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Seal emerged from England's house music scene in 1990 to become the most popular British soul vocalist of that decade. Although his earliest material still showed signs of acid house, by the mid-'90s he was known for a distinctive fusion of soul, folk, pop, dance, and rock that brought him success on both sides of the Atlantic. Early on, he enjoyed a very high level of success -- an Ivor Novello Award was given to him for the writing of his first single, and he won three Grammy Awards only a few years later. His albums were typically released a few years apart, yet they tended to earn multiple gold and platinum certifications in different countries.

The son of Nigerian and Brazilian parents, Seal, born Sealhenry Samuel in 1963, was raised in England. After graduating with an architectural degree, he took various jobs around London, including electrical engineering and designing leather clothing. After a while, he began singing in local clubs and bars. He joined an English funk band called Push, touring Japan with the band in the mid-'80s. When he was in Asia, he joined a Thailand-based blues band. After a short time with that group, he traveled throughout India on his own.

Upon returning to England, Seal met Adamski, a house and techno producer who had yet to make much of an impression in the U.K. Seal provided the lyrics and vocals for Adamski's "Killer," which became a number one U.K. hit in 1990 and was acknowledged with an Ivor Novello Award. Seal signed a solo recording contract with ZTT and recorded his eponymous debut album with label founder Trevor Horn, who had previously worked with Yes, ABC, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Grace Jones, among others. The first single pulled from the album, "Crazy," became a number 15 hit in the U.K. in 1990 and reached number seven in the U.S. upon its release there the following year. Seal was likewise a success, reaching number 24 in America and selling over three-million copies around the world.

Seal subsequently took three years to complete his second album. In between the two records, he appeared on the Jimi Hendrix tribute album Stone Free, singing on Jeff Beck's version of "Manic Depression." In the summer of 1994, he released his second album, also titled Seal. Preceded by the American Top 40 hit "Prayer for the Dying," the album did well upon its release, peaking at number 20 and selling a million copies by the spring of 1995, but it didn't really take off until a year after its release, when "Kiss from a Rose" was featured on the soundtrack to Batman Forever. That song became a number one pop single in America and spent a total of 12 weeks at the top of the adult contemporary chart. Its success sent the parent album into multi-platinum status; two years after its original release, the album had sold over four million copies in the U.S. alone. Additionally, the song was connected to three Grammy awards: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

Human Being, Seal's third album, hit the shelves in 1998 and didn't fare nearly as well on a commercial level. Five years passed -- a period that included the recording of Togetherland, a shelved album Seal termed "crap" -- prior to the release of Seal IV. That album put the singer back in the Top Ten of the U.K. album chart and, for the first time, in the U.S. Top Ten. As another lengthy between-album period ensued, there were a couple stopgap packages, namely Best: 1991-2004 and the live CD/DVD combo Live in Paris. Additionally, Seal married Heidi Klum, who appeared as a duet partner on "Wedding Day," a song on the 2007 album System.

For the next several years, Seal was more productive than ever. He switched gears with Soul (2008), for which he covered classic soul songs. In eight territories, the album was certified gold, platinum, or diamond, while it reached number 13 in the U.S. It was produced by David Foster, who remained a creative partner for Commitment (2010) and Soul 2 (2011), the latter of which -- a second set of covers -- also involved Trevor Horn. The album 7 (2015), issued three years after Seal and Klum's divorce, was previewed with the tracks "Every Time I'm with You" and "Do You Ever." Those two songs, as well as all others on the album, were produced by Horn. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Selected Discography


Track List: Soul 2

1. Wishing On A Star

2. Love T.K.O.

3. Ooh Baby Baby

4. Let's Stay Together

5. What's Going On

6. Love Don't Live Here Anymore

7. Back Stabbers

8. I'll Be Around

9. Love Won't Let Me Wait

10. Lean On Me

11. Oh Girl


Track List: 6: Commitment

1. If I'm Any Closer

2. Weight Of My Mistakes

3. Silence

4. Best Of Me

5. All For Love

6. I Know What You Did

7. The Way I Lie

8. Secret

9. You Get Me

10. Letting Go

11. Big Time


Track List: Soul

1. A Change Is Gonna Come

2. I Can't Stand The Rain

3. It's A Man's Man's Man's World

4. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)

5. I've Been Loving You Too Long

6. It's Alright

7. If You Don't Know Me By Now

8. Knock On Wood

9. I'm Still In Love With You

10. Free

11. Stand By Me

12. People Get Ready


Track List: Live In Paris

Disc 1

1. Crazy (Live)

2. Get It Together (Live)

3. Killer (Live)

4. Just Like You Said (Live)

5. Dreaming In Metaphors (Live)

6. Prayer For The Dying (Live)

7. Love's Divine (Live)

8. My Vision (Live)

9. Waiting For You (Live)

10. Kiss From A Rose (Live)

11. Heavenly...(Good Feeling) (Live)

12. Don't Cry (Live)

13. Bring It On (Live)

14. Future Love Paradise (Live)

Disc 2

Track List: Seal IV

1. Get It Together

2. Love's Divine

3. Waiting For You

4. My Vision

5. Don't Make Me Wait

6. Let Me Roll

7. Touch

8. Where's The Gold

9. Loneliest Star

10. Heavenly... (Good Feeling)

11. Tinsel Town

12. Get It Together (Reprise)


Track List: Human Being

1. Human Beings

2. State Of Grace

3. Latest Craze

4. Just Like You Said

5. Princess

6. Lost My Faith

7. Excerpt From

8. When A Man Is Wrong

9. Colour

10. Still Love Remains

11. No Easy Way

12. Human Beings (Reprise)


Track List: Seal (1994)

1. Bring It On

2. Prayer For The Dying

3. Dreaming In Metaphors

4. Don't Cry

5. Fast Changes

6. Kiss From A Rose

7. People Asking Why

8. Newborn Friend

9. If I Could

10. I'm Alive

11. Bring It On (Reprise)


Track List: The Beginning

1. The Beginning (Single Remix)

2. The Beginning (Roundabout Mix)

3. The Beginning (Round The UnderGround Mix)

4. Deep Water

5. The Beginning (U.K. Mix)

6. The Beginning (Giro E Giro Mix)

7. The Beginning (Round The Underground Dub)


Track List: Seal (1991)

1. The Beginning

2. Deep Water

3. Crazy

4. Killer

5. Whirlpool

6. Future Love Paradise

7. Wild

8. Show Me

9. Violet


Track List: 7

1. Daylight Saving

2. Every Time I'm With You

3. Life On The Dancefloor

4. Padded Cell

5. Do You Ever

6. The Big Love Has Died

7. Redzone Killer

8. Monascow

9. Half A Heart

10. Let Yourself

11. Love


Track List: Every Time I’m With You (Single)

1. Every Time I’m With You


Track List: Let's Stay Together (Single)

1. Let's Stay Together


Track List: Secret (Radio Single)

1. Secret


Track List: System

1. If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face

2. Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit)

3. Just Like Before

4. Loaded

6. System

7. Dumb

8. The Right Life

9. Rolling

10. Immaculate

11. Amazing


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Love this person. Even though he is named after a circus animal. Your songs makes my day and night bless you and that love music. Love his voice. I don't know how the police and sade are related to this person. I know he was popular in the 90s. I love you Seal. Keep up the good work. "Kiss From A Rose" is one of my favorite songs. Some of the songs are a little emotional but I still love you Seal. You sometimes play on Jammin 99.9. That's a radio station I like to listen to almost every day. Tha
Report as inappropriate
Love's Divine: My song. I AM THIS SONG by life experience. SHOW ME HOW TO LIVE AND PROMISE ME YOU WON'T FORSAKE BECAUSE LOVE CAN HELP ME KNOW MY NAME. I TRIED TO SAY THERE IS NOTHING WRONG. than that is when we need love's divine. To change negative to positive for a change.
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is an AWESOME artist..been following him for his music.....!!
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LOVE'S DIVINE: I love, love, love this song. This song says everything about my life's experience . Please listen and learn. LOVE IS DIVINE INDEED.
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Amazing voice. I think you should so some covers of Otis Redding and Sam Cook Songs. You would kill it!
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Hi Seal
Your Amazing to me Man!
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I Can't Stand The Rain: I love Seal's music. :-)
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they are fantastic!
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Fly Like an Eagle: NICE!!
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Report as inappropriate
Crazy: I love this song. I can sing this song myself. I love Seal's music. He is a Maestro as well.
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Natural woman .. REALLLY ? Dif path confused
Report as inappropriate
Evenings only????That s fine as least I will have you some of the time...
Report as inappropriate
It is such an emotional song for me, yes we can use it but keep it precious and heartfelt as it is. It will make guests cry...
Report as inappropriate
I love his music. He is an incredible person.
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Report as inappropriate
So powerfull song! ;)♡♡
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Your songs makes my day and night bless you and that love music. The only thing i can say is damn. Keep it up. God bless..
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I'm Alive: LOVE Seal's music.
Report as inappropriate
His voice will never be mistaken for anyone else! ')
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Kiss by a rose was my favorite.
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In questioning questions every answer's found unfounded with remembrance remembering times past passing feelings yearned for sayings said for sake of forsaking dreams left leaving one's despair despairing over days lingering waiting on better circumstance s surpassing lasting bitterness seen seeing through last of future fortunes gleaned clean clinging to unconvention a l means laid to rest resting on ideas ideally forgotten forgetting ideologies claiming substance with no sustaining
Report as inappropriate
Seal is amazing
Report as inappropriate
one of a kind...great message
Report as inappropriate
I love you happy birthday 27
Report as inappropriate
Kiss from a Rose: yes, a kiss would be good at this point I think.
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Happy love poetry
Report as inappropriate
https://soun d c l o u d . c o m / d a v i d - k u r a s h v i l i / i - w a n t - y o u
Report as inappropriate
am a huge fan of seal
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Faith never sustains the lost where histories forgotten ways failed to pay it's cost. leaving no room for souls fallen to the last of their belief, that somewhere a better day will rise as bitterness comes like a thief. stilling hope of a new lack luster play ending better than the earlier start of painful breaks filling their part; as emptiness stays when counting every beginning of life never claimed with blame; as to why they choose the same, even before they loose heart to finish the game.
Report as inappropriate
From the first time hearing the single Crazy I knew this artist was special with the pairing of producer Trevor Horn from Yes fame he has released some memorable music with depth and soul..... I can't wait to see him on tour again....
Report as inappropriate
there's no point praying to nothing worth believing as every thing eventually dies it leaves nothing but the crying and no words spoken to air brings hope in times of despair when knowledge gleaned doesn't mend broken dreams and only lies find promise that mislead ways follows a pure idea out of flames to a higher state of mind when there's no place beyond the open sky for imagined souls to climb if they could abandon their wh*r*ing bodies behind after laying with every dog they choose to grind
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
if they was a time for life to play we'd live in better days to find a way seeing that even in darkness there's a light inside burning to make up for lost moments we couldn't find as the hope we had faded in the good and the bad when you only saw the sad I was still trying to hold the love we had but no giving was left for you to glean while these empty words kept me from cutting our ties clean until you left these heart strings frayed beyond holding anything within our means
Report as inappropriate
Love the voice but you can't steal from the best man not cool
Report as inappropriate
Love the song Violet...... m o v e s me every time!
Report as inappropriate
as a rose falls across the grave hearts blood flows from quicken blade and fears find wounds washed in tears while the end begins with morning dew casting fog in the valleys clear to bring words taken beyond pride that are never withdrawn before they take ride to lay open tares to anguish felt inside when but a kiss could heal mortal pains but lips wait without their parting for love to gain until such affections make straight the soul lying maimed and grace the broken mind sane
Report as inappropriate
Yeah..SEAL is the REAL DEAL!!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I can never be anything more that I cannot see just to pretend I believe in these broken lines tracing a past apart from me for missing ideas that left me unfreed of ever ones grip that crushes me under belief that lost morals should be seen as facts unquestioned when all that I see is lies feeding endless ties to wasted dreams that stifle my leave of this worlds unjust being
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I love Seal! I'll never forget seeing him at The Greek - amazing!!!
Report as inappropriate
I love his music!
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crazy lies in state of mind blindly falling threw the mines, casting behind old wine for a new design and seeing past the shrine that binds a soul to fribullous lines only to be left behind, a world unkind with dead ideas unrefined.
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I just love playing a New Age rendition of this by the French pianist Richard Clayderman. Learned it about three and a half years ago and still play it after every piano tuning I do.
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Love his music...Puts me in a dream..
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Just walk on by.... Beautiful song.
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happinessmag i c
Newborn friend. I love that song.
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Seal is serious about singing...lo v e your voice...lyri c s . . . I loved u n Heidi with all the children that u 2 share...
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