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Status Quo

Status Quo are one of Britain's longest-lived bands, staying together for over six decades. During much of that time, the band was only successful in the U.K., where it racked up a string of Top Ten singles across the decades. In America, the Quo were ignored after they abandoned psychedelia for heavy boogie rock in the early '70s. Before that, the band managed to reach number 12 in the U.S. with the psychedelic classic "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (a Top Ten hit in the U.K.). Following that single, the band suffered a lean period for the next few years, before the bandmembers decided to refashion themselves as a hard rock boogie band in 1970 with their Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon album. The Quo have basically recycled the same simple boogie on each successive album and single, yet their popularity has never waned in Britain. If anything, their very predictability has ensured the group a large following.

The origins of Status Quo lie in a London-based beat group called the Spectres. Francis Rossi (vocals, guitar) and Alan Lancaster (bass) were the core members of the Spectres from their inception; within a few years, the band had added drummer John Coughlan and organist Roy Lynes. The Spectres released three unsuccessful singles before changing their style to psychedelia and adopting the name Traffic Jam and releasing the unsuccessful single "Almost But Not Quite There." After it flopped, the group added Rick Parfitt (guitar, vocals), formerly of the cabaret band the Highlights. When Parfitt joined the band in August 1967, the group again changed its name, this time to Status Quo.

At first, Status Quo backed British solo artists, including Tommy Quickly, while working on their own material. "Pictures of Matchstick Men," the group's debut single, was released at the beginning of 1968 and quickly shot to number seven on the U.K. charts; within a few months, it was a number 12 in the U.S. as well. The immediate follow-up single, "Black Veils of Melancholy," was a flop, but "Ice in the Sun," written by former British pop star Marty Wilde, became Status Quo's second Top Ten hit in the fall of 1968. Over in America, the single barely registered, squeaking to number 70; it was the last time the group would ever chart in the U.S.

For the next year, Status Quo tried to replicate the success of their first two singles with similar psychedelic material, but they had little luck. Finally, they revamped their sound -- and jettisoned organist Lynes -- in the summer of 1970, debuting their new heavy, bluesy boogie rock with the single "Down the Dustpipe." The single reached number 12, yet the full-fledged hard rock album Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon didn't gain much attention. Status Quo began playing concerts regularly across England, slowly building up a strong following in England. Following well-received sets at 1972's Reading and Great Western festivals, the band became a hot property. The Quo signed with Vertigo Records and their first single for the label, "Paper Plane," cracked the Top Ten in early 1973, while their first album for Vertigo, Piledriver, reached number five. Later that year, Hello entered the charts at number one, while its accompanying single, "Caroline," reached number five. Also in 1973, keyboardist Andy Bown, formerly of the Herd and Judas Jump, became the band's unofficial keyboardist.

Throughout the '70s, each album Status Quo released went into the Top Five, while their singles -- including the number one "Down Down" (1974), "Roll Over Lay Down" (1975), "Rain" (1976), "Wild Side of Life" (1976), and a cover of John Fogerty's "Rockin' All Over the World" (1977) -- consistently hit the Top Ten and frequently went gold. Since they were experiencing a great deal of success, they didn't change their sound at all, they just kept churning out the same heavy boogie. America basically ignored Status Quo, yet their eponymous album managed to chart at 148 in 1976. Nevertheless, they were an English phenomenon, and England continued to support them even when pop music was undergoing drastic changes in the late '70s.

Following the release of 1980's Just Supposin', drummer John Coughlan left the band in 1981 to form his own group, Diesel. Former Original Mirrors drummer Pete Kircher replaced him; his first appearance with the group was 1982's Never Too Late. During the early '80s, tensions escalated between bassist Lancaster and guitarists Rossi and Parfitt, who were the group's main songwriters. Lancaster left the Quo after performing with them for a final time at Live Aid. He subsequently took Rossi and Parfitt to court to prevent them from using the name "Status Quo." Lancaster lost his battle, and the name became the property of the guitarists.

Once the lawsuit was settled, Rossi and Parfitt assembled a new band, hiring bassist John Edwards, drummer Jeff Rich, and keyboardist Andy Bown, who officially became a member of the group. The new lineup continued Status Quo's remarkable success, as they racked up a number of new Top Ten singles and hit albums, as well as consistently selling out concerts across England and Europe. In 1994, the group had its second number one hit of its career, with the football anthem "Come on You Reds"; the single was recorded with the football champions, Manchester United. By the mid-'90s, Status Quo had scored 50 British hit singles, which was a more than any other band in rock & roll history at the time.

In April 1997, Parfitt underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery but fully recovered and continued performing and recording with the Quo in the years to follow. Drummer Rich departed the band in 2000, replaced by Matt Letley, who has continued on with the band in the 21st century. The single “Jam Side Down” was a Top 20 hit in the U.K. During 2002, a year that also saw the release of the critically acclaimed Heavy Traffic album. The all-covers outing Don’t Stop arrived in 2004, followed by The Party Ain’t Over Yet in 2005 and In Search of the Fourth Chord in 2007. In 2010, the Quo returned with Quid Pro Quo. The album -- which featured 14 newly written songs -- peaked at number 10 on the U.K. album chart. Two years later, Parfitt and Rossi announced that they had filmed their first full-length feature film. Bula Quo -- hailed as a modern-day version of the Blues Brothers -- was released in the summer of 2013, with its soundtrack arriving just a few months earlier. 2015 saw the release of Aquostic (Stripped Bare), an album of Quo hits reimagined in an acoustic setting. The album was highly successful, achieving gold-certified status and hitting the Top 5 on the U.K. album charts -- the band's best-placed effort for 18 years. A second volume based on the same concept, Aquostic II: That's a Fact, appeared a year later, and once again the band enlisted the photography skills of a certain Mr. Bryan Adams to complement the album package. A huge Aquostic show in Hyde Park took place later in the summer, which featured the full 16-piece Aquostic band. Rick Parfitt's health problems continued to disrupt things, however, and following a very serious incident after a concert in Turkey in 2016, Parfitt took time away from the band to recover. Tragically, he passed away on Christmas Eve of 2016. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Aquostic II-That's A Fact!

1. That's A Fact

2. Roll Over Lay Down

3. Dear John

4. In The Army Now

5. Hold You Back

6. One For The Road

7. Backwater

8. One Of Everything

9. Belavista Man

10. Lover Of The Human Race

11. Ice In The Sun

12. Mess Of The Blues

13. Jam Side Down

14. Resurrection


Track List: The Frantic Four´s Final Fling (Live)

Disc 1

1. Junior's Wailing (Live)

2. Backwater (Live)

3. Just Take Me (Live)

4. Is There A Better Way (Live)

5. In My Chair (Live)

6. Blue Eyed Lady (Live)

7. Little Lady (Live)

8. Most Of The Time (Live)

9. Rain (Live)

10. (April) Spring, Summer And Wednesdays (Live)

11. Railroad (Live)

Disc 2

1. Oh Baby (Live)

2. Forty - Five Hundred Times (Live)

3. Gotta Go Home (Live)

4. Big Fat Mama (Live)

5. Down Down (Live)

6. Roadhouse Blues (Live)

7. Caroline (Live)

8. Bye Bye Johnny (Live)


Track List: Aquostic (Stripped Bare)

1. Pictures Of Matchstick Men

2. Down The Dustpipe

3. Nanana

4. Paper Plane

5. All The Reasons

6. Reason for Living

7. And It's Better Now

8. Caroline

9. Softer Ride

10. Claudie

11. Break The Rules

12. Down Down

13. Rain

14. Rockin' All Over The World

15. Again and Again

16. Whatever You Want

17. What You're Proposing

18. Rock 'N' Roll

19. Don't Drive My Car

20. Marguerita Time

21. Burning Bridges

22. Rock 'Til You Drop


Track List: Bula Quo! - It Started With Guitars... And Ended With Guns! (Cd 2)

Disc 1

1. Looking Out For Caroline

2. Gogogo

4. Running Inside My Head

5. Mystery Island

6. All That Money

7. Never Leave A Friend Behind

8. Fiji Time

Disc 2

1. Living On An Island (Fiji Style)

4. Rockin' All Over The World (Bula Edit)

5. Caroline (Live)


Track List: Status Quo Live

Disc 1

1. Junior's Wailing (Live)

2. Backwater / Just Take Me (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

3. Is There A Better Way (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

4. In My Chair (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

5. Little Lady / Most Of The Time (Live At Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow / 1976)

6. Forty-Five Hundred Times (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

Disc 2

1. Roll Over Lay Down (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

2. Big Fat Mama (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

3. Caroline (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

4. Bye Bye Johnny (Live At Glasgow Apollo, Glasgow / 1976)

5. Rain (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

6. Don't Waste My Time (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

7. Roadhouse Blues (Live At Glasgow Apollo 1976)

Disc 3

1. Is There A Better Way (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

2. Little Lady (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

3. Most Of The Time (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

4. Rain (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

5. Caroline (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

6. Roll Over Lay Down (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

7. Big Fat Mama (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

8. Don't Waste My Time (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

9. Bye Bye Johnny (Live At Sunplaza Hall, Japan 1976)

Disc 4

1. Junior's Wailing (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

2. Backwater (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

3. Just Take Me (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

4. Claudie (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

5. Railroad (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

6. Roll Over Lay Down (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

7. Big Fat Mama (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

8. Don't Waste My Time (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

9. Roadhouse Blues (Pt. 1) (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

10. Roadhouse Blues (Pt. 2/ Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

11. Caroline (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

12. Drum Solo (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)

13. Bye Bye Johnny (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney 1974)


Track List: Back2SQ.1-The Frantic Four Reunion (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013)

Disc 1

1. Intro/ Junior's Wailing (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

2. Backwater (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

3. Just Take Me (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

4. Is There A Better Way (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

5. In My Chair (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

6. Blue-Eyed Lady (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

7. Little Lady (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

8. Most Of ThebTime (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

9. (April) Spring, Summer And Wednesdays (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

10. Railroad (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

11. Oh Baby (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

Disc 2

1. Forty-Five Hundred Times (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

2. Rain (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

3. Big Fat Mama (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

4. Down Down (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

5. Roadhouse Blues (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

6. Don't Waste My Time (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)

7. Bye Bye Johnny (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London March 2013)


Track List: Quid Pro Quo

1. Two Way Traffic

2. Rock 'N' Roll 'N' You

3. Dust To Gold

4. Let's Rock

5. Can't See For Looking

6. Better Than That

7. Movin' On

8. Leave A Little Light On

9. Any Way You Like It

10. Frozen Hero

11. Reality Cheque

12. The Winner

13. It's All About You

14. My Old Ways

15. In The Army Now (2010)


Track List: In Search Of The Fourth Chord

1. Beginning Of The End

2. Alright

3. Pennsylvania Blues Tonight

4. I Don't Wanna Hurt You Anymore

5. Electric Arena

6. Gravy Train

7. Figure Of Eight

8. You're The One For Me

9. My Little Heartbreaker

10. Hold Me

11. Saddling Up

12. Bad News

13. Tongue Tied

14. I Ain't Wasting My Time


Track List: Rockin' All Over The World

1. Hard Time

2. Can't Give You More

3. Let's Ride

4. Baby Boy

5. You Don't Own Me

6. Rockers Rollin'

7. Rockin' All Over The World

8. Who Am I?

9. Too Far Gone

10. For You

11. Dirty Water

12. Hold You Back

13. Getting Better


Track List: Quo

1. Backwater

2. Just Take Me

3. Break The Rules

4. Drifting Away

5. Don't Think It Matters

6. Fine Fine Fine

7. Lonely Man

8. Slow Train

9. Lonely Night


Track List: Heavy Traffic

1. Blues & Rhythm

2. All Stand Up (Never Say Never)

3. The Oriental

4. Creepin' Up On You

5. Heavy Traffic

6. Solid Gold

7. Green

8. Jam Side Down

9. Diggin' Burt Bacharach

10. Do It Again

11. Another Day

12. I Don't Remember Anymore

13. Rhythm Of Life


Track List: Down The Dustpipe

1. Down The Dustpipe

2. Shy Fly

3. (April) Spring Summer & Wednesdays

4. In My Chair (Alternate Version)

5. Gerdundula

6. Spinning Wheel Blues

7. Junior's Wailing

8. Lakky Lady

9. Need Your Love (Demo Version)

10. Lazy Poker Blues

11. Tune To The Music

12. Good Thinking

13. Is It Really Me?

14. Gotta Go Home

15. Umleitung

16. Something Going On In My Head

17. Mean Girl

18. Railroad

19. Someone's Learning


Track List: Status Quo At Their Best

1. Pictures of Matchstick Men (Mono Version)

2. Green Tambourine (Mono Version)

3. Mean Girl

4. Ice In the Sun (Mono)

5. Something's Going On In My Head

6. Lazy Poker Blues

7. Down the Dustpipe

8. Little Miss Nothing

9. Make Me Stay a Little Bit Longer (A-Side Version)

10. Auntie Nellie (B-Side Version)

11. Do You Live In Fire (Stereo)

12. Daughter

13. Are You Growing Tired of My Love

14. Elizabeth Dreams (Mono Version)

15. Face Without a Soul (Stereo)

16. Everything

17. Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe (Stereo Version)

18. Gerdundula (7" Version)

19. Need Your Love

20. Spinning Wheel Blues (Live at the BBC)

21. Is It Really Me

22. Josie (Out-Take Version)

23. Good Thinking

24. In My Chair


Track List: Piledriver

1. Don't Waste My Time

2. Oh Baby

5. Big Fat Mama

6. Paper Plane

7. All The Reasons

8. Roadhouse Blues


Track List: Hello

1. Roll Over Lay Down

2. Claudie

3. A Reason For Living

4. Blue Eyed Lady

5. Caroline

6. Softer Ride

7. And Its Better Now

8. Forty Five Hundred Times

9. Joanne


Track List: Dog Of Two Head

1. Umleitung

2. Nanana (Extraction)

3. Something's Going On In My Head

4. Mean Girl

5. Nanana (Extract)

6. Gerdundula

7. Railroad

8. Someone's Learning

9. Nanana

10. Mean Girl (Early Rough Alternative Mix)

11. Tune To The Music

12. Good Thinking

13. Mean Girl (Live At The BBC)

14. Railroad (Live At The BBC)


Track List: Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon

1. Spinning Wheel Blues

2. Daughter

3. Everything

4. Shy Fly

5. (April) Spring, Summer & Wednesdays

6. Junior's Wailing

7. Lakky Lady

8. Need Your Love

9. Lazy Poker Blues

10. Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home

11. Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home (Early Rough Mix)

12. Daughter (Early Working Mix)

13. Down The Dustpipe

14. In My Chair

15. Gerdundula (7" Version)

16. Down The Dustpipe (Live At The BBC)

17. Junior's Wailing (Live At The BBC)

18. Spinning Wheel Blues (Live At The BBC)

19. Need Your Love (Live At The BBC)

20. In My Chair (1979 Pye Promo Flexidisc)


Track List: Spare Parts

Disc 1

1. Face Without A Soul

2. You're Just What I Was Looking For Today

3. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love

4. Antique Angelique

5. So Ends Another Life

6. Poor Old Man

7. Mr Mind Detector

8. The Clown

9. Velvet Curtains

10. Little Miss Nothing

11. When I Awake

12. Nothing At All

Disc 2

1. Face Without A Soul

2. You're Just What I Was Looking For Today

3. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love

4. Antique Angelique

5. So Ends Another Life

6. Poor Old Man

7. Mr Mind Detector

8. The Clown

9. Velvet Curtains

10. Little Miss Nothing

11. When I Awake

12. Nothing At All


Track List: Picturesque Matchstickable Message From The Status Quo


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kelleylinda8 4 0
Report as inappropriate
What song?
Report as inappropriate
I remember this song when I was in my teens great psychedelic song one of the best
Report as inappropriate
Rest In Peace Rick Parfitt.
Report as inappropriate
Mexico city 100% rock status quo forever
Report as inappropriate
A fantastic group that has it all to get you going - keep on rockin guys - just wish we could see you in Australia- long time overdue.
Report as inappropriate
I was in my 30's in the 70's. Never heard of Status Quo until Pandora, about a year ago. Maybe the perfect 70's band for straight-up rock and roll - they are my Steely Dan in that category.
Report as inappropriate
DC late great Slickee Boys do a great version of this classic.
Report as inappropriate
Very very underrated and overlooked by critics to becoming almost total obscurity to a 21stt century cult icons
Report as inappropriate
I dig em!
Report as inappropriate
craiggardner 7
Anybody ever listen to Body Be by Johnny Q. Public? Awesome song that borrowed from this song. Too cool...
Report as inappropriate
Think they were bigger than just the UK
Report as inappropriate
Wish Pandora had backwater road off Quo album
Report as inappropriate
Love this s**t
Report as inappropriate
I saw them live many times while in the af stationed in Germany and was able to intro mny friends stateside
Report as inappropriate
Love this band, and was so pleased to hear Matchstick Men on the MIB3 soundtrack. It reintroduced them to an entirely new generation.
Report as inappropriate
When I was stationed in Germany in the 70's and early 80's Status Quo was always playing on the German Radio Stations. Also at the German Disco's they always played Status Quo!!
Report as inappropriate
Phase & Wa can you go wrong? !
Report as inappropriate
MY Theme Song forever !!!!! LOVE IT !
Report as inappropriate
Long live quo..only band with 100 singles over 5 decades..nuf f said
Report as inappropriate
I get high just listening their music.
Report as inappropriate
The best rock and roll band of world quo army
Report as inappropriate
That song was originally made by the shadows of night. A 60s Chicago band.
Report as inappropriate
Status Quo is great! One of my favorite bands!
Report as inappropriate
Great hippie band
Report as inappropriate
Ase unos años tocaron en mexico en nezayork saben donde queda jajaja
Report as inappropriate
British indeed, love it!!! Bring me back to my youth.
Report as inappropriate
Buena banda
Report as inappropriate
CCR came on the scene about the time the Beatles broke up. They filled that gap for many of us. In my oipnion CCR is right up there in my top 10. I know I would have liked Status Quo had I heard any of their music but I don't rememebr hearing them on US radio after Pictures of Matchstick Men. I dont't think SQ's boogie had as much muscle as Foghat or Humble Pie but they sound good to me.
Report as inappropriate
Slightly different version than the US single
Report as inappropriate
This bands biography reads like Spinal Tap's.
Report as inappropriate
Mystery to me.. Good stuff.
Report as inappropriate
I thought that when I got around to reading the posts here the conversation would basically revolve around the perplexity of why this band wasn't as popular as bands like Foghat and Creedence... or some such nonsense. Perlexity abounds! I don't think it is a mystery though and I think it is cool that the Brits, along with the rest of us, have SQ, "good, but-notmuch- h y p e " that we can more or less call our own. The British had already given so much to rock by the time SQ emerged...
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
johnnyohania n
I like anything with a phase shifter in the music.
Report as inappropriate
This Is the only English 60's swinging Psychedelic group that is still together today & reinvented themselves in the 70's & 80's. They are still jamming to this day. Kudos to them!! :)
Report as inappropriate
damnspacebar w h e r e a r e y o u
Live at Knebworth CD available NOW!!!1
http://www.n e w r e l e a s e s n o w . c o m / s o n g / 0 3 2 3 _ 2 0 1 0 / 1 0 / y e s / V a r i o u s + A r t i s t s / L i v e + A t + K n e b w o r t h
Report as inappropriate
Got these guys as a kid of 12 with Pictures and saw them live in Germany in 1975 with Alice Cooper as headliner. This is a good band. It is sad America has such snobby tastes, but they are in with a bunch of great English as well as European bands that have a good sound. I liked them and still do.
Report as inappropriate
yeah covering slade was basically how Quiet Riot got their popularity. I know they covered mama were all crazy now, and c*m on feel the noize (which were both slade songs) and they may have covered more

anyways, status quo is a great band, and their 60's stuff is a prime example of good psychedelia
Report as inappropriate
i like the trippy songs
Report as inappropriate
At 1 point in the 60's Status Quo had more top ten hits than the beatles in the UK. Slade is another brit band that had many hits in UK but only 1 or 2 here. thier songs were remade by a few bands.
Report as inappropriate
Status Quo did Green Tambourine. it was a hit in England. The Lemon Pipers Had a hit with it in the USA.
Report as inappropriate
They look like Journey or Styx but sound like Strawberry Alarm Clock covering Iron Maiden songs.
Report as inappropriate
Green Tambourine was the Lemon Pipers.I saw Status Quo in the early 80's.The loudest band I ever heard.They were great
Report as inappropriate
Can you imagine a place where George Thorogood , Chuck Berry, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Foghat,CCR, early Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, & others along w/Status Quo could have a massive jam session? Rock N Roll bliss. Bring on the brews! Hello is my all time fave. Simple but great rock n roll boogie.
Report as inappropriate
Hummmmmmmmmm m , not sure this band had this hit? Am I wrong?

Green Tambourine?

Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
wow never would have guessed
Report as inappropriate
Most of Status Quo is a british variant of CCR.
Report as inappropriate
I'm always amazed at the fantastic Brit bands who have never made it in the U.S.
What's wrong with the Yanks that they can't always recognize good music when it hits them in the face?

Take Status Quo for example.
Don't take them as an example!
They're pure mediocre.
What's wrong with those Brits that they've listened to this band for thirty years?
Much better bands than this have had a quick death.
Perhaps the Brits and the Yanks both have weird taste in music.
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