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Southern Culture On The Skids

True to their name, North Carolina's Southern Culture on the Skids offers an affectionate parody of local white-trash trailer-park culture, matching their skewed outlook with a wild, careening brand of rock & roll. SCOTS' music is a quintessentially Southern-fried amalgam of rockabilly, boogie, country, blues, swamp pop, and chitlin circuit R&B, plus a liberal dose of California surf guitar, a hint of punk attitude, and the occasional mariachi horns. Following an early incarnation as a relatively straightforward roots rock outfit, they morphed into a raucous, sleazy, tongue-in-cheek party band obsessed with sex and food; in fact, fried chicken became a crucial part of their live performances, whether it was used in eating contests or tossed into the audience. Southern Culture may play chiefly to an underground rock audience, but their gonzo tributes to the South aren't as smug as some of their peers working similar territory, since the band has genuine roots in the area.

Southern Culture on the Skids was founded by guitarist/singer Rick Miller in the college town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 1985. Growing up, Miller had split time between Henderson, North Carolina, where his father ran a mobile-home factory, and Southern California, where his mother lived, and where he first discovered surf and rockabilly. After earning a degree in art from the University of North Carolina, Miller started the first incarnation of Southern Culture on the Skids with original lead vocalist Stan Lewis, bassist Leslie Land, and drummer Chip Shelby. Lewis brought a distinct Cramps influence to the band, although their style was still much more subdued than it would later become. This quartet lineup released an EP called Voodoo Beach Party on the local indie label Lloyd Street, followed later in 1985 by an eponymous full-length debut.

As the band drifted more and more into country territory, co-founder Lewis split; two more members were added on accordion and pedal steel, but the band's new direction alienated much of its local following, and the first version of Southern Culture split not long after. In 1987, Miller regrouped with a new, smaller lineup featuring bassist and sometime vocalist Mary Huff and drummer Dave Hartman, both of whom had grown up together in Roanoke, Virginia. (Lewis, Land, and Shelby would later reunite as Stan Lewis & the Rockin' Revellers, and performed on a mostly local basis.) The new Southern Culture spent a few years honing their sound and releasing the very occasional single. Finally, in 1991, they returned to the LP format with Too Much Pork for Just One Fork, which was issued on the ill-fated Moist label. Too Much Pork established the group's lyrical obsessions, and featured the first recording of their fried-chicken anthem "Eight Piece Box," a concert favorite.

Southern Culture's next album, the rawer-sounding 1992's For Lovers Only, began to win them a wider following thanks to better distribution from the band's new label, Safe House. Among other fan favorites, it featured Huff's first major vocal showcase, a cover of the Jo Anna Neel country obscurity "Daddy Was a Preacher But Mama Was a Go-Go Girl." The half-live, half-studio EP Peckin' Party followed on Feedbag in 1993, as did the 10" Girlfight EP on Sympathy for the Record Industry. The more laid-back, country-flavored full-length Ditch Diggin' appeared on Safe House in 1994, featuring covers of the Louvin Brothers and Link Wray. In 1995, Geffen subsidiary DGC signed Southern Culture on the Skids to a major-label contract, which was consummated the following year with Dirt Track Date. Although Dirt Track Date included re-recordings of several of the band's most popular past songs, it received generally enthusiastic reviews and sold over a quarter of a million copies.

After releasing the Lucha Libre-themed EP Santo Swings! for Estrus Records (which included Spanish-language covers of "Scratch My Back" and "Double Shot of My Baby's Love"), SCOTS cut their second album for DGC, 1997's Plastic Seat Sweat, which featured the band's new keyboard player, Chris "Cousin Crispy" Bess. While Plastic Seat Sweat was a solid effort, its commercial reception disappointed both the band and their label, and it was to be the group's final major-label release. After a few years of steady touring, 2000's Liquored Up and Lacquered Down was released by TVT Records; the deal proved to be a one-off, and it would be four years before the band found a new recording home, with the North Carolina-based indie Yep Roc Records. SCOTS' Yep Roc debut, 2004's Mojo Box, was completed after the departure of Chris Bess, with the band back to the trio of Miller, Huff, and Hartman. Mojo Box was produced by Rick Miller in his new studio, Kudzu Ranch, where he also produced albums by the Fleshtones, Dexter Romweber, and the Woggles.

Southern Culture on the Skids released two more albums for Yep Roc, 2006's live set Doublewide and Live and the 2007 covers collection Countrypolitan Favorites, but split with the company to go fully independent and start their own label, Kudzu Records. SCOTS launched their new venture with the 2010 album The Kudzu Ranch, named for Miller's studio, and followed with reissues of the Too Much Pork album and the 1998 EP Zombified. In 2013, SCOTS released Dig This, a set offering new recordings of the songs from Ditch Diggin', minus the Link Wray and Louvin Brothers covers from the original release. The band also briefly reunited with Yep Roc for the multi-artist concept LP Mondo Zombie Boogaloo, which also featured new material from the Fleshtones and Los Straitjackets; the three bands set out on a joint tour in the fall of 2013 to promote the set. In 2016, SCOTS delivered a creative change of pace with The Electric Pinecones, an album steeped in '60s pop and psychedelic influences, as well as their trademark Dixie-fried rock. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Double Wide And Live

1. Come & Get It (Live)

2. Mojo Box (Live)

3. Hittin' On Nothin' (Live)

4. Cicada Rock (Live)

5. The Wet Spot (Live)

6. Whole Lotta Things (Live)

7. Liquored Up (Live)

8. Doublewide (Live)

9. Cheap Motels (Live)

10. Banana Pudding (Live)

11. Lordy Lordy (Live)

12. Just How Lonely (Live)

13. '69 El Camino (Live)

14. Dirt Track Date (Live)

15. Ditch Diggin' (Live)

16. Meximelt (Live)


Track List: Mojo Box

1. Smiley Yeah Yeah Yeah

2. Mojo Box

3. Doublewide

4. I Want A Love

5. '69 El Camino

6. The Wet Spot

7. Soulful Garage

8. Biff Bang Pow

9. Where Is The Moon

10. Fire Of Love

11. Swamp Fox

12. The Sweet Spot

13. It's All Over But the Shoutin'


Track List: Liquored Up And Lacquered Down

1. Liquored Up And Lacquered Down

2. Hittin' On Nothing

3. Pass The Hatchet

4. Corn Liquor

5. Drunk And Lonesome

6. Cheap Motels

7. Just How Lonely

8. I Learned To Dance In Mississippi

9. King Of The Mountain

10. The Corn Rocket

11. Damaged Goods

12. Over It

13. Haw River Stomp


Track List: Zombified

1. Zombified

2. Undertaker

3. Swamp Thang

4. She's My Witch

5. Bloodsucker

6. Sinister Purpose

7. Torture

8. Devil's Stomping Ground

9. Bats Are Sleeping

10. Idol With The Glowin' Eyes

11. The Creeper

12. Eyeball You Later

13. Primitive


Track List: Santo Swings

1. Viva Del Santo!

2. Walleyed

3. Meximelt

4. Camel Walk

5. Double Shot

6. Scratch My Back


Track List: Grey Skies (Single)

1. Grey Skies


Track List: The Electric Pinecones

1. Freak Flag

2. Dirt Road

3. Baby I Like You

4. I Ain't Gonna Hang Around

5. Grey Skies

6. Waiting On You

7. Midnight Caller

8. Swamp Fox - The Original

9. Downward Mobility

10. Rice And Beans

11. Given To Me

12. Slowly Losing My Mind


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Report as inappropriate
God bless da S.C.O.T.S. so many smiled with tjrir music, let alone live shows. Amazing, there's only 864 likes...
Report as inappropriate
Bobonnit is an idiot,,,,,,p r o b a b l y not know what generic means....SCO T S is about as generic as a rare gem. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions it is just wrong!!
Report as inappropriate
SCOTS ALWAYS RULES !!! I 1st seen EM@ The Rhythm Room, in Phoenix, 2000, Liquored Jo's tout. Hour-long line to get into a SOLD-OUT show. TOTALLY EXCELLENT! !! AMAZING CROWNS opened, they were BADASS in their own HARDCORE style. God bless Miss Mary Huff, Rick,& Mr.Hartman. I even got the original. Zombified@ that concert. Cuzin Bess was there 2. GOT 2 see SCOTS AGAIN ,@ Rhythm Room, 2007 or 8. STILL ABSOLUTE BADASS !!! Anyone "new" @ a SCOTS show WILL KNOW THE WORDS 2 THE MUSIC WHEN IT'S OVER
Report as inappropriate
Got to see them a few months ago for the first time. They are excellent. If you don't have fun at one of their concerts, you may be dead.
Report as inappropriate
Talk about generic, you're as generic as they come... there is NOTHING boring or generic about SCOTS.... You ever seen them LIVE?.... 'NO'?, Then shut your verbal diarrhea spewing c**k hole.
Report as inappropriate
Somewhat proficient musically, but boring and generic. I've heard it all before ya gnome sayin' ?
Report as inappropriate
Love it!
Report as inappropriate
also saw them in south cackalacky last year, Great street party with SCOTS and they rocked hard. Too much pork for just one fork!
Report as inappropriate
That's my baby with the big top hair !
Report as inappropriate
Yes please . luv u Mary !
Report as inappropriate
day old and bold. i'm hungry now
Report as inappropriate
Scots played twice at the Great Blue Heron Music Fest. the first time they played they were kicked out, does anybody remember that ?
Report as inappropriate
Got that Plastic Seat Sweat!
Report as inappropriate
OK, who hit me in the back of the head with that (chicken) drumstick?
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Can't stop shaking.
Report as inappropriate
I want to be a world famous trucker and blast this s**t outta home-stereo speakers in my rig on my way home to my trailer, which has the title in pawn to get liquor and speed money!!!
Report as inappropriate
Just saw them in South Cackalacky last year for the first time since seeing them open for Stan Ridgway back at the old 9:30 Club in DC back in the mid-80s. They still got it.
Report as inappropriate
cheap motel is my favorite.Lov e the lyrics
Report as inappropriate
Better than an Eight Piece Box! SCOTS are finger lickin' good!
Report as inappropriate
Never mind the Beatles and the Stones, Southern Culture on the SKids is the world's greatest band!
Report as inappropriate
jettaprinces a
Fun tunes!!
Report as inappropriate
Just about my all time favorite band. They are even better live. Luckily they come through my neck of the woods with some regularity.
Report as inappropriate
A GREAT band, if you haven't seen them live, you are really missing out. Great musicians and cool people. Really undderated American band. For movie credits and such check out http://en.wi k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / S o u t h e r n _ C u l t u r e _ o n _ t h e _ S k i d s
Report as inappropriate
like this one
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I just love these guys. WOuld love to see em cme to california for a show or two.
Report as inappropriate
You haven't lived til you've heard My Neighbor Burns Trash. Great band!
Report as inappropriate
SCOTS played the Hardly Strictly in San Fran in October. Left the crowd screaming for more. Awesome!
Report as inappropriate
you make me wanna a camel! o yea!
Report as inappropriate
Where's "Dirt Track Date?"
Report as inappropriate
reminds me of junior high. love these guys!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
always have been cool and one of my favorites
Report as inappropriate
Jack the Ripper Parts I & II-- AWESOME!!
Report as inappropriate
SCOTS voted favorite dance band at our 2010 New Years celebration, been listening more and more lately. Gotta love that surf guitar!
Report as inappropriate
Awesome. They used to do a Thanksgiving night show every year in Mary and Dave's hometown. The best thing to do when you can't stand your relatives any more and you've slept off the turkey.
Report as inappropriate
SCOTS' does not get the respect and credit they deserve. See them in concert one time and you will be a SCOTS' fan for life. When the chicken got tossed in the air during 8 pc box... I knew I was at the right place. They have been to G-Vegas a few times to play for a small showing and they played as if they were performing at a concert hall. SCOTS' needs to come to G-Vegas and perform when ECU students are in town.
Report as inappropriate
Someone needs to organize a tour with DASH RIP ROCK. What a treat that would be!
Report as inappropriate
voodoo999ste r
Have been seeing these guys since 1990 from NC to VA to MD to GA to LA to TX. And maybe some other places I can't remember :P If you have never seen them live, you are missing out big time. They need to add 'For Lovers Only' and the recently re-released 'Too Much Pork For Just one Fork.' Friggin classics.
Report as inappropriate
They come to New Orleans about once a year, and I've seen them about 10 times. They're my favorite. and a GREAT live show.
Report as inappropriate
This band is real fun and real good! For Lovers Only is my favorite album by these guys..get some..chicke n that is.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
jeusewelling t o n
I love the song dance for me
Report as inappropriate
saw them in concert in Chicago 1994. Have been a huge fan ever since. Enjoy the fried chicken.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
You need material from them before 96'. Dirt Track Date should be included in your available selections.
Report as inappropriate
I've seen them 2 times and had a blast. One of my faves!
Report as inappropriate
Hauling down a country road in a beatup old pickup truck, windows down, and Southern Culture blaring on the stereo - O'yea a bottle of devil juice wrapped in a brown bag and the Law on your tail - half tank of gas and 35 miles to the state border.
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