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Shabba Ranks

During his heyday, Shabba Ranks was arguably the most popular dancehall toaster in the world. He was a massive crossover success in the U.S., thanks to an openly commercial hybrid of reggae and hip-hop, and also to prominent duet partners like Maxi Priest, Johnny Gill, and KRS-One. All of this brought him several hit singles and albums on the R&B charts in the early '90s, and made him the first dancehall artist to win a Grammy. Ranks' distinctive, booming growl of a voice earned him many imitators, and his sex-obsessed lyrics -- while drawing criticism for their unrelenting "slackness" -- made him one of dancehall's hottest sex symbols. Ranks' early success also helped pave the way for even bigger crossovers by artists like Shaggy and Sean Paul.

Shabba Ranks was born Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon on January 17, 1966, in Sturgetown, Jamaica. When he was eight years old, his family moved to the Kingston ghetto of Trenchtown, where Bob Marley had grown up. By age 12, he was fascinated by the sound system DJs who spun records in local clubs, and often chatted on the mic over the backing tracks. His early inspirations included Charlie Chaplin, General Echo, Brigadier Jerry, Yellowman, and especially Josey Wales. He soon tried his hand at performing as a toaster, and spent the early '80s working under Admiral Bailey at the Roots Melody sound system. Paired with a record selector dubbed the Navigator, Ranks initially called himself Co-Pilot. Under that name, he cut his first single, "Heat Under Sufferer's Feet," in 1985. He soon changed his name to Shabba Ranks, and caught the attention of his idol Josey Wales, who took the young toaster under his wing.

Wales introduced Ranks to some of the producers at King Jammy's studio, and Ranks soon began recording there, debuting with the single "Original Fresh." He collaborated with Chaka Demus, and recorded a large quantity of singles, none of which gave him a breakout hit. The 1988 single "Needle Eye Punany" marked the beginning of his notorious sexual explicitness, which he would soon ride to tremendous popularity in Jamaica. More crucial, though, was his move to King Jammy engineer/producer Bobby Digital's new studio and label, Digital B, in 1989. Having known each other for some time, the duo's chemistry was immediate, and Ranks quickly vaulted to stardom that year with a series of hit singles and an electrifying stage show (at one point, Ranks arrived on-stage via helicopter).

From 1989-1991, Ranks recorded some 50 singles, mainly with Bobby Digital but also with producers Gussie Clarke and Steely & Clevie. He scored hit after hit, including the massive "Wicked Inna Bed," "Roots and Culture," "Live Blanket," "Mama Man," and "Peeny Penny," among others. His album Rappin' With the Ladies featured covers of songs by female reggae artists, and gave him another big hit with a new version of J.C. Lodge's smash "Telephone Love"; it was also one of his first successes overseas, proving quite popular in the U.K. Gussie Clarke produced his 1989 LP Holding On, which spawned major hits in "Pirates' Anthem" (a collaboration with Cocoa Tea and Home T), "Twice My Age" (a duet with Krystal), and "Mr. Loverman" (a new version of Deborah Glasgow's "Champion Lover"). He also cut several other tracks with Cocoa Tea and Home T, including "Who She Love," "Stop Spreading Rumours," and "Your Body's Here With Me." A subsequent album, Golden Touch, proved to be another U.K. success.

Ranks' burgeoning popularity led to a major-label deal with Epic in 1991, and it was clear from the start that he aspired to crossover stardom. His Epic debut, As Raw as Ever, featured a high-profile duet with the then-hot Maxi Priest, "Housecall." "Housecall" made the Top Five on the R&B charts, sending As Raw as Ever all the way to number one on the R&B album listings. Another duet, "The Jam" -- this time with rap legend and reggae enthusiast KRS-One -- topped the hip-hop singles chart in 1992. As Raw as Ever was awarded a Grammy for Best Reggae Album, making Ranks the first dancehall artist ever to notch a win. Later in 1992, "Mr. Loverman" was re-released as a single in the States, following its appearance in the film Deep Cover; it went all the way to number two on the R&B charts. Ranks released his follow-up album, X-Tra Naked, the same year, and notched yet another duet hit with the Johnny Gill collaboration "Slow and Sexy," his third R&B Top Fiver. X-Tra Naked also featured other minor hits: "Muscle Grip," "Ting-a-Ling," and a duet with Queen Latifah, "What 'Cha Gonna Do?"; it also won Ranks his second straight Best Reggae Album Grammy. Ranks was so popular that two compilations of his earlier Jamaican hits, Rough & Ready, Vol. 1 and Mr. Maximum, both charted in the U.S. in 1992 as well.

1994 brought Ranks another decent-sized hit in the Addams Family Values soundtrack contribution "Family Affair," a rap/reggae version of the Sly & the Family Stone hit. He completed his third Epic album, A Mi Shabba, in 1995, and it produced several minor hits in "Ram Dancehall," "Let's Get It On," and "Shine Eye Gal." However, it didn't match the phenomenon of its predecessors, and Ranks fell mostly silent afterwards. He did return to Jamaica to record some more material for King Jammy during the late '90s, some of which was released on the hodgepodge album Get Up Stand Up in 1998. However, no new major-label offerings appeared, and Sony issued several compilations around the turn of the millennium. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Togetherness: Shabba Ranks & Ninjaman

1. Care For Me

2. Last Night

3. Just Do It

4. Book Fi Mi

5. Money Woman Want

6. A Ninja

7. More Pon More

8. Like A We


Track List: More Pon More (Single)

1. More Pon More


Track List: Money Woman Want (Single)

1. Money Woman Want


Track List: Just Do It

1. Just Do It


Track List: Show Dem How (Single)

1. Show Dem How (Feat. Josey Wales)


Track List: Care For Me (Single)

1. Care For Me


Track List: Love Punany Bad (Remix)

1. Love Punany Bad (Feat. Vybz Kartel) (Remix)


Track List: Reggae Legends Shabba Ranks

1. Just Reality

2. Weh Yu Get It From

3. Gal Yuh Good

4. Back And Belly Rock

5. Roots And Culture

6. Wicked Inna Bed

7. Dem Bow

8. The Rammer

9. Crablouse A Go Round

10. Mandela Free

11. Are You Sure?

12. Pay Down Pon It

13. Telephone Love (Deh Pon Mi Mind)

14. Just Be Good To Me (Feat. Rebel Princess)

15. Steady Man (Feat. Krystal)

16. Mr. Lover Man (Feat. Deborahe Glasgow)

17. Hardcore Loving (Feat. J.C. Lodge)

18. Action Packed (Feat. Rebel Princess)

19. Twice My Age (Feat. Krystal)

20. Dont Test Me (Feat. Deborahe Glasgow)

21. Hardcore Loving (Solo Cut)

22. Just Be Good To Me (Solo Cut) (Feat. Rebel Princess)

23. Looking For Action (Feat. Rebel Princess)

24. Golden Touch

25. Mi Nuh Romp With It

26. Love Up Your Women

27. Build Bridges Instead

28. House Husband

29. Private Property (Feat. Brian & Tony Gold)

30. If A My Youth

31. Digit It (Feat. Little Twitch & Jah Thomas)

32. Kill Mi Dead

33. Wicked In Bed (Part 2)

34. Fever (Feat. Maxi Priest & Dennis Brown)

35. Lovable (Ragga Hip Hop Mix)

36. Turn It Down (Feat. Home T & Cocoa T)

37. A Nuh Me Seh So

38. Holding On (Feat. Home T & Cocoa T)

39. Fanciness (Ragga Club Lick) (Feat Lady G)

40. No Bother Dis Soundboy (Dub Plate Remix)

41. Pirates Anthem (Feat. Home T & Cocoa T)

42. Deh Pon Mi Mind (Rude Bwoy Remix)

43. Fancy Girl (Feat. Fabiana)

44. Stop Spreading Rumours (Feat. Home T & Cocoa T)


Track List: None A Dem (Single)

1. None A Dem


Track List: Drive Dem Crazy (Single)

1. Drive Dem Crazy


Track List: Rappin' With The Ladies

1. Telephone Love (Deh Pon Mi Mind) (Feat. J.C. Lodge)

2. Just Be Good To Me (Feat. Cocoa Tea & Rebel Princess)

3. Steady Man (Feat. Krystal)

4. Mr. Lover Man (Feat. Deborahe Glasgow)

5. Hardcore Lovin' (Feat. J.C. Lodge)

6. Action Packed (Feat. Rebel Princess)

7. Twice My Age (Feat. Krystal)

8. Don't Test Me (Feat. Deborahe Glasgow)

9. Just Be Good To Me (Rebel Princess Solo Cut)

10. Hardcore Loving

11. Looking For Action (Rebel Princess Solo Cut)


Track List: Big Time (Single)

1. Big Time


Track List: Shabba Ranks And Friends

1. Mr. Loverman

2. Slow And Sexy

3. House Call (ZYour Body Can't Lie To Me) (The Morales Re-Mix)

4. The Jam (The Bridge Re-Mix)

5. Shine Eye Gal

6. Telephone Love

7. Mr. 'G'

8. Pirates Anthem

9. Universal Love

10. Ice Cream Love

11. Two Breddrens


Track List: Caan Dun - The Best Of Shabba

Disc 1

1. Roots And Culture

2. Get Up, Stand Up

3. Pirates Anthem

4. Twice My Age

5. Golden Touch

6. Peenie Peenie

7. Dem Bow

10. Girls Wine

11. Who She Love

12. Kill Mi Dead

13. Serious Time

14. Pay Down Pon It

15. Wicked Inna Bed

Disc 2

2. Just Reality

3. Gal Yuh Good

5. Lovable

6. Mr. Loverman

7. Holding On

8. Hood Top

9. Best Baby Father

12. Live Blanket

15. Caan Dun


Track List: A Mi Shabba

1. Ram Dancehall

2. Shine Eye Gal (Feat. Mykal Rose)

3. Spoil Mi Appetite

4. Well Done

5. Fattie Fattie (Feat. Leroy Sibbles)

6. Rough Life

7. Let's Get It On

8. Ice Cream Love (Feat. Patra)

9. High Seat

10. Gal Nuh Ready

11. Medal And Certificate

12. Original Woman


Track List: Rough & Ready - Volume II

2. Girls Whine

3. Ting-A-Ling

4. Telephone Love Deh Pon Mi Mind (Feat. J.C. Lodge)

5. Get Up Stand Up & Rock

6. Mr. Tek It Back

7. The Jam

8. Roots & Culture

9. Twice My Age

10. Pay Down Pon It

11. Respect

12. Ting-A-Ling (The Original)


Track List: X-tra Naked

1. Ting-A-Ling

2. Slow And Sexy

3. Will Power

4. Muscle Grip

5. Rude Boy

6. Cocky Rim

7. What 'Cha Gonna Do?

8. Bedroom Bully

9. Another One Program

10. Ready-Ready, Goody-Goody

11. Two Breddrens

12. 5-F Man


Track List: Rough & Ready - Volume I

1. Mr. Loverman (feat. Chevelle Franklin)

2. Pirates Anthem (feat. Cocoa Tea & Home T.)

3. Wicked In Bed

4. Woodtop

5. Gal Yuh Good

6. Just Reality

7. Hard And Stiff

8. Ca'an Dun

9. Raggamuffin

10. Bad & Wicked


Track List: Best Baby Father

1. Born As A Don

2. V.I.P.

3. Can't Drop Off A Shape

4. Bet Buss

5. Best Baby Father

6. Woman Mi Run Down

7. Mauma Man

8. Peeny Peeny

9. What A Nite

10. Never Hungry Yet


Track List: Just Reality

1. Just Reality

2. Weh Yuh Get It From

3. Gal Yuh Good

4. Back And Belly Rock

5. Roots & Culture

6. Wicked Inna Bed

7. Dem Bow

8. The Rammer

9. Crab-Louse A Go Round

10. Mandela Free

11. Are You Sure

12. Pay Down Pon It


Track List: As Raw As Ever

1. Trailor Load A Girls

2. Where Does Slackness Come From

3. Woman Tangle

4. Gun Pon Me

5. Gone Up

6. Housecall

7. Flesh Axe

8. A Mi Di Girls Dem Love

9. Fist-A-Ris

10. The Jam

11. Ambi Get Scarce

12. Park Yu Benz


Track List: Golden Touch

1. Golden Touch (Feat. Etc.)

2. Mi Nuh Romp With It

3. Love Up Your Woman

4. Build Bridges Instead

5. House Husband

6. Private Property (Feat. Brian & Tony Gold)

7. If A My Youth

8. Digit It (Feat. Little Twitch & Jah Thomas)

9. Kill Me Dead

10. Wicked In Bed - Part Two


Track List: Love Punany Bad (Remix) (Single)


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Wow. This cat use to be Shabba - ha ha .
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Wicked dancehall
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I luv this song
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This is the best song
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I do love you
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His music Torrid me how to ride. ...a house
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Oringal dancehall king
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Come backs are ledgand in its self
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Love this song
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Ythfufjhdjdk k d i d
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I luv this song
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Say iPhone 5 times
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And look under your pillow
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Mr lover man SHABBA
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This is taking back to the days of hanging out at the clubs in Brooklyn!!
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This is the s**t
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The original gangster and inventor of dancehall.
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I love this song my fav ������������
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Kauhdjencjri j e n v h e n j s k s n j d n i a h d e n h d u s j a h s e n d d u a j n d h c u x d h a o h d h e n c u s j k s h f
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I love cheerleader shabba ������������
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jamaicanblac k b a b e
Easy Michieboo !!!!!!
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Much love to a Jamaican man! Love
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love Shabba, my fav
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I love you Shabba Ranks
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love Shabba!
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santiago1215 7 8
Shabba Ranks is the best old school dance hall artist and 2nd best reggae singer.
The best of REGGAE singer is Robert Nesta Marley
He died 34 years ago and his legacy still and his music continue.
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Shabba is di best old school reggae/dance hall artist of all times, his hits from Ting Ling,Mr Loverman to Shine Eye gal was my favorite tune bak in the 90s. Big up one love!!!
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Love me some jamaican men, rude boy. Once you date a Jamaican man you'll never want any other nationality.
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love this song
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My jam!!
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Whattt .... Shabba Ranks ... Love Dance Hall music
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This is still my s**t... I am bad mad wicked inna bed ... Classic tune
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natashawrigh t 6 1
Memories of the 90's.
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