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Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton was one of the biggest arena rock stars of the '70s, making his name largely on the double-LP concert set Frampton Comes Alive! Frampton was one of several '70s rock artists (Kiss, Cheap Trick, etc.) to break through to a wide audience with a live album; much like the others, he'd recorded several previous albums and built a following through extensive touring, in the process honing an exciting concert presence. That helped Frampton Comes Alive! become the best-selling live album of all time (up to that point), with eventual sales of over six million units in the U.S. and over 16 million copies worldwide. Frampton had paid nearly a decade's worth of dues before reaching superstardom, and unfortunately for him, it proved to be short-lived -- bad luck and a failure to duplicate the phenomenon of Frampton Comes Alive! conspired to halt his career momentum.

Peter Frampton was born April 22, 1950, in the town of Beckenham in Kent. He started playing guitar at age eight, and took several years of classical lessons. In his early teens, he played with rock & roll combos like the Little Ravens, the Trubeats, and the Preachers, the latter of which were managed by the Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman and appeared on the TV show Ready, Steady, Go. In 1966, Frampton dropped out of school to join the mod-pop group the Herd, where he got his first taste of success. The Herd scored several British hits over 1967-1968, and Frampton's youthful good looks made him a teen idol, earning him the tag the "Face of 1968" from the music press. In 1969, Frampton left the Herd to form the harder-rocking Humble Pie with erstwhile Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott. Although Humble Pie was poised for a breakthrough after two years of touring, Frampton departed in 1971 over differences in musical direction, and decided to start a solo career.

Having already performed on George Harrison's landmark All Things Must Pass, Frampton contributed guitar work to Nilsson's Son of Schmilsson, and released his debut solo album, Wind of Change, in 1972. Despite help from the likes of Ringo Starr and Billy Preston, it failed to make much of an impact. Frampton next formed an official backing band dubbed Frampton's Camel, which included keyboardist Mickey Gallagher (Cochise), bassist Rick Wills (Bell & Arc), and drummer Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth). Their 1973 album, Frampton's Camel, also sold disappointingly, but Frampton began to build a following through near-constant touring over the next few years. He broke up Frampton's Camel prior to the release of his next album, 1974's Somethin's Happening. The title would prove prophetic: the follow-up, Frampton, became his first hit LP in America, climbing into the Top 40 in 1975 and going gold.

By this point, Frampton had amassed a considerable catalog of underexposed songs, the best of which were tightly constructed and laden with hooks. He'd also developed into a top concert draw, since he was able to inject those songs with an energy that was sometimes missing from his studio outings. Plus, in concert, he often expanded the songs into vehicles for his economical, tasteful guitar playing, and his pioneering use of the talk-box guitar effect became a trademark part of his performances. All those elements came together on Frampton Comes Alive!, a double-LP set recorded at San Francisco's Winterland in 1975. The album was a surprise smash, rocketing to the top of the charts (where it stayed for ten weeks) and selling over 16 million copies worldwide to become the most popular live album yet released. It stayed on the charts for nearly two years, and spawned Frampton's first three hit singles: "Baby, I Love Your Way" and the Top Tens "Do You Feel Like We Do" and "Show Me the Way." Naturally, his supporting tour was a multimillion-dollar blockbuster as well. When the dust settled, Frampton was a star, and Rolling Stone named him its Artist of the Year.

Under pressure from A&M to deliver a quick follow-up, Frampton fought his better judgment and went back to the studio, instead of taking a break to rest and let his success sink in. The result was I'm in You, which rose to the number two spot on the album charts soon after its release in 1977. Its title track did the same on the singles charts, giving Frampton the biggest hit of his career. In the wake of the Frampton Comes Alive! phenomenon, it was perhaps inevitable that many fans would regard I'm in You as a disappointment; even if it sold over three million copies, its hasty writing process showed through in spots. Unfortunately, 1978 was a disastrous year for Frampton. He made a high-profile acting debut playing Billy Shears in the big-budget film version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a tremendous critical and commercial flop. In June, he was involved in a near-fatal car accident in the Bahamas, sustaining a concussion, multiple broken bones, and muscle damage; to make matters worse, he and his longtime girlfriend also ended their relationship. Frampton recovered fully from his accident, only to endure a brief slide into drug abuse. His 1979 album Where I Should Be only went gold, and its biggest hit was the Top 20 "I Can't Stand It No More" -- respectable, but nonetheless a startling drop-off from the success Frampton had just recently enjoyed.

Frampton seemed increasingly directionless as the '80s dawned. He cut his hair prior to the release of 1981's Breaking All the Rules, but the new image failed to send it higher than the lower reaches of the Top 50. The following year's The Art of Control was an unequivocal flop, and Frampton retreated from the music business for several years. He returned on Virgin in 1986 with Premonition, and though it wasn't a smash hit, he did get substantial rock radio airplay for the cut "Lying." The following year, Frampton played on onetime schoolmate David Bowie's Never Let Me Down album and accompanying tour. He recorded another new album, When All the Pieces Fit, for Atlantic in 1989, and had been planning a reunion with Steve Marriott not long before Marriott's tragic death in a 1991 house fire.

Frampton subsequently started touring again, and cut an eponymous album for Relativity in 1994 that was later reissued by Sony Legacy. The following year, he issued the newly recorded live album Frampton Comes Alive II on I.R.S. During the late '90s, he recorded and toured with Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings and Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band. Frampton's first DVD, Live in Detroit, was released in 2000; a newly recorded concert also issued on CD by CMC International, it was eventually certified gold. The generally well-received Now, his first studio album in nine years, arrived in 2004, followed in 2006 by Fingerprints, the latter of which earned him a 2007 Grammy Award for Pop Instrumental Album of the year. His 14th studio long-player, 2010's Thank You Mr. Churchill, was supported by a North American stadium tour with Yes. The following year he embarked on "The Frampton Comes Alive 35th Anniversary Tour," playing the original concert album set list in sequence. His 2013 "Frampton's Guitar Circus" tour featured a rotating cast of guest performers including Kenny Wayne Shepherd, B.B. King, Rick Derringer, Robert Cray, Roger McGuinn, David Hidalgo, Dean DeLeo, and many others. Early the following year, Frampton was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame. Later in 2014, he released Hummingbird in a Box: Songs for a Ballet, an EP of seven new original guitar pieces that were inspired by the Cincinnati Ballet. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi
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Saw him three times in the mid 70s, was still married and my little bro was still alive,rip bro great memories,man life goes by so quick!!
notprovided4 0 0 0
My brother-in-l a w , Gordon Kennedy, has been writing with Peter Frampton for several years now. He is a really nice guy. My sister clearly lives a very different life when she needs to hang up the phone because Peter Frampton is at the door....
Saw him 1976 ft. Worth tx. Great concert lots of ladies lots of ladies
Saw this tour at the Fillmore West in San Francisco when I was in high school oh my
Love Love Peter Frampton! I'm old too and don't care!
I guess by admitting that I like Peter Frampton it immediately makes me an old f*rt right?
Takes me right back to high school and every pretty girl who wouldn't give me the time of day
Really like this song!!! Wow! brings back memories.
BackTracking ! ! ! ! - Im in the mood for Peter Again!- Love This Guy!!!!- Miss real muscians!!- Have to admit he was Gorgeous too!!!
1 of my most favorite songs by George Harrison , but Framton does this song justice. LUV IT!!!!》♡♡♡♡♡
the first time I heard this song was in the sunny summer of 1975,after graduating from highschool I shot to a a party that I had been invited to .the party lasted two months WOW I thinked somebody spiked my cola WOW when the fire and smoke cleared this incrediable band was bringing down the house WOW!!!!!!!!!
Saw him the 70 s and 80s same true rocker good tunes
Yeah we all know this song is by The Beatles but Peter Frampton is a great guitarist and well suited to covering this song.
this song is originally by the Beatles
this is a very good version.. completely listenable..
He is still Way cute.
To the herd of deaf people printing the lyrics...if you can't understand them for the love of all that's holy don't put crap like turned from the mic can't catch it in place of the lyrics. And I don't know what the hell peached up is.....
There must be a heard of deaf people working for whomever prints the lyrics. It's bad enough when they are wrong but when they put stuff in like turned from the mic can't catch it...sheesh. . . .
as a budding guitarist, in the early 70's, there was no onemore influential than Peter Frampton. My first guitar was a Les Paul and to this day, most of my phrases still are shadows of this great man
just simply one of the best songs ever played
fantastic rendition this is 1 remake that sounds better, what a guitarist, fabulous,
I absolutely LOVE this song. Takes me back to my late teenage years.
yes frampton comes alive was a magic album!
yes yes yes just what i was thinking hodgdons 7
Hard to think of Peter Frampton doing a Soundgarden tune. But he nails it. I sure remember his earlier years.
Take that you Framton dismissers.. . j u s t a One Hit Wonder right?
Had the honor of hearing this song personally as Mr. Frampton was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN Jan 28, 2014!
I liked the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. And if it weren't for that movie, I wouldn't of heard of the Bee Gees or Peter Frampton. But I've fallen in love with both...and the movie...I like things with colors. But Show Me The Way is my favorite from Frampton.
I love Peter Frampton I was raised on his music!
Carmela we share taste in good sounds baby!
Best live double album at that I ever heard right at a time we all needed a new big star. 1976 was a great year for Peter Frampton.
Oh I love Peter Frampton!!!! !
So talented and overlooked for a guitarists
How could anyone not love him....takes me back
@kvons1 Can you remember when you both could make complete sentences?
Just all around very talented guy !!!!
wow, that is best beatles cover I have ever heard... just amazing
Frampton camel is one of the best lps ever made
Let's not forget Peter's work with Humble Pie.
I hate Beatle covers-I really like this, though. Of course he did play on All Things Must Pass. Show Me The Way was one of the first songs I learned how to play on the guitar back in 1976. Still one of my favorite songs.
I loved his music in the 70s and treasure it now!
Frampton and I same age---I can remember when we both young.
I think his venture into the mouth harp was second to none!
Saw Framptons Guitar Circus with B.B. King last night at Wolftrap. What a great show easily the best I saw this year!
Peter is a badass guitarist and we are so fortunate that he still works his a** off and gives us great performances on a regular basis over the past 10 years. Thank you Peter....... I hope you continue for another 10 years because lord knows we need it. If if weren't for you and a few others that are still performaning , we would be in trouble.
surveyrichar d
Just saw his Guitar Circus at the Choctaw Event Center...Gre a t show!!
He still puts on a great show! Does a great version of While my guitar gently weeps
#1 FCA
Hah ... Swee, I'm fourteen years older. I sure remember FCA. Not to mention his other projects! Frampton's Camel comes to mind! Not only great guitar but great lyrics.
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