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Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz was one of the most successful Contemporary Christian vocalists of the '90s, selling over a million copies of his first five records. Boltz released his first album, Seasons Change, in 1992. The album was an immediate success in CCM circles, and over the next five years he built his fanbase gradually through appearances on Christian radio and a series of well-received albums. ~ Rodney Batdorf, Rovi
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God said hate the sin not the sinner and who am I to judge what is sin. Only God knows a persons heart and the circumstance s that put it there.
I know that Rays songs and concerts
@luv2read41 glad someone does. Christians should be a loving people (like Christ), not judging...
Thank You Bret! Well said! I agree with you wholehearted l y .
I am just a sinner saved by grace, Good saved me from all of my sin. Why are we as Christians looking at the vessel instead of what matters, the message? It's a powerful song no matter who wrote it, God's hand was in the writing of it and a lot of his other songs, I choose to listen to the message. I don't judge anyone, don't agree with his lifestyle, but my life is hard enough to handle without sticking my nose in everybody else's.
writermarlow e
In everything give thanks - Amen
You're missing the point. If all sin is sin, how is sin of arrogance any less sinful, or more deserving of forgiveness, than being gay? In the end, none of this is anyone's business but God's. We have no right to judge other people for anything. If homosexualit y , arrogance or wearing white after Labor Day, is sin, it's up to God to deal with, not us. Jesus also said Judge not, lest you be judged. Everyone seems to skip that part.
@lov2read41 1 Corinthians 2:16
I have always loved Ray Boltz' music. I know that he is gay but so what? No one knows the mind of God. All of you that are condemning him for his lifestyle are presuming to know the mind of God. Your arrogance is just as much a sin as you say his lifestyle is.
I'm praying for you Ray Boltz that you would turn back to Jesus and go back to the life you had before leaving your wife for a men.
Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you.....
Ray - I to am praying for you. Your music has and will always be a fantastic inspiration. Thank you for touching my life. r e n c e
Just want to let you know, Ray, that God is waiting with open arms. God is waiting for you to come on your knees in repentance from sin, and He will respond with a gracious heart of love. He's seeking you now. Don't run. Listen to His voice, and you'll know the true peace that you've been seeking. A true relationship with Jesus isn't empty...comp r o m i s e , lukewarmness , and rebellion are empty. Jesus did not die on the cross for us to live for ourselves, but for Him unconditiona l l y .
Gay Christian oxymoron like saying Murdering Christian. No such thing. Sexual Sin is Sin against the body, a very grave sin. Your Identity as a Christian, changes from being yours to being HIS. You must DIE, to be Born Again in the Spirit. REPENT, that is have a Change of Mind, and then this Change of Mind will cause you to Walk towards God. Turning away from Sin. He will hear your prayers when you truly REPENT from the Heart Towards God. God Hates the SINNER, NOT only the SIN.

Suvk@wi.rr.c o m
The Lord said he will not apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah... We as believers will not stop searching for the lost.but to come back,come back you prodigal child the father is waiting for you to get out of the pigpen and come home...
Satan is the god of this world. Adam and Eve hid from the Lord because they seen that they were naked. The Lord said who told you you were naked and the woman said we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You know the story turn away from your wicked way and come back to the Lord he will's none to perish but all to be saved...
Don't know what you're thinking but good works are not of your self but of the Lord.Paul said considerate all of it dung... for run the race Ray bolts do not stay in your old way repent His righteousnes s and ask for forgiveness and run quickly away from ungodliness . For we are not the judge of sin but the Lord said when you know that one is in ungodliness go and rescue him quickly the Lord left the 99 and went and rescued the one that was lost that's you Ray Boltz...repe n t and come back to the
We as believers in the faith of Jesus Christ know that The Lord said that we have been set free if you're born again The Lord said that our Old lifestyles cannot stay in the old way of thinking to God for we were once like this but now we are not like this we are born again.Ray Boltz The Lord said you must be born again... you cannot stay in things that are an abomination to God... You know that God does not teach homosexualit y you know that he said that if he was to let ungodliness into heaven
Ray, if you read these comments, I want to say Thank you for the love of Jesus that you showed so many of us. No one is without sin. It's what we do with the sin is the outcome. You came to Holland, Michigan in the years of 88' and 89'. My husband and I were blessed by your concert you gave in both years but especially in 88'. Less than a year after accepting Jesus as my personal Savior, my husband kneeled down at your concert and accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. We were united.
I love hearing him sing. It brings tears to my eyes. Just want to say thanks.
I Love your music
His music is great and as for his lifestyle, God is the final judge.
Forgiveness is the cornerstone of christianity .
It is not our place to judge him. We have ALL sinned.
God does not think that one type of sin is any worse than another. Whether living with a woman-not your wife or living with a man. Sin is still SIN.
His music is still amazing, and he had touched many. many lives through it.
Thank you was a song that was popular when I first became a believer, and it still holds the same message today.
The Anchor Holds another amazing message today.
I have loved Ray Boltz for years. God's Grace and Love is powerful. If you are judging him, please see Galatians 5:19-21 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Do you not struggle with one of these sins? Jesus said in John 8:7 He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone. Continue to love this man and pray for him as you would any other sinner. All of us who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ are Saved, yet we are all Sinners. Again, God's Grace and Love is powerful!

Gives me shivers every time I hear it. Awesome song.
Ray Boltz has divorced his wife and moved into a homosexual lifestyle. http://chris t i a n m u s i c . a b o u t . c o m / o d / e d i t o r i a l 1 / a / r a y b o l t z c o m e s o u . h t m
Are you talking about Ray Durin or Ray Boltz? I had thought that Ray Boltz was deceased. Please clear up my confusion. r e n c e
I know what it's like to walk away from Jesus. It's lonely. Eventually you find others who agree with you, but they are like-minded in their deception. I knew the Truth. Ray, if you ever read this, stop hiding from Christ. Return to your first love. It's just one repentant decision. Rev 3:20
Love it
He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.Re 3:5
Lest you call me a hypocrite, I readily acknowledge that this observation from God's Word applies to me just as much as anyone else: You can’t draw fresh water from a salty spring (James 3:12). If the source is tainted by an unrepentant heart, that which it produces is tainted as well. Yes, Jesus is forgiving and He does not condemn us, but we cannot dismiss His clear admonition: Neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin” (John 8:11).
I just read all the comments about Ray and I am praying for him, his family and all of us because we all need God's divine grace. We all need to lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ because this world is not our safe place or our home. God bless you all

lyrics for 'The anchor holds?
When you played at the 'One Accord Restaurant'
The Anchor holds in spite of the opinions of men.
I wish we could see you in concert again. Your music has aided us during the darkest of times. God Bless you for your ministry!!!
Ray You have always been and inspiration to me with your music. You are by far still my favorite christian artist. God is in control of my life and He still controls yours. I will never stop singing or listening to your music. your are and inspiration to millions. I will be praying for you.
captainjack1 9 9 1
Music is good; shame his testimony isn't. Ah well. Be praying for him.
This man's music has keep me on track so many times in my life. None of these songs could have been written without the help of God. He is and will always be one of my favorites. So he is gay now, so what. I am not the judge of anyone. I pray for him, that God will be able to use him where ever he is and whatever he is doing. His music touches my heart in ways no other can. Thank you Ray for all you have done for me. God bless you.
I just rededicated my life to God and the first thing I wanted to hear was Ray Boltz and that when I found out he is gay. It really saddens me that some christians are acting like tyrants. God is always in control, let us all remember this. Ray, I still love you and your music....pra i s e God for you!!
grammajeanne I have prayed for his exwife and kids...Jesus please keep them from disillusionm e n t and despair...
thetorgerson s
This mans music ministered to us in a difficult time and I know many others. Yes Homosexualit y is a sin so is lying gossiping gultony But My God is bigger than all that. When Ray gets ahold of how much j
Jesus loves him and all that was accomplished on the Cross for him he will be back I pray for Ray to grow in the knowledge of Christ and for him to be able to recieve his healing of the hurts that lead him down this road.
addisonblack e
His ministry still stands. His songs still touch and minister and share God's love for all of us reformed sinners.
For those who do not think that they are a sinner, then they can add hypocrite to the list...
I love him...but the tragedy of his life just breaks my heart. I too pray for his healing and restoration.
If you knew him in person as i do ,you'd see what truly a good man he is
thomasbgraha m
When I first started listening to RB I was much more into Christian Harder Rock, now I finally can appreciate him more. I am praying for his complete healing and constantly amazed at Our Loving Fathers wooing love :)
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