days ago
moments ago.
Saw PMG a few years back in Orlando and after the show I noticed Nathan East (Clapton's bassist) standing by the merch table. I said hello and asked Nathan, Who's God now? He chuckled ;)
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