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Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins was many things to the CCM community: a beloved performer nominated for 12 Dove Awards, an expert on several instruments (including hammered dulcimer, piano, and guitar), and a very successful songwriter, responsible for one of the most popular contemporary praise songs in existence, "Awesome God." Born in 1955 in Richmond, IN, he began playing piano at the age of four, and gradually became proficient on guitar and dulcimer as well. In 1974, he began studying at Cincinnati Bible College, where he wrote praise songs and often performed on acoustic guitar. As part of Zion Ministries, Mullins toured the country and led praise & worship meetings at many retreats. One such meeting, in Nashville, got him signed to a publishing deal by Reunion Records, and Amy Grant recorded his "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" for her 1982 album Age to Age. Just two years later, he signed a recording contract with Reunion as well.

Even early in his career, Mullins' gift for incisive lyrics and folky, Celtic music revealed itself, as on his 1986 self-titled album and the follow-ups Pictures in the Sky and Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth. Though he moved to Kansas in 1988 to study music education at Friends University, Mullins continued to record steadily during the late '80s and early '90s, and also released two volumes of a quasi-song cycle entitled The World as Best as I Remember It. He began to get involved with relief organizations after graduation from Friends, and spent time in the American Southwest teaching music to children on a Navajo reservation. He had recorded two collections of new songs plus another compilation before he was tragically killed in an Illinois car accident in September 1997. The Jesus Record was released posthumously the following year and Here in America, a collection of live recordings and demos accompanied by a DVD, was released in 2003. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


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Rich Mullins is an example of what God does to show us himself. Our deliverer is coming, he already came for Rich. Be ready brothers and sisters.
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garysullivan 5 8
Rich was one of the people that led me to Christ. Miss him greatly. Can't wait to see him and worship with him again!!!
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Do research on his life, there is so much more to him than this simple bio. He was a complex man, deep in spiritual understandin g , broken, passionately in love with Jesus, speaking with a prophetic voice. His voice and music is still changing lives.
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Miss Rich so much. Thank You God for sharing him a short while. Please send us a similar artist.
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My favorite song writer in the history of writing songs
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I was blessed to see Rich several times in concert!!!! What an amazing talent.... Miss him..... Loved the movie, watched it last night :)
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I totally agree that ragamuffin is an awesome movie as well and his music was really good he had talent to bad it was cut short though
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Really nice songs from a child of God
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Amazing and godly man
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@Tonia Garza Ragamuffin is an awesome movie.
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I saw him perform at a youth conference the July before his death. I don't think the youth fully got him, but I surely did. His impact on my life is undeniable.
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Just saw the movie "Ragamuffin"
Wow..... I was on my face on the floor for quite sometime after wards!
His humbleness and sincerity is beyond all others!
Thank you Jesus for the spirit you placed in this mans body, he truly loved you and loved singing to you and teaching others!
I am sure he is playing sweet music in Heaven with Jesus and our Father!
Love love love his music!
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Thanks Rich. Your ministry of music still instills hope.
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His music touched my life when I was younger and helped me lean on our Father when I was weak and full of doubt. I learned of his death at a Wayne Watson concert at a church in Ohio. I was stunned, Rich Mullins was the one I wanted most to see. God bless his soul, he blessed us with his life.
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Rich's music fills my soul with joy and peace. He was so genuine and humble. His message speaks to many of us through his Ragamuffin message. His loss is felt so deeply but he would want us to look forward and not backwards. To focus on what is really important-Fa t h e r God, our families and friends, the majestic earth with all it's beauty, color,textur e and unique designs. On the birds of the air, the sea animals, and much much more. I look forward to some worship and rocking in heaven. Play on,
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Unlike a lot of CCM artists, there is an intellectual and spiritual depth to the lyrics of Rich Mullins; I'd put him in the same category as Keith Green, Robin Mark, Michael Card, etc.
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From one Ragamuffin to another..I can relate to Rich in many ways. Your the lucky one brother being home with Jesus. See you in the Kingdom one day. Will have to play music together for Jesus.
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So refreshing and timeless...c a n ' t wait to hear him heaven!
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Well, sometimes my life , don't make sense , at all ..... When mountains look so big ... And my faith, just seems so small ... So, ..
Hold me Jesus ... Cause I'm shaking like a leaf ... "You" have been my King of Glory .... Won't
"You" Be. My. Prince. Of. Peace ..
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And I . Believe.... What. I . Believe
Is what makes me what I am....
I. Did. Not. Make. It.... It. Is. Making. Me .... I did not make it ...
It. Is. Making. Me Is. The. Very. Truth. Of. God. And. Not. The
Invention. Of. Any. Man ....
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I believe in God the Father.... ......
......... Almighty Maker of Heaven..
And Maker of Earth ... And in Jesus Christ .... "His" Only Begotten...
Son our Lord... "He" was conceived by the Holy Spirit...
.... Born. Of. The. Virgin. Mary........
Suffered under Pontious. Pilot ..
"He" was Crucified and dead and
Buried ...
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Just saw the movie based on his life today, wow. One of the best movies I've seen! I was in tears.
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You are dearly missed Rich. :) You've certainly made an impact on me and my family growing up
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Rich was an outstandingl y amazing person. I really do wish that he hadn't been killed, but I know that God planned that for his life, just as he planned each of our lives too. I love his music and cannot wait to be with God, Jesus, and him forever and ever.
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I wish Rich was still with us. Such an amazing man. I can't wait to meet you someday!
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Wonderful movie. I am so thankful I purchased it. I had never heard of him until now and a part of my feels cheated for the time lost now knowing this man and his music. I look forward to listening to it for a long time to come.
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rcuellarfami l y
Just saw the movie Ragamuffin with an intro and Q&A by his brother Dave here in Indy. Excellent. My daughter said she cried 17 times.
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Good reminder.
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Rich Mullins was a mentor to me. His music is so incredible and spirit. Rich offered to buy me and my friends a pizza before his concert when he saw us very early before concert. My five year old Drew him hearts falling from the sky from one of his lyrics and he later wrote her a postcard and colored her some hearts back. We all loved him very much. I'm still so sad over his early death. Till we meet again Rich.
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I've never heard of Rich Mullins when he was alive. My mom put me on to one of songs. I have it on my iPad it's called Hold Me Jesus. I've been listen to pandora and have Rich Mullins music playing. He's my new favorite Christian song writer and singer. Can't wait to see him face to face in heaven and tell him what his music has done for me.
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Kingof_theta b l e 2
I had always wanted to see him in concert. I guess ill have to look for him in the choir in heaven. Come quickly Lord Jesus!
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Rich sang from the heart and every time I hear his voice or one of his songs, I feel the total abandon he put into everything he did. You are still loved and missed my brother.
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I miss Rich. Even today, his songs have a way of touching me and moving me to tears; he left us too soon.
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Rich's legacy remains strong because his music flowed from a true heart for God. His inspiration touched us and remains a strong testimony becuase he understood that we are all just ragamuffins in need of Jesus our Savior.
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I am drawn to God when I listen to his music, at times I have thought that Rich and Keith Green were brought to heaven early they are two who displayed citizenship of heaven in their lives on earth. It would have been great for us but perhaps God wanted them there. The apostle Paul was ready to go and desired this, I want to have the same mind.
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Ragamuffin, the Rich Mullins movie is coming out in January.
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I've enjoyed his music for years, and yes, he is greatly missed.
Even if only for the song 'Awesome God' - one of the few songs in our 'modern' world to be added to church hymnals, he was here long enough in our lives to impact many through his music.
Hold me Jesus and Creed are still also some of my favorites. =)
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My sister claims she taught him how to do the CUPS that he does when preforming Screen door on a submarine youtube it! if shes telling me the truth-how cool is that! :) look forward to hearing him sing in heaven!
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heaven wouldn't be the same without Rich....look forward to seeing him someday
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Rich was a singer that opened me up all about GOD
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Yes LORD YESHUA! I believe THE CREED too, & may HIS HOLY NAME be lifted on high 4ever, Amen!!!
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patriotgal.a p p l e s e e d
Thank you God for Rich's testimony and talent which was shared with all of us, drawing us closer to you. See you in a little while Rich.
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Rich.... I miss you
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I miss him and look forward to a concert in heaven.
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cool story
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Saw him in a small chapel at Judson College. Helped with take down. Bunch of us went to Denny's afterwards. Rich spent his time simply asking us about our dreams and hopes. Bunch of college kids but he just wanted to listen. No judgement, no advice, just a genuine interest about kids he would never see again. A memory that still touches my spirit 20 years later. Bless his soul as he has blessed so many nod ours.
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The Jordan is waiting for me to cross through
My heart is aging I can tell
So Lord, I'm begging
For one last favor from You
Here's my heart take it where You will

This life has shown me how we're mended
And how we're torn
How it's okay to be lonely as long as you're free
Sometimes my ground was stoney
And sometimes covered up with thorns
And only You could make it what it had to be
And now that it's done
Well, if they dressed me like a pauper
Or if they dined me like a prince
If t
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Rich was real! I loved it when he would walk on stage barefoot and in jeans, sit at the piano and bring good into the room. His songs still move me and bring me closer to God. You were truly humble and blessed many!
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man do i miss this guy!
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