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During the early '90s, Phish emerged as heirs to the Grateful Dead's throne. Although their music was somewhat similar to the Dead's sound -- an eclectic, free-form rock & roll encompassing elements of folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, and pop -- the group adhered more to jazz-derived improvisation than folk tradition. Moreover, they sported a looser, goofier attitude; after all, their drummer regularly played a vacuum during their concerts. However, Phish's main claim as the inheritors to the Dead's legacy was their approach to their musical career. The band didn't concentrate on albums, dedicating themselves instead to live improvisation. Within a few years of their 1988 debut, Phish had become an institution in certain sections of America, particularly college campuses and other liberal locales. While their in-concert popularity didn't necessarily translate to huge record sales (their biggest-selling albums usually halted at gold status, with the notable exceptions of Junta and A Live One), Phish's members were still the de facto leaders of the neo-hippie jam band movement.

Guitarist/vocalist Trey Anastasio, drummer Jon Fishman, and guitarist Jeff Holdsworth formed the band in late 1983 while attending the University of Vermont. After meeting and jamming in their dormitory, the trio posted flyers across campus to recruit a bassist. Mike Gordon answered the advertisement and he was soon added to the original lineup. Phish began practicing regularly and soon assembled a demo tape; by the fall of 1984, they'd also begun performing off-campus concerts. At this stage in their career, the band was augmented by percussionist Marc Daubert and, occasionally, a vocalist called the Dude of Life. Keyboardist Page McConnell soon joined the group, too, having previously booked Phish to play Goddard College's Springfest in 1985. Shortly after McConnell's arrival, Holdsworth left the group, and both Anastasio and Fishman transferred to Goddard College during the fall of 1986.

Early in 1988, Phish recorded the debut album Junta, which they sold as a cassette-only release at local shows. The group played their first tour outside of New England the following year, traveling through the Southeast. Phish also recorded another album, Lawn Boy, in 1989, although the album wasn't released until the fall of 1990 (when it was issued by the independent label Absolute A-Go-Go, a subsidiary of Rough Trade). Throughout early 1991, Phish toured America; during the summer, they recorded their third album, as well as a set of sessions with their old friend, the Dude of Life.

Rough Trade collapsed that August, taking Absolute A-Go-Go with it. Phish were left without a record contract, but they were soon signed by Elektra, which released A Picture of Nectar in February 1992. The group then embarked on an extensive national tour to support the album, including a handful of shows on the H.O.R.D.E. tour. That same summer, Elektra reissued Lawn Boy and Junta, which gave fans greater access to the band's early material. Rift, Phish's fourth album (and the first they recorded with a producer), appeared in February of 1993. During Phish's 1993 tour, the group sold tickets specifically designed for those fans who were taping the concert, a major gesture of goodwill. Hoist, the band's fifth album, was released in 1994; one of its songs, "Down with Disease," became the band's first video and received some airplay on MTV. Hoist sold better than the group's previous albums, which was an indication of how large the group's fan base had become. Crimes of the Mind, the album Phish had originally recorded with the Dude of Life in 1991, was released on Elektra Records before the year's end.

In the summer of 1995, the band released the double-live album A Live One, which attempted to definitively capture the Phish concert experience. The year 1996 saw two additional releases -- one of them a Trey Anastasio solo project (a free-form jazz side project called Surrender to the Air), and the other a full-fledged Phish album entitled Billy Breathes. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, Billy Breathes garnered the group's best reviews yet. Slip, Stitch & Pass, the band's second live LP, followed in 1997, and Phish continued their prolific output in 1998 with the studio effort Story of the Ghost. Hampton Comes Alive, a six-disc release that captured four full live sets over the course of two performances, appeared in late 1999 and went gold, a testament to Phish's rabid following.

Phish's popularity only grew during the latter half of the '90s, as their ceaseless touring had helped make them one of the top concert draws in the nation. In the spring of 2000, Phish delivered the pastoral studio effort Farmhouse, which was hailed as one of their finest and tightest releases to date; they also landed some mainstream exposure thanks to the single "Heavy Things." However, exhausted by touring and separation from their families, Phish decided to take an extended break, announcing a temporary breakup in October 2000. One month later, Elektra reissued The Siket Disc, which was previously available only through mail order; it featured improvisational tracks from the band's 1997 Story of the Ghost sessions.

Each member branched out into different directions during this period. Anastasio released a series of demos before collaborating with Primus bassist Les Claypool and former Police drummer Stewart Copeland for the bizarre Oysterhead project. He also released an eponymous solo album during the spring of 2002. Jonathan Fishman worked with his own side project, Pork Tornado, as well as the touring jazz combo Jazz Mandolin Project. Page McConnell released the first recordings from his other band, Vida Blue, and contributed keyboards to Tenacious D's first record. Mike Gordon, meanwhile, did some work with friend and former employer Col. Bruce Hampton; he also dabbled in film work, both in front and behind the camera. Finally, both Gordon and McConnell worked on Gov't Mule's The Deep End, Vol. 1.

As for the band, Phish became more a part of American culture than ever before, and they made an appearance on The Simpsons before releasing a massive set of live albums (as well as a DVD) during the spring of 2002. By the end of the year, the group bowed to pressure and announced that they would begin to play live dates again, starting at the end of December. Touring soon commenced and continued for a year and a half; however, following the release of Undermind, the group decided to officially call it quits in the summer of 2004. Of course, this didn't mean that more albums couldn't be released, as a slew of posthumous releases kept the band's spirit alive while maintaining demand for Phish's reunion. The year 2005 saw the release of a 1995 New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden, 2006 witnessed another live album with Live in Brooklyn, and 2008 brought about the mammoth At the Roxy (Atlanta '93), which compiled eight discs of live concert material into one package.

Phish's official reunion arrived in March 2009, when the band played three sold-out shows at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. A reunion tour was launched that summer (with venues including Fenway Park and the main stage at Bonnaroo), and sporadic shows continued throughout the year. In addition to playing live, Phish also released their first studio album in years, having partnered with former Billy Breathes producer Steve Lillywhite for the creation of 2009's Joy; the album debuted at 13 on the Billboard Top 200. From that point on, Phish toured regularly, appearing at festivals of their own making and headlining other events, including the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Outside Lands, and Bonnaroo. Along the way, some archival releases appeared, including the 2013 box set Ventura, which housed two late-'90s concerts performed at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

In 2013 Phish reconvened at their Vermont studio, the Barn, for writing sessions that resulted in a set of ten songs for a new studio album. The bulk of the songs were debuted live at their Halloween concert in Atlantic City, after which the band decamped to Nashville to record with famed producer Bob Ezrin. Entitled Fuego, the album, their tenth, was released in June 2014 and was preceded by the single "Waiting All Night." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Niagara Falls

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

Track List: 2013/10/31 Atlantic City, NJ


Track List: The Line (Single)


Track List: Time Turns Elastic (Radio Single)


Track List: Waiting All Night (Single)


go to sugarmegs.or g , millions of phish and dead shows, good quality. Lots of other bands too, but the sound quality can be bad for a lot of those.
Oh wow, I can SEE the music!!! What was in that tea?????
Just gettin my feet wet. 1st tablet. 1st time on Pandora!
yeah & there's a lot of other official released stuff that's not on here either. , phishtracks. c o m or google 'phish spreadsheet'
Acquire more soundboard tapes, as heard on satellite Radio. We've all heard this officially available stuff ten trillion times.
I'm pulling the pavement from under my nails
I brush past a garden, dependent on whales
The sloping companion I cast down the ash
Yanked on my tunic and dangled my stash

Zipping through the forest with the curdling fleas
To grow with them spindles, the mutant I seize
I capture the dread beast who falls to his knees
And cries to his cohorts, asleep in the trees

Smegma, dogmatagram, fishmarket stew
Police in a corner, gunnin' for you
Appletoast, bedheated, furblanket rat
Laugh when they shoot yo
Giant Country Horns!
I've got goose bumps listening to this!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! New Year's in Miami....her e I come!!!!!
lets go phishin family...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
They are all equally talented.... s w a p p i n g instruments mid show.....tha t ' s all I got to say about that. Oh and lieutenant Daaaiiiinnnn ice cream! Maze and fluffhead... k i l l e r .
Phish is a band
pandora just put the new album on here. nice
New to Phish. They're not bad.
I love when route 89 gets shut down :) come back soon guys!
Love lizards and chalk dust torture
So thankful we still have phish!! Can't wait for the next starlake show!!
I'm a young girl who nobody would expect to be a Phishhead... I will prove them all wrong one day XD
What throne?
portsmouth? dono what ur babblin but yep
Even since the day I got home from the hospital as a baby, my dad would play this to me on his guitar. The Grateful Dead is what I have grown up listening to.
Anyone need a ticket to 7/30 Portsmouth ?
I have to say- so many of the people who write posts here are complete morons. Anyone who can't see the parallels between Phish and the Dead is blind. While their musical styles, lyrics and talents differ, their concerts both create an environment and sonic experience that inspires in a similar fashion. I'm an old Dead Head but truly enjoy what Trey and the boys contribute.
First off, I wanna say,I love me some Phish. My CD albums in my car (yes I'm "old-school" still listening to CD's) are full of official and bootlegged Phish CDs (Phish 11-11-93 Disc 1 of 3 or whatever) Second, I am more of a Widespread Panic/Gratef u l Dead kind of guy so, some people will read my post as "hating on Phish," which I don't feel like I am doing(see first and second sentences of post)
There are a couple of things that bother me a little bit about Phish though...
1. Their lyrics
@ bunny fufu - They just celebrated their 30th reunion
Crappy hipster band. Used to go see them for $12 at the you be a trustafarian wearing hipster in a fedora and Ray thousands to go see them for 4 days and nights.
Def a Zappa band
Not even close to Zappa or the Grateful which I've had the extreme Pleasure of watching live!!
GD not including Further & Rat Dog or JGB 263 shows with Jerry and 43 Zappa shows!!!
Bet you wish You where there!!!
Love you Trey Anastsio you were awesome at Wanee 2014 playing SAND inthe Live Oaks!!!
Definetly one of my favorite Phish has great song structure that goes somewhere,no t leading into a black hole in deep Outer Space where nobody really needs to Go!!!
F**k David Bowie and many of their others!!!
Peace !!!
New to Phish. They're a nice, funky jam band.
I don't agree with this bio on Phish. I don't believe that Phish were the heirs to GD's throne. The two bands put on extremely inviting shows that relied heavily on improvisatio n and both gathered huge cult like followings. Other than those likenesses, I don't feel they were successors to GD. The timing of Phish's emergence paralleled the Dead's loss of a cultural icon, Jerry Garcia, which contributes to this misconceptio n , but a successor would indicate that the GD had been removed.
The Grateful Dead are looking at their fifty year reunion and are still playing! Phish has been together around twenty years and are still going! I strongly believe that both will exist forever through their tunes, too. Phish was NOT the replacement for the Dead, no such musical ensemble exists.
dandaviscura t i v e
This my JamBand is better than your JamBand is bullshit. If you didn't thumbs down the tune then your enjoying yourself. Let that be enough.
#justanother s u m m e r t o u r #phish2014
I love huffing a big jenkem balloon on Page Side....Goog l e it.
What o p l e is craycray
Love um or hate um...they still rock! Can't wait for summer tour!
dperez102, and apocryphal story but an urban myth. The original, true quote was from Jimi Hendrix on the Dick Cavett show in the late 1960's. Hendrix's reply was Rory Gallagher. Who the heck is Trey Anastasio ?
To everyone comparing phish and the dead. They are nothing alike. And neither is better then the other. But it is a matter of prefrence. Both put on incredibly amazing live shows. The difference to me is phish is a goofy fun party and the dead was life affirming, powerfully emotional experience. I understand people liking one more then the other or both. And for me... its the dead all the way I love people who take themselves alittle more seriously when it comes to moving people through li
I've seen phish and as an affirmed Deadhead with dozens of shows under my belt I have to say phish wouldn't even be allowed to sweep the stage at a Dead show back in the day. And what is this vacuum cleaner s**t? What a joke
I'm not particularly impressed. Heirs to the Grateful Dead's throne ? Get back to me in about 30 years.

If you knock Phish, you don't know how truly committed they are. They played through terrible rain in Verizon Amphitheater and continued to do an original acapella at the end of the show. Simply amazing band that I hope everyone gets a chance to see.
Should've covered Frampton on this particular album, and Trey could've made his guitar talk like Peter did.
The Phish ought to release a Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar type album.
And comparison to Zappa and the Dead are the highest compliments. Phish is great.
I don't know why Zappa isn't mentioned they could be his clones.
makes me wanna run
Caught my first show in '01 in Antioch, TN...... I'm always down to step in to yesterday... Thanks Trey, Mike, Page, and Fishman for the memorable moments that will outlive us all!
the lyrics with free for hampton are incorrect.
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