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Ray Lynch

Though he's one of the most influential artists in "new age pop" and adult alternative circles, Lynch has extensive formal music training. Inspired by Andres Segovia's classical guitar recordings, Lynch studied the instrument in Barcelona, Spain, in the early '60s. He later attended the University of Texas as a composition student. Toward the end of the decade, Lynch moved to New York and became a fixture in the city's "early music" scene as a lutenist with Renaissance Quartette. A period of personal and spiritual crisis, however, led him to retreat from his career in conventional classical music. He moved to California, spent some time investigating various spiritual traditions and philosophies, and started experimenting with electronic music. His 1983 debut album, The Sky of Mind, artfully meshed his early classical music leanings with spatial, synthesized orchestrations and became an underground success with virtually no promotional support. Two years later, he released his most famous album, Deep Breakfast. While much of the album continued in a neo-classical vein (with some lyrical duets for viola and keyboards, among other things), Lynch's catchy tune, "Celestial Soda Pop," became a hit in the newly emerging WAVE radio formats. The album was one of the first new age releases to sell over 500,000 copies. While Lynch's later albums have their moments, his increasingly pop-oriented style lost the expressive intensity of his earlier work. Though, many listeners were attracted to his vibrant electronic textures and heartrending melodies. ~ Linda Kohanov
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Best Of

1. Ralph's Rhapsody

2. The Music Of What Happens

3. The Oh Of Pleasure

4. Celestial Soda Pop

5. Clouds Below Your Knees

6. The Vanished Gardens Of Cordoba

7. The True Spirit Of Mom & Dad

8. The Temple

9. Her Knees Deep In Your Mind

10. Kathleen's Song

11. Tiny Geometries


Track List: Nothing Above My Shoulders But The Evening

1. Over Easy

2. Her Knees Deep in Your Mind

3. Passion Song

4. Ivory

5. Mesquite

6. Only an Enjoyment

7. The Vanished Gardens of Cordoba


Track List: No Blue Thing

1. No Blue Thing

2. Clouds Below Your Knees

3. Here & Never Found

4. Drifted In A Deeper Land

5. Homeward At Last

6. Evenings, Yes

7. The True Spirit Of Mom & Dad


Track List: Deep Breakfast

1. Celestial Soda Pop

2. The Oh Of Pleasure

3. Falling In The Garden

4. Your Feeling Shoulders

5. Rhythm In The Pews

6. Kathleen's Song

7. Pastorale

8. Tiny Geometries


Track List: The Sky Of Mind

1. Quandra

2. Good News

3. The Temple

4. Too Wounded

5. Pavane

6. Green Is Here


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You rock!
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First exposure was walking in to a Radio Shack of all places, in the Mall in the 90s? and froze when I heard this music coming out of the demo speakers. It was the Deep Breakfast album! Bought every album after that and Enya's too. Paired them and it would always get us in the ZONE.
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He is my favorite.
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motocrossbro n c o 2
My dad played this music in one of his slideshows. He would put together pictures of Colorado with beautiful music. Photo Musical Adventures.. . His father, my grandfather actually played the viola, and the piano for a living... No wonder this family loves Ray Lynch... putting the viola, and the keyboard together is one of his signatures! He just put my favorite instruments together, with the other awesome new age sounds of music my family loves, and created awesome beautiful music!
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My Dad used to play this album over and over when I was a kid on road trips/huntin g trips. Oh the memories
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This album is a MUST HAVE. If you're into new age or space music no collection is complete without it.
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Listening to Hearts of Space one evening I was nearly moved to tears listening to The Vanished Gardens of Cordoba from the Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Sky CD. This was my first exposure to Ray Lynch and I have been a fan ever since. The Nothing Above... CD still ranks as one of my favorites.
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I enjoy every piece of work by Ray Lynch. My daughter selected Celestial Soda Pop for her wedding processional and the fast paced Remix for the recessional - which emptied the sanctuary in less than 3 minutes!
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Do you have No Blue Thing? It is my favorite of Ray Lynch's style.
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No Blue Thing is a definite need for this radio. Is anyone listening?
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this is great when making out and high...
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this music wants you to go to sleep right now.
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Wasn't this in the movie "Legend"?
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A friend of mine introduced me to his music while at college- she had a multidisc player, played music while studying- we had him, Celine Dion, and Van Halen and Perry como in the player when we studied, quite the combo- I grew to love Ray lynch and Perry como thanks to her.
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Its been so long since have listened to Ray Lynch. Cat explain why it popped into my head after twenty some years, just glad that it did.

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I played the cello in local symphony's but was not satisfied with straight classical music. Something was missing. Ray Lynch and those that have expended new age music have filled my void. My love was raising children but music filled my soul. I am complete.
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I'm an old new age follower! Ray Lynch has been one of my favorites since his beginning trends .Still following these concepts from the early 70s Tomar
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A friend introduced me to this album my freshman year of college - has been a favorite since then
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Soothing but can get monotonous.
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Deep Breakfast was my child's bed time music in 1986-87. Been one of my favorites ever since.
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I love Ray Lynch sooooo much
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Deep Breakfast is great, but Pandora should look into adding No Blue
Thing into the rotation.
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I fell in love with Ray Lynch's Deep Breakfast while getting a massage. That music lifted me into another world during a very dark time in my life, and I love it now as much as ever. I look forward to hearing the complete works of this genius.
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karenrecking e r
Though a fairly staunch alt-rock / ska fan in my youth, I discovered Sky of Mind in my early 20's and was hooked on it. (actually, it was my make-out CD for many years). Today, I'm thrilled that my 7-year old daughter also appreciates it. In fact, it's her go-to CD when she has trouble sleeping. I'd encourage anyone who enjoys Deep Breakfast to explore Sky of Mind - it never gets old or sounds 'dated' to me.
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i fell in love w/deep breakfast when i was 17, (now 41) i was walking through a park during a huge art festival in Lancaster, PA with my first love.. an artist was playing it at his keyosk ... we purchase art work and went to the nearest music store to purchased Ray's CD... he lingered in my life through one of the most toughest times in my life... my twin sister suddenly became sick with Gullian Barre' syndrome.. she lay paralyzed on life support and i played this music for her.. it helped her
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daviddharles 5
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martin.sprun c k
I've been listenting to Ray's music since I was in high school in the 80's. Granted, it was hearing Celestial Soda Pop on the radio that brought me to his music, but I've been hooked ever since. And I keep looking for a new Ray Lynch album. Would love to hear what he's creating these days. I love that people are still into his albums and still commenting on them after all this time. I agree with others - the Pandora review is shallow and a bit lazy.
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"increasingl y pop-oriented style" is just false. Nothing Above My Shoulders is, if anything, too sophisticate d and classically- o r i e n t e d for most listeners, and not catchy enough. Celestial Soda Pop was probably the most "pop-oriente d " song he's done. While I agree I like Deep Breakfast better as an album, it's silly to say his style has become "increasingl y pop-oriented " .

As a side note, Pandora really needs to get No Blue Thing on here. Gorgeous album.
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"While Lynch's later albums have their moments, his increasingly pop-oriented style lost the expressive intensity of his earlier work.." REALLY?! You haven't foucused on "No Blue Thing" then??
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"Celestial Soda Pop" with a mimosa on a bright Sunday morning when the bills are already paid....AAAa a a a a a h h h h h .
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love this stuff
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Working with Ray Lynch in a video production and his music is still amazing.
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The way the featured reviewer dismisses his later work, implying commercial sell-out, is disgusting. Is it just an excuse for not having them in the catalog?
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madeline.mcc u l l o u g h
"Spent some time investigatin g various spiritual traditions and philosophies , " HUH. SO THAT's what we were doing. I've been listening for a long time. Congrats for your success. -Beautiful.
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I can't remember if I heard Deep Breakfast playing first or just bought it blind, but I have made a gift of it to dozens of friends. One of my friends played it in the background for their entire wedding reception.
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I fell in love with Deep Breakfast in my late 50s... I'm 80 and still love it.
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Ditto to Shawna Lynn's comments...l e t ' s get with it, Pandora!
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"Deep Breakfast" was on in a store I liked to shop in an I asked what was playing and the rest is history. i love his music and it is really great on a day I am stressed out to calm me down or just relaxing with a great book.
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I fell in love with his composition "No Blue Thing" when I was very young. I would stop whatever I was doing to simply listen to every note, every nuance. I am disappointed to see that it is not included in the selected discography at Pandora. I'm eager to hear his other music, all the same.
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I have never been moved so much as when I heard "The Vanished Gardens of Cordoba" from the album "Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening". It brought back many memories of when I was able to play similar instruments, the composition is excellent. I listen when I have had a terrible day and need to escape.
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Love listening to this while reading, sometimes it puts me right out. I wake up with my headphones in my ears. ;-)
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I was just at Ray's house last night.
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Aound 1988 I was on a road trip up the Coast of Maine. I purchased Ray Lynch's Deep Breakfast on cassette while at Mt. Desert Island. I have been in love ever since! There is nothing like it. Soothes the mind, body and soul.
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The first time I heard Deep Breakfast, I was in Estes Park CO on a mountain overlooking the town in very, very dense fog. The lights of the town and the lights on top of another mountain (lift) gave me a feeling of existing outside of time (no I am not weird). Everytime I hear Deep Breakfast it takes me back to that time and feeling. Great!
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As others, I've been listening to Ray Lynch's incredible electronic compositions for over 30 years - even today. I still love 'Tiny Geometries' and 'The Oh of Pleasure.'
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I enjoy Ray's music but my favorite song is No Blue Thing - light, airy, it just simply lifts my soul! Thank you Ray
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