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Rosemary Clooney

Before the rock & roll revolution, Rosemary Clooney was one of the most popular female singers in America, rising to superstardom during the golden age of adult pop. Like many of her peers in the so-called "girl singer" movement -- Doris Day, Kay Starr, Peggy Lee, Patti Page, et al. -- Clooney's style was grounded in jazz, particularly big-band swing. She wasn't an improviser or a technical virtuoso, and lacked the training to stand on an equal footing with the greatest true jazz singers. However, she sang with an effortless, spirited swing, and was everything else a great pop singer of her era should have been. Her phrasing and diction were flawless, and her voice was warm, smooth, and relaxed; moreover, she was a sensitive and emotionally committed interpreter of lyrics. Some of her biggest hits were dialect-filled novelty songs, like her star-making breakthrough "Come On-a My House" from 1951, but she generally preferred to tackle more sophisticated fare, and recorded with numerous duet partners, jazz orchestras, and top-tier arrangers. Changing tastes and various personal problems conspired to stall her career in the '60s, culminating in a nervous breakdown in 1968. However, she mounted a successful comeback in the late '70s, and continued to tour and record for Concord Jazz up until her death from lung cancer in 2002.

Clooney was born May 23, 1928, in Maysville, KY. Her childhood was a difficult one; her father was an alcoholic, and her mother's job required extensive traveling, so Clooney and her siblings were shuffled back and forth between both parents and assorted relatives. When Clooney was 13, her mother remarried and moved to California, taking Clooney's brother Nick (later an actor and TV host) and leaving Rosemary and her younger sister Betty in the care of their father. At first, he supported the girls by working in a defense plant, but his troubles got the better of him, and he abandoned them at the end of World War II. At first, Clooney and her sister supported themselves by collecting cans and bottles, and entered amateur talent contests as a singing duo (Rosemary had grown up idolizing Billie Holiday). They were saved from poverty (and likely eviction) when they successfully auditioned for a Cincinnati radio station later in 1945.

Billed as the Clooney Sisters, Rosemary and Betty gave weekly radio performances until they were discovered by bandleader Tony Pastor. By the end of 1945, the girls had joined his orchestra as the featured vocal attraction -- which was rapidly becoming a necessity in the postwar era. In 1946, Rosemary cut her first solo record, "I'm Sorry I Didn't Say I'm Sorry (When I Made You Cry Last Night)," but didn't begin to work as a solo artist until 1948, when Betty decided to stop touring with Pastor and return to Cincinnati. Clooney stayed with Pastor for another year before heading to New York in 1949 and signing a solo record contract with Columbia.

Most of Clooney's earliest records for Columbia were children's songs, but in 1951 she began working with producer/A&R man Mitch Miller. As he did with many other artists, Miller pushed Clooney to record novelty numbers, specifically an Italian-dialect song called "Come On-a My House" that had been co-written by Armenian-American cousins William Saroyan and Ross Bagdasarian (the latter would go on to fame as creator of the Chipmunks). Clooney hated the song and held out for weeks before finally giving in. Despite her lifelong distaste for it, "Come On-a My House" was a huge success; it sold over a million copies and topped the charts in 1951, instantly making Clooney a household name.

Over the next few years, Clooney alternated between hot big-band swing and the light novelty fare Miller insisted upon, though she much preferred the former. She was wildly popular in the years leading up to rock & roll, scoring hit after hit: the chart-toppers "Half as Much," "Hey There," and "This Ole House"; the Italian-style tunes "Botch-a-Me (Ba-Ba-Baciani Piccina)" and "Mambo Italiano"; and several other cornerstones of her repertoire, including "Tenderly" and "If Teardrops Were Pennies." In addition, she recorded with the likes of Harry James, Marlene Dietrich (including the hit "Too Old to Cut the Mustard"), Gene Autry ("The Night Before Christmas Song"), Guy Mitchell, George Morgan, and actor José Ferrer, whom she married in 1953 after an abrupt courtship.

Paramount Pictures had decided to groom Clooney for movie stardom, and she made her screen debut in 1953's The Stars Are Singing. She appeared in several more films over the next two years, including Here Come the Girls, Red Garters, and most notably the hugely successful White Christmas, in which she performed the number "Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me." However, acting was not to her taste; instead she concentrated on radio and television, co-hosting a morning radio show with Bing Crosby and landing her own TV variety series in 1956, which ran through the next year. In the meantime, she and Ferrer had five children over the remainder of the '50s, starting with future actor Miguel Ferrer in 1955.

Clooney also continued to record, though with diminishing success thanks to the advent of rock & roll. Still, her repertoire was growing more mature, as she recorded with Duke Ellington (the 1956 album Blue Rose) and Benny Goodman, and also tried her hand at country standards and Broadway show tunes. Her final Top Ten hit was 1957's "Mangos," and the following year, she parted ways with Columbia and moved over to RCA, where she debuted with the well-received Bing Crosby collaboration Fancy Meeting You Here. She went on to record for MCA, Reprise, Coral, and Capitol during the '60s as well.

However, the frantic pace of her career, coupled with her suddenly large family, took a heavy toll on Clooney. She became addicted to prescription drugs in the late '50s, and her increasingly stormy relationship with Ferrer ended in divorce in 1961. The two would later patch up their differences and remarry, but they divorced again in 1967. Still suffering from drug problems, Clooney's increasingly fragile mental state (she was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder) took another major blow in 1968, when good friend Bobby Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel just a short distance away from where Clooney was standing. Performing in Reno, NV, not long afterward, Clooney lost her temper on-stage and suffered a nervous breakdown. In its aftermath, she retired from music, and for a time was institutionalized in the psychiatric ward of L.A.'s Mount Sinai Hospital.

Clooney spent much of the '70s in intensive therapy, and was forced to deal with another blow when younger sister Betty died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in 1976. However, she was able to start a comeback that year, thanks to an invitation from Bing Crosby to join him on his 50th anniversary tour. The tour put Clooney back in the public eye, and the following year she published a confessional autobiography, This for Remembrance, and signed a new record deal with Concord Jazz. A steady stream of albums -- usually one per year, occasionally two -- followed all the way through the '90s; in general, they found Clooney in good voice, singing with energy as well as maturity. Most of her repertoire on those albums drew from the great American standards, often focusing on a particular composer or lyricist in the manner of the Ella Fitzgerald songbook series.

During the '90s, Clooney enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to the swing revival that revitalized the careers of veterans like Tony Bennett. While she never considered herself a true jazz singer, her '90s dates sold extremely well among jazz audiences, and her position among the great American pop vocalists was solidified. Additionally, Clooney made several appearances as an Alzheimer's patient on the TV medical drama ER, which co-starred her nephew George Clooney. In 1997, she remarried to longtime companion Dante DiPaolo, whom she'd originally met prior to her romance with José Ferrer; the two had reconnected in 1973 and spent the next 24 years together before tying the knot. Clooney published a second autobiography, Girl Singer, in 1999, and gave what proved to be her last live performance in December 2001. In January, she underwent surgery for lung cancer, and remained hospitalized for several months; she returned to her home in Beverly Hills, where she passed away on June 29, 2002. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


One of a kind-her Fans loved her so......
infinitelyho p e f u l
She is so amazing... Dance around the house to mambo Italiano over, and over, and over! And I am not ashamed of it! You are never too old or young to love Rosemary!
Only three words……….. me gusta mucho. keep on Swaying.
Saw play in cincy "tenderly" about Rosie and her music. Smooth silky voice. She was a vixen
Rosemary was george clooneys aunt his fathers sister
My mind and hips sway to the smooth, smoky filled room... my memories too young to have been a survivor of her era... I relive her glory through her voice.
George Clooney's Grandmother. Clearly, good looks and sophisticati o n run in the family.
Love her mambo songs
Isn't she in white Christmas ? Comment the answer on my page
she is soo good.

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Yeah she really had a very hard time in her life like you say she still had a great voice, Susie.
Always amazing that no matter what happens in their personal life, they still had their voice.
Me too!
i love the way she sounds
Awesome..Ros e m a r y Clooney
An amazing entertainer. . . . . .
The best
White Chrismas. :) LOVE.
Love her. She was a gem.
I will always love, love, love Rosemary Clooney.
Gotta love her. We sang 'This Old House in the car in some of my earliest memories. Don't care what the above commentary says; she is an original and very interpritive , versatile, and definitive of an era in popular American music.
First knew of her when I watched White Christmas for the first time...somet i m e in the mid-60's. I just remember thinking I wanted her voice and the dress she wore singing, Love, You Didn'y Do Right By Me!
I first heard her on the tv show E.R. Ms. Clooney did a cameo. She was George Clooney's aunt.
Shouldn't Rosemary Clooney's Bio include some facts about Rosemary Clooney?
I am a 75 yr old Rosemary listener. My wife and I have always loved anything she does to include the Hospital walk thru. She is gone too long and far too young. Chuck Engel
great sound
When I was about five, my parents took me on a plane ride to Harrisburg, PA. Ms Clooney was on that plane, along with The Three Sons (?). I remember being mesmerized by her glittery dress, and in spite of my mom's best efforts, managed to get to her seat to ask if I could feel her dress. She was just lovely and so gracious- I ended up sitting next to her for the rest of the plane ride! What a treat, and what a lovely lady!
You have your memories siracoj...yo u have your memories.
Rosie had more than her share of personal problems for most of her too short life but her professional life was impeccable - just a great talent -for us she was just Rosie - My Wife and I listened to her for fifty years-now both of these beautiful Ladies are gone.....
Rosemary Clooney: she was in a class of her own. Beautiful and a good movie actress. She will be missed.d!!!! ! !
Would love to have her album Hymns from the Heart included. It is only on vinyl
Mary had some chops that have ofttimes been overlooked; still she could chill a room with the best. Not a belter, but a smokey smack dame that brought it every night! Chris Conley grabs some of Rossie's vibe if you're interested.
Wrong biography with no way of telling Pandora. Lame.
WHO IS Matt Catinqub??
Wrong biography attached
I LOVE Rosemary Clooney!!
Mom loved Clooney and I have happy memories of playing with my dollies to the sounds of her show and records. I still love her voice!
Matt Catingub is not Rosemary Clooney. Something went wrong in your bios.
Pandora you have Matt Catingub bio for Rosemary Clooney.
ladyspineret t e _
Why are 4 out of 6 of the similar artists men? Just sayin' I know there had to be more singers like her out there, or now.
roofusonfire _ 1 6
If you can find her LOVE SONGS album, get it... The first song is the best. "LOVE IS A FEELING"
wu.masterofc e r e m o n y
1. DJ at a party
2. Play the usual rap and rock songs.
3. Play songs like this.
4. Touted as best DJ ever/Booed off.
Beautiful, iconic and smooth!
Her staring roll in White Christmas will never be forgotten
Always lovable and easy to listen to

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