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Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Selected Discography


Track List: Wolf-Ferrari: I gioielli della Madonna


Track List: Nordgren: The Bergman Suites

1. Theme

2. Variation 1

3. Variation 2

4. Variation 3

5. Variation 4

6. Variation 5

7. Chaste Love

8. March

9. Galop

10. The Coach

11. Dangerous Wine

12. Crisis

13. Menuet

14. Gavotte

15. The Park

16. Escape

17. Emotions

18. Memories

19. Dreams

20. Swindle And Deceit

21. March

22. Galop

23. Secret Chambers Of The Heart

24. Small Town Affairs


Track List: Le Più Belle Sigle Della Televisione


Track List: Berlinski: Symphonic Visions - Jacobi: 2 Pieces In Sabbath Mood - Amram: Songs Of The Soul


Track List: Arthur Honegger: Demon De L'Himalaya (Le) / Crime Et Chatiment / Regain / L'Idee

1. I. Le Panturle

2. II. Hiver

3. III. Printemps

4. IV. Gedemus Le Remouleur

5. V. Regain

6. I. Generique

7. II. Raskolnikov - Sonia

8. III. Depart Pour Le Crime

9. IV. Meurtre D'Elisabeth

10. V. Visite Nocturne - Final

11. I. Tempete De Neige

12. II. Ascension Et Chute - Vision

13. L'Idee (Complete Score)


Track List: Pilati: Concerto For Orchestra - Suite For Strings And Piano


Track List: Locklair: Symphony Of Seasons / Harp Concerto / Lairs Of Soundings


Track List: Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1 And 6

1. I. Pleasant, Cheerful Feelings Aroused On Approaching The Countryside: Allegro Ma Non Troppo

2. II. Scene By The Brook: Andante Molto Mosso

3. III. Happy Gathering Of Villagers: Allegro

4. IV. Thunder-Storm: Allegro

5. V. Shepherd's Song. Grateful Thanks To The Almighty After The Storm: Allegretto

6. I. Adagio Molto - Allegro Con Brio

7. II. Andante Cantabile Con Moto

8. III. Menuetto: Allegro Molto E Vivace

9. IV. Adagio - Allegro Molto E Vivace


Track List: Barbara Harbach: Orchestral Music

Title: Veneration, For Orchestra

1. Veneration, For Orchestra: I. Blessings: Gift Of Blood

2. Veneration, For Orchestra: II. Charity-caress

3. Veneration, For Orchestra: III. Grace: Pleasure Heart

Title: Frontier Fancies, For Violin & Orchestra

4. Frontier Fancies, For Violin & Orchestra: I. Fiddleflirt

5. Frontier Fancies, For Violin & Orchestra: II. Twilight Dream

6. Frontier Fancies, For Violin & Orchestra: III. Dancedevil

Title: Arcadian Reverie, For String Orchestra

7. Arcadian Reverie, For String Orchestra: Arcadian Reverie

Title: Rhapsody Jardine, For Oboe & String Orchestra

8. Rhapsody Jardine, For Oboe & String Orchestra: Rhapsody Jardine

Title: One Of Ours ("A Cather Symphony")

9. One Of Ours ("A Cather Symphony"): I. On Lovely Creek

10. One Of Ours ("A Cather Symphony"): II. Autumn In Beaufort

11. One Of Ours ("A Cather Symphony"): III. Honor At Boar's Head


Track List: Foerster: Symphony No. 4 / Festival Overture / My Youth

1. Festive Overture, Op. 70

2. Me mladi (My Youth), Op. 44

3. I. Molto sostenuto

4. II. Allegro deciso

5. III. Andante sostenuto

6. IV. Lento lugubre – Allegro moderato


Track List: Komzaak I And II: Waltzes, Marches & Polkas

Composer: Karel Komzák (II)
Title: Den Blonden Mädchen, Waltz, OOp.

1. Den Blonden Mädchen, Waltz, OOp.: Den Blonden Madchen, Walzer

Title: Caraffa-Marsch, For Orchestra, Op. 243

2. Caraffa-Marsch, For Orchestra, Op. 243: Caraff-marsch, Op.243

Title: Warschauer Mäd'In, Waltz (aka St. Louis Girls), OOp.

3. Warschauer Mäd'In, Waltz (aka St. Louis Girls), OOp.: Warschauer Mad'ln, Walzer

Title: Kaiser-Marsch, For Orchestra, Op. 260

4. Kaiser-Marsch, For Orchestra, Op. 260: Kaiser-marsch, Op.260

Title: Die Mühle Am Bach, Polka Française, OOp.

5. Die Mühle Am Bach, Polka Française, OOp.: Die Muhle Am Bach, Polka Francaise

Title: Petite Valse, For Orchestra, Op. 173

6. Petite Valse, For Orchestra, Op. 173: Petite Valse, Op.173

Title: Obstructionspolka, For Orchsetra, OOp.

7. Obstructionspolka, For Orchsetra, OOp.: Obstructionspolka

Composer: Karel Komzák (I)
Title: Moldauwellen (Waves Of The Vltava), Waltz, OOp.

8. Moldauwellen (Waves Of The Vltava), Waltz, OOp.: Moldauwellen, Walzer

Composer: Karel Komzák (II)
Title: Sub Rosa, Polka Mazurka, Op. 172

9. Sub Rosa, Polka Mazurka, Op. 172: Sub Rosa, Polka Francaise

Title: Maiblümchen, Polka Française, OOp.

10. Maiblümchen, Polka Française, OOp.: Maibluemchen, Polka Francaise

Composer: Karel Komzák (I)
Title: Feldzugmeister "Von Kuhn", March For Orchestra, OOp.

11. Feldzugmeister "Von Kuhn", March For Orchestra, OOp.: Feldzugmeister Voh Kuhn, Marsch

Title: Rabin Libejicer, Polka, Op. 8

12. Rabin Libejicer, Polka, Op. 8: Rabin Libejicer, Polka, Op.8

Composer: Karel Komzák (II)
Title: Dein Gedenk'ich, Waltz, OOp.

13. Dein Gedenk'ich, Waltz, OOp.: Dein Gedenk'ich, Walzer


Track List: Complete National Anthems Of The World (2005 Edition)

Title: The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4

5. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Guernsey

10. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Guyana

19. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: India

26. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Isle Of Man

31. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Jamaica

33. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Jersey

37. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Kenya

39. The Complete National Anthems Of The World - Vol. 4: Kiribati


Track List: 44 Of The World's Most Famous National Anthems

1. Faedrelandssang (Fatherlands Song), "Der Er Et Yndigt Land" (There Is A Lovely Land) (Denmark)

2. "Mu Isamaa, Mu Onn Ja Roon" (My Native Land, My Joy And Delight, How Fair And Bright You Are!) (Estonia) - Maaame (Homeland), "Oi Maamme, Suomi, Synnyinmaa! (O Our Native Land! Let Name Ring Forth!) (Finland)

3. Lofsongur (Song Of Praise), "O, Gud Vors Lands, O, Land Vors Guo" (Our Country's God) (Iceland)

4. Latvijas Valsts Himna (Latvian State Anthem), "Dievs, Sveti Latviju" (Bless Latvia, O God, Our Verdant Native Earth) (Latvia)

5. Tautiska Giesme (National Song), "Lietuva, Tevyne Musu" (Lithuania, Our Homeland) (Lithuania)

6. Nasjonalsangen (National Song), "Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet" (Yes, We Love This Country) (Norway)

7. Sang Till Norden (Song Of The North), "Du Gamla, Du Fria, Du Fjallhoga Nord" (Thou Ancient, Thou Free, Thou Mountainous North) (Sweden)

8. Osterreichische Bundeshymne (Austrian Federal Hymn), "Land Der Berge, Land Am Strome" (Land Of Mountains, Land On The Stream) (Austria)

9. La Brabanconne (The Song Of Brabant) (Belgium)

10. Mila Rodino (Dear Homeland), "Gorda Stara Planina" (Stately Stara Planina) (Bulgaria)

11. Ceska Statni Hymna (Czech State Hymn), "Kde Domov Muj!? Kde Domov Muj!?" (Where Is My Home? Where Is My Home?) (Czech Republic)

12. La Marseillaise (The March Of Marseille), "Allons Enfants De La Patrie" (Arise, Children Of The Fatherland) (France)

13. Das Lied Der Deutschen (The Song Of The German), "Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freheit" (Unity And Justice And Freedom) (Germany)

14. God Save The Queen, God Save Our Gracious Queen (Great Britain)

15. Imnos Eis Tin Eleftherian (Hymn To Freedom), "Se Gnorizo Apo Tin Kopsi" (I Shall Always Recognise You) (Greece)

16. Himnusz (Hymn), "Isten, Aldd Meg A Magyart" (God Bless The Hungarians With Good Cheer) (Hungary)

17. Amhran Na BhFiann (The Soldier's Song), "Sinne Fianna Fail" (Soldiers Are We) (Ireland)

18. Inno Di Mameli (Mameli's Hymn), "Fratelli D'Italia" (Brothers Of Italy) (Italy)

19. Het Wilhelmus (The Wilhelmus), "Wilhelmus Van Nassouwe Ben Ik, Van Duitsen Bloed" (William Of Nassau Am I, Of Dutch Descent) (Netherlands)

20. Mazurek Dabrowskiego (Dobrowski's Mazurka), "Jeszcze Polska Nie Zgineta" (Poland Has Not Yet Succumbed) (Poland)

21. A Portuguesa (The Portuguese), "Herois Do Mar, Nobre Povo" (Heroes Of The Sea, Noble Race) (Portugal)

22. Desteaptate, Romane (Wake Up, Romanian), "Desteapta-Te, Romane, Din Somnul Cel De Moarte" (Wake Up, Romanian, From Your Deadly Slumber) (Romania)

23. Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii (Hymn Of The Russian Federation), "Rossiya — Svyashchennaya Nasha Derzhava" (Russia, You Are Our Sacred Power!) (Russia)

24. Flower Of Scotland, "O Flower Of Scotland When Will We See Your Like Again" (Scotland)

25. La Marcha Real (The Royal March) (Spain)

26. Schweizerpsalm, Cantique Suisse, Cantico Svizzero (Swiss Psalm), "Trittst Im Morgenrot Daher" (When The Morning Skies Grow Red) (Switzerland)

27. Istiklal Marsi (Independence March), "Korkma, Sonmez Bu Safaklarda Yuzen Al Sancak" (Fear Not! For The Crimson Flag That Proudly Ripples …" (Turkey)

28. Shche Ne Vmerla Ukraina (Ukraine's Glory Has Not Perished), "Shche Ne Vmerla Ukrayiny I Slava, I Volya" (Ukraine's Glory Has Not Perished, Nor Her Freedom) (Ukraine)

29. Whedefit Gesgeshi Woude Henate Ityopya (March Forward, Dear Mother Ethiopia), "Yazegennat Keber Ba-Ityopp'yachen S'anto" (Respect For Citizenship Is Strong In Our Ethiopia) (Ethiopia)

30. Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu (Oh God Of All Creation), "Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu" (O God Of All Creation) (Kenya)

31. Nkosi Sikelel' IAfrika (God Bless Africa), "Nkosi Sikelel' IAfrika" (God Bless Africa) (South Africa)

32. Yiyongjun Jinxingqu (March Of The Volunteers), "Qilai! Buyuan Zuo Nuli De Renmen!" (Arise! All Who Refuse To Be Slaves!) (China)

33. Jana Gana Mana (Thou Art Ruler Of The Minds Of All People), "Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya He" (O! Dispenser Of India's Destiny, Thou Art The Ruler Of The Minds Of All People) (India)

34. Sorood-E Jomhoori-E Eslami (The National Anthem Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran), "Sar Zad Az Ofoq Mehr-E-Xavaran" (Upwards On The Horizon Rose The Eastern Sun) (Iran)

35. Hatikvah (The Hope), "Kol Od Baleivav P'nimah" (While Yet Within The Heart) (Israel)

36. Kimi Ga Yo (May Your Reign Last Forever), "Kimi Ga Yo Wa" (May The Peaceful Reign Last Long!) (Japan)

37. Aegukga (Patriotic Hymn), "Tonghai Moolkwa Paiktusani Marugo Taltorok" (Until Pakdro Mountain Wears Away) (Korea, South)

38. O Canada, "O Canada! Our Home And Native Land!" (Canada)

39. La Bayamesa (The Bayamo Song), "Al Combate, Corred, Bayameses" (Hasten To Battle, Men Of Bayamo) (Cuba)

40. Himno Nacional Mexicano (Mexican National Anthem), "Mexicanos, Al Grito De Guerra" (Mexicans, At The Cry Of War) (Mexico)

41. The Star-Spangled Banner, "O Say, Can You See, By The Dawn’s Early Light" (United States Of America)

42. Marcha De La Patria (March Of The Fatherland), "Oid, Mortales, El Grito Sagrado" (Mortals! Hear The Sacred Cry) (Argentina)

43. Hino Nacional Do Brasil (National Anthem Of Brazil), "Ouviram Do Ipiranga As Margens Placidas" (A Cry Out From Peaceful Ipiranga's Banks) (Brazil)

44. Advance Australia Fair, "Australians All, Let Us Rejoice" (Australia)


Track List: Soprano Arias

Composer: Sergey Rachmaninov
Title: Francesca Da Rimini, Opera, Op. 25

1. Francesca Da Rimini, Opera, Op. 25: Francesca's Aria

Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Title: Eugene Onegin, Opera, Op. 24

2. Eugene Onegin, Opera, Op. 24: Act 1. Tatiana's Letter Scene

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Title: Don Carlo, Opera

3. Don Carlo, Opera: Tu Che La Vanità

Title: Luisa Miller, Opera

4. Luisa Miller, Opera: Act 2. Tu Puniscimi, O Signore

Title: Simon Boccanegra, Opera

5. Simon Boccanegra, Opera: VII. Act 1. Come In Quest'ora Bruna

Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
Title: Norma, Opera

6. Norma, Opera: Casta Diva (Norma,oroveso,coro)

Composer: Gaetano Donizetti
Title: Maria Stuarda, Opera

7. Maria Stuarda, Opera: Act 2. O Nube! Che Lieve Per L'aria T'aggiri

Composer: Gaspare Spontini
Title: La Vestale, Opera

8. La Vestale, Opera: Act 2. O Nume Tutelar

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Title: Ernani, Opera

9. Ernani, Opera: Surta E La Notte...ernani, Ernani, Involami


Track List: Flagello: Symphony No. 1 / Theme, Variations and Fugue

1. Allegro molto

2. Andante lento

3. Allegretto brusco

4. Ciaccona: Maestoso andante

5. Sea Cliffs

6. The Piper of Hamelin: Intermezzo

7. Theme: Andante comodo

8. I: Andante con moto

9. II: Andantino misurato

10. III: Allegro con brio

11. IV: Andante calmo

12. V: Andantino

13. VI: Allegro marziale

14. VII: Allegro comodo

15. VIII: Andante con moto

16. IX: Allegro marcato

17. Fugue: Allegro giusto


Track List: Auric: Symphonie Pastorale (La) / Macao, L'Enfer Du Jeu

1. Main Title

2. Gertrude

3. Between Two Loves

4. Refusal And Hate

5. Despair - Gertrude's Suicide

6. Waltz

7. Tango

8. Overture

9. Chinoiserie

10. Gloomy Etude

11. Interlude

12. March And Finale

13. Main Title

14. Preparation

15. Burglary - The Loot

16. Settlong Of Accounts

17. Main Title

18. Finale (J. Strauss II, Arr. G. Auric)


Track List: Salter / Skinner: Sherlock Holmes And The Voice Of Terror

1. Universal Signature (Jimmy McHugh)

2. Main Title

3. Blowing Up The Castle

4. Freeing The Monster

5. Renewed Life

6. Frankenstein's Castle

7. Arrival At Vasaria

8. Erik's Dilemma

9. Baron Frankenstein's Dairy

10. The Monster's Trail

11. Elsa's Discovery

12. Dr. Kettering's Death

13. Ygor's Scheme

14. Baron Frankenstein's Advice

15. A New Brain

16. Searching The Castle

17. Monster Kidnaps Child / Monster's Desire

18. Brain Transfer

19. Mob Psychology

20. Monster Talks

21. Death Of The Unholy Three

22. End Cast

23. Main Title

24. Hypnosis

25. Corky

26. Electro-Biology

27. Main Title

28. Limehouse

29. Christopher Docks

30. Voice Of Terror

31. The Spider

32. No Time To Lose

33. March Of Hate

34. End Title


Track List: Moyzes: Symphonies Nos. 1 And 2

1. I. Allegro Moderato

2. II. Adagio

3. III. Scherzo

4. IV. Allegro Con Brio

5. I. Allegro Impetuoso

6. II. Allegro Marcato


Track List: Herbert, V.: Beloved Songs And Classic Miniatures


Track List: Auric: Orphee / Ruy Blas / Thomas I'Imposteur

1. Main Title

2. Orpheus And The Princess

3. In Zone I

4. Looking For The Princess

5. Orpheus And Eurydice

6. In Zone II - Finale

7. Complainte D'Eurydice

8. Les Parents Terribles

9. Main Title

10. Meeting The Bishop

11. Clemence And Henriette

12. On The Fringes Of The Drama - The Spirit Of Adventure

13. Across The Dunes On Motorbikes

14. Hell At Rheims - Finale

15. Main Title

16. Festival

17. Through Mountains And Gorges

18. The Bouquet

19. The Wounded Messenger

20. Conversation Between Ruy Blas And The Queen

21. Ruy Blas' Fortune

22. Love Scene - Return Of Don Cesar - Death Of Don Guritan

23. The Meeting In The Park

24. The Queen's Escape - Nocturnal Procession

25. The Poison - Finale


Track List: Sousa, J.P.: Stars and Stripes Forever (The)

1. Overture

2. Bullets and Bayonets

3. Nymphalin

4. Jack Tar

5. Songs from Grace and Songs from Glory

6. The Power and the Glory

7. Red Man

8. White Man

9. Black Man

10. The Invincible Eagle

11. Humoresque on Gershwin's 'Swanee'

12. Semper Fidelis

13. Humoresque on Kern's Look for the Silver Lining

14. The Daughters of Texas

15. The Stars and Stripes Forever


Track List: Grainger: The Power of Love

Title: Danish Folk Music Suite, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (DFMS 1, 2, 9, 10)

1. Danish Folk Music Suite, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (DFMS 1, 2, 9, 10): The Power Of Love

2. Danish Folk Music Suite, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (DFMS 1, 2, 9, 10): Lord Peter's Stable-boy

3. Danish Folk Music Suite, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (DFMS 1, 2, 9, 10): The Nightingale And The Two Sisters

4. Danish Folk Music Suite, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (DFMS 1, 2, 9, 10): Jutish Melody (Husband And Wifey)

Title: Colonial Song, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (Sentimental No. 1)

5. Colonial Song, For Orchestra (elastic Scoring) (Sentimental No. 1): Colonial Song

Title: Country Gardens, Folk Song For Orchestra (various Arrangements) (BFMS 22)

6. Country Gardens, Folk Song For Orchestra (various Arrangements) (BFMS 22): Country Gardens

Title: Irish Tune From County Derry (Londonderry Air), Folk Song For String Orchestra With 2 Horns Ad Lib. (Bfms 15)

7. Irish Tune From County Derry (Londonderry Air), Folk Song For String Orchestra With 2 Horns Ad Lib. (Bfms 15): Irish Tune From County Derry

Title: Green Bushes, Passacaglia For 22 Solo Instruments Or Orchestra (BFMS 12)

8. Green Bushes, Passacaglia For 22 Solo Instruments Or Orchestra (BFMS 12): Green Bushes

Title: Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon, Folk Song For Elastic Scoring (school Or Amateur Orchestra) (BFMS 31)

9. Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon, Folk Song For Elastic Scoring (school Or Amateur Orchestra) (BFMS 31): Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doom

Title: Shepherd's Hey!, Folk Song For Orchestra (BFMS 16)

10. Shepherd's Hey!, Folk Song For Orchestra (BFMS 16): Sheperd's Hey

Title: My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone, Song For Flute, English Horn & Strings (OEPM 2)

11. My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone, Song For Flute, English Horn & Strings (OEPM 2): My Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone

Title: To A Nordic Princess (Bridal Song), For Orchestra With Organ Ad Lib.

12. To A Nordic Princess (Bridal Song), For Orchestra With Organ Ad Lib.: To A Nordic Princess


Track List: Rimsky-Korsakov (The Best Of)

1. Alborada: Vivo E Strepitoso

2. Variazioni: Andante Con Moto

3. Alborada: Vivo E Strepitoso

4. Scena E Canto Gitano: Allegretto

5. Fandango Asturiano

6. The Young Prince And The Young Princess

7. Flight Of The Bumble-Bee

8. Symphony No. 2, Op. 9: Allegretto - Adagio

9. Dance Of The Tumblers

10. Hindu Song

11. Russian Easter Festival Overture, Op. 36

12. Cortege

13. Festival At Baghdad - The Sea


Track List: Verdi (The Best Of)


Track List: Ballet Music (Famous)

1. Introduction

2. Four Variations

3. Frost

4. Ice

5. Hail

6. Snow

7. Coda

8. Scene

9. Scene

10. Waltz of the Cornflowers and the Poppies

11. Barcarolle

12. Variations

13. Coda

14. Bacchanale and Appearance of the Seasons (Winter - Spring - Bacchanalian Dance - Summer)

15. Adagio

16. Scene and Apotheosis

17. Spring

18. Summer

19. Autumn

20. Winter

21. Bacchanale


Track List: Delibes: Coppelia (Complete Ballet) / La Source Suites

Disc 1

1. Act I - Prelude

2. Act I - Valse

3. Act I - Scene

4. Act I - Mazurka

5. Act I - Scene

6. Act I - Ballade

7. Act I - Theme slave varie

8. Act I - Czardas-Danse hongroise

9. Act I - Sortie

10. Act I - Final

11. Act II - Entr'acte

12. Act II - Scene

13. Act II - Scene

14. Act II - Musique des automates

15. Act II - Scene

16. Act II - Scene

17. Act II - Chanson a boire et Scene

18. Act II - Scene

19. Act II - Valse de la poupee

20. Act II - Scene

21. Act II - Bolero

22. Act II - Gigue

23. Act II - Scene

Disc 2

1. Act III - Marche de la cloche, Fete de la cloche - Divertissement

2. Act III - Valse des heures

3. Act III - L'aurore

4. Act III - Le priere

5. Act III - Le travail

6. Act III - L'Hymen (Noce villageoise)

7. Act III - La discorde et la guerre

8. Act III - La paix (Pas de deux)

9. Act III - Variation

10. Act III - Danse de fete

11. Act III - Galop final

12. Suite No. 2: Scene dansee

13. Suite No. 2: Scherzo Polka

14. Suite No. 2: Pas de la Guzla

15. Suite No. 2: Marche dansee et Final

16. La Source: Intermezzo (Pas des Fleurs, Grande Valse)

17. Suite No. 3: Incantation

18. Suite No. 3: Romance

19. Suite No. 3: Introduction et Mazurka

20. Suite No. 3: Finale


Track List: Gliere: Symphony No. 2 / The Zaporozhy Cossacks

1. I. Allegro pesante

2. II. Allegro giocoso

3. III. Andante con variazioni

4. IV. Allegro vivace

5. The Zaporozhy Cossacks, Op. 64


Track List: Villa-Lobos: Rudepoema / Dancas

1. Danca frenetica

2. No. 1 Farrapos

3. No. 2 Kankukus

4. No. 3 Kankikis

5. Danca dos mosquitos

6. Rudepoema


Track List: Mosonyi: Piano Concerto / Symphony No. 1


Track List: Villa-Lobos: Discovery Of Brazil, Suites Nos. 1 - 4

1. Introducao (Largo) (Introduction)

2. Alegria (Joy)

3. Impressao Moura (Moorish Impression)

4. Adagio Sentimental (Sentimental Adagio)

5. A Cascavel (The Rattlesnake)

6. Impressao Iberica (Iberian Impression)

7. Festa Nas Selvas (Celebration In The Forest)

8. Ualaloce (Visao Dos Navegantes) (Vision Of The Navigators)

9. Procissao Da Cruz (Procession Of The Cross)

10. Primeira Missa No Brasil (First Mass In Brazil)


Track List: Adam: Giselle

Disc 1
Title: Giselle, Ballet

1. Giselle, Ballet: Introduction

2. Giselle, Ballet: Entrée Joyeuse Des Vendangeurs Et Vendangeuses

3. Giselle, Ballet: Entrée De Loys

4. Giselle, Ballet: Entrée De Giselle

5. Giselle, Ballet: Retour De La Vendange Et Valse

6. Giselle, Ballet: La Chasse

7. Giselle, Ballet: Scène D'hilarion

8. Giselle, Ballet: Marche Des Vignerons

9. Giselle, Ballet: Pas Seul; Pas De Deux Des Jeunes Paysans

10. Giselle, Ballet: Polacca

11. Giselle, Ballet: Andante

12. Giselle, Ballet: Pesante

13. Giselle, Ballet: Allegretto

14. Giselle, Ballet: Allegretto Pesante

15. Giselle, Ballet: Valse; Pas Des Vendanges

16. Giselle, Ballet: Andante (2)

17. Giselle, Ballet: Moderato

18. Giselle, Ballet: Allegro Moderato

19. Giselle, Ballet: Allegro Un Peu Louré

20. Giselle, Ballet: Galop Général

21. Giselle, Ballet: Finale Du 1er Acte Et Scène De Folie

Disc 2

1. Giselle, Ballet: Introduction, Halte Des Chasseurs Et Apparition Des Feux Follets

2. Giselle, Ballet: Apparition De Myrthe Et éVocation Magique

3. Giselle, Ballet: Pas Des Premières Wilis

4. Giselle, Ballet: Apparition De Giselle

5. Giselle, Ballet: Entrée Des Paysans

6. Giselle, Ballet: Entrée Du Prince Et Apparition De Giselle

7. Giselle, Ballet: Entrée D'hilarion, Scène Et Fugue Des Willis

8. Giselle, Ballet: Adage

9. Giselle, Ballet: Variation I: Andante

10. Giselle, Ballet: Variation II: Andante Moderato

11. Giselle, Ballet: Valse

12. Giselle, Ballet: Ensemble Des Wilis

13. Giselle, Ballet: Finale

14. Giselle, Ballet: Lever Du Soleil Et Arrivée De La Cour


Track List: Gliere: Symphony No. 3, 'Il'Ya Muromets'

1. I. Wandering Pilgrims. Il'ya Muromets And Svyatogor

2. II. Solovey The Brigand

3. III. With Vladimir Fair Sun

4. IV. Prowess And Petrifaction Of Il'ya Muromets


Track List: Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10

1. I. Moderato

2. II. Allegro

3. III. Allegretto

4. IV. Andante: Allegro


Track List: Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 9

1. I. Moderato

2. II. Allegretto

3. III. Largo

4. IV. Allegro non troppo

5. I. Allegro

6. II. Moderato

7. III. Presto

8. IV. Largo

9. V. Allegretto


Track List: Holbrooke: Orchestral Works

1. Ulalume (poem for orchestra No. 4), Op. 35

2. Bronwen Overture, Op. 75

3. The Bells, Prelude, Op. 50

4. The Raven (Poem for Orchestra), Op. 25

5. Byron (Poem for Orchestra and Chorus), Op. 39


Track List: Shostakovich: Symphony No. 4

1. I. Allegretto poco moderato

2. II. Moderato con moto

3. III. Largo - Allegretto


Track List: Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 6 and 12

1. I. Largo

2. II. Allegro

3. III. Presto

4. I. Revolutionary Petrograd

5. II. Razliv

6. III. Aurora

7. IV. Dawn of Humanity


Track List: Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7, 'Leningrad'

1. I. Allegretto

2. II. Moderato (Poco Allegretto)

3. III. Adagio

4. IV. Allegro Non Troppo


Track List: Shostakovich: Symphony No. 8

1. I. Adagio

2. II. Allegretto

3. III. Allegro Non Troppo

4. IV. Largo

5. V. Allegretto


Track List: Rimsky-Korsakov: Snow Maiden / Golden Cockerel / Mlada

1. Introduction

2. Danse des oiseaux (Dance of the Birds)

3. Cortege

4. Danse des bouffons (Dance of the Clowns)

5. Roi Dodon dans son palais (King Dodon in his Palace)

6. Roi Dodon dans au champs de bataille (King Dodon on the Battlefield)

7. Roi Dodon avec la reine Shemakha (King Dodon with Queen Shemakha)

8. Mariage et fin lamentable du roi Dodon (Marriage Feast and Lamentable End of King Dodon)

9. Introduction

10. Redowa

11. Lithunian Dance

12. Indian Dance

13. Cortege


Track List: Ga Da Mei Lin

1. Gada Meilin

2. Xinjiang Dance No. 1

3. Xinjiang Dance No. 2

4. Fantasy On A Xinjiang Folk Song

5. Drum And Song

6. Dagger Dance

7. Yellow River Fantasy


Track List: Zemlinsky: Symphony No. 1 / Das Glaserne Herz

1. I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo

2. II. Scherzo: Allegro Scherzando

3. III. Sehr Innig Und Breit

4. I. Massig Bewegt

5. II. Massig

6. III. Sehr Schnell

7. IV. Langsames Marschzeitmass


Track List: Myaskovsky: Symphony No. 8

1. Andante - Allegro - Pochissimo Più Sostenuto - Andante

2. Allegro Risoluto E Con Spirito - Allegretto Commodo E Semplice - Allegro Tenebroso

3. Adagio

4. Allegro Deciso


Track List: Moyzes: Gemer Dances / Down The River Vah

1. Dance Prelude From Kokava

2. Folk-Dance

3. Hayduks From Kolesne

4. The Little Bear From Rejdova

5. At The Sources

6. From Liptov To Orava

7. Around Strecno

8. Romance

9. Into The Danube's Embrace

10. Round The Campfire With Hatchetsticks

11. On The Meadow With Flowers

12. In The Mountain With Axes

13. At Music After Work


Track List: Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker - Glazunov: Les Sylphides

Disc 1

1. Overture

2. Act I: Tableau, Bild 1 - Scene: Decorating The Christmas Tree

3. Act I. March

4. Act I. Scene: Galop For The Children And Entrance Of The Grownups

5. Act I. Scene Dansante

6. Act I. Scene And Grandfather's Dance

7. Act I. Scene

8. Act I. Scene

9. Act I: Tableau, Bild 2 - Scene

10. Act I. Waltz Of The Snowflakes

11. Act II: Tableau, Bild 3 - Scene

12. Act II. Scene

Disc 2

1. Act II. Divertissement: Spanish Dance; Arabian Dance; Chinese Dance; Russian Dance; Toy Trumpets...

2. Act II. Waltz Of The Flowers

3. Act II. Pas De Deux: The Sugar Plum Fairy And Prince Orgead - Tarantella; Dance Of Sugar Plum Fairy

4. Act II. Closing Waltz And Apotheosis

5. Polonaise

6. Nocturne

7. Mazurka

8. Walzer

9. Tarantelle


Track List: Borodin: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 and 3

1. I. Adagio

2. II. Prestissimo

3. III. Andante

4. IV. Allegro molto vivo

5. I. Allegro

6. II. Prestissimo

7. III. Andante

8. IV. Allegro

9. I. Moderato assai

10. II. Vivo


Track List: Copland: Appalachian Spring / Rodeo / Billy the Kid

1. Fanfare for the Common Man

2. Buckaroo Holiday

3. Corral Nocturne

4. Saturday Night Waltz

5. Hoe-Down

6. Billy the Kid

7. Appalachian Spring


Track List: Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 2 / The Rock, Op. 7

1. I. Largo-Allegro Moderato

2. II. Allegro molto

3. III. Adagio

4. IV. Allegro vivace

5. The Rock, Op. 7


Track List: Saint-Saëns: Carnival Of The Animals; Prokofiev: Peter And The Wolf; Britten: Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra

Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns
Title: Carnival Of The Animals, Zoological Fantasy For 2 Pianos & Ensemble
Composer: Sergey Prokofiev
Title: Peter And The Wolf, Children's Tale For Narrator & Orchestra, Op. 67
Composer: Benjamin Britten
Title: Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (Variations And Fugue On A Theme Of Purcell), For Speaker Ad Lib & Orchestra, Op. 34

Track List: Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 / Le Rouet D'Omphale


Track List: Italian Festival

1. La danse

2. La procession et l'improvisateur

3. La fete

4. Serenade florentine

5. Sicillienne

6. Tarentelle

7. Venetianisches Gondellied (Venetian Gondola Song), Op. 19, No. 6

8. Venezia e Napoli, S185/R10: No. 3. Tarantella

9. Mattinata

10. Tarantella, Op. 12

11. Impressions d'Italie: V. Napoli (Naples)

12. Saltarello

13. Funiculi, funicula


Track List: Russian Festival

1. Gayane, Act III: Sabre Dance

2. Prince Igor: Overture

3. The Red Poppy Suite, Op. 70: VI. Russian Sailor's Dance

4. Ruslan And Lyudmila, Op. 5: Overture

5. A Life For The Czar: Overture

6. Kamarinskaya

7. The Tale Of Tsar Saltan Suite, Op. 57: Flight Of The Bumble-Bee

8. Russian Easter Festival, Op. 36


Track List: Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty / Glazunov: The Seasons

1. Introduction - 'The Lilac Fairy'

2. Adagio - 'Pas D'action'

3. Pas De Caractere

4. Panorama

5. Waltz

6. Winter: Introduction

7. Winter: Four Variations

8. Winter: Frost

9. Winter: Ice

10. Winter: Hail

11. Winter: Snow

12. Winter: Coda

13. Spring: Scene

14. Summer: Scene

15. Summer: Waltz Of The Cornflowers And The Poppies

16. Summer: Barcarolle

17. Summer: Variations

18. Summer: Coda

19. Autumn: Bacchanale And Appearance Of The Seasons

20. Autumn: Adagio

21. Autumn: Scent And Apotheosis